Chapter 220: Frost Turtle

Sweet, it was a high-rank Blood Dance Legion NPC, a Dark Gold Rank boss at that. Aside from Princess Sophia and Shadow Dancer Xue Wei, he should have no rival when it came to his rank at the current stage of the game. Of course, an NPC’s level would be updated along with game development and story progression. Sophia might be only Dark Gold Rank now but it wouldn’t be long until she reached the Legendary or even the Divine Rank.

I was excited to see Prophet Bly. I’d actually encountered an NPC in this lousy map that even birds wouldn’t take a shit on. This smelled like a super quest. My chance to get rich is here!

Prophet Bly’s eyes were turbid as he listlessly looked at the tall tower at the center of the lake. He sighed. “If we cannot obtain the Devil Suppressing Sword, how will we explain ourselves to Princess Sophia?”

At his side, an undead knight said in a silly voice, “Don’t worry my lord, we can go to a human village and get a shoddy blacksmith to make a blade. He’ll engrave the words ‘Devil Suppressing’ on it and we can report back to Princess Sophia then!”

Prophet Bly shook, stunned at his subordinate’s idea and shook his head. “Alfredo, you are from an ancient and distant eastern kingdom. Some things aren’t as simple as you think they are.”

The knight was also stunned by the prophet’s response.

This is my chance!

I quickly went forward and the knight immediately drew his sword and shouted, “Who goes there? You dare trespass into the Blood Dance Legion’s frontline stronghold?”

I almost laughed out loud. This shabby encampment could be called a stronghold?

Prophet Bly hurriedly blocked him. “Stand down, Alfredo. This warrior is a part of our Blood Dance Legion. He might even be a sentinel sent by Princess Sophia herself.”

I was a bit speechless. I’ve already reached the fourth military rank of the Blood Dance Legion, and the title of Ash Knight hung above my head. Hence, how could this old guy ignore me like this?

I walked over and answered with faked respect, “Lord, I come from a Blood Dance Legion encampment. May I help you with anything?”

Prophet Bly shot me a glance and then helplessly shook his head. “Sigh, Princess Sophia had actually sent us a skinny skeleton warrior. It will be difficult to complete this task!”

Fuck you!

I secretly cursed him. I took off the Purgatory War Helmet and my handsome face appeared in front of Prophet Bly. More importantly, my eyes glowed with bloody light, a sign that I was a high-rank undead. Furthermore, my skin was intact and I had all five of my facial features. The old man instantly jolted.

“Ah?! I-it’s an Asura. Heavens, another Asura has appeared in the Blood Dance Legion. How wonderful! Brave warrior, I am assured now that I know about your Asura identity! Yes, there is a very important matter waiting for you to complete it!”

Prophet Bly pointed at the faraway tower in the middle of the lake. “You can see it from here. This tower is called the ‘Devil Sealing Tower’. Suppressed within the tower are many scary and tyrannical devilish creatures. More than a thousand years ago, ten of Violet Empire’s Holy Dominion magi joined hands to cram many devils inside the tower and seal the Devil Suppressing Sword, an armament crafted by a divine blacksmith, on its highest floor!”

I nodded. “What do you want me to do?”

Prophet Bly’s expression dimmed. “Princess Sophia is on the eve of recovering our lost land. She is rebuilding the Violet Empire in the Violet Forest but the devil energy there is too dense. We need a divine sword to purge it, and the Devil Suppressing Sword that sits at the top of the Devil Sealing Tower is precisely that. We need that sword for the resurrection of the Violet Empire. Only with its divine powers can we subdue the spread of the Night Creature plague.

I took a deep breath and hesitated, somewhat worried. This old man’s not going to give me a hellish quest, right?

Like I had anticipated, Prophet Bly raised his bony hand and smiled. “Young warrior, your task is very simple. You just need to enter the Devil Sealing Tower, kill all the devils inside and bring me the Devil Suppressing Sword. Then, you will be generously rewarded!”

This quest really was hellish. I’m supposed to kill all of these devils that needed to be suppressed by a divine weapon? Isn’t he thinking too highly of me?

Prophet Bly gave me a doubtful look that also questioned my capabilities. “However, before then, you must complete a different quest. Only then can I send you over to the island at the center of the lake.”

I nodded. “Go on!”

Prophet Bly pointed at the skeletons behind us. “It has been half a year since we’ve stationed ourselves here and we haven’t eaten anything at all. Look at these pitiful children, they’ve starved to the point of being only bones. Princess Sophia prohibits us from taking a single human life but perhaps you can find some food for them. Dragonfall Lake has many Frost Turtles. They are vicious creatures that have already killed three of our scouts. Kill a few, at least 500, and bring me their legs. I will give you a decent reward!”

I was delighted when I heard the quest details. Very nice, it wanted me to kill Frost Turtles. This meant that I could forage some Rank 7 Cooking ingredients while completing a quest!

