Chapter 236: Karinshan

In the morning, when I opened my eyes, I found it was raining outside. As expected, autumn was a rainy season. The fine droplets of rain hit the windows that flowed down like threads. I could hear soft wind, and the muffled sound of thunder. Going out in such weather wasn’t advised, so it’d be best to stay at home and level up.

I got out of bed, washed up, and found Murong Mingyue heating up milk. "Morning, sis!"


"Where is Eve and Beiming?"

Murong Mingyue said, "Beiming has gotten up and is dressing. You are welcome to look. Eve went downstairs, to buy breakfast she said.”


I was surprised. "Didn't we buy an oven and bread? Why go buy breakfast?"

Murong Mingyue glared at me. "Didn't you say you liked soymilk and fried dough sticks for breakfast? Well, Eve went to buy them. Such a heavy rain, and the vice president of GGS is looking for soymilk...”


I was speechless and grabbed an umbrella. "I'm going downstairs to wait for her. Where’d she go?"

"Lindun Road.”

"Oh, I'm going then!"


I hurriedly left. The streets were filled with office people going to work. The wind and rain were strong. All of Suzhou seemed to be shaking.

I walked along the curb.

Soon, He Yi's beautiful figure appeared in sight. She wore a black dress and a white blouse. and appeared extremely beautiful. She held a bag of fried dough sticks and soymilk and was walking through the rain without an umbrella. Her leather shoes clacked on the path for the blind!

Fuck, what is this?!

I darted forward and used the umbrella to cover her, asking, "Boss, why don't you have an umbrella...”

He Yi looked up at me with a joyful smile. Her hair was soaked, and even her long eyelashes had droplets on them, like dew. The rain flowed down her cheeks. She pointed at the distant road and said, "There, the umbrella abandoned me...”

I looked. As expected, there was an upturned umbrella with broken ribs being blown by the wind into the flowerbed.


I looked at He Yi's soaked state and felt my heart clench in pain. I hurriedly reached out to wipe the rain off her face. Looking down, I found that her clothing was also wet, her shirt red and pasted to her body, revealing snowy peaks.


"I’m fine...” He Yi said and sneezed.

I laughed and reached out to put an arm around her shoulder, saying, "Walk quickly and take a hot bath or else you’ll catch a cold.”


He Yi laughed softly, leaning back in my arms, and returning with breakfast.

When we passed by the residence entrance, the guard gave me a stunned gaze. The gaze grew heated, as though it would penetrate through He Yi's clothing. He almost came over to inquire.

I instinctively tightened my arm, and hugged He Yi even tighter. He Yi looked at me and then at the guard. Her eyes flashed intelligently. She understood and burst into laughter, putting an arm around my waist. The two of us stepped onto the puddles of water on the road surface under the same umbrella.

The sound of rain, flowing water, and He Yi's bell-like laughter mixed together, creating a symphony, the best I’ve heard in my life. The Ninth Symphony was nothing compared.


We returned to the workshop. He Yi went to take a bath. Everyone waited for her before eating breakfast. The fried dough sticks had been wrapped well, and weren't wet from the rain at all. Murong Mingyue said enviously, "When will Eve be this good to me? I would have no regrets in life...”

He Yi glared at her. "Eat quickly, you talk too much!"

Beiming Xue was speechless. She shook her head and drank milk.


After breakfast, 8 am sharp, we went online!


I appeared in the inn of Floating Ice City, and left, my hand already on the Purgatory Sword. I repaired my equipment and checked my bag. I didn't have enough potions and needed a resupply. I looked at my friend list. Lin Yixin was not online, so I had no supplier to ask. I could only buy Rank 6 potions on the plaza. Amazingly enough, the price was even better than Lin Yixin’s. The world truly made no sense. We had such a deep friendship after all.


System Notice: Player “From Water” is inviting you to the party, do you accept?

After confirming, I joined and found He Yi, Murong Mingyue, and Beiming Xue all present.

He Yi asked, "The quest can be done by five people. Should we find another person?"

Murong Mingyue: "Up to you.”

I said, "What is the quest difficulty?"



I thought for a moment and said, "He Yi and I are enough to serve as main tanks. Beiming Xue with me will be enough for DPS. Sister Mingyue is our healer. I also have Wild Roar for buff, so we don’t need a buffer. A+ quest shouldn’t be a problem.”

