Chapter 216: Pregnant My Ass

After registering, we went to the seventh floor where the gynecology ward was.

There was a young temporary nurse standing at the front desk of the gynecology ward. She looked to be about 20 years old, and her looks were so-so.

“Good day to you both. Are you here to see the doctor?” the nurse asked.

I nodded and passed her Beiming Xue’s medical record. Then, she asked us, “What would you like to check about?”

Beiming Xue turned purple and grabbed my arm timidly. I tried to remain calm as I answered, “Accidental pregnancy…”

“Oh, I see. Please come with me!”

I tried to follow her, but the temporary nurse turned around and said, “No, I’m talking about your girlfriend, not you. She is your girlfriend, right?”

“No… I er…”

I hesitated for a moment, but in the end I steeled myself and nodded. “Mn.”

Right now, Beiming Xue was as twitchy as a frightened kitty, and she needed someone to support her. That responsibility fell on me, now. I didn’t mind losing a bit of reputation if it would give her comfort.


A while later, Beiming Xue returned to me with her medical record. “Boss, I’m going to take a blood test…”


She clung to my arm again, and we went downstairs again to where the medical examination ward was.

Suddenly, I heard a soft cry behind me. “Lu Chen?”

Surprised, I spun around and found a beautiful girl standing at the first floor and staring at me. She was holding a stack of receipts. It was none other than Clear Perfume, also known as Sun Qingqing!

“Ah, It’s actually you? Why are you here?” Sun Qingqing looked very excited.

Embarrassed at the situation, I threw the question back at her. “Well, why are you here?”

“Oh, I came with Yiyi.”

“Lin Yixin?” I shivered. Fuck me, she’s not here to deal with accidental pregnancy as well, is she?

My stomach was positively swelling with worry when Lin Yixin showed up at this exact moment. She was clutching her left arm like she had her blood taken, and her sleeves were rolled up to her shoulders, exposing the pink flesh beneath. Her mouth fell open when she spotted me.

For a time, it was as if time itself had frozen for the both of us.

“Ahem, this is a good time as any for a confession, don’t you think?” Sun Qingqing said with a playful smile on her face.

Lin Yixin glared back and forth between me and Beiming Xue. Then, she read the receipt in my hand and exclaimed in astonishment, “Gynecology? And this checkup… Lu Chen, you!!!!”

Panicking, I tried to explain myself. “Yiyi, please don’t misunderstand, I’m not… I er… fuck, how am I going to…”

Unfortunately I was in full panic mode, and I couldn’t get a proper explanation out no matter how I tried.

Worse, the temporary nurse from earlier came downstairs and said to me, “Hey you, why are you standing there? Take your girlfriend to the check-up already, the doctor’s waiting for you. If a surgery turns out to be necessary, it can be done before lunch. Now quickly!”

I froze like a statue. Lin Yixin also froze like a statue before she stared at me with big, sorrowful eyes. “Hmph! Lu Chen, you’re a bastard! I was wrong about you!”

At this point, I felt like killing myself. I hurriedly walked up to Lin Yixin and grabbed her shoulders. “Yiyi, this really is a misunderstanding! The truth is… ah, goddammit. I’ll tell you about it later, okay? Let’s meet up during lunch.”

But Lin Yixin glared at me with red eyes before saying, “Forget it!” Then, she turned away and left me behind.

Sun Qingqing stuck a tongue at me before saying, “Oops, Yiyi got mad. Anyway, we have business at the dermatology ward. If you’re not done yet by the time we come out, we’ll come over and apologize to you!”



Words couldn’t describe how bewildered and speechless I was feeling as Lin Yixin vanished from my sight. Beiming Xue stared at me before letting out a giggle. “You love her a lot, don’t you, big brother?”


“You at least care for her a lot, don’t you?”

“Double nope!”

“Hmph hmph. Whatever you say!”

Beiming Xue’s medical examination took about an hour or so to complete. After that, we accepted the medical report and went upstairs again.

The chief physician was an old woman about seventy years of age. She stared at the medical report for a moment before looking at me. “Is she your girlfriend?”

“Yes. Anyway, can we have the operation before lunch, doctor?” I asked urgently.

To our shock, the doctor replied with a serious expression, “What operation? Your girlfriend is perfectly fine. She isn’t pregnant at all.”

“Ah??” My mouth fell open. “But why does she feel like vomiting every day?”

“That’s because she has gastroenteritis. I can prescribe her some medicine; I used to be in gastroenterology before I transferred.”


I was stunned. Beiming Xue was also stunned. Suddenly, she opened her arms and hugged me so tight that I felt like suffocating.

“Thank god, big bro, thank god…” Tears streaked across Beiming Xue’s cheeks. “I’m not pregnant, I’m not pregnant with that bastard’s child…”

Well, one of us is happy at least. Not only did we go through all this trouble for ultimately nothing, I even got into a bad misunderstanding with Lin Yixin. Fuck my life.


When we were back at the corridor, I asked Beiming Xue softly, “Beiming, did you do that with that guy without protection?”

“Do what?”

“What else? I’m talking about…”

Beiming Xue turned red. “I don’t know. He was having a hard time at the time, so I let him stay in my house for a while. It was during that time we had some intimate moments…”

I asked, “Intimate moments?”


“What kind of intimate moments, exactly?”

“Hand holding, kissing.”

“...You think that’s enough to make you pregnant?”


“You didn’t go any further with him?”

“He wanted to take off my clothes, but I rejected him. After that, I ran to Suzhou without telling him.”

“Fuck me!”

“Big brother Lu Chen, boss… why are you swearing?”

“It’s nothing.”

