Chapter 210: Carrot Garden

Yes, this title was sensational enough and served as a great excuse for Lin Yixin and my malicious PvP. Haha!


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Very good. The forums moderators were as sharp as usual. Anything controversial would be immediately highlighted and pinned to the top. Also, among the eight people in the battle, five of them were active CGL Hall of Famers. The importance of the battle could be imagined!

I cut the video into three parts, the final product being just a few minutes long.

Within a few minutes, the thread’s views exceeded a hundred thousand, and it had thousands of replies. It was extremely popular—

1st comment (Snow Thorn): Haha, I was waiting for the video. Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand uploaded it himself, so strong!!

2nd comment (Drunken Night Sorrow): Such an exciting battle! Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand and Wind Fantasy worked together to protect the honor of Floating Ice City!

3rd comment (Ink Pupil): Brother Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand, could you privately message me?

4th comment (Do Not Forget): There's a girl flirting with Broken Halberd already, hahaha!

5th comment (Happy Son): This battle is so vivid. Candle Dragon, as the top guild of the China Server, seems to have been embarrassed this time? They came to Floating Ice City from afar to get the piece of the pie. Did they think Floating Ice City has no experts of its own? Hahaha, the Fruit Knife Goddess and the Silver Moon Devil deserve their reputation!

6th comment (Innocent): I will confess. I am from Dawn City. Ten minutes ago, Candlelight Shadow lectured the four War Gods on the plaza. Hahaha, so funny. He didn't dare to go and had his cannon fodder march to their deaths!

7th comment (Martial God Is Invincible): You are speaking nonsense. Candlelight Shadow just had something to do IRL and couldn’t go. If he went to Floating Ice City, hmph, Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand and Wind Fantasy would have ugly deaths.

8th comment (Flowing Water): Tsk tsk are you Candlelight Shadow's fanboy? Piss off. He has never fought Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand and Wind Fantasy. Don't just randomly throw words around!


Clearly, the forums players were split into two groups. One group supported Floating Ice City, and were mostly displeased with Candle Dragon. The other side supported Martial God’s faction. As the top guild of the China server, Candle Dragon had members all over China. They were almost the symbol of China’s VRMMO world. Naturally, they had many fans.

I smiled. Hmph, Candle Dragon was at the peak, huh? Well, legends were meant to be broken. No one knew where the future of the China server lay.


I hoisted my Purgatory Sword and went to get some Green Pepper and Fresh Ginger. Recently, these ingredients were in tight supply, and people had problems buying them even at a high price. Foragers were lazy and decided to gather animals and fishes for meat for easy money. I had to gather Green Peppers and Fresh Ginger on my own.

I chose two high-EXP spots to make the most of my time foraging.

I entered the forest and summoned the Dark Wasp. On another thought, I summoned again. The light of magic formation flashed, and a little skeleton, Xinran, appeared again!

This time, she had changed her boots. The current ones appeared to be of Dark Steel–grade. The little skeleton still held a long silver spear in its hand and was fully covered in metal armor. Its purple eyes stared at me as though asking, "What do you want to do now?"

I snorted. "Stop looking at me. I am helping you level up. You’re not even Level 50, it’s embarrassing for me~~"

The little skeleton did not object to my goodwill.

Consequently, me and my two pets entered the forest. As we passed Greedy Wolf Forest, we saw Xu Yang leading a group of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls players and farming guild EXP. He laughed. "Brother, work hard! See that? It’s Falling Dust who has gotten us the Divine Martial Token. Haha, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls will definitely have a spot in Floating Ice City. Even if Candle Dragon comes, we will dye the sands with their blood. Hahaha, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls are growing stronger, yes, yes~~"


Immortal Trail Forest.

This map had recently been revamped, becoming a high-level grinding zone after Redcap Goblins had come. They were small monsters in red helmets and armed with kitchen knives which they would furiously swing around while shouting wildly. Because they were Level 75, Immortal Trail Forest was dominated and no players of Floating Ice City dared to go close.

I led the Dark Wasp and the little skeleton to the border of Immortal Trail Forest. Nearby, there was a Redcap Goblin walking closer with a kitchen knife. Seeing me approaching, it let out a sharp scream and thrust its knife in my direction as it charged!


I activated a Charge of my own, and immediately CC’d the level 75 mob. The 3-star Outstanding Purgatory Sword came crashing down on the red helmet!


The sharp sword took away a large chunk of the goblin's HP and also a piece of the helmet.


Tsk tsk, this attack power was so enjoyable!

The Redcap Goblin looked at me with hostility and swung its knife madly, shouting, "Yayaya, damned monkey, get out of Immortal Trail Forest, you are not allowed to invade my carrot garden!"

Without a word, I used a Pardon + Desperate Gambit!



Immediately, the Redcap Goblin was flattened by the Purgatory Sword and fell down, still muttering, "Invader, return my carrot...”

Rumble rumble...