Moreover, it seemed that this quest had to be completed for me to be sent to the island in the middle of the lake. The only other option was a long swim. Whether or not the breath meter was enough aside, this lake was called “Dragonfall”, and the name must have some implications. Obviously, a scary creature was hidden in its depths. Heavenblessed gathered the best players from all around the world, and no name was random and without a reason.

At this time, Prophet Bly spoke again. “Go at once, young warrior. News from our scouts have arrived, saying that a human army has appeared in the forest at the other side of the lake. They have stationed themselves there and there must be some high-level mages among them. Perhaps they too are trying to get a share of the Devil Sealing Tower. You must hurry!”

I was startled. Fuck! So it wasn’t an exclusive quest. The human faction had their own camp and a similar quest to gain entry to the Devil Sealing Tower. I had to hurry this time or else those bastards from Flower Room might get there first. My quest for Devil Suppressing Sword might even fail!

The Blood Dance Legion was considered a part of the Dark faction and the Light faction that was on the other side of the lake was Floating Ice City’s royal army. Both factions had set up a temporary camp by the shores of Dragonfall Lake and the struggle between them reflected my current race against Flower Room.

I couldn’t let Flower Room get on this first. My workshop would fall behind. Even though Spring Mud and his pals couldn’t be considered first-rate experts, if they entered the Devil Sealing Tower or even complete their quest and get a few Dark Gold–grade super equips, they would become an even greater threat!

Though me and Lin Yixin didn’t care about a second-rate guild like Flower Room, we had to suppress them early on. Delaying it would be extremely foolish.


System Notice: You have accepted the quest [Frost Turtles]! (Current Quest Rank: A-)

Description: Many powerful wild turtles are situated at the shores of Dragonfall Lake. These fierce turtles fire Freezing Arrows to harm others. Prophet Bly requests that you kill at least 500 Frost Turtles and gather 50 Turtle Legs. After handing them over, you will obtain the following reward: Devil Sealing Tower Proof of Trial x1, Frost Ring, Rank 8 Health Potion x10!


Tsk tsk, the quest rewards were actually laid out in the open. Not bad! I’m assuming the Devil Sealing Tower Proof of Trial is something like a teleport scroll that could send me to the center of the lake. As for the Frost Ring, since its stats were temporarily unknown, I couldn’t tell if it was good or bad. But Rank 8 Health Potions, those words made me tremble from head to toe. That’s some good stuff!

Rank 6 Health Potions could instantly recover 1500 HP, so Rank 8 Health Potions had to at least instantly recover more than 2000 HP. Lin Yixin couldn’t even make these babies, and I’d get 10 bottles that could absolutely guarantee my victory in the future boss battle!

Just thinking about it filled me with joy. Time to slaughter some turtles!

I walked along the lake as I moved forward and didn’t see anything after walking for almost five minutes. This left me a bit unhappy. I couldn’t have been tricked by that NPC, could I?

The Purgatory Sword in my hand flashed with light. This Outstanding weapon was seriously too strong. It topped the list of Floating Ice City’s Weapon Ranking the moment it appeared in this world, its overall evaluation points were seven times higher than the second-place weapon!! Behind my sword was a Level 70 Dark Gold–grade spear and its owner’s name was concealed, just like mine. We were similar in that we didn’t want our treasures to be exposed. Nowadays, a single divine weapon’s value far exceeded any other pieces of equipment. Letting others know that the first place—3-star Outstanding Miracle Purgatory Sword—was just asking to be relentlessly chased by bounty hunters. Of course, I wasn’t afraid of them, but I was worried that it would tire me out and cut into my grinding time.


A blue light flew out from the water onto my chest, condensing into strands of frost. The first Frost Turtle had appeared!


Its attack power wasn’t too shabby. Since it came from the water, I didn’t hesitate to walk into the water with my sword pointed out!


Thousand Mirage Slash ravaged the water, causing a gigantic turtle to appear. It was a meter wide with a black outer shell and with thick ice energy floating above its head. These Frost Turtles are huge! How is this a freshwater turtle? It can totally be a sea turtle!


Frost Turtle

Level: 75

Magic Attack: 520~680

Defense: 450

HP: 7000

Skills: Freezing Arrow

Introduction: A wild turtle with a violent temper. Appears near the edges of the Dragonfall Lake. Having regularly submerged itself in the lake’s cold waters since early adulthood, a huge amount of frosty energy is contained within its body, making the Frost Turtle a terrifying frost magic user.



I summoned the Dark Wasp. A pet and its master then pounced over together!

The Purgatory Sword struck down, speedily unleashing my Ice Ray + Desperate Gambit combo!



Hell yeah! Now that I had an Outstanding weapon, my attack power shot through the roof. Its damage potential wasn’t something this Level 75 could defend against!

It was almost one-shot. The Frost Turtle slowly fell three strikes later, its dead body floating belly-up on the lake’s surface.


A Turtle Leg, one of the quest items I needed, dropped. I picked it up and tossed it in my bag and then spread both my hands. The Foraging skill flashed and I heard a “ding.”

System Notice: Congratulations, you have foraged Turtle Meat x5!

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