Chapter 252: One Man Army

"Fuck, he killed our boss! Attack! Kill him now!"

A Gods of Destruction archer shouted on top of his lungs and rushed me with a party of elite players. Oh well. I wasn’t surprised because I knew that they were going to try and roll me over with numbers one way or another. If I managed to survive this, we should be able to reach the Blood Dance Legion encampment.


The Purgatory Sword was bathed in bloody light. At Rank 8, Undead Energy increased my damage dealt to living targets by 8%, and it was a useful tool that I had been relying on since the start of the game!

My blade shivered a little as boundless undead energy circulated through it. I charged forward and swung it horizontally in front of me, causing 8 sword energies to appear in the air and rain down on my enemies in an arc. Thousand Mirage Slash had a range of 8 yards or so, so tens of Gods of Destruction players were caught in the blast!


The skill instantly annihilated all the players who were caught in the blast. Even the melee fighters whose classes should prevent them from being one-shot died because of the following splash damage. Screams filled the air for a time. The ground was covered in holes, and countless potions and items littered the forest floor in the aftermath.

My greatest trump card went into cooldown just like that. Technically speaking, Purple Dragon Howl was stronger, but its cooldown was way longer than Thousand Mirage Slash. The battle would be long over before I got to use it again.

I pounced toward the group and swung my sword like lightning. An Ice Ray and a basic attack later, two archers collapsed with a gaping hole in their chest. I wasn’t afraid of powerful warriors, but the same couldn’t be said for long-range attackers, especially those with long-range crowd control skills that kept me from being able to do what I could do. For example, Archer’s Devil Piercing Arrow ignored 50% of my Defense, and magic damage was my bane!

Crack crack!

That one dash cost me seven or eight slash wounds to the arm. Clearly, these players were no small fries. Unfortunately for them, I only lost 500 HP or less because none of them was strong enough to pierce my Defense. Some of them even dealt 20 or so damage only, a pathetic number to say the least.

"Charge him!"

Three warriors activated Charge in succession and dashed toward me like lightning. It would be bad if I got chain-stunned by the enemy, even though I was Level 85 and they were Level 68. The huge level gap between us meant that the chance of me getting stunned was only 50% or so, but I still didn’t want to take any chances, there were seven or eight Ice Dragon Howls already heading my way. No one could survive such a magical bombardment, no matter how strong they were.

Rustle rustle...

I took a diagonal, 45-degree step to the back and slashed in front of me, the Purgatory Sword now glowing green. It was none other than the Slayer Slash, except that this time I was swinging with the blunt side of the sword instead of the cutting edge. The skill hit the first warrior squarely on the arm.


The warrior was completely confused when the powerful strike caused him to veer off course. Even better, he stopped in front of his two allies and caused their Charge to cancel on its own!



Very good, the chain stun crisis was overcome just like that!

But it wasn’t without a cost. Four Ice Dragon Howls landed on top of my head at the same time and dealt a number of damage—





That wasn’t good. One of these mages had a high enough level that he almost deleted a thousand HP from my health bar. He had to die if I were to survive this encounter!

I opened my palm and conjured a magical formation. "Dark Wasp!"

The Dark Wasp flew out of the hexagram formation like a loosed arrow and charged straight toward a Level 75 mage called Dominating Soul, the one who had done the most damage out of his fellow mages. I couldn’t allow him to keep blasting away at me!

I took out a Rank 6 Health Potion and drank it. At the same time, I moved to the right side of the enemy party and attacked again. The archers tried to kite me, but unfortunately for them I had locked onto the farthest archer from me and activated Charge. I reached him in an instant and plunged my sword into his body!



After the successful kill, I spun around elegantly slashed the second archer across the throat, dealing 2456 damage and one-shot him as well. Still not pausing to catch my breath, I moved smoothly to the back of the third archer and penetrated his chest with Desperate Gambit!

I was in the zone after killing three high-level archers in a row. I was able to kill another four archers and five mages, all the while staying ahead of the enemy warriors and pets who were trying to catch me with good movement. Tenacity of the Dead allowed me to restore a huge chunk of my HP instantly, Ghost Deity Armor was a solid skill that increased my Defense drastically, and Wild Roar gave me extra 15% attack power. I was like a god of death drilling holes into the 50-man party from every direction!


My body turned cold again as an Ice Dragon Howl struck me and put me in the red. Dominating Soul was attacking me again after killing my Dark Wasp, and his powerful spell had an immediate effect on the battle! I really needed to deal with him as soon as possible!



I downed a Rank 8 Health Potion, making my heart ache. There was no replenishing this precious potion until Lin Yixin could produce more!

