Chapter 246: General Ranking

He Yi’s eyes were closed. Her long eyelashes faintly quivered as she slept rather peacefully.

Thoroughly experiencing this kind of soft warmth almost left my bones melted. I didn’t dare move. I stretched my neck and gulped, swallowing a mouthful of saliva. What do I do? What do I do?

I looked down and saw He Yi’s otherworldly face leaning to the side. Her red lips were within reach. This kind of huge temptation could drive a man crazy.

Two angels were fighting in my mind as two voices on my shoulders argued with each other—

Inner Voice A: Lu Chen, do you love He Yi? If you do, go kiss her!

Inner Voice B: Lu Chen you bastard, are you sure you love her? If you’re not sure, don’t hurt her!

Inner Voice A: Love is not a cup of water or a biscuit. You can’t just just wait until you confirm it. If you do, it will get cold...

Inner Voice B: Lu Chen, you have to take responsibility for your actions!

Inner Voice A: Lu Chen...


In the end, Inner Voice A’s "What if in 50 years you regret not having the guts to kiss her?" steadied my resolve. I don’t want to regret it!

Alright, I’ll kiss her. It’s not like she’ll get pregnant from a kiss. He Yi shouldn’t mind it either, right?

I lowered my head and slowly inched toward He Yi’s lips. A light fragrance immediately hit my nose and heart nearly hopped out of my chest. The girl in my arms was the He Yi I used to dream about. She was also the GGS Asia Region’s Vice President. I was about to kiss a girl like that!

Right then, I suddenly realized something. He Yi was staring at me with her beautiful eyes open wide in surprise. She was the picture of innocence.


I complained inwardly. My current posture was seriously awkward right now, it was a position where I was about to kiss her. When I saw her expression, I was already wishing that there was a hole for me to hide in!

"What were you planning to do?" He Yi asked with a ghost of a smile.


I faltered for a while but still couldn’t come up with a good answer.

He Yi giggled, and then suddenly moved forward. Her red lips lightly pecked my cheek and left.

I froze again for a long time. By the time I regained my senses, my first words were, "Eve, why are you on my bed?"


He Yi opened her mouth as her pretty face instantly flushed. She glanced around, embarrassed, and blurted, "This really is your room…"

"What happened?" I asked, my heart in my mouth. Was this He Yi’s way of expressing ‘the boss beauty rewarding her meritorious staff in bed’? No, no. That’s too far-fetched. He Yi would never do an absurd thing like that.

He Yi didn’t know how to answer my question. She pulled at my blanket and covered her face.

"Fuck, don’t be like this…" I was exasperated. Did she think she was an ostrich of something? That if she buried her head in the soil, she could ignore the world?

I lowered my head and saw that my covers were a mess. He Yi was hiding her own face but she couldn’t hide her beautiful figure. Both her slender legs were on top of the bed while her captivating round butt was wrapped under a coffee-colored uniform short skirt. Mn, even if she was an ostrich, she was still a pretty ostrich.

He Yi finally steeled herself and poked her head out of the blanket. She looked at me and said, "Alright, I’ll answer you. I wanted to drink water last night so I went out to get some. Then… then, I went into the wrong room…"


I gaped, then eyed the bedside cabinet. Sure enough, He Yi’s milky white cup was there!


Face still red, He Yi gave a lazy stretch and then quietly lay back on the bed. She turned toward me and smiled. "It sure is a peaceful morning…"

I almost puked blood. "You’re still so calm?"

"Why shouldn’t I be calm?"

I pointed at the right side of the bed. "Have I ever advertised that I wanted to rent out half my bed? And, fuck! You’ve even stolen most of my blanket. No wonder it was so damn cold last night!"

He Yi’s pretty face was still red as she glared at me. "Oh, no wonder I felt like someone was hugging me from behind last night. Hmph, and there was a hand randomly touching around too. It must've been you!"


I froze again. It took me a while to reply. "T-that’s just a natural reaction from feeling cold. I really didn’t do anything…"

"I know."

He Yi smiled. "My clothes are still worn properly. Actually, this isn’t really much. It’s no different from two people falling asleep next to each other on a sofa. Don’t think too much into it."

I nodded, but I secretly cried in bitterness inside.

He Yi smiled.

A long time later, I asked, "Did I really randomly touch you last night?"

He Yi giggled and gave me a deep look. "That’s not important. What’s important is, do you want to touch?"

I howled inside, soundly defeated by He Yi’s words. I had been stripped of my helmet and my armor. It seemed like I had never won against this beautiful girl before.

"Hm? It’s only six. It’s still early…"

He Yi checked my phone and then entered my blanket again. "Then let’s sleep a bit more…"

To be honest, at 1.5 meters, this bed was already not that big. He Yi going in my blanket was basically the same as her entering my embrace. I immediately felt like I was electrocuted as a warm, soft body entered my arms. I couldn’t hug her and I couldn’t not hug her.


