Chapter 223: Devil Beetle

My eyes widened as I stared at the little skeleton. Why so impulsive?

After the little skeleton broke through the gates, it stood there as though it was waiting for me to enter.


I stepped back onto the stairs and used my 3-star Outstanding Purgatory Sword to clear the way. I believed the monsters on the first floor would not be too much of an obstacle to me.

The Dark Wasp buzzed and followed me into the first floor.



Accompanied by the wails of ghosts, my sight darkened. The first floor of the tower was a vast hall, slightly dim. I opened up my map. It was small, but I could see a spiral passageway in the visible part of it. The place was actually a maze.

"Ha, a maze?"

I smiled. I was the best at mazes!

I advanced with my sword. After a few steps, the first monster appeared in front of me. It was a large insect flying in the air, completely covered in black armor. There were spikes growing out of the wings which moved rapidly. The head of the insect was like a fly’s, but there was a poisonous proboscis serving as its mouth.


Devil Beetle (Elite)

Level: 75

Attack: 650~780

Defense: 600

HP: 14400

Skills: Paralysis Attack, Poison Spit

Properties: 75% immunity to all magic

Introduction: Devil Beetles are poisonous insects born and living in dark environments. After millions of years of evolution, they eventually developed frightening offensive power, as well as venomous properties. To prevent further evolution, court mages caught all the Devil Beetles and locked them in the Devil Sealing Tower. The insects ultimately became the guardians of the tower’s first floor.


Level 75 elite, Attack nearing 800, still bearable. My Defense was over 900. Under the protection of Ghost Deity Armor, Level 75 monsters like this could not do much damage to me.

However, the Devil Beetles’ strength lay not in their attacks or defensive abilities, but in their venomous and paralyzing attacks. These two were powerful CC skills. Even the strongest fighter would die if swarmed by them and chain CC’d.

I immediately used Charge!


Instantly coming in front of the Devil Beetles, I swung my sword horizontally, activating Pardon and Desperate Gambit in an instant!



Great. Managed to get a critical hit. Awesome!

With another basic attack that shaved off 2453 HP, the Devil Beetle had lost the majority of its HP despite being a Level 75 elite!

“Bzz bzz bzz…”

With a hiss, the beetle launched at me, his proboscis flashing gold!



It hit my chest, but I didn’t feel any pain, just waves of numbness… I can’t move!


Combat Log: Devil Beetle used “Paralysis Attack”, dealing 274 damage. You are paralyzed for 3 seconds!

Damn, I was paralyzed!

The feeling was really uncomfortable. After letting me get beaten up by the beetle, the little skeleton finally came to my rescue. It thrust its spear, easily penetrating the Devil Beetle’s shell. A huge number rose—4845!

Fuck! Why didn't the little skeleton attack earlier, and instead waited for me to get beaten up before acting?

I turned around in puzzlement. The little skeleton snorted, and looked down, ignoring me.

The Devil Beetle was killed but didn't drop anything. However, its EXP yield was abundant. I gripped Purgatory Sword once again and advanced.

More and more Devil Beetles appeared in the passageway. I didn't dare to use Charge on the groups ahead and instead chose to lure them one by one. As a result, my progress was really slow.

At this time, I heard a “beep”. A message came from Gui Guzi: "Boss, have you seen the news from Floating Ice City?"

"Hm, what news?"

"Someone in Flower Room leaked a new map—Dragonfall Lake. Supposedly, there is some ‘Devil Sealing Tower’ in the middle of the lake, yet an undiscovered secret. Many people are gathering there. Mad Dragon, Gods of Destruction, and Peach Garden are all going. Entire armies are doing quests around to get Proof of Trials!!


I was shocked inside. So things like this really spread thousands of miles. Many players were already eyeing the Dragonfall Lake?

This was not good, not good at all. Was my plan to sweep through the Devil Sealing Tower all for naught?

I looked at the swarm of Devil Beetles in front of me and devised a plan. I sent a message to Gui Guzi. "Tell Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls not to participate. Focus on leveling up!"

"Yes, alright!"

Gui Guzi did not ask for the reason and continued to grind at Greedy Wolf Forest with Mamate.

I took a few quick steps, passing through the Devil Beetle swarm. At the same time, I summoned the little skeleton back into the pet space and left the Dark Wasp outside.

The Devil Beetles were flying monsters, but their movement speed was not high, barely enough to keep up with me, so I wasn’t in any danger. After moving a circle around the swarm, I had about 50 Devil Beetles behind me, as I sprinted toward the entrance of the Devil Sealing Tower.


