Chapter 247: Second Promise

"Yeah, I’ve seen it but I don’t get it. What’s this General Ranking used for? You know something, Beauty Yi?" I replied.

Lin Yixin answered me a few seconds later, "You’ve asked the right person. In the China server, there’s not many aside from me who know what this General Ranking is used for."

"Oh, do tell."

Lin Yixin opened the voice chat and said, "It’s faster if we talk instead of typing."

"Mn, go on!"

"The General Ranking is our city’s player power ranking. Before tier 1 cities open, the Top 3 of each tier 2 city’s General Ranking have a chance to trigger something every time they level up…"

"Oh? Trigger what?" I laughed. "It must be very tempting, right? Would I get rewarded with a beautiful servant girl every level?"

"I’m not too sure about the specifics but just stay in Floating Ice City’s Top 3 anyway." Lin Yixin huffed and puffed. "How disappointing, you can only think about beautiful girls. If you want beauties, just go choose from the forums’ Beauty Ranking…"

"Ah? There’s a Beauty Ranking too?

"Yeah, and it’s made by the forum users too, hehe!"

I was amazed and quickly opened Floating Ice City’s official forums. Sure enough, there was a huge pink title on the front page that said: Floating Ice City’s Beauty Ranking!

Wow, there seriously are people who have nothing to do but to rank beauties?

I was immediately stunned once I opened it—

Wind Fantasy7910101030
From Water701010929
Murong Mingyue7499927
Beiming Xue7999826
Little Heavenly Fragrance Master3389825
Clear Perfume7888723
As Before5177822
Shadow Chanel7878621
Kitty CAT4567518
Coldmoon Rose6866618



I took a closer look and discovered that the person who had made this ranking was well-versed in beauties. As the Fruit Knife Goddess, Lin Yixin's name was like a bright sun in the China server. In the eyes of the China server’s male players, she was a goddess-like existence. She had full marks in terms of appearance, temperament, and charm. There was nothing to criticize.

He Yi’s appearance was no inferior to Lin Yixin, nor was her temperament. In these areas she scored full marks, but her charm got her only 9 points. It was probably related to her in-game strength. If He Yi possessed a CGL Hall of Famer’s mechanics and battle awareness, I bet she too would score full marks.

Murong Mingyue was 3rd place. Her charm was at 9, which was no less than He Yi. The reasoning behind this was obvious, she was the China server’s number one Breast Goddess. This flashy name had long belonged to her.

There were some other names I didn’t recognize and there was even a Level 33 female player on there too. Oh well, it’s not like all beauties were talented and beautiful. People like Lin Yixin were rarities that were hard to come by.


A laugh passed through my ears. "Hehe, did you see that, I’m first place!"


Lin Yixin teased, "Which of Floating Ice City’s ten great beauties do you fancy?"

"The first!"

"Hmph, you hypocrite!"

"Alright, all of them…"

"Hmph, hmph, the truth is out! Speak, how did the Frost Cloud workshop come to be? You really did bring out all the beautiful women to go live with them…"

I shuddered. "It’s not what you think!"

"Oh please!"

Lin Yixin smiled. "Whatever. You living with someone doesn’t have anything to do with me. Uh… I’m gonna go level. You should too. Don’t forget to pay close attention whenever you level up, there might be a nice surprise waiting for you!"


I nodded. "Yiyi, when was the last time we met?"

"Um, maybe less than a week ago?"

"When are we meeting again?"


"I miss you…"

Lin Yixin couldn’t help but laugh. She said in a menacing tone of voice, "You want a beating? Hmph, if you want to meet, you gotta wait for an opening in the schedule~~"

"I’m free right now!"

"I mean my schedule!"


Followed by a bell-like laughter, Lin Yixin closed the chat window. She said that she was going to help Clear Perfume make some potions. Not long after, a large quantity of Rank 7 Health Potions entered the market!


I’ll just forget about that General Ranking for now. The Beauty Ranking was easier to understand. Of Floating Ice City’s ten great beauties, first place usually ate out with me while second to fourth place lived with me. It was reasonable to say that my happiness index ought to be one of the highest in Floating Ice City because of that. I’m going to use the power of this happiness to desperately grind some levels!

Xinran’s village was not too far ahead of me. I’d best go see her first!

I only had the Dark Wasp in my pet list right now. Xinran’s portrait had disappeared. Even though I wasn’t too sure about who she was, I was certain that she was an important figure in the Netherworld. Otherwise, it wouldn’t make sense for her to be that strong and abandon me, her former master...

