Chapter 234: Hell Blaze

The incomer was exactly who I had been waiting for all this time. There was a shining row of words above the female mage's head—

Luo River God of the Capital LV-78 Silver Mage

Guild: Purple Lily

Guild Position: Leader

City: Ice Moon City


Finally, the legendary Luo River God of the Capital appeared!

And her starting bid was a million gold too. No one had expected the 2-star Outstanding Dark Gold–grade scepter to reach such a high price, myself included. Ordinary players would not have prepared so much gold because the trade platform needed time to convert.

Roaming Dragon and Li Le gritted their teeth. Both of them did not lack money, but judgement. They had underestimated the Purgatory Scepter's great impact!

Luo River God of the Capital coming in late with a million gold bid silenced everyone.

"Player Luo River God of the Capital bids 1000000 gold, once!"

"Player Luo River God of the Capital bids 1000000 gold, twice!"

"Player Luo River God of the Capital bids 1000000 gold, thrice!"

"Transaction confirmed!"

The auctioneer readily finished the transaction and took away 5% of their commission.


System Notice: Congratulations, your auctioned item “Purgatory Scepter” was successfully sold for 1000000 gold. After deducting the intermediary fee, you received 950000 gold!


Very good. I got 950k RMB in one go. It seemed that Luo River God of the Capital wasn't just an amazing person in the game, she was also worth millions in real life!

I quickly converted all the gold in my account into RMB. I would have the money in my bank account in about an hour.

The Golden Scale Bow and the Purgatory Scepter made me almost 1.1 mil RMB. Tsk tsk, if I could go through Devil Sealing Tower a few times, becoming a millionaire was not a dream!


I joyfully thought of many things as I looked down. I saw that a bloody staff had appeared in Luo River God of the Capital's hand. This was the Purgatory Scepter she had just bought.

She looked around with disdain in her eyes. From this, it could be seen she was a proud woman.

Just as she was about to leave, Roaming Dragon, Iron Pardon, Inconstant, and others appeared, blocking her path. "Beauty, could you wait for a moment?"

"What?" Luo River God of the Capital looked at Roaming Dragon with a dismissive smile. She said coolly, "Mad Dragon? You seem very active in the forums, saying you will dominate Floating Ice City or something...”

Roaming Dragon was slightly embarrassed and said with a smile, "Luo River God of the Capital, a member of the CGL Hall of Fame. Greetings, I am the leader of Mad Dragon. I… have something I don’t know if I should say.”

Luo River God of the Capital smiled. "So if I tell you not to say it, will you leave?"


Roaming Dragon did not care about her remark and spread his hands. "It’s nothing really. Mad Dragon’s Floating Ice City and your guild’s Ice Moon City are just tier 2 cities of the China server. When the three tier 1 cities become available for us, the true battle of heroes will begin. I want to ask you: which city are you going to choose? Wind City, Sky City, or Vanished God City?"

I laughed inwardly and said, "Roaming Dragon is planning to make ties with factions from other cities now? It appears he has great battle foresight. He knows that fighting in Floating Ice City is just temporary and the true war is around the corner.”

Murong Mingyue grinned. "Boys with great foresight like this are to Sister Feng’s taste.”

"Yes~~" He Yi nodded in agreement.

I was speechless and continued to look down.

Facing Roaming Dragon's question, Luo River God of the Capital was casual. She took a deep breath and said, "Is Purple Lily’s direction something the likes of you should be concerned about?"


Though rebuffed, Roaming Dragon said, "Beauty Luo River God, you are a smart person, you should understand the benefits of gaining another ally. I represent Mad Dragon and look forward to allying with your guild, advancing and retreating together, dividing the world!"


Luo River God of the Capital suddenly laughed, her chest moving. She raised the Purgatory Scepter and said with a smile, "Advance and retreat together? Alright, let me rephrase. Do you dare to become enemies with Candle Dragon? If you don't, don't ally with Purple Lily, you are not worthy! Also, I can tell you where Purple Lily is going. After the cities open, my Purple Lily will go wherever Candle Dragon goes!"


Roaming Dragon was silent for a moment. He didn't dare to speak. Being enemies with Candle Dragon was no laughing matter. Even with the many factions surfacing in China, Candle Dragon was still undisputed number one and had many allies in Dawn City. Once the main cities opened, could Mad Dragon offend such a behemoth?

When Roaming Dragon looked up, he found that Luo River God of the Capital had already walked away, her disdainful laughter lingering in the air.


It appeared this Hall of Fame mage was proud, and had every qualification to be so.

I led He Yi, Murong Mingyue, and Beiming Xue out of the auction house.

"Someone from Ice Moon City bought the Purgatory Scepter...” He Yi laughed softly. "This time, Dominating Heaven Blade, Roaming Dragon, and Li Le should be very disappointed, huh."

