Chapter 235: Authentication


Hell Blaze caused the earth to tremble. This powerful attack was even more stunning in the hands of Luo River God of the Capital. The earth split apart, flames spurted, and burned the dozens of melee Flower Room players into dust. They fell to the ground, limbs trembling, and turned to corpses.

Li Le's eyes turned bloodshot. "Archers, what the fuck are you doing? Shoot her!"

The archer players were confused. Luo River God of the Capital could be called the top mage of the China server. She raised the Purgatory Scepter, and Arctic Rain once again wreaked havoc among the crowd. She did not stop moving, constantly retreating as she kept herself beyond the attack range of the archers. Her Arctic Rain was a continuous spell so the archers of Flower Room could not take a step forward. The flow of the battle was completely in her control!

"Hmph hmph..."

Luo River God of the Capital reached the border of the forest. She held the Purgatory Scepter, her face full of disdain and said with a smile, "How about it, Young Master Le. You want to learn more of this miss's tactics?"

Li Le shuddered. He looked behind him at the ground covered in Flower Room corpses. This was completely unimaginable. A single top-tier mage was enough to make his guild unable to take even a single step forward!!

Spring Mud said angrily, "Boss, I'll go!"


Gaining Li Le's permission, Spring Mud charged and activated Charge toward Luo River God of the Capital in the distance!


He charged quickly but hadn't expected Luo River God of the Capital to react even faster. She lightly jumped into the bushes nearby, causing his skill to lose target and be cancelled. Then, she took a step back, her Purgatory Scepter raised high. Her eyes were murderous. "Who the hell are you? Die!"

Exploding Flame!

Flame Attack!

After two powerful attacks, Spring Mud stared with wide eyes as the flames consumed him!



Spring Mud fell down, after a single round of attacks. He was not her match at all!


Li Le had a shocked expression, his voice trailing off. His body trembled. Facing the CGL Hall of Famer, Luo River God of the Capital, Li Le felt an endless sense of powerlessness. The hundreds of subordinates behind him did not seem to be of help. Even if he somehow managed to get her once, the price would be almost his entire guild, clearly too great a price.


"This Luo River God of the Capital... is almost invincible!" He Yi looked at me and smiled. "Lu Chen, if you were to chase after her, what would you do?"

I had a calm expression as I said, "Luo River God of the Capital's skill level is higher than Transient Smoke and Clouds, God's Dance, Blue Sky Scar, and Tempest Shadow’s by a level, but slightly lower than Candlelight Shadow’s. If you want to kill Luo River God of the Capital, it is not possible by force. If you don’t immediately break her shield, her ice rain will slow you down and she will kite you to death. The only way to deal with her is to outright assassinate her!"

Beiming Xue nodded and said, "This woman is terrifying. Her control of the rhythm is almost at brother's level. Her attacks and defenses flow together. Li Le cannot kill her at all."

I smiled. "Yes! In the game, fluid switching between attack and defense is most important. If you practice more, your own rhythm will be invulnerable, and you’ll have become an absolute expert. Battles between pros are all about who can break the opponent’s rhythm first..."

He Yi pressed her lips together, her eyes confused.

Murong Mingyue said, "I am a priest. I know the rhythm to heal but I don't know anything else."

"This is enough."



In the distance, Luo River God of the Capital took out a return scroll and held it in her hand. She smiled. "Young Master Le, do you still want to fight? If not, I am leaving. My guild is waiting for me to manage it!"

Li Le clenched his fists, with no word to offer. He didn't dare to attack. Just Luo River God of the Capital was enough to rob Flower Room of their bravery. Also, she had held the Purgatory Scepter, a 2-star Outstanding Dark Gold–grade weapon. Everyone knew how terrifying its stats were. Otherwise, Luo River God of the Capital would not have spent so much money to buy it. At least, with this scepter, the beautiful mage would have no problem conquering Ice Moon City with Purple Lily.


Luo River God of the Capital crushed the return scroll and smiled at us. "Falling Dust, really. I was almost robbed in your territory and you didn’t lift a finger!"

I smiled. "I couldn’t bear to disrupt your performance!"


WIth a whoosh and a flash, Luo River God of the Capital returned to Ice Moon City. She had gains from her trip to Floating Ice City. She gained the Purgatory Scepter and killed more than a hundred Flower Room experts, gaining fame for Purple Lily. This was one of the strategies for development.


Li Le clenched his fists and watched as Luo River God of the Capital left, unable to do anything. He turned and found the Frost Cloud workshop members watching from afar. His eyes turned venomous as though he wanted to put the blame on us.


