Chapter 208: Thunder Slash

"Haah! Die, brat!"

Death Shade's furious shout echoed in the ninth floor of the Devil Spirit Hall. His bloody longsword was raised and quickly came down, aimed at my chest!

"Careful!" Lin Yixin hurriedly turned toward me.

I pulled the Ghost Ice Soul quickly back to my chest, moving back slightly and immediately activating the Guard skill!


When the boss's sharp blade and Ghost Ice Soul collided, sparks flew, and forced me to take several steps back!


Combat Log: Death Shade Sagelight used “Thunder Slash”, dealing 2284 damage. You used “Guard”. Damage reduced by 74%. Damage taken: 594!


Lin Yixin's mouth widened. "Damn, your aggro is reset. Lu Chen, you horrible person...”

The boss quickly changed targets, its sword sweeping toward Lin Yixin. A basic attack struck the beauty's shoulder and took away 1200 points of health. Obviously, Lin Yixin lacked powerful Defense-boosting skills like Ghost Deity Armor, so she was at a severe disadvantage when it came to her survivability.

I took several steps back to pull 5 yards away from the boss. I quickly activated the Charge skill. Whoosh. Like an arrow, I pinned the boss to its spot. I swung the Ghost Ice Soul repeatedly, Ice Ray followed up with Slayer Slash finally returning the aggro to me. Lin Yixin had a hard time tanking the monster.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh...

Murong Mingyue's healing was the greatest support for us. With the addition of potions, I could fight this Level 80 Dark Gold Rank boss to a standstill. However, the boss defied our expectations!


"Quick, the boss only has less than a third of its HP!" Murong Mingyue said excitedly. "Lu Chen, Beauty Lin, work hard. In five minutes, you will get the Divine Martial Token, and maybe a Dark Gold–grade item!"

I looked at the boss's longsword and said with a smile, "Heh, if the boss's sword would drop, that would be great...”

"Do you have such good moral standing?" Lin Yixin glanced at me.

"Hmph hmph, just watch!"

After I finished speaking, Death Shade suddenly raised its arm, now shining with bloody red light as he looked up into the sky and chanted, "The fallen black purgatory, please obey my summon. Absorb the strength of the purgatory spirit, heal wounded limbs. In the name of Death Shade Sagelight—Tenacity of the Dead!"


A pillar of red light fell from the sky and landed on Death Shade's forehead. In the next moment, his HP suddenly rose—




Murong Mingyue gaped. "Recovering 25% HP in one go, what is this? This... isn’t this Tenacity of the Dead skill too OP?"

Lin Yixin took a deep breath and looked toward me. "What to do?"

I gritted my teeth and said, "Forge onward! We have enough Rank 6 Health Potions and Magic Consumables. This Tenacity of the Dead must have some restraints and can’t be used continuously. Also, Yiyi, look at the boss's MP; it has less than a third left. Mobs can’t recover MP, so let’s see how he heals himself once he has none left!"

Lin Yixin smiled. "Alright!"

We continued to kill. It was extremely dangerous and Death Shade's two blows almost killed me instantly. Fortunately, I had used the Blood Skeleton Card and my HP had increased by 15%, reaching 3800. Even if the boss still had a big deadly attack up its sleeve, I could still survive. Also, with the powerful healing of Murong Mingyue, it would be hard to die!


The Guard skill could greatly weaken the physical attacks of the boss. If the boss used a skill, I would block it. Otherwise, if it hit me with a skill and was lucky to get a critical hit, I might die.

Lin Yixin felt wronged when she saw this. "Sob sob, I’ve been trading in Floating Ice City for three days, and haven't yet found a defensive skill book, I hate this...”

I smiled. "If you want to buy a defensive skill, remember to also get Crushing Blow. This way, when you are facing other players with defensive skills, you will be invincible.”


As we fought, we found that the boss had not used Tenacity of the Dead all this time. Our opportunity seemed to have arrived!

Lin Yixin glanced and said with a smile, "Just now, when the boss was using the Tenacity of the Dead, its MP seemed to have been halved so this Tenacity of the Dead skill sacrifices 50% MP in exchange for 25% HP. Lu Chen, let's fight quickly, and get the boss's sword for you!"


As we fought, there was suddenly a beep. Murong Mingyue sent a message: "Lu Chen, Beauty Lin is willing to kill the boss for us for free, and without even wanting the Divine Martial Token. How about we give the boss's experience to her? This way, we show our sincerity, no?"

I smiled and nodded at Murong Mingyue, silently agreeing. She smiled at me, and continued to fight the boss!