I stabbed an assassin right through the chest while he was halfway unleashing his skill, Cold Blade. His level was too low, and his technique too inferior. I had seen through his stealth even before he got close to me. It was like he was asking me to be put out of his misery!

Suddenly, a cold chill entered my grip from the Purgatory Sword. Finally, I had triggered the weapon’s Outstanding property!

Rustle rustle...

I adjusted my posture on a grassy land and swung out my sword. The Purgatory Slash flew straight toward my enemy!


The group of melee players charging toward me collapsed to the ground. The Purgatory Slash was even stronger than the Thousand Mirage Slash, so there was no chance they were going to survive the attack. Luo River God of the Capital was able to wipe the floor with the entire Flower Room because she had a 2-star Outstanding Purgatory Scepter, so it shouldn’t be impossible for me to do the same with this 50-man party using my 3-star Outstanding Purgatory Sword!

The reason I didn’t say that it was a sure thing was because as a melee class, I barely had any AoE skills at all. Unlike mages, I couldn’t destroy entire armies with the flick of a hand.

The 50-man party was reduced to less than 10 after the Purgatory Slash, but they still hadn’t given up the assault. It was because I was around half health right now, and it would be some time before I could drink a potion again. This was their one and only shot left to kill me.

Dominating Soul glared at me and licked his lips before shouting, "Don’t stop, brothers! So what if he’s Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand? A CGL Hall of Famer he may be, he is just as human as you and I! He’s not an actual legend, and he’ll still get hurt if he eats an Ice Dragon Howl to the face! And look, the sword he’s wielding is most likely the number one weapon on the Weapon Ranking of the China server, the Purgatory Sword! If we kill him and loot the sword, we can sell it for at least 5 million or more! You could buy a villa with that kind of money! If you kill the legendary Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand, you’ll get all the women and gold you can possibly want in your life! This is the battle to fight if you wish to spread your name through the entire world!"

I was surprised. This guy sure knows how to uplift a man’s spirit!


The corner of my lips turned up slightly as I stared at them. "Come at me then, I dare you. The Purgatory Sword is yours to take if you opportunistic bastards can kill me."


The last few warriors of the party activated Charge under Dominating Soul’s command!

I checked my status and noted that I was currently sitting at 1875 HP. Dominating Soul could hit me for 1000 with his Ice Dragon Howl, and if the spell turned out to be a critical hit he could one-shot me. Worse, there were a couple of lousy archers peppering me with arrows from a distance. It was honestly almost too much even for me.

I glanced sideways and saw Xinran leaning against a bamboo tree with her mouth slightly agape. She was staring at the sky blankly, and her chest wound was still bleeding profusely.

Shit, she was still feeling the effects of Archbishop Alvis’s holy spell. There was no way she could help me when she looked like she was on the brink of death herself. I had no one but myself to rely on in this battle.

Besides that, I couldn’t afford to be delayed here any longer. Dominating Soul must’ve sent my coordinates to Dominating Heaven Blade already, and this whole place would be swarmed by thousands of players in less than 10 minutes. It would be the end for me if that happened. I could afford to lose 10 levels, but not the Purgatory Sword, the Purgatory Legguards, or both. I would literally have suicidal thoughts if that happened!

I locked onto Dominating Soul and activated my own Charge!


My figure rushed toward Dominating Soul like a shadow. However, he was already backing away even before I activated the skill, seemingly predicting that I would target him this time. The Charge missed completely as a result but I was so fast that I was able to get close to him for an instant. The moment my Charge reached the end, I immediately thrust the Purgatory Sword forward and activated Desperate Gambit!


The Magic Shield absorbed all the damage at the cost of its existence. Dominating Soul wouldn’t be able to summon another Magic Shield during the next few seconds!

I checked the skill list and got excited by what I saw! I raised the Purgatory Sword again, locked onto the escaping Dominating Soul and unleashed Thousand Mirage Slash!


Dominating Soul let out a muffled groan before collapsing to the ground. Unfortunately, he only dropped a floor of potions and nothing else. Considering how much damage he could do to me, there was a high likelihood that any equipment he dropped would be top-tier!

I spun around quickly and swung my weapon a couple more times, deleting the rest of the archers. Now, all that was left of the party was the warriors, and none of them could even pierce my armor. All they could do was stare at me with dumbfounded expressions as I used Tenacity of the Dead and an HP potion to heal myself almost to full health. After that, I gripped the Purgatory Sword and slowly walked toward them. In that moment, their fear was palpable, tingling my skin. There was simply no way for them to beat me right now.

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