Chapter 209: Tenacity of the Dead

The blade shone with brilliant light, and looked like a bloody rainbow. There were horrific runes along the blade, and eerie ghosts circulating the blade. Just holding the hilt caused me to feel a bone-chilling energy pour into my body. This sword had to be far stronger than the Ghost Ice Soul.

I reached out and the stats appeared in front of me. Immediately the two beauties’ jaws dropped, both of them lost for words—


Miracle Purgatory Sword (Dark Gold–grade, Outstanding ★★★)

Attack: 250~475

Strength: +55

Stamina: +48

Passive: Increases user's Attack by 17%

Passive: 20% of the damage will be dealt as splash damage

Property: Level Requirement reduced by 20

Outstanding Property: 5% chance of activating “Purgatory Slash”, dealing huge damage to the enemies in front

Level Requirement: 80


A while later, Lin Yixin pressed her lips together and murmured, "I've seen the official information about Outstanding equipment but I thought it was exaggerated. I didn't expect such powerful items to actually exist...”

Murong Mingyue was puzzled. "What’s Outstanding equipment?"

Lin Yixin smiled and explained. "It's simple. Ordinary equipment is divided into normal grades; Gold, Dark Gold and so on. But among items of the same grade, there is a very small chance for an item to get the ‘Outstanding’ classification. These weapons have stats 10–50% higher than ordinary weapons of the same grade!"

As she spoke, Lin Yixin pointed at the Miracle Purgatory Sword in my hand and said with a smile, "Here, Lu Chen's sword is a 3-star Outstanding item. That means its stat will be 30% higher. If it was 5-star instead, it would have had 50% higher stats. This kind of weapon is very rare, and extremely powerful. However, the scariest thing about these items isn’t their stats, but the Outstanding Properties!"

I looked in shock at the sword in my hand and said, "Yiyi, you are talking about this 5% chance of activating ‘Purgatory Slash’?"


Lin Yixin nodded. "Clearly, this is an AoE attack, and its power will definitely match your Thousand Mirage Slash. This Outstanding Property will be stunning in both PvE and PvP, and is sure to bring you unexpected surprises!”

"Damn, Yiyi, you know so much, you are the Heavenblessed Encyclopedia...”

"Stop that. You should treat us to a meal!" Lin Yixin looked at me, hand on hips and said irritably, “Oooh, a 3-star Outstanding weapon, how should I despise you...”

Murong Mingyue giggled. "Alright, this weapon has the special property of lowering the level requirement by 10. Lu Chen, can you equip it?"


I confirmed the equip. With a crack, I switched the Ghost Ice Soul for the Miracle Purgatory Sword. Immediately, my attack power soared, and all my stats changed dramatically—


ID: Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand

Class: Undead Swordsman (Silver Swordsman)

Level: 72

HP: 3590

Attack: 640~1120

Defense: 780

Magic Resist: 562

Reputation: 39850

Luck: 3


My attack power was now above 1100. Adding on the item passives and buffs, my actual attack power should be above 1500. Just the Miracle Purgatory Sword alone added 17%. Its effect was truly divine!

I was pleased. A 3-star Outstanding weapon was enough for me to reach Level 100 without changing, and maybe even Level 120. So great!

I summoned the Dark Wasp. Lin Yixin was surprised. "The fight is done, why summon your pet?"

"To test the blade!"

I said coolly and raised the sword to swing at the Dark Wasp's head. I immediately created an attack damage over the limit—2184!

Fuck, a basic attack almost killed the Dark Wasp instantly?!

On one hand, the Dark Wasp couldn’t keep up with my needs. On the other hand, this 3-star Outstanding weapon was too strong!

Witnessing my brutal conduct, Lin Yixin and Murong Mingyue expressed their scorn. "I don't know what sin it committed to end up as his pet...”

I snickered and said, "Any more drops? Sis, continue to touch it. Maybe you’ll find something hard again, hahaha!"

Murong Mingyue glared at me, and continued feeling for loot. Soon, a pair of combat boots shining with cool light appeared in Murong Mingyue's hand. I reached out to touch and the stats appeared—


Death Shade War Boots (Dark Gold–grade)

Defense: 170

Magic Resist: 125

Strength: +42

Agility: +39

Passive: Increases user's movement speed by 4%

Level Requirement: 70


Mn, good boots. They greatly boosted both Defense and Magic Resist, and also had a 4% movement speed buff. They were very precious. Even 1% boost would make any boots sought-after, and they had quadrupled that. With this buff, one could be unrivaled in both chasing and fleeing. Out of the thirty-six strategies, the best one was to retreat. Running faster than anyone was more useful than anything else!

Looking at the war boots, Murong Mingyue asked, "Which of you two wants these?"

I looked down at Lin Yixin's boots and my gaze unconsciously trailed upward, along the white legs. The beauty’s tone turned murderous in an instant. "What are you looking at?"

"What grade are your boots?"

"Level 70 Gold-grade, why?"