I nodded and smiled. "Of course.”

Murong Mingyue suddenly pointed into the distance and said, "Look, there seems to be something going on by the eastern gate bridge?"


Everyone looked and found a group of people surrounding one person. They all had Flower Room’s guild emblem. The person being surrounded was no one else other than Luo River God of the Capital. She held the Purgatory Scepter and looked calmly at the group of players who had malicious intent.

Among Flower Room members, Li Le held his longsword and said, "I don't care what CGL Hall of Fame you are a part of. Don't think you can take the Purgatory Scepter out of Floating Ice City. If you are wise, leave the staff behind, I will give you a million gold. Otherwise, don't blame us for being rude!"

Luo River God of the Capital smiled. "Hmph, interesting!"

As she spoke, she raised the Purgatory Scepter and said, "Actually, I could just use a return scroll to immediately return to Ice Moon City. But since you are so overbearing, let’s meet outside the city. If you have the balls, come. I don’t fear your numbers!"

As she spoke, Luo River God of the Capital floated out of the city, her fire red magic robes disappearing out the gates.

Li Le pointed with his sword. "Go, kill this woman. The Purgatory Scepter has to be dropped. That is Floating Ice City's treasure!"

Immediately, Flower Room players flooded out, each of them wearing a greedy expression.


"Should we go help?" He Yi asked.

I shook my head. "Let's first look and see. Since Luo River God of the Capital is so fearless, she must be confident in her chances of defeating Flower Room. Otherwise, would she dare to be so bold?"


The members of the Frost Cloud workshop hid their IDs. Beiming Xue and I were above Level 70, Murong Mingyue was Level 68, and He Yi was 64. We all had relatively high levels, so it would be hard for others to detect us if we hid our names. Of course, we could do nothing about being discovered based on appearance.

He Yi was especially eye-catching. She wore metal armor and held the Abyssal Sword. Her face was flawless, and her cape made her appear both handsome and beautiful. Her attire itself was enough to loudly proclaim her to the others. In all of Floating Ice City, who except the beautiful leader of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls would be such a beautiful female knight?

Outside the city, grass flew. Murderous intent hung in the air. Luo River God of the Capital stood in the field, holding the Purgatory Scepter flashing with bloody light. She looked calmly at the people surrounding her.

As a member of the CGL Hall of Fame with ranking higher than even God's Dance, Luo River God of the Capital's strength was unquestionable. Now, I was going to witness her might with my own eyes!

Flower Room players had their hands on their sheathes, just waiting for the order!


Li Le pulled out his sword and shouted, "Everyone, together, kill her!"

Immediately, Flower Room members pulled out their blades. The knights and warriors charged at the front. The archers pulled out their bows, and battle instantly commenced!

Luo River God of the Capital smiled, and suddenly stomped her foot, her Magic Shield popping into existence. Her Purgatory Scepter increased its durability by 40%, so with her own magic power bonuses, it was hard to imagine how tough the magical barrier was. One thing was for certain—someone like Li Le couldn’t easily break through this shield.


A Level 64 magic knight charged the front, holding a spear, and stabbed hard toward Luo River God of the Capital.


Accompanied by a cold laugh, the female mage moved slightly to the side. Burning light gathered in her left palm and she sent it out without delay. Exploding Flame Spell!


A big damage number flew out. This was definitely not a critical hit, just a basic Exploding Flame Spell that was enough to kill a Level 64 magic knight with good equipment!

With a scream, the magic knight slowly fell to the grass, covered in flames. The scene was stunning!

"Woah, such high attack power...” He Yi gaped beside me. Clearly, everyone was shocked. A mage's attack power reaching such heights was nuts.

Li Le's eyes turned blood-red. He said furiously, "Archers, shoot together!"

Luo River God of the Capital reacted quickly, and started to swing her staff as the archers attacked. A huge expanse of icy rain fell into the crowd. Although Arctic Rain was a low-level spell, she had trained it to Rank 7. Adding on the Purgatory Scepter's attack bonus, the damage was terrifying!

A string of damage numbers above a thousand appeared. In the blink of an eye, the archers of Flower Room fell to the ground. A few dozen people had been killed in an instant!

However, a group of knights, assassins, and warriors had reached Luo River God of the Capital and attacked!

Luo River God of the Capital was not in a hurry. She raised her scepter high and shouted, "Hell Blaze!"


The earth around her split apart like a volcano erupting. Flames sprouted up, and all of the surrounding melee players were set ablaze!





A series of damage numbers flew up, further proving Luo River God’s terrifying strength. With just two Hell Blazes, she easily killed hundreds of Flower Room members!


Li Le swallowed hard, and finally realized that he had offended someone he shouldn’t have!

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