"Alright! Let's meet up at the eastern gate bridge of Floating Ice City!"


After I finished preparations, I quickly sprinted to the gathering point. I saw the three of our workshop beauties already waiting on the bridge.

The breeze blew, and He Yi's cape fluttered in the wind, her metal armor wrapped around her beautiful figure. Her snowy white skin was breathtaking. Beiming Xue was still dressed in leather armor with a black cape. She held the Purgatory Bow, brimming with murderous air, but a sweet smile still hung on her face.

Murong Mingyue, well, nothing needed to be said. Her pure white robes wrapped around her proud figure, and her chest seemed about to burst out of her clothing. It was truly worrisome. Would Sister Mingyue have problems moving about in the game?

In reality, my worries were unwarranted. Murong Mingyue, as one of the best priests in Floating Ice City, had good movement and mechanics. She had great advantages too. Facing female opponents, she could kill them with her measurements. If she encountered male opponents, a flirty look was enough.

"We are all here!"

He Yi walked forward and smiled. "Prepared to activate the quest trigger?"

I nodded. "Yes, let’s go!"

He Yi's glowing necklace suddenly flashed. A pleasing system bell sounded—


System Notice: Your team has accepted the quest [Moon Love]! (Current Quest Rank: A+)

Description: In the Stalagmite Graveyard south of Floating Ice City, there is a tragic legend. Supposedly, Princess Karinshan of the Floating Ice Empire died here fighting the invasion of the undead. Her body was buried in the Stalagmite Graveyard, and guarded by the soldiers of the empire. Deep at night, the travelers passing by can hear sad sobs coming from the graveyard. Travel to Stalagmite Graveyard, enter at any price, and investigate!


The quest description appeared in front of us. Everyone was shocked.

He Yi said, "Our quest is to search for something in the graveyard?"

I shook my head. "I don't know. Let's go and see. The map already shows the quest location. It's not far from Floating Ice City, and not a grinding zone. It appears we won’t have to kill any monsters this time.”

Murong Mingyue laughed softly. "That may not be true. Have you seen A-rank quests that don't require killing monsters?"


"Haha, let's go!"

We left, passing through the woods toward the Stalagmite Graveyard. Because it wasn't a leveling ground, not a lot of players went there. However, I had my doubts about the quest. Go to the graveyard and “enter at any price”? Was there something stopping us from entering?

As we traveled, I passed 20 high-rank Magic Consumables to Murong Mingyue and said, "Sis, eat sparingly, I'm almost beggared by you...”

"Haha, really? People like you cannot afford a woman...” Murong Mingyue gave a glance and giggled. "If you can't even afford me, what about another woman~~"

He Yi glanced at her and smiled. "Don’t you imply anything!"

"I know, boss!"

As we spoke, the woods in front of us suddenly widened. There was a row of crosses covered in ropes. Clearly, they had been used to hang prisoners in the past.

On the other side of the path was a graveyard. The insignia of Floating Ice City's king could be seen on a sculpture in the middle of the graveyard. On either side there were steles, each inscribed with achievements of a king. On the border of the graveyard I could see many fully-armed guards, one almost every few steps. I didn’t understand why the city needed so many people to guard a graveyard?

He Yi went forward, and then suddenly stopped, pointing ahead. "Look, isn't that Princess Karinshan's tomb?"

Everyone looked. As expected, there was an inconspicuous tomb there in the corner of the graveyard covered in green plants. Magic runes floated on the tombstone—Tomb of Floating Ice City's Princess Karinshan The Third!

Then there was the story of Karinshan's life—

In Heavenblessed 7114, the undead invaded. The insane Fire Dance Magnificence Pernilla led the undead army to attack the human lands. The Floating Ice Kingdom, at the border of Heavenblessed Continent, was the first to bear the brunt of the invasion.

Floating Ice City was surrounded, and at the time of life and death, Princess Karinshan led 5000 of her cavalry to break through the encirclement, going to Sky City and requesting twenty-thousand-strong reinforcements to return to Floating Ice City. Of course, when Princess Karinshan returned with the army to force the undead army to retreat, Floating Ice City had already fallen.

The grief-stricken Karinshan chose the most extreme way out. She pulled out her sword and cut her throat at the walls of Floating Ice City, creating this epic tragedy.

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