Soon, Death Shade's HP once again was less than a quarter. He appeared on the verge of dying. We didn't have to worry that he would heal again. Lin Yixin's judgement had been correct. The boss had lost the ability to recover.

"Yiyi, the boss's experience is yours," I said.

"Why?" Lin Yixin was surprised.

"The Divine Martial Token is mine, so the boss experience is naturally yours. It wouldn’t be fair otherwise. Don't forget the time when I helped you kill a boss and asked for the Wild Roar skill book. Just accept it and don’t make it difficult~”

"Okay...” Lin Yixin blinked her purple eyes at me. She didn’t understand and nodded with a smile. "Alright, I only want the boss experience, everything else is yours!"

Based on the rules of the game, the player who killed the boss directly would receive over 40% of the total experience. Killing a Level 80 boss like this would probably be enough for Lin Yixin to level up.


I carefully observed the boss's HP. After a few minutes, it was about to reach the bottom and I shouted suddenly, "No, use Extreme Break!"

Lin Yixin nodded. A sharp dagger appeared in her hand that she thrust into the boss's neck. Then she switched to the longsword for a powerful blow!


Accompanied by screams, Death Shade Sagelight, this tragic human hero was sent into the bottomless purgatory, dead for good.


As expected of a Level 80 Dark Gold Rank boss. It dropped a large pile of things. At the same time, two pillars of golden light fell on Lin Yixin’s forehead. She actually leveled up twice! Of course, Murong Mingyue and I also received a lot of experience, enough to level up!

The Heavenly Ranking of Floating Ice City immediately changed—


Wind Fantasy
Light Wanderer
Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand
Undead Swordsman
Purple Marquis
Clear Perfume
Dominating Heaven Blade
Beiming Xue
Dark Archer
Gui Guzi
Undead Knight
Shadow Chanel
Indigo Collar
Dominating Mage God


Lin Yixin once again became first on the Heavenly Ranking while I was second. Purple Marquis, who had been working hard on leveling up, was third. We had killed Dominating Heaven Blade, making him drop to the fifth place. The rest of the ranking was full of famous players of Floating Ice City!

"Quick, the Divine Martial Token!"

Murong Mingyue leaned over and searched next to the boss's body. She raised her right hand. It was a golden token. She immediately threw it to me and said with a smile, "Lu Chen, how about you use it?"

I took the token and nodded with a smile. "No problem!"

Divine Martial Token: Upon usage, the current guild’s rank will increase by 1. Player Level Requirement: Level 70. Guild Position Requirement: Leader, Vice Leader. Guild Rank Requirement: 4 or below!


I confirmed the use of the Divine Martial Token. In the next moment, a string of bells echoed above the sky of Floating Ice City.


System Announcement: Congratulations to player “Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand” for successfully using Divine Martial Token. “Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls” is thereby upgraded to Rank 3!

"Haha, great. There's also a system announcement!"

I was excited. The system announcement had Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls' name in it. It could be considered free advertisement, and a very strong one at that. What would the players that saw this system announcement think? Undoubtedly, everyone would think that Falling Dust of the CGL Hall of Fame had returned, and joined Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, fending off the attacks of the other warriors to become the ultimate winner!

Lin Yixin pouted. "Alright, see what the boss has dropped?"


I nodded at Murong Mingyue. "Sis, loot the corpse, quick~~"


Murong Mingyue pushed aside Death Shade's leg and patted around with her hand. Then she blushed.

I asked, "What did you touch?"

"Something hard...” Murong Mingyue continued to be embarrassed.

I was speechless. When this super priest with the name of Breast Goddess decided to be obscene, she was amazing. In Floating Ice City, Lin Yixin and He Yi were the goddesses in men's hearts due to their beauty. Murong Mingyue, just based on her assets, was able to form a triumvirate with them. This was a skill in itself!

Lin Yixin's face was also red. She said, "What is it, pull it out...”

Me: "...”

Murong Mingyue had enough fun and pulled her hand back with a chuckle. When her hand moved out from underneath the boss, my heart suddenly started to pound—

I saw it!

I saw it! That was a longsword shining with bloody light. I remembered clearly, just a few moments ago, I was beaten up by this sword!

Murong Mingyue smiled sweetly and so did Lin Yixin.

"Sigh, this really is a matter of moral standing. Lu Chen, what kind of luck do you have today?" Murong Mingyue looked at me with a smile, and threw the sword in a beautiful arc to land in my arms.

I took two steps back and held the sword up excitedly. This was a legendary and powerful weapon. It must have been of the Dark Gold grade. No, maybe it was even more powerful!

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