The early morning mist lingered, making the entire forest area moist. A golden beetle covered in dew was slowly crawling atop of a branch and a wild black rabbit dashed through the forest like lightning. Everything appeared to be at peace.

Carrying the Purgatory Sword, I advanced onward into the village. Upon entering, the villagers gave me friendly smiles and some even greeted me, "Young man, you’re here again!"

I nodded back as I headed toward Xinran’s home.

I was given a scare when I arrived. Xinran had taken off her black armor and wore a long white dress, as if she had returned to her former loli state. She looked sweet and pure again.

"Big brother, you’re here!"

Xinran immediately welcomed me when she saw me and tugged at my hand. "Xinran made really tasty Oat Bread, want a taste? It smells really good~~"

My heart skipped a beat as I quickly nodded my head.

I entered her house and noticed that it was already tidied. I looked all over but couldn’t find Xinran’s metal armor, nor did I spot the Dragonbone Spear anywhere. Could Xinran have decided to renounce the dark overnight?

While I nervously munched on that thought, Xinran suddenly sat beside me and tugged at my arm. Grinning, she asked, "Big brother, do you still remember our previous promise?"

I nodded, "Do you still want to become a priest in Floating Ice City?"


Xinran earnestly nodded. "This is my wish, and also my mother's wish. Since mother has already left me forever, Xinran must fulfill mother’s final wish and enter Floating Ice City’s Holy Temple. I must become an excellent priest and fight the Night Creatures to death!"


System Notice: Your SSS rank quest "Promise" has reactivated. Do you accept?


Was there even a “No” option? I quickly pressed "Yes" and the quest reactivated. The description remained the same. Bring Xinran to Floating Ice City and find the bishop at the Holy Temple there to make Xinran a priest. After many twists and turns, Xinran died and was resurrected. Even though I vaguely sensed that something had changed, this quest could still be continued!

"Yay! Big brother, let’s go after breakfast, okay?"

Xinran leaned against my leg as she pleaded while tugging my hand.

I nodded, "Alright!"

The Oat Bread smelled great and the taste was similarly superb. I only ate one slice and my Satiety gauge was already maxed out, sitting firmly at 100%. I could probably fight for several hours without needing to eat anything.

Breakfast finished, I patted my hands together and held the Purgatory Sword. "Let’s go, Xinran."


Xinran lightly walked over and held my hand like a helpless bird. Once we walked out of the village, I summoned the Dark Wasp. Though its growth potential wasn’t amazing anymore, it could still kill a few ordinary mobs of the same level. At the very least, with the Dark Wasp’s protection, our journey through Frost Forest should be relatively safe.

After thinking about it some more, I couldn’t help but find it funny. This Xinran was no longer the Xinran from before. Even though she still wore her pretty dress like before, the power welling inside her body was something else. Forget these trash mobs, even if a Level 100 boss were to come here, Xinran could easily smack it to death!

This was because I couldn’t see Xinran’s level anymore. The three huge question marks next to her name were quite the fright. If a Level 83 player like me couldn’t see her level, how strong was she now?

We followed a little path and a clearing suddenly appeared before us. An enormous pillar stood in front of the village and beneath it were firewood remains. The pillar itself had been burnt black. It seemed like someone had been burned at stake there. I could still see soot-covered shackles wrapped around the pillar. It was unlikely that the whole setup was meant for roasting meat.

Xinran took a look at the scorched iron pillar and gritted her teeth. "Big brother, let’s leave this place, okay?"


I dashed away, bringing Xinran along with me and soon saw the newly-constructed Floating Ice City ahead of us. It was about a kilometer away from the old Floating Ice City and looked as stately as the former city. In fact, I wouldn’t doubt it at all if even the bricks used were copied over as well. As for Floating Ice City’s original location, that had already become a black hell. No one dared to go there.

"We’re here!"

I lead Xinran through the eastern gate bridge into the royal city. From afar, we could see the dignified Holy Temple ahead of us. It was precisely the direction we were heading toward.


Two guards walked over and pointed their spears at us, shouting, "Who dares to trespass in the royal city?"

Xinran subconsciously hid behind me. I drew my longsword and flashed the Floating Ice City emblem on my shoulder. "I am an adventurer of Floating Ice City. Any problems, gentlemen?"

The two NPC guards immediately glanced at each other. In the next second, they withdrew their weapons and said respectfully, "So it is my lord. In that case, there’s no problem at all!"

I was flabbergasted to say the least. Was it because I had helped Princess Kardinshan, which boosted my prestige in Floating Ice City?

Forget it, I’ll go in first!

I took Xinran along with me and marched straight into the Holy Temple.

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