Chapter 224: Golden-armored Devil Beetle


The Purgatory Sword cut through the head of a Devil Beetle. Beside me, little skeleton Xinran was paralyzed, standing still. Suddenly, my arm felt cold as my Outstanding weapon skill procced!


A bloody sword energy exploded, ignoring my cooldowns and dealing another powerful attack right after !


Accompanied by hissing screams, the Devil Beetle fell down, dropping a 71 Quality Big Magic Stone. I didn’t pick it up of course, it wasn’t worth much.

I looked at the time. More than an hour had passed, and there were innumerable Devil Beetles who had fallen under my Purgatory Sword.

I continued to advance. There were hidden doors everywhere in the dim Devil Sealing Tower. All of them had paper seals stuck to them. Under the night wind, the paper seals would sway slightly. The scene was quiet, but terrifyingly foreboding.

Whoosh whoosh...

A different sound suddenly came from ahead. I looked closely and found a shadow-like ghost, with bloody eyes and lowly wailing.

I was shocked. Is this the second monster of the Devil Sealing Tower?


Soul of Vengeance (Elite)

Level: 75

Magic Attack: 620~700

Defense: 500

HP: 12000

Skill: Ghost Fireball, Fearful Wail

Properties: 25% immunity to all damage

Introduction: A soul of vengeance, once an elite human fighter. These brave knights had fallen here. Since their king didn’t acknowledge their honor, their souls couldn’t pass to the other side, unreconciled, wailing in sorrow. Eventually, they turned into devils themselves, and became the guardians of this floor of the Devil Sealing Tower.


Magic monster. It had 700 Magic Attack. Not low by any means, even more so against an armored class like me. Currently, I had nothing to fear from physical monsters, as they could rarely break through my Defense provided they were at a similar level. However, Magic Attack was different. Since magic was 100% more effective versus heavy armor, its damage would be doubled, and have no problem piercing my Magic Resist!

On the battlefield, melee players were the main frontliners, leading the charge, ferocious and invincible. Mages however were their bane. Under the onslaught of several high-level mages, trapped within a chaotic world of fire and ice, those who survived would join the annals of history as heroes. Others would be forgotten, with nothing but bones left!

I looked around. There was only one Soul of Vengeance. It could be killed!

I locked on and started a Charge!


I immediately reached the Soul of Vengeance and swept with the Purgatory Sword. I used a Pardon + Desperate Gambit combo to start!



Not bad. Powerful magic monsters like the Soul of Vengeance had paper defenses, like cloth armor players, and low HP. Killing them would be easy!

However, I still thought the damage was strangely low. After thinking about it, I found the reason!

I roared into the air. The Wild Roar skill activated. The buff icon of Wild Roar flashed again. No wonder Pardon + Desperate Gambit could only deal 5000+ damage. My super 15% buff had expired.

Having buffed myself, I charged again, this time a basic attack shaving off 3000 HP from the Soul of Vengeance. So sharp!

Half of my equipment was already of the Dark Gold grade, and I had an Outstanding weapon. My attack power was extraordinary as expected. If it was so against Level 75 elite monsters like the Soul of Vengeance, it would be the same against mages. I guessed that even top-tier casters like Dominating Mage God would crumble under one blow of my Purgatory Sword, and die in the second!

At this stage of the game, I was at an advantage. Presently, mages did not have life-saving skills like Blink and Freeze. Thus, when warriors fought mages, they had an advantage. Of course, 99.99% of melee class players did not have the Charge skill and would have a difficult time fighting mages. Mages with good mechanics would not allow you to get close, and use a string of ice spells to freeze you to death!

At this time, the little skeleton charged forward and thrust its blood-red spear. The weapon’s tip flashing, it burrowed into the Soul of Vengeance, decisively putting an end to his battle!

"My king, this vassal is dead, honor is my life!" the Soul of Vengeance shouted and slowly fell down.

The shadowy figure faded into a human knight's body. However, it was extremely rotten. Strictly speaking, this was the body of an undead knight.

I thought back to the monster's words. Honor is my life. I suddenly thought of myself. In my case, gold was my life! In this fickle era, one had to stay true to their heart. I had to guard precious things around me, and then push Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls onto the throne. Then, I could start my revenge campaign against Candle Dragon!

I smiled faintly. In the China server, there were many people who swore to overthrow the Candle Dragon Guild. However, who had more confidence than me?

Never mind. I'll let Candlelight Shadow live a few more months in Dawn City. When the super cities open up in the future, the show will be on!


I killed Souls of Vengeance along the way, working together with the little skeleton and the Dark Wasp. That basically didn’t leave any chances for the unreconciled souls to vent. Of course, their attack power was formidable. A Ghost Fireball could take 500 of my HP. Fortunately, the little skeleton's Soul Devouring Spear could disrupt casts. After a few engages, it learned, and would only act when the hostile Soul of Vengeance started to gather a fireball. It made the grind much easier, and me much safer.

Half an hour later, I had killed countless Souls of Vengeance. I opened the small map, and saw that I was in the last section of the Devil Sealing Tower’s first floor. Just a bit more and I would enter the second floor. As I reached that thought, what I had expected appeared in front of me. A boss monster!