With a flash of red light, I activated Earth Escape, all of the aggro transferring over to my Dark Wasp..

Without a sound, I ordered my Dark Wasp to get even closer to the entrance. The swarm of Devil Beetles flew right behind it, surrounding it and almost killing it under paralysis.

Standing on the perimeter of the swarm, I recalled my pet!


The Dark Wasp came back, safe!

Seeing the dozens of Devil Beetles guarding the entrance to the Devil Sealing Tower. I laughed. With the narrow space between the broken gates, only one person could enter at a time. Regardless of who came in, they could only be paralyzed and die the instant they came in. The mere thought of it filled me with joy!

At this time, another message came, this from Lin Yixin: "Lu Chen, do you know about Devil Sealing Tower? How about we team up and meddle?"

I smiled. "Yiyi, I’m already in it.”

"Oh? You... have so many enemies, they will undoubtedly pursue you. How about I join you to help?"

"No need. Other than me, no one can enter!"

"Oh? What do you mean?"

"Let me take a picture for you...”


I got a picture of the Devil Beetle swarm surrounding the entrance, and sent it to Lin Yixin.

A few minutes later, Lin Yixin sent back: "You’re too evil...”


I felt great and continued to advance. This way, the Devil Sealing Tower was almost my own private leveling site. The entrance was blocked, and there was only one spot they could enter through. The mages at the current stage of the game didn’t have Flash so regardless of who tried to enter, they could only die. Even Candlelight Shadow, the top player of the China server, couldn’t do anything!

I started to fight!

Devil Beetles fell under my sword, and the guild channel of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls was in chaos—

Xu Yang: "I told you not to go to Devil Sealing Tower. It's a waste of time. So many people are fighting there. How many monsters can you even kill? It’s better to stay in Frost Forest and grind Greedy Wolves, increasing our guild EXP.”

A Broken Smile: "Haha, I am next to Dragonfall Lake, it’s so busy. So many people are killing Frost Turtles. The Frost Turtles get instakilled the millisecond they appear. I wonder how long it will take these people to get the necessary quest items.”

Chaos Moon: "Hee hee, I saw so many Mad Dragon players planning to go through the water. Iron Pardon led many people and tried to swim. At the third of the way, they all drowned. It was so hilarious~~"

Moonlight Stone: "I heard that Flower Room went early, it seems... Spring Mud is about to get all the quest items...”

Singing to Wine: "Yes, one of my classmates is in Flower Room. Supposedly, after Spring Mud got the quest items, he gave them all to their leader, Young Master Le. He seems to want Young Master Le to go in first, and be the first person to enter the Devil Sealing Tower!"

Gui Guzi: "...”

Shangri-La: "How about we go as well? How can we miss such a huge event?"

At this time, He Yi finally spoke—

From Water: "Quiet down. Did you not hear Xu Yang? We will continue grinding at Frost Forest. Dragonfall Lake is too dangerous, we won’t get any benefits even if we go!"

He Yi spoke, and immediately a group of people said, "Leader is wise, we will listen to you!"

Therefore, consensus was reached.

In Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, three people's orders were very effective. One was me, the other He Yi, and the last, Murong Mingyue. My strength was evident. I was the leader of the Who Will Fight Me’s champion, and I was the famous Unkillable War God. Also, I was a celebrity present on Floating Ice City's Heavenly Ranking. Also, everyone knew now that I was Falling Dust, a member of the CGL Hall of Fame. It was hard for other people to match my reputation and influence.

He Yi was the leader of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, and she now had equipment to match her status. Even more importantly, she was a super beauty. In the game, other than divine weapons, it was beauties that were the most powerful. He Yi didn’t talk too much, but when she did, her orders went unquestioned. She was like a spiritual leader of the guild.

As for Murong Mingyue, well, as the most famous female priest of Floating Ice City, Sister Mingyue once again proved that those well-endowed were kings.


Several minutes later, as everyone was chatting happily, a system announcement came—

System Announcement (Player “Young Master Le” Shout): Damn! Which bastard lured so many Devil Beetles to the entrance of Devil Sealing Tower? I was instantly killed the moment I entered!

Immediately, I almost burst into tears out of laughter. Li Le had become the first sacrifice for my monster trap. Karma!


Lin Yixin quickly sent me a smiley-face, and then a message: "Lu Chen, sometimes, you are so adorable...”

Fuck, what is this?

However, I was very pleased at having trapped Li Le.

Alright, to avenge my friend Li Le, I'd kill a few more Devil Beetles in my way!

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