Still crying like a bitch, I looked for the dermatology ward. I finally understood why that One True Love came all the way to Suzhou for Beiming Xue. It was because he didn’t get what he wanted in the first place. I wasn’t sure what was worse, his dogged persistence or Beiming Xue’s fatal innocence. Either one was too much for a shut-in like me.


After Beiming Xue registered at the gastroenterology ward, she sneaked glances at me until she could no longer hold herself back anymore. She asked softly, “Big bro, can I confess something to you?”

“Oh? What is it? I was a bit distracted because my head was filled with Lin Yixin.

She sucked in a deep breath before explaining, “His name is Chen Sheng. We were high school schoolmates. We were a very normal couple at the beginning, but Chen Sheng later dropped out of school and and struck out on his own for about two years or so. We weren’t close, but we were still boyfriend and girlfriend in name. However, one day my opinion of him changed drastically when I realized that he was doing drugs!”

“Doing drugs?” I frowned. “No wonder he looks like he needs to have his teeth kicked in…”

Beiming Xue smiled. “At the time, I was already unsure if I still had feelings for him. Maybe I still stuck with him because of the promise I made to myself a long time ago. After that, Chen Sheng tried to take me to a hotel, but I really didn’t want to go with him. It was that day I officially fell out with him.”

I rubbed my temple for a bit and leaned against the chair. “But he didn’t give up on you, and you didn’t want to have anything to do with him. So it turned into a war of attrition, am I right?”

“Mn, more or less…” Beiming Xue pursed her lips. “I didn’t feel anything for him anymore, but it also made me feel like I had betrayed him. He refused to budge, and I was really troubled for a time…”

I frowned a little before asking, “Beiming, are you sure you feel absolutely nothing for him anymore?”

“Mn.” Beiming Xue nodded seriously. “That’s not all. I find him absolutely repulsive these days. Maybe it was because I was too young back then, but I wasn’t able to see him for what he was a couple years back. It was only now I realized just how loathsome he is…”

I let out a cough and lowered my voice, “So, did you or did you not do it with him?”

Beiming Xue blinked once before holding my hand. “Boss, can you tell me something? Do… do you get pregnant after you hug someone and kiss them?”

To say that I was petrified would be an understatement. A long time later, I finally asked, “How on earth did you survive your biology class?”

“Our teacher was a new female graduate, and she put us on self-study because she was too embarrassed to teach that particular class. We spent the whole lessons playing Legend of the Three Kingdoms as a result…”


Oh my god, so it was a female teacher who was the cause behind all this. Not only did her negligence result in a bunch of ignorant students, my reputation was dragged through the mud because of it! Goddamn, motherfucking sonuvabitch, this literally cannot get any more embarrassing for me!


Beiming Xue was called into the ward while I was busy drowning myself in my sorrows. A while later, the doctor prescribed her some medicine and told her to rest properly.

We went to the dermatology ward, but Lin Yixin and Sun Qingqing were long gone.

On the way back home, I pulled out my phone and called Lin Yixin’s number. The call connected after two dial tones, and I heard Lin Yixin say from the other side of the phone, “What is it?”

“Mn, about just now…”

Lin Yixin suddenly laughed. “You don’t need to explain anything, a good life needs no explanation. Beiming Xue is an obedient, cute and beautiful girl. I perfectly understand why you would have an affair with her.”

My complexion was quickly turning into a shade of blue. “What the hell are you even talking about? It’s really not what you think…”

Lin Yixin giggled again. “Seriously, you don’t need to explain anything to me, I understand!”

“And what did you ‘understand’, exactly…”

“You prefer older women, am I right? Lil Beiming is way too young to catch your attention, so tell me, how far have you gone with Murong Mingyue?”

The flames of war had spread to Murong Mingyue before she even realized it. Not sure whether to laugh or cry, I said, “Yiyi, seriously, can we not talk about this anymore? I’ve made up my mind to move out of the gaming base and find my own place to stay. Surely this is enough to clear me of any suspicion, right? Actually, why are we talking about this when I’m not even in a relationship with anyone, this is ridiculous…”

Lin Yixin’s chuckle entered my ears. “Oh? You sure you’re going to move out of the gaming base?”

“Mn.” I nodded strongly.

Lin Yixin hmmed for a moment before replying, “Actually, I was planning to move out of the dorms myself. The campus turns off their electricity at midnight, and the battery of my gaming helmet only lasts for 30 minutes. I hate it when I get the notification that I need to log out within 30 minutes!”

Suddenly, Lin Yixin asked me sweetly, “Do you want to rent a house together?”

I was tempted, but I said, “That would be… inappropriate, don’t you think?”

Lin Yixin burst out in laughter. “Of course it’s inappropriate! Like I would trust a womanizer like you! Hmph hmph, I’m moving out with Qingqing and that’s that!”

I let out a long sigh of resignation. Well, I should’ve seen this coming a mile away. There was no way an opportunity this fantastic would land in my lap.

“Lu Chen~~” Lin Yixin suddenly called out my name.

“Hmm? What?”

“Get back to grinding as much as you can. I heard a rumor that Heavenblessed will have a massive update after the first player reaches Level 80, and it seems like it has something to do with the Tactician class.”

“Oh, really? Where on earth did you hear something like this?”

“That is none of your business. Just focus on grinding for now!”

“Got it.”

“Anyway, I’m heading home. Let’s… meet again in the game, shall we?”



After I hung up the call, Beiming Xue blinked and asked me from the front passenger’s seat, “Big bro, are you moving out of the base?”

“Yeah.” I nodded seriously. “You’ll be moving out with me as well.”

“Ah?!” Beiming Xue gaped at me. “Boss… big brother Lu Chen, do you mean we’re going to live together?”

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