Chapter 221: Frost Ring

Very good, I got 5 Turtle Meat in one go. In that case, I wouldn’t waste too much time around Dragonfall Lake farming Turtle Meat.

Experience gained from a Level 75 mob was still alright and it was fairly easy to kill. The main point of completing this quest was to obtain a Devil Sealing Tower Proof of Trial and 10 Rank 8 Health Potions. Instantly recovering 2500 or so HP was definitely amazing!


At a tranquil lakeshore overgrown with weeds was an undead swordsman, continuously cutting down nearby Frost Turtles, barely pausing at all.

After a while, I had a strange inkling that I had forgotten something. Oh right, why not summon Xinran to grind her some levels?

I stood in place and opened my palm. Magic light flashed and a blood-red magic formation appeared on the ground in front of me. I shouted, “Xinran, come on out!”


The ground nearby slightly trembled alongside a surging bloody light. An arm covered in steel scale armor emerged from the black hole at the center of the magic formation. A visibly petite body then jumped out and steadily landed on the grass with a crash. I nearly couldn’t see her.


System Notice: After training in the Netherworld, your pet “Xinran” has gained Talent +7, Comprehension +5, Intimacy +0, and obtained the Goldscale Armor Set due to successfully killing the Netherword’s Land-traversing Dragon!


I was instantly stunned. Was it still that little skeleton Xinran who stood before me right now? Almost every part of its body was covered in luminous fish scale armor. The golden helmet completely covered the face, making it appear indistinct. I didn’t know if it still looked like a little skeleton. It held a blood-red spear in one hand and a silver cape on its back that slightly fluttered to the lake’s cool breeze, making her look mighty and powerful.


Xinran (Unknown)

Level: 65

HP: 6500

Attack: 850~1200

Defense: 900

Magic Resist: 750

Skills: ???

Introduction: An unusual creature that possesses strong domain powers.


At the end of my shock, I checked Xinran’s stats and was stunned once more. How powerful is she?! Her Attack was even higher than mine, and yet her Defense and Magic Resist weren’t particularly inferior. While I couldn’t see her skills, I was sure they wouldn’t be too shabby either. Her HP was also at 6500. This little skeleton seemed to have passed me in strength already.

What has it been doing these days in the Netherworld? How was it leveling so fast? Her equipment upgrades were even faster. Seems like her journey in the Netherworld is all smooth sailing, huh.

I was speechless. This humanoid pet was now stronger than I was.

I was on guard. Subordinates overshadowing their masters was a classic trope in the old days. Would Xinran not listen to me anymore now that it was stronger than me?

These thoughts churned in my head but then I realized that the little skeleton had never really listened to me anyway, unless it wanted to do something anyway.

Forget it, let’s try!

I pointed at a nearby Frost Turtle. “Xinran, kill it!”


The little skeleton turned its head and observed me with what seemed to be a hint of disdain. In the next second however, it charged at the Frost Turtle with its spear!


The spear glowed with starry light. A giant black hole condensed out of the spear’s edge and smashed itself on the Frost Turtle, instantly eliciting a groan.


Combat Log: Your pet “Xinran” used “Soul Devouring Spear”, dealing 4471 damage to Frost Turtle!


The tip of the spear quivered as Xinran followed up with another thrust!


She killed the Frost Turtle in two hits...

An instant kill too!

I watched on, astonished. When did my little skeleton become this powerful? Its DPS was so great that it could toss me a few streets away!

After killing the Frost Turtle, the little skeleton turned around. It slammed the spear on the ground with its other hand on its hip, the cape behind it fluttering with the wind. It glanced my way, as if asking me “Am I cool or what?”

I was a bit speechless when I saw the little skeleton’s proud appearance. Yes, it was powerful enough but I didn’t know if it would continue to obey my orders. If the little skeleton was as obedient as the Dark Wasp, then my overall strength had definitely shot up. After all, this little skeleton’s current stats were too amazing. Having it with me was not much different than having Fruit Knife Goddess Lin Yixin by my side. In fact, it was probably even stronger than that!

I pointed at another Frost Turtle nearby and gave out my second command. “Xinran, go deal with that one too!”

The little skeleton snorted, lifted its spear, and charged at the second Frost Turtle. It used the same combo—Soul Devouring Spear and basic attack. Another instant kill!


A golden light fell and the little skeleton was now Level 66. Killing monsters with higher levels could only yield extraordinary experience.

It was just one level but Xinran’s stats rose even higher than before. This was some terrifying growth potential.

I had mixed feelings about this. God knows what the hell Xinran was or why it was this strong. If we went by normal pet growth rate, Xinran’s main four stats of Attack, Defense, HP, and Magic Resist would be enough to get a 10-star rating, and it would have at least 200 BN too...

When Xinran came out, it was very obedient all the way until I ordered it to kill its 174th Frost Turtle.

