Chapter 207: Death Shade

Right, if we continuously move back and forth, Dominating Heaven Blade will think that we are fighting the boss. He won’t be able to sit still and his curiosity will get the better of him. With our attack power, it won’t be an issue for me and Lin Yixin to instantly kill him the moment he rears his ugly head!

Murong Mingyue was speechless when she saw me and Lin Yixin excitedly running back and forth while keeping a look out for Dominating Heaven Blade. “Should we forget about it? Even the ceiling knows that you guys are planning an ambush. How could Dominating Heaven Blade not know this?”

Lin Yixin smiled lightly. “No problem, he’ll come!”

I also nodded. “Yes, he’ll definitely come!”

Mingyue asked, “Why are you two so sure?”

Lin Yixin stopped, then looked up, her smile still intact. “Simple. Dominating Heaven Blade really needs this Divine Martial Token to raise his guild’s morale! Think about it, how many people want this Divine Martial Token? Even Candle Dragon from Dawn City couldn’t resist mobilizing its forces for it. Since that’s the case, the value of this Divine Martial Token will be even higher. This token is a symbol of absolute strength!”

I nodded. “Right. If we get the Divine Martial Token that everyone in Floating Ice City wants, tons of experts will come join us!”

Murong Mingyue looked relieved. She suddenly asked, “Then if we get the Divine Martial Token, how are we going to allocate it? Will it go to Snowy Cathaya or Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls?”

I looked at Lin Yixin. “Let’s roll for it?”

Lin Yixin pursed her lips before breaking out into another smile. “Forget it, I’ll consider this a return in favor. You helped me get the Moonlight Sword last time so I won’t be taking any drops this time. The Divine Martial Token will go to Lu Chen. He’ll decide who it goes to.”

I was in a happy and shocked daze. Happy because Lin Yixin was so generous, shocked because I felt like her last sentence had some hidden meaning.

Murong Mingyue gave me a meaningful look and sent me a PM: “Little brat, what did you do to make Beauty Lin act so nice to you? Also, did you notice? She was sounding you out. What a clever girl. That was a beautiful mind attack!”

Somewhat embarrassed, I said, “I didn’t do anything, I just treated her sincerely…”

Murong Mingyue shot me a glare. “Hmph!”

Lin Yixin looked at me, then looked at Murong Mingyue. “Are you guys PMing each other?”

“No, no!”

We answered together on reflex.

Expectation flooded Lin Yixin’s clear eyes as she gave a carefree laugh. “Look, Dominating Heaven Blade’s coordinates have changed. He’s on the seventh floor now, oh, no, he’s on the eighth now. He’s thinking about whether or not to come in now…”

I drew my sword. “Don’t be too anxious, he’s probably going to release his pet to probe around.”

“Then what do we do?” Lin Yixin said with wide eyes.

“What else? Kill his pet then run at Dominating Heaven Blade and kill him. Him still being in the Devil Spirit Hall means we can't fully concentrate on killing the boss.”


We waited for a long time, like we were out fishing. But this Dominating Heaven Blade was a cunning fish. He calmly waited for 5 whole minutes before he took the bait. It was because he knew that if he didn’t come out now, the boss might be dead already, and the Divine Martial Token would escape his clutches.

“He’s here!”

Accompanied by a buzzing sound, Dominating Heaven Blade’s Tiger Head Hornet charged in at top speed!

I quickly struck the Tiger Head Hornet on the head!


It didn’t die right away but Lin Yixin also swung her Moonlight Sword at nearly the same time!


Fuck. Lin Yixin’s attack power was higher than mine because of the Moonlight Sword. This was a terrible feeling. My Ghost Ice Soul could no longer keep up with my demands. I needed a higher-grade weapon as soon as possible.

The loot tables of Heavenblessed’s common mobs were so damn poor, and the bosses were so hard to come by. Dropping a weapon was hard in itself, and there were so many different types to begin with. Spears, swords, sabers, fans, flutes, axes, bows, and more. Hoping for a sword to drop was just a pipe dream!

Lin Yixin raised an eyebrow. “Quick, Dominating Heaven Blade’s running away!”

Dominating Heaven Blade knew that he fell into our trap the moment the Tiger Head Hornet died!

I ran up to the eighth floor and decisively used Charge once I spotted the leader of the Domination Clan.


I charged straight like an arrow and stunned him. I raised my sword and perfectly unleashed my combo. Pardon + Desperate Gambit!



I deleted almost 80% of his HP in that strike. Dominating Heaven Blade soon recovered from his stunned state but didn’t bother to stay for a chat as he continued to flee after chugging an HP pot.

This made me smile. A beautiful figure flew past me. It was Lin Yixin activating her own Charge. Against a double Charge combo, Dominating Heaven Blade had no way to survive.


The Moonlight Sword flashed with light and Dominating Heaven Blade fell to his doom beneath its blade.

“Hmph…” Lin Yixin picked up a pair of wristguards from the floor. “Silver-grade. I finally got an item after killing so many people. Candle Dragon’s people are no fun. They came to Floating Ice City from so far away but they didn’t even leave a present before they left…”

I was speechless. “You left behind a splendid PvP recording. I already uploaded the video of us killing Blue Sky Scar, God’s Dance, and Tempest Shadow on the official forums. Candle Dragon wants a share of Floating Ice City’s pie, so we should properly humiliate some of their people. Hmph hmph, CGL Hall of Famers are nothing worth mentioning~~”

Lin Yixin glanced at me. “Hitting someone already down? Too despicable!”

“Alright, let’s concentrate on killing the boss now!”

A weight named Dominating Heaven Blade off my mind now, I went back to the Devil Spirit Hall’s ninth floor with the girls behind me. This was a ring-shaped maze with a blood-red patch at its center. That patch of red was clearly the boss.

The monsters here were Bloody Ghosts as high as Level 72. They were a specter-type mob. Their piercing attacks didn’t threaten me nor Lin Yixin at all. We also had a super healer in Murong Mingyue so our journey to the boss was pretty smooth; we killed our way there, summoned our pets, and got ready to face the boss.


We would arrive at the boss once we turned the corner.

I moved closer and stuck my head out for a look but quickly retrieved it with an ashen face.

“How is it, how is it?” Lin Yixin asked.

My voice trembled. “A group of naked succubi are taking a bath there…”

A reddish hue immediately appeared on Lin Yixin’s face but she quickly grew excited. She nudged my shoulder. “Then let’s hurry and go check them out.”

Murong Mingyue also looked excited. “Yeah