This was a large golden insect covered in a golden carapace. Its wings vibrated like steel. It was curved slightly, and there was an enormous stinger coming out of its posterior. It looked extremely vicious. It looked like a stronger and gilded version of the Dark Wasp!


Golden-armored Devil Beetle (Gold Rank Boss)

Level: 75

Attack: 720~920

Defense: 700

HP: 150000

Skills: Paralysis Attack, Poison Spit

Properties: 100% immunity to magic damage

Properties: Defense +40%

Introduction: A poisonous insect that is born and lives in the dark. After millions of years of evolution, they eventually developed frightening offensive power, as well as venomous properties. The apex of their kind is the Golden-armored Devil Beetle. To prevent further evolution, court mages caught all the Devil Beetles and locked them in the Devil Sealing Tower. As the leader of its kind, the Golden-armored Devil Beetle became the ultimate ruler of the Devil Sealing Tower’s first floor. The insects ultimately became the guardians of the tower’s first floor.


I looked at the boss's stats and was shocked inside. Fortunately, my class was a melee one. This boss was completely immune to magic! 100% immunity. If a mage had come instead, they would likely be crying. Also, it had a bonus of 40% Defense. All in all, its Defense was 980. In reality, only five people in the entire Floating Ice City could break through its Defense, and I was one of them!

Let’s begin!

I gazed at the little skeleton behind me and said, "Xinran, I’m going first, you follow. Once the boss casts its paralyzing attack, you use the Soul Devouring Spear to disrupt the cast, okay?"

As I spoke, I patted the little skeleton's shoulder. "Xinran, work hard~~"

The little skeleton looked up at me. All I could see under the helmet were her bloody eyes, riddled with confusion.


I locked onto the boss and started a Charge!


I immediately arrived at the target, my sword already risen high. I initiated with my strongest combo—Pardon + Desperate Gambit!



As expected, the boss’s high stats diminished my damage by a lot. Fortunately, I could still break through its Defense. Thus, killing this Golden-armored Devil Beetle would not be a problem.

Though truth be told, it was just a Gold Rank Boss. I shouldn’t have any problems dealing with it on my own.

The Golden-armored Devil Beetle gave a sharp scream, its wings buzzing, its body curled and flying at me, trying to impale me with its stinger. The attack created a spray of sparks as it hit the Purgatory War Armor. I felt a slight pain but not much damage!


As expected, the level disparity was not high, so even a Gold Rank Boss couldn’t damage me greatly!

I started a fierce barrage after this initial attack. The Purgatory Sword sliced the Golden-armored Devil Beetle's HP. The little skeleton chaotically ran around it, poking many holes in its body.


After killing for about a minute, I drank a health potion. The boss had lost about 25% HP. It appeared that I would be able to kill it in less than 5 minutes. I concluded that my stats were truly too high. I only used five Rank 6 Health Potions to defeat a Gold Rank boss, relying on my passive healing and Tenacity of the Dead to recover the rest. It saved me a lot of money!

A few more minutes passed. My killing blow pierced through the Golden-armored Devil Beetle, taking away the last thread of its HP. Done!

“Kee kee…”

The Golden-armored Devil Beetle died with a scream and dropped a huge pile of spoils!

I smiled. Very good. The battle was comfortable, no one could steal the items from me, and I didn’t have to worry about nearby assassins trying to ambush me. All of them would have been stung to death at the entrance. With 3 yards between the gate and the horde of Devil Beetle, I didn’t need to fear any assassin in Floating Ice City making it through. Not a single assassin had the ability to sneak past Level 75 Devil Beetles yet!

I flipped through the spoils. I threw the high-quality Phantasmal Magic Stones into my bag. There were also some items. I glanced at them, but they weren’t particularly impressive—

Venom Wristguards: Level 70 Silver-grade, Defense 100. Increases poison resistance by 1%

Gold Leather Hat: Level 70 Dark Steel-grade, Defense 55. Increases agility by 0.6%

Forest Dagger: Level 70 Silver-grade, Attack 75~90. Increases attack power by 1%.


In conclusion, all three were trash items. If they were put at a stall, they would be a gem, but shameful if sent to the auction house. I felt extremely conflicted.

I was disappointed as I touched the boss's body again. Suddenly, my eyes lit up, and a dark gold ring appeared!

I’ve struck gold!

From the color, this was clearly Dark Gold–grade item. Theoretically, a Gold Rank boss should not drop Dark Gold–grade items but there were exceptions, about a 1% chance. High-level Dark Gold Rank bosses would also have a chance of dropping Gold-grade items. This time, I was just lucky!

I held the ring in my hand, and touched it. Immediately, my heart jumped, it was a dark gold equipment—


Paralysis Ring (Dark Gold–grade)

Strength: +50

Stamina: +45

Passive: Increases user's melee attack power by 7%

Properties: In melee combat, there is a 5% chance of paralyzing the enemy for 3 seconds

Level Requirement: 70

Class Requirement: Warrior


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