Chapter 222: Devil Sealing Tower


I appeared in the teleportation formation of Floating Ice City. The Dark Wasp flew around my shoulders while little skeleton Xinran held her spear and followed closely behind like a bodyguard. Of course, I felt this bodyguard was not very reliable. How reliable was a bodyguard that could kill me in a single blow anytime...

I sent a message to Lin Yixin: "Hey, you there?"

Lin Yixin's name was lit up but I wasn't sure if she was in Floating Ice City.


Lin Yixin answered, "I am, what is it?"

"Are you in Floating Ice City?"

"Yes, just came back to resupply, why?"

"Have any Rank 6 Health Potions to sell?"

Lin Yixin opened the chat toll and her bell-like laugh came over. "Of course not, I have none for sale~~"

I felt a great headache. "Yiyi, I’m in a hurry. Share some of your own stock?"


Lin Yixin smiled. "I shouldn’t be under any pressure when I go leveling. I have 87 potions in my bag, how many do you want?"


"Damn, you want me to die?!" Lin Yixin said exasperatedly. "Leave me some more. I'll sell you 60, I need some for myself.”

"Okay, fine. Come to Floating Ice City's plaza to trade!"


Soon, the Fruit Knife Goddess's beautiful figure appeared from the direction of the southern gate, drawing gazes of many nearby male players.

I couldn't help but take another look. Lin Yixin had changed her equipment, and her smile was exchanging. She wore silver armor which closely followed her curves. Underneath the armor plates, her long legs were in small boots. A silver glittering cape floated behind her and she was astoundingly beautiful.

"Tsk tsk...”

I couldn't help but sigh. "Yiyi, you are a rare beauty...”

Lin Yixin glanced at me and said, "Why are these words so frivolous? You are a fickle man. I haven't seen you for two days, tell me, which girl did you seduce now?"

"Fuck! Just trade me the pots!"


Lin Yixin put 60 potions into the trade interface. She was a scammer like usual. After the trade finished, she smiled sweetly. "Lu Chen, you are so rich~~"

I glanced at her. "Alright, I have a few hundred gold here. How about you come with me, and all of it will belong to you...”

"Tch!" Lin Yixin glared at me. "Stupid Lu Chen, you think this lady here is so cheap?"

I smiled. "I don't care if you are cheap as long as there’s a price. Quick, how much money for you to agree?"

"What do you want to do?" Lin Yixin looked warily at me, her eyes full of schadenfreude.

I waved my hand. "A person needs a worthy life goal. Tell me, don't let me continue to live aimlessly."

Lin Yixin giggled. "Alright, we’ll talk about it when you are worth hundreds of millions...”


Alright, having hundreds of millions was something I didn't dare to think about. Gamers that were worth hundreds of millions were gods. In the epic history of Eternal Moon's three games, only two people in the China server had managed to do this. One was Lin Fan, the other, Frivolous Scholar. Both of them were Heavenly Kings. Yes, people like us had a long way to go~~

"What, afraid?" Lin Yixin tilted her head at me and smiled sweetly.

I lifted my Purgatory Sword, and said, "The word afraid doesn't exist in my vocabulary. Hmph, just wait. One day, I will become rich, and continue to store gold...”

Lin Yixin smiled and didn't speak. She waved her hand. "Alright, farewell. I’m also going to store gold. When I make a hundred million gold, I’ll buy you and beat you up everyday for enjoyment!"



To others, Lin Yixin, was the Fruit Knife Goddess, but to me she was a white angel, a potion goddess, a reliable and steady potion provider. For gaming fanatics who frequently walked on the border of death like me, this was more important than anything.

After getting the potions, I sent a message to Beiming Xue: "Are you free?"

"Yes, what’s up? Sister Mingyue, Sister Eve and I just left Floating Ice City. What is it, boss?"

"Return to the city, I have a good item for you that will greatly increase your grinding speed. Meet at Floating Ice City's warehouse manager.”


After a few seconds, the teleportation formation flashed. A beautiful figure gracefully walked out, Beiming Xue with the Purgatory Bow and shining armor. She said with a smile, "Big bro, what’s that good item?"

I took the Frost Ring out of my bag and handed it to her. "My luck was explosive today and I got this for completing an A-rank quest. Here, I don't need it, it’s for you!"


Beiming Xue's mouth gaped, and she didn’t know what to say. Her gaze landed on the Frost Ring. When she saw the stats for the ring, she fell into disorder and stuttered out, "Ah? Big bro... this, this ring is so good! How can you give the equipment you won to me?"