"Oh, then the Death Shade War Boots are mine. Mine are Level 45 Silver-grade!"


Lin Yixin exasperatedly glanced at me. "Alright, take them~~"

I excitedly took the Dark Gold–grade boots and put them on. My Defense and Magic Resist both experienced a significant boost. Also, I could run away faster!

Very good. My Defense had reached 900. A piece of Dark Gold–grade armor was truly awesome. I now had five Dark Gold–grade items in total: Flame Dragon Gauntlets, Death Shade War Boots, the Purgatory War Armor, the Purgatory War Helmet, and the Miracle Purgatory Sword. I had become the king of gear in Floating Ice City. No one was my match when it came to gear. And in terms of mechanics and skill, I bet only one person could match me—the Fruit Knife Goddess. I should begin my campaign to become king!

As I reveled at my equipment, Murong Mingyue managed to find a cape. Level 75 Dark Steel–grade. I ignored it.

After that, Murong Mingyue made a squeak and her face was overcome with shock.

"What is it, sis?" I teased. "Did you... really touch it?"

"No, I felt this...”

Murong Mingyue pulled her hand back with a purple-red skill book in her palm. She said with a laugh, "It seems that Lu Chen really has to treat everyone to a meal this time!"

"What is it?" Looking at the light of the skill book, my heart started to beat rapidly.

Murong Mingyue smiled, and touched. The stats of the book jumped out. Immediately, Lin Yixin and I turned to stone—

Tenacity of the Dead: The undead who struggle to survive in the purgatory possess extraordinary willpower. With the aid of a mysterious spell, sacrifice 50% of your MP to recover 25% HP instantly. Class Requirement: Warrior, Magic Knight, Wanderer. Race Requirement: Undead, Dark Elf, Dark Beastman. Level Requirement: 70.


"Fuck, Tenacity of the Dead...” My throat tightened, and I swallowed blindly, my heart seemingly stopped. This would instantly return 25% HP. Wasn’t it too OP? Also, the cost was only 50% MP. This requirement was too lax. Melee classes had pitiful MP to begin with. One Rank 5 Magic Consumable was enough to fully restore it. The side effects of this Tenacity of the Dead were almost negligible!

With Tenacity of the Dead, I’ve finally achieved true immortality!

I took the skill book with a grave expression.

"What are you thinking about instead of learning it?" Lin Yixin looked at me with a smile.

I nodded and said, "Nothing, I just wanted to silently thank Guo Jia before learning it!"


With a whoosh, the skill book disappeared, and a new entry appeared in my skill list—

Tenacity of the Dead: The undead who struggle to survive in the purgatory possess extraordinary willpower. With the aid of a mysterious spell, sacrifice 50% of your MP to recover 25% HP instantly. Cooldown: 120 seconds. Can only be used when HP is less than 50%.

Another constraint. I had to be under 50%. Reasonable though. This way, the skill wouldn’t be too OP. The skill wasn’t invincible that way. Around 50% HP, if the enemy was strong enough to kill me instantly, Tenacity of the Dead was useless.

What I had to do was increase my HP so no one could take over half of my HP in a single blow. That way, I would become unkillable. A two-minute cooldown wasn’t bad. All things considered, I could almost challenge a Dark Gold Rank boss on my own now. Hahaha, my solo leveling journey was about to begin!

I looked at Murong Mingyue and asked, "Anything else?"

"Magic stones...”

Murong Mingyue moved aside the boss's leg and I saw all kinds of precious stones on the ground. Big Magic Stones, Phantasmal Magic Stones, and even the legendary Purple Crystals!

We divided up the stones. We had accomplished our goal and were about to go our separate ways!

I took out a return scroll. "I'm off!"

"Mn!" The two girls nodded.

The next moment, I appeared in Floating Ice City and went to repair my equipment.

I looked at my level—72. I wasn’t in a hurry to level up. My goal was to remain in the Top 5. I didn’t need the 1st place. A tall tree would be the first to cut down. Lin Yixin shared my sentiments, but fate pushed her way into the top spot. It was very painful for her, and she was mad at Dominating Heaven Blade for being so slow at grinding. Truth be told, he was diligent and hard-working, but we had killed him at the Devil Spirit Hall.

In reality, the Devil Spirit Hall map was done for. While it would open once a day, the boss had been killed, and it would only respawn every two weeks. With no Divine Martial Token opportunity, there was just experience left there. The Divine Martial Token was the sole reason so many people had come.


Consequently, I sat on the stairs of the Holy Temple of Floating Ice City, the Outstanding Miracle Purgatory Sword leaning against my side. I summoned the forums system and submitted the upload of me and the Fruit Knife Goddess working together to kill the four War Gods of Candle Dragon. The title of the post was a large sentence—

Four War Gods; God's Dance, Blue Sky Scar, Tempest Shadow, Transient Smoke and Clouds come to Floating Ice City. Protecting their home’s honor, Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand and Wind Fantasy work together to repel the invaders!

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