The red metal helmet rolled to my feet. I picked it up and to my surprise, it was also an item—

Goblin's Red Helmet (Iron-grade)

Defense: 40

Strength: +5

Passive: Increases user's Defense by 5%

Passive: Decreases user's max HP by 5%

Level Requirement: 65


Damn, what is this? Increasing Defense by 5% was a strong stat. But decreasing user's max HP was stupid!

I speechlessly threw the helmet into my bag. Never mind, I’ll sell it once I go back to Floating Ice City. It was still a high-level item. Maybe I could get a few gold. Right now, gold was money. Five gold was 5 RMB. If I took 5 one yuan coins, I could ride the bus around Suzhou!

I fought my way in and killed countless goblins. My attack power was really so strong. I could defeat a Level 75 goblin in a few strikes. Adding on the Dark Wasp's attacks, I could also do instant kills!

The little skeleton kept on watching the battle. Golden light constantly fell on its body; it was leveling up quickly.

Soon, a lush farm appeared in front of me. Within the rich soil were thick and long... carrots! Damn, there were really carrots. Were carrots spring plants?

Fuck, never mind!

I hurriedly charged and gathered a carrot. As expected, it was an item with stats—

Special Immortal Trail Forest Carrot: Addition to consumables. Increases crafting result’s effects by 20%.


Damn, it increases the effect?

I looked in my bag. I had the necessary ingredients. Maybe I should just make one?

I chose the necessary ingredients for Rank 5 Braised Chicken, added a portion of carrots, and soon, the delicious magic consumable was ready!

Braised Chicken (+20%): Rank 5 Magic Consumable, instantly restores 600 MP to the user.


Success. As expected, it increased the effect by 20%! Ordinary Rank 5 Braised Chicken could only restore 500 MP, and my craft could recover 600, just like Rank 6 Magic Consumables. In other words, if these carrots were added to Rank 6 Steamed Fish Soup, would it instantly restore 720 MP?

So good. People will be all over this!

Also, if I was going to frequently use Tenacity of the Dead to recover HP in the future, I would need high-rank consumables.

My mind was made up. I stood in the center of the carrot garden, held my sword, and shouted toward a large group of Redcap Goblins. "All of you, go away. This carrot garden is mine!"

Immediately, the goblins were startled and came charging with their kitchen knives. "This hoodlum wants to take over our carrot garden. Kill him for our home!"

Bang bang bang bang...

After an inhuman beating, the goblin army was defeated. My Thousand Mirage Slash was enough to kill them, and their attack power was just a tickle to my 900 points of Defense.


I swung the Purgatory Sword randomly like cutting fruits and vegetables. The goblins were Level 75 monsters and gave considerable experience. The group surrounded me, so they were easy to kill.


Suddenly, the Purgatory Sword turned cold and its Outstanding attack procced. In the next moment, when I raised the sword to attack, the blade shone with a cold gleam, sounding with wails of ghosts.The sword shone ever brighter, eventually releasing a long streak of sword energy that covered an area about 30 yards in front of me. Its range far surpassed my Thousand Mirage Slash!


The earth shook. The goblins screamed, and many damage numbers flew up—





Awesome. The attack power of this Purgatory Slash was also far stronger than that of the Rank 7 Thousand Mirage Slash!

I was extremely pleased. The proc rate of the Purgatory Slash was 5%. Not high, but not low, enough for my leveling efficiency to skyrocket!

I hacked right and left into the mob of monsters. These Level 75 goblins couldn’t do anything to me. When my HP dropped under 50%, I raised my left hand that was covered in red light. In the next moment, Tenacity of the Dead was cast on my body!


Tsk tsk, 25% healing effect. It was not very strong in the early stages, but when everyone was near Level 150, maybe the upper limit of HP would be in the tens of thousands, or maybe even exceed a hundred thousand. At that time, Tenacity of the Dead adding 25% would be twenty to thirty thousand HP. What kind of healing spell could rival this?

Even now, the effects were not game-changing, but more than enough against these goblins, since they couldn’t break through my Defense. Their attacks dealt double-digit damage, sometimes not even reaching ten. The feeling was exhilarating!

I fought until midnight to take over the carrot garden. Then I went offline, grabbed a bite and returned to grind.

In the wee hours, I returned to the city with a bag half-full of carrots. Then I purchased ingredients during the night and made numerous Rank 5 and 6 Magic Consumables with effects boosted by 20%. My Cooking skill even reached Rank 7, and I could now make Rank 7 Magic Consumables. I needed Rank 7 Turtle Meat for that but I didn’t know where to get it from, so I temporarily put it at the back of my mind.

I put a large amount of consumables into the warehouse and then contacted Du Thirteen to give my Ghost Ice Soul to him. For me, it was only a Gold-grade weapon, and it didn’t have that high of Attack, but it was still a top-tier weapon. After all, not many weapons could be even compared to a 3-star Outstanding weapon like the Miracle Purgatory Sword in my hand.

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