Chapter 24: Applesauce

I went to the old hunter and took out 20 Wild Bear Hearts from my bag to turn in. I said sincerely, "Old man, I’ve brought what you need!"

The old man took the items excitedly. "Young Night Creature, you have moved me. Come, this is just a minor favor!"


System Notice: Congratulations, you have finished the quest [Wild Bear Heart]. You’ve gained 2500 EXP, 70 Reputation, and the quest reward: "Big Magic Stone" x5!


Damn! Giving me five Big Magic Stones in one go?!

I almost cried. This quest's reward was really very generous. I looked at the five Big Magic Stones lying in my bag. Their quality varied from 80 to 100. They could be sold for about one gold!

A column of golden light fell on me, signifying my level-up. I could now use the Weeping Fire Blade and Cyanfire Cloak. Unfortunately, they were stored at my Frost Mound warehouse so I had to return to be able to equip them.

The old man trembled as he held the Wild Bear Hearts and made another request. "Young one, I also need some Fresh Ginger!"

I shook. "Fresh Ginger?"

"Yes, it’s part of the recipe."

"Where can I get Fresh Ginger?"

The old man thought for a moment and said, "In the forest two miles southeast of here, there should be some wild ginger. You can gather it there. But before that, you obviously need to learn how to forage."

As he spoke, the old man waved his hand and a blue light covered my body—


System Notice: Hunter Yellowfire wants to teach you Foraging techniques. Do you accept?


Why would I possibly refuse?! I quickly pressed accept, Foraging immediately joining my skill list.

"Go, young Night Creature, experience the joy of foraging!"


System Notice: You have received the quest [Gather Fresh Ginger!] (Quest Difficulty: F-)

Description: Go to Hundred Leaf Forest, and harvest 15 portions of Fresh Ginger for Hunter Yellowfire.


Foraging had two uses. One was gathering, used for herbs, flowers, and any plant. The other was hunting, that let one procure meat from hunted animals. It was really useful.

I and my green blade strolled through the forest, trying to avoid monsters this time. I didn’t have many potions left, and if I fought in this state, that would be the end of me. I didn’t have any Return Scrolls. I could not even run away.

Ten minutes later, I entered the legendary Hundred Leaf Forest and avoided the attack area of a pack of Level 30 Wild Wolves. When I came close, I found some scattered wildly growing ginger in the forest. I was a child that had grown up in a rural village. I had seen ginger before. What was sold on the market was the underground root. Protruding from the ground, leaves of ginger looked just like bamboo leaves.

I walked forward and used my Foraging skill on the Fresh Ginger—


System Notice: You have obtained Fresh Ginger x3, Foraging Proficiency +3!

Fresh Ginger, Rank 4 ingredient.

Haha, such a nice feeling of accomplishment. I threw the Fresh Ginger into my bag. Five of them together would occupy one inventory slot. Soon after, three slots were taken up by them, marking the fifteenth piece of Fresh Ginger.

I quickly returned on my original route, and handed the pile of Fresh Ginger to the old man. He immediately flushed red and took out a small bottle of salt from his pocket. He was going to use the Cooking skill immediately on the spot. He shoved the pieces of ginger into the Wild Bear Hearts and sprinkled salt on it. Then he started a fire and slowly roasted the hearts over it. Before long, fragrant piece of meat appeared in his hands.

The old man took out a dagger and cut the meat into strips to slowly taste them.

I stood at the side, not in a hurry. After a while, the old man turned to me and said, "Young Night Creature, I am moved by your nobleness. Come, this is your reward!"


System Notice: Congratulations, you have completed the quest [Gather Fresh Ginger]. You have received 500 EXP, 1 Reputation, and Foraging Proficiency +100!

I was overjoyed. This reward was very good, especially the 100 points into Foraging Proficiency. Otherwise, if I had to practice on my own, where would I find enough Rank 1 ingredients to gather?!

The old man finished eating and slowly stood up. "Young one, bring me out of this Wild Forest, and you will have finished your mission!"

I nodded. "Yes!"

Following the predetermined story quest format, the old man slowly walked out. I summoned a Level 20 Wild Bear demonic servant. Even if it couldn’t help much, there was still some use for it.

At present, I’ve reached Level 25. On top of that, I could summon a Level 20 meatshield. I basically had nothing to fear from these bears. The way out was unusually smooth.

I came out of the forest, and could see the town in the distance. The old man seemed to have come back to life, and laughed joyfully. "Young one, you are very brave and have a sense of justice. Good, I will bestow upon you my greatest skill!


System Notice: Hunter Yellowfire wants to teach you the Cooking skill, do you accept?