I suddenly pulled out the Purgatory Sword, smiled and pointed at Li Le. "What, want to fight to the death?"


Li Le's gaze was dark and cold, but he did not say anything, pulling out a return scroll instead. "I’ve no time to waste with you people. Brothers, return to the city, we’re going to level up!"

Lights flashed, and Li Le led the Flower Room players back to the city.

Beiming Xue poked out her tongue. "They are afraid~~"

He Yi grinned. "Of course. Lu Chen has the Purgatory Sword which is even stronger than the Purgatory Scepter. Li Le should be able to see this. Also, there are four of us, filling the classes. If Li Le is smart enough, he will know what is important."

I looked at the time. "It's late, let's go offline and get up early tomorrow. Eve’s necklace had a quest on it. Have you done it?”

"Oh right!"

He Yi nodded. "It’s a level 65 quest that can be shared with four other people. I haven't done it, waiting for you to have time. What, you are free now?"

"Yes, let's do this quest tomorrow morning!"


We returned to Floating Ice City, entered the inn, and went offline!


I took off the gaming helmet and opened the notebook by my bed. He Yi had set this up for everyone, one for each member of the Frost Cloud workshop. It was pretty good, and it got on the forums really fast.

I opened the door and found everyone in the hall. I said, "Sister Mingyue, c’mere!"


Murong Mingyue put down the juice she held and came over, gathering her short skirt. She said, "What is it?"

I pointed at the computer screen and said, "Right now, after selling the Golden Scale Bow and the Purgatory Scepter, I have over 1.1mil RMB. Based on the rules of the workshop, 25% will become the workshop's operational funds, so tell me our bank number so I can make the transfer now!"

"Oh! Wait a moment..." Murong Mingyue turned around and said, "Eve, Beiming Xue, come here as well!"


The two girls in the room walked over in surprise, unaware what was going on.

I sat by the bed and opened the bank. Murong Mingyue handed a card to me, and then explained to He Yi and Beiming Xue with a smile, "Today, the total value of the auctioned items was 1100000 RMB. Lu Chen is transfering 25% of that into our operational funds. You two, watch and learn. Lu Chen is taking 25% as operating capital for the workshop. You two act as witnesses. Our Frost Cloud workshop should get on track."


He Yi nodded. "Later, prepare to log onto the China Gaming Workshop website. I have notified the officials that Frost Cloud workshop will register in a while."


Under the gazes of the three women, I transferred 275000 RMB into the workshop account. The transaction was quickly finalized and I still had nearly a million left for myself. Not much, but not little.

Then, I opened the CGW website and searched the name “Frost Cloud. As expected, our name was registered. The official leader of the workshop was He Yi’s ID, From Water. It also had 2 guilds listed as affiliates—Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls and Bloody Mercenaries.

Temporarily, He Yi was the only member of the workshop. I clicked “Add”, and a retina authentication system appeared. I looked at the notebook's scanner and heard a beep—

System Authentication: Player Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand (LV-77, Undead Swordsman), will you join the Frost Cloud workshop?

I confirmed and saw a notice: Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand has successfully joined the workshop.

The workshop now had 2 members. Also, due to my addition, the workshop points increased by 23794!

He Yi's points were 4164, about a sixth of mine. The point system was closely connected to a player's reputation, ranking, and equipment. In other words, the stronger the person in the game, the more points they would add to a workshop upon joining. Without any accidents, Candlelight Shadow’s points probably surpassed fifty thousand!

Murong Mingyue also participated in the authentication. After a beep, she successfully joined, and increased the workshop points by 5098, slightly higher than He Yi.

Beiming Xue was even better. After authentication, she increased the workshop by 17654 points. As a result, our Frost Cloud workshop had a total of 50710 points. I checked the official ranking. Our Frost Cloud workshop entered Top 10 of the China region, right at the tenth place!

The first place was Candle Dragon. They had ten people, and their points neared 200000. As expected, six CGL Hall of Famers added a lot of points.

The workshop system would allow between 1 and 10 people. Workshops couldn’t exceed 10 members. If that were the case, they would be an illegal organization. Every gamer knew it.

After settling the workshop matter, we had become a certified organization!

He Yi put a hand on the table and said with a smile, "Come, to make Frost Cloud workshop famous, for the glory of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, let's work together!"

I put my hand over He Yi’s, Murong Mingyue above mine, and Beiming Xue at the top. The four of us smiled at each other, everything unspoken.

Just as we were going to sleep, girls couldn’t help but speak some nonsense—

"Aiyaya, Lu Chen, tell me what it felt like to touch Eve's hand?"

“I didn’t feel a thing!"

"What about mine?"

"So smooth and tender...”


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