He Yi gently exclaimed. Her face was boiling red as she turned toward me. "You have a reaction!"

I howled in my mind again. I’m a normal person, you know. It’s fine if we ignore that a beautiful woman was sleeping with me but she was even randomly moving around. How could I not feel perky? Besides, it’s morning, morning!!

In order to not make a huge mistake, I hurriedly sat up and leaned against the headboard. I reached over for my cup and drank all its contents. "What the World-honored One has explained as the view of self, view of person, view of sentient being, and view of life span, are actually not a view of self, view of person, view of sentient being, or view of life span. Therefore they are called view of self, view of person, view of sentient being, and view of life span…"[1]

"What are you mumbling?" He Yi asked with a smile.

"The Diamond Sutra…"


I was about to fall into depravity so I wanted to recite some scriptures to calm my mind.

He Yi also sat up and ran her hands through her hair. "Alright, stop reciting the scripture. You’re going to wake up Mingyue and Beiming Xue with the noise. Well, turn around, I’m going to get out of bed."

“Why? It’s not like you’re going to take your clothes off."

"Good point~"

He Yi turned around after she got off my bed. "I’ll go buy breakfast, want anything in particular?"

"Nah, I’ll go buy it. You can go take a bath."



He Yi stood next to the door and opened it. She carefully stuck her head out and checked for any signs of activity. Once she discovered that no one was outside, she immediately shot a smile at me before she dashed back in her room.

I sighed. At least we weren’t exposed! Mn, there wasn’t anything to expose anyway. It was all a beautiful misunderstanding.

Leaning on my bed, I took a deep breath and couldn’t help but laugh. I’ll probably remember this beautiful misunderstanding for life, huh.


I got out of bed, washed up, and went straight downstairs. I asked Murong Mingyue and Beiming Xue what they wanted and they said KFC. Alright then. I can’t help but say that the dough sticks there were too short. This kind of thing might be good for our Japanese friends but I strongly recommend China’s KFCs to make their dough sticks longer.

I bought vegetable congee and the like. By the time I returned to the workshop, the girls were already dressed elegantly. They’d also put on some light makeup, making them look even prettier.

I sat in front of them and couldn’t help asking, "You guys aren’t even planning on going out today, and I bet you guys will be grinding the whole day. Why would you still put on makeup? Does the makeup increase your stats?"

He Yi smiled. "Yeah, it even raises our Luck stat. The drop rate doubles too, you want to put some on too?"


I trembled from head to toe. "Forget it, I’d better just stay bare…"


The girls looked like they wanted to throw up. Murong Mingyue gave He Yi a sideways glance and smiled. "Eve doesn’t even put on makeup when she goes to the company, I wonder why she would wear it at our workshop?”

Beiming Xue smiled. "A girl will doll herself up for her beholder. I’m assuming she wants a certain someone to see it."

He Yi ignored us, bending down to drink the congee.

I asked again, "What about you two? Why do you put on makeup?"

The other two girls expressionlessly drank their congee and no longer raised their heads.

Me: "..."


By the time we finished breakfast, it was already 8 am. Time to get online!


The sound of the system’s bell rang after I appeared outside Xinran’s little village—


System Notice: Please be informed that the Floating Ice City domain map has been refreshed once again. The royal city has been moved to the canyon south of Frost Forest. The original Floating Ice City has been engulfed by the cracks of hell, becoming a new map—Eye of Hell. At the same time, the “World Famous Generals” patch has officially launched. Players can now check the General Ranking!


General Ranking?

I quickly opened the list of rankings and really did see a new General Ranking, along with Equipment Ranking and the usual level Heavenly Ranking. I checked the Top 10 of Floating Ice City’s General Ranking—


NameLevelCommand Value
Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand
Wind Fantasy
Purple Marquis
Dominating Heaven Blade7810076
From Water708907
Clear Perfume788874
Beiming Xue798764
Shadow Chanel787968
Indigo Collar777847
Gui Guzi787709


Fuck, what was this ranking based on? He Yi was actually in the Top 5. Was it also scored based on beauty?

After a careful observation, I was relieved to find that this command value number was based on numerous factors. Included among them was level, equipment, stats, Tactics stat, Luck stat, and so on. It was a comprehensive mix. The strongest player would thus have the highest command value. He Yi was wearing multiple Dark Gold–grade items, so it’d be strange if her command value wasn’t high!

But what was the use of this General Ranking? There was no explanation on the official page.

Forget it, it’s not like that has anything to do with me. First place it is then, not like it gives me any special benefits.


I examined my bag contents. Alright, I have enough provisions, time to enter the village and see how Xinran has been.

Just as I was about to move out, I heard a beep. It was a message from Lin Yixin:

"Did you see the General Ranking?"

1. The Diamond Sutra translated by A. Charles Muller:

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