After accepting, another profession appeared in my skill menu. I broke the limits of the system, and possessed two secondary profession skills.

I excitedly sent the old man to the perimeter of the village before furiously running back to Frost Mound and prepared to completely change my equipment!

I took out the two pieces of equipment from the warehouse. The Weeping Fire Blade’s edge was shrouded in faint flames, and gave off murderous energy. The Cyanfire Cloak flashed with inky dark cyan color, and gave me an air of mystery!

I unequipped Forest Green Blade, and put on the Weeping Fire Blade. Then I put on the Cyanfire Cloak. Immediately, my stats soared—


ID: Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand

Class: Undead Swordsman

Level : 25

HP: 490

Attack: 104~188

Defense: 61

Magic Resist: 0

Reputation: 274

Luck: 0


As expected, Bronze-grade equipment was so powerful. Just two pieces of Bronze-grade equipment increased my attack power to 188 points, and my HP to 490 points. In this regard, I could even rival Magic Knights like Gui Guzi and their high max HP.

In a moment, my confidence soared!

At this time, Du Thirteen sent over a message: "Lu Chen, how is your progress?"

"Average, how about you?"

"I'm good, on my way to Level 20. Right, there is someone at Floating Ice City's gates selling Applesauce. A portion for 4 silver. What is that for?" Du Thirteen asked.

"Anyone buying?"

"Yes. Many mages, priests, and bards. The seller can’t keep up with the demand!"

"Alright, I understand, continue to level up!"


I furiously suppressed my joyful surprise. The chance to make money had come! Applesauce was a Rank 1 consumable product of Cooking skill that restored MP. In Heavenblessed, there were no magic potions, only magic consumables. Players could only eat one every minute. This was a necessary item for mages!

I opened my cooking skill and a string of recipes entered my sight—

Rank 1: Applesauce. Requires: Apple x5, Empty Bottle x1. Restores 100 MP.

Rank 2: Glutinous Rice Ball. Requires: Glutinous Rice x15, Chicken Meat x5, Salt x5. Restores 200 MP.

Rank 3: Green Pepper Meatball. Requires: Green Pepper x10, Glutinous Rice x20, Chicken Meat x10, Salt x15. Restores 300 MP.

Rank 4: White Cut Chicken. Requires: Chicken Meat x20, Salt x10, Fresh Ginger x15. Restores 400 MP.

Rank 5: Braised Chicken. Requires: Chicken Meat x30, Salt x10, Green Pepper x15, Garlic x10. Restores 500 MP.

Rank 6: Steamed Fish Soup. Requires: Fish Meat x25, Salt x10, Green Pepper x10, Garlic x10. Restores 600 MP.

Rank 7: Turtle Soup. Requires: Turtle Meat x20, Green Pepper x20, Fresh Ginger x20, Salt x20. Restores 800 MP.

Rank 8: Snow Rabbit Soup. Requires: Snow Rabbit Meat x30, Green Pepper x20, Garlic x20, Salt x20. Restores 1200 MP.

Rank 9: Dragonfish Soup. Requires: Dragonfish Meat x20, Green Pepper x25, Garlic x25, Salt x25. Restores 1500 MP.

Rank 10: Dragon Soup. Requires: Dragon Meat x20, Green Pepper x50, Garlic x50, Salt x50. Restores 2500 MP.


Applesauce was a Rank 1 Cooking recipe and it could fetch such a high price? There was no logic in this world!

Alright, I have to quickly increase my Foraging and Cooking proficiency and try to make a killing with this secondary profession as soon as possible. At least, I should be the only player who has these two professions unlocked at the same time.

I turned to look at the material merchant at Frost Mound. An empty bottle was one copper, and could stack. I bought two hundred, they took up two slots.

I opened the forums and found the coordinates for Fruit Forest. Then, I opened the big map. Fruit Forest was south of Floating Ice City, about half an hour of travel from my location. That was a patch of wildly-growing apple trees, but the monsters were all high-level. People rarely dared to gather apples there. This was also a reason for the high price of Applesauce. Of course, it was most likely due to unscrupulous merchants. Otherwise, how could something that only cost a few copper be sold for 4 silver!

Carrying the flaming Weeping Fire Blade, and donning Cyanfire Cloak, I hid my face. This way, I looked like a human warrior, and not a hateful Night Creature.

I passed through silent forest paths, and reached Fruit Forest in half an hour.

I came under a large apple tree and reached out to pluck an apple. Foraging Proficiency +2. Haha, not bad!

At this time, a voice came from behind my back—

"Boy, who allowed you to gather here?"

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