Chapter 233: The Fight at the Auction House

I invited He Yi, Murong Mingyue, and Beiming Xue into my party, granting them access to the VIP room, which they soon appeared in.

72 seconds until the auction starts!

The enormous auction hall was filled to the brim, bursting with people. Even those below Level 60 were here just to enjoy the spectacle. There was no other reason for them to come here. Ordinary players like them couldn’t afford the Purgatory Scepter or the Golden Scale Bow.

Also, the stats for the two items were freakish. I didn’t even know how many eyes in Floating Ice City and even the entire China server my items have attracted. Maybe even Candlelight Shadow had come!



The bell sounded. They were preparing to start!

On the stage, an NPC auctioneer raised a longbow in her hand. This was the Golden Scale Bow. She said loudly, "Golden Scale Bow, LV-75, Dark Gold-grade. Attack 240, Strength +50, Agility +42, increases 20% of max HP, base price 10000 gold. Bidding starts now!"

The Golden Scale Bow appeared on the system interface, and roused many gasps from Archer players. A longbow with 240 Attack could turn an ordinary archer into a powerful one. It was a treasure that many players could only dream of!

Quickly, a Level 71 archer raised a hand and said, "20000 gold!"

Before he finished, someone else shouted, "30000 gold!"

The bid from each player was confirmed by the system. If the player didn’t have enough gold in their account, they couldn’t bid at all.

After a minute of fervorous bidding, the Golden Scale Bow's final price stopped at 52500 gold, and was worth the same in RMB. This was about the true price of the longbow. Money was not paper. Even the wasteful young masters had to think for a moment.

On the stage, the auctioneer said, "Player Spring Wind Drizzle 52500 gold, once!"

"Player Spring Wind Drizzle 52500 gold, twice!"

Seeing the transaction about to be confirmed, my heart rose to my throat. Why were there no spendthrifts?!

At this time, a voice came from a VIP room. "80000 gold!"

He Yi walked to the window and looked. She laughed. "Oh? Now that’s someone familiar.”

Indeed, the person on the other side of the auction house was the leader of Mad Dragon—Roaming Dragon Lu Chao. He had money, and no one dared to compete with him.

Coldmoon Rose leaned against Roaming Dragon, and smiled sweetly as though she was praising him. Roaming Dragon, his arm around the beauty, smiled even wider at her words. His hand covered in armor moved under Coldmoon Rose's cloak.

Roaming Dragon looked up and saw me, his gaze turned cold. He shouted, "Hmph, Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand!"

I stared and stabbed the Purgatory Sword into the ground, gripping it with one hand. I sneered, "Roaming Dragon!"

Roaming Dragon glared at me, his eyes poisonous as though he had no way to vent. He suddenly hugged Coldmoon Rose and kissed her cheek.

I took a deep breath. This guy was competing with women!

In relation to the workshop's reputation, we could not lose in equipment or women!

I didn't turn around, and grabbed next to me. I immediately got someone to lean to me. I looked down. Fuck, it was Murong Mingyue. I looked down, and her chest was suffocating!

Murong Mingyue froze, but then discovered Roaming Dragon's action. She smiled, and leaned her face against my chest, pretending to curl into me.

I released the sword, and wrapped around He Yi's shoulder with my right arm. He Yi didn’t struggle and smiled next to me, looking into the distance.

Roaming Dragon lost again. He only had Coldmoon Rose next to him. On his right side was Iron Pardon who was hard to touch.

Also, in terms of quality, while Coldmoon Rose was a good beauty, she was nothing compared to He Yi who was the beauty guild leader of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, and famed throughout the world, nothing that Coldmoon Rose could rival. If that wasn’t enough, Murong Mingyue was the most beautiful priest of Floating Ice City, and also someone way beyond Coldmoon Rose.

Thus, Roaming Dragon let go of his woman, and I released the grasp on my two beauties. In reality, I was about to be thrown out.

At this time, someone else raised the price of the Golden Scale Bow to 100000 gold!

Roaming Dragon was furious and looked out the window, waving his fist and shouting, "Hey! Which bastard is competing with me? I will have this bow. If I learn who raised the price, I will kill them!"

Everyone was shocked. The leader of Mad Dragon was so domineering!

Bidding again, Roaming Dragon shouted the price of 150000 gold, which became the final price. Undoubtedly, the bow would belong to Coldmoon Rose. But I wasn't worried. Beiming Xue could fight five archers of her skill on her own!