I smiled and put an arm around her shoulder, saying with a smile, "Beiming, you’re already calling me big bro. Why would I be frugal with my sister? Also, this ring increases ranged physical attacks by 20%. It is so powerful and almost custom-made for you. If you get an item boosting melee attacks, remember to save it for me...”


Beiming Xue was still in a daze. She looked up at me. "Big bro, this ring can be sold for at least ten thousand RMB. Are you sure you are giving it to me?"


"Big bro...”

"What is it?"

"You are a thousand times better than a person like Chen Sheng...”

"This praise insults me~~"


After putting on the Frost Ring, Beiming Xue's damage potential increased greatly. She seemed unable to express her inner excitement and joy, giving me an enthusiastic hug on the spot. She was not tall enough so her small body was almost completely in my arms, her feet off the ground.

Hugging the girl, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I patted Beiming Xue's shoulder and said, "Alright, you can let me go, people will misunderstand.”


Beiming Xue left me, her red eyes misty. She was crying. She wiped her tears with her hand and said, "You know, big bro, I’ve joined the society a long time ago. I’ve only suffered hardship in these years, no one has ever been so good to me, everyone tells me I’m very stupid...”

I patted my chest and said with a smile, “Okay now. The person standing in front of you is very stupid. Gather enough idiots, and no one will dare say they are stupid. Let those smart people scheme among themselves!"


Beiming Xue nodded and said with a smile, "Big bro, Sister He Yi and Mingyue are calling me, can I go?"

"Go, I also need to level up!"

Beiming Xue left through the gates of Floating Ice City, waving her hand. To be honest, after using a powerful ring like the Frost Ring, Beiming Xue's long-range attack power would increase by at least 25%, and it would help them immensely in their next grinding session.

Our workshop was actually very formidable. The three main female members were all beauties, and would become the center of attention wherever they went. Also, all of them were very strong, and even the weakest of them, He Yi, had gear good enough to cover her flaws. She had the Abyssal Sword, the Abyssal Chestplate and the Azure Wolf Wristguards. Three items of the Gold grade. With the addition of a skill like Rock Shield, He Yi could be considered among the Top 10 magic knights of Floating Ice City. Of course, in a PvP scenario, He Yi's overall strength would barely reach the Top 100. She needed more training.


Having bought potions and giving away the Frost Ring, I departed without delay!

I took out the Devil Sealing Tower Proof of Trial and crushed it!


A powerful magic erupted and immediately swept me away, causing me to vanish on the spot. As I moved through the fabric of spacetime, I could only see vague images of stars. After a few seconds, I was standing just below the Devil Sealing Tower.

Under my feet was wet soil. It had clearly just rained here. I looked up. The tall Devil Sealing Tower pierced the sky. I was still standing within the magic formation that teleported me to the tower. I had to hurry and climb it!

I gripped the Purgatory Sword and summoned Xinran and the Dark Wasp. Both of them followed me up the stone stairs of the tower, that were clearly affected by the passage of time. A single step was enough to make them crumble. 

I looked up. The metal gates to the first floor of the Devil Sealing Tower had completely decayed. The metal spikes had already corroded and lost their former sharpness, seemingly merging together with the rest of the gates. There were many paper seals pasted all over the center of the gates, as if holding them shut. Even after millions of years they still served their purpose. I could see a faint magical gleam, unsure of whether the sealing formation’s power had faded yet.

Holding the Purgatory Sword, I looked up at the Devil Sealing Tower and took a deep breath. I had to ascend it. Regardless of what was locked within, I had to enter and kill it!

I pressed my hand to the metal gates and pushed lightly. It did not budge. Instead, a dark wind came and blew me back, causing me to stumble to the ground!

I was shocked inside. The sensation was so clear. While this was just in the game, I felt as though there was a female ghost with messy hair and no face in indigo robes standing behind me. My hair stood on end and I felt as though I’d faint.

I stood up and looked at the metal gates. I gritted my teeth. I’ve already come here, and used the Proof of Trial. How could I retreat?

Also, the monsters in the Devil Sealing Tower were bound to be strong. This meant that there was astounding wealth contained in there. Maybe I could use that Devil Suppressing Sword?

Despite my grand dreams, all I had was a grand obstacle in front of me. I looked at the metal gates and wondered what method I should use to open those seals.


The little skeleton next to me couldn’t stand it anymore. With a low groan, it charged forward with its bloody spear wrapped in a whirlwind and in a thrust!


After an enormous explosion, the thick metal gates fell down on their own.

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