“Xinran, go kill that turtle!” I said, pointing at yet another turtle.

The little skeleton glared at me.


It tossed its spear into the lake water and tightened its armored fists, like it wanted to beat me up.


I quivered, then raised my sword. “I’ll just go by myself…”

After cutting down the last Frost Turtle to complete my quest, the little skeleton reached Level 67. The hunt was over and I got 5 more Turtle Meat from Death Plunder. I checked my bag. I had 52 full stacks of Turtle Meat, each stack containing 100, for a total of 5200 Turtle Meat. This should be enough to last me for a long time.

The quest items—Turtle Legs—were also in a neat pile and ready to be delivered!

I brought the Dark Wasp and little skeleton along to the temporary undead camp. From afar, Prophet Bly resembled a pillar as he stood there. A happy smile surfaced on Bly’s face once he saw me. His smile was so damn ugly and his cheekbones were almost about to crack. Suddenly, when he saw little skeleton Xinran behind me, Bly couldn’t help but take a few steps back. He said in a hoarse voice, “How is this possible… how is this possible…”

The little skeleton’s face was covered by the helmet so only two penetrating eyes gazed at Prophet Bly. It growled lowly and Bly, as if he had received some sort of command, regained his bearing. He walked forward with his magic staff, patted me on the shoulder, and smiled. “Brave warrior, you have proven your courage and strength, convincing me that you have the power to make huge contributions to the Blood Dance Legion! Come, these are now yours and they will assist you on your new journey!”


System Notice: Congratulations, you have completed the quest [Frost Turtles]. You have gained 65000 EXP, 2000 gold, 1500 Reputation, and the quest reward: “Devil Sealing Tower Proof of Trial” x1, “Rank 8 Health Potion” x10 and item reward: “Frost Ring”!



A golden light fell on my body and I reached Level 73. The quest reward items had also appeared in my bag at this time. So generous!

The Devil Sealing Tower Proof of Trial was a blood-red scroll that could teleport me to the magic formation below the Devil Sealing Tower, on the island in the middle of the lake. Like I had expected, Rank 8 Health Potions were amazing goods that could instantly recover 2500 HP. There were 10 of them. It wasn’t a big number so I had to use it sparingly. I couldn’t use it willy-nilly, I had to save them for important battles.

My total HP didn’t reach 3600 so this Rank 8 Health Potion could instantly restore 70% of my HP. In a sense, it was even stronger than the god-tier skill like Tenacity of the Dead!

There was also the Frost Ring in the bag. I took it out and felt a cool sensation in my palm. The ring was rough and covered with frost. A frosty arrow slowly rotated above it, emitting an intimidating cold air.


Frost Ring (Dark Gold–grade)

Agility: +45

Stamina: +42

Passive: Increases user’s ranged physical attack power by 20%

Passive: Increases user’s HP regeneration by 10%

Level Requirement: 70

Class Requirement: Archer


Fuck! Such a top-tier ring but it could only be equipped by archers!

20% Attack, 10% HP regen, and two stats boosted by more than 40 points. This Frost Ring was definitely a god-tier ring for archers. It was Dark Gold–grade too. At this current stage of the game, if an archer had a ring like this, their overall power would explode!

I didn’t even need to think. This ring was Beiming Xue’s.

I tossed the Frost Ring in my bag and continued to talk to the NPC. Prophet Bly looked at me, his expression and tone of voice heavy. “Young warrior, you must be very careful when you are sent to the Devil Sealing Tower after using the Proof of Trial. Devils run amok there. Whether the Devil Suppressing Sword can be retrieved, whether you can begin a new era for the lost Violet Empire, it all depends on you!”

I nodded, “Don’t worry, leave it to me!”


System Notice: You have accepted the quest [Devil Sealing Tower’s Divine Aspirations]! (Current Quest Rank: S-)

Description: Enter the Top floor of the Devil Sealing Tower, kill the Purgatory Devil Monarch, and take the Devil Suppressing Sword to Prophet Bly to receive a generous reward. You must take care, however. There are numerous devils in the Devil Sealing Tower and countless heroes have fallen within the tower throughout history. The top floor’s Purgatory Devil Monarch is ferocious and cruel so you must be careful. Take the Devil Suppressing Sword and leave once you kill the Purgatory Devil Monarch.


Tsk tsk, an S rank quest. I’ve struck gold! And it couldn’t be shared too. As expected of an OP quest!

However, I shouldn’t rush into Devil Sealing Tower yet. It’d be best to go back to Floating Ice City and thoroughly prepare. Besides, my bag was full of Turtle Meat. I’d rather not drop it. Dropping the Dark Gold–grade Frost Ring would hurt me even more. It was much more important than even the 52 stacks of meat.

I took out a return scroll and crushed it!

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