System Notice: Congratulations, your auction item “Golden Scale Bow” has been successfully sold for 150000 gold. After deducting the intermediary fee, you received 142500 gold!


Haha, so great. More than 140k gold instantly entered my account!

Without hesitation, I opened the exchange system, and converted it all to RMB on my personal card. As an accomplished young man, I had to save as much as possible. Buying a home or marrying required money!

Then came the auction of the Purgatory Scepter!

On the stage, the auctioneer raised a glowing staff and shouted, "Purgatory Scepter, Level 75, Dark Gold–grade, 2-star Outstanding weapon. 355 Magic Attack, Intelligence +52, Stamina +42. Increases Magic Attack by 12%. Increases Magic Shield’s durability by 40%. Additional skill—Snowstorm. Players, please bid!"


When the stats of the Purgatory Scepter appeared on the interface, the crowd gasped. A 2-star Outstanding item. Its stats alone would be enough for it to rank second on the Weapon Ranking, just below my Purgatory Sword!

It was silent for a moment as though many people were hesitating. The ones that would truly bid would not start early. That was for unimportant people to do!

A few minutes later, Dominating Heaven Blade appeared, holding his enormous blade up. He shouted, "120000!"

He Yi grinned. "It seems that Dominating Heaven Blade wants to get Dominating Mage God a divine scepter!"

I laughed. "Of course. In the past, Gods of Destruction had seven or so names in the Heavenly Ranking. But now, Dominating Heaven Blade and Dominating Mage God are the only ones left. For a core expert like Dominating Mage God, Dominating Heaven Blade would definitely spare no effort to help him!"

Murong Mingyue leaned against the window, her arms crossed across her chest. She said, "Hmph, I heard that Dominating Heaven Blade is only a small boss in the real world and doesn’t even have ten million of liquid assets. He will definitely not spend too much on his subordinate. Unlike Roaming Dragon and Li Le, Dominating Heaven Blade achieved his present status with his own ability...”


I nodded and said, "Dominating Heaven Blade used to be a warlord of an era. Pity he was born in Floating Ice City. Floating Ice City has Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls and Lin Yixin's Snowy Cathaya. This means that Gods of Destruction can’t do as they please, and will struggle to even keep a place for themselves.”

Beiming Xue blinked her eyes and asked, "Is this like that saying about how decline is always inevitable after great prosperity?"

“Roughly the same!"

Someone else shouted at this time. It was someone from VIP booth 5 nearby. Another familiar voice. Who could it be except Li Le?

Li Le was not buying a weapon for a woman, but for his friend, Life of Luxury. In reality though, it was still just a fair-weather friend!

Li Le made his bid, and with a high price of 200000 gold. Dominating Heaven Blade's face was grave. He pointed at Li Le and shouted, "Flower Room, don't think you are amazing because you have money. Even if you get the Purgatory Scepter, so what? Unless your mage doesn't leave the safezone, it’s only a matter of time before he gets killed!"

Dominating Heaven Blade did not have much money and could not win against a young master like Li Le who had tens of million for his living expenses each year. He could only endure the money, but not the blade. The fights in the game were not related to real life. No matter how much money you had in real life, you had to follow the rules of the game. In the game, strength was king in combat. Clearly, Li Le could not compare to Dominating Heaven Blade in this!

At this time, Roaming Dragon shouted again, "300000 gold!"


Li Le was furious. "500000 gold!"

The two seemed to lock horns!

I sat by the window, hugging the Purgatory Sword and smiled. "Tsk tsk, fight fight. Raise the price, I’m gonna buy a car!"

He Yi and Murong Mingyue were speechless. Beiming Xue laughed. "Big bro, I also want a vehicle!"

"Mn, I’ll buy you a Giant!"[1]



The bidding was fierce in the auction house. If PvP was allowed within the city, I feared that Roaming Dragon would have taken Iron Pardon and Inconstant to fight Flower Room.

"700000!" Li Le shouted.

"900000!" Roaming Dragon counterattacked.

Li Le was about to keep calling when he suddenly closed his mouth.

Roaming Dragon laughed. "What, no more bidding?"

Li Le's eyes flashed. "I don't have enough gold in my bag. I’ll go buy more at the trade platform, don't you fucking leave!"

Roaming Dragon laughed. "Idiot! Who’s gonna wait for you? I only have 950000 gold. Tough luck, idiot! The Purgatory Scepter’s mine!"

At this time, a figure appeared at the auction house entrance. It was a beautiful mage with a glowing staff. She smiled and declared right upon entering, "1000000!"

1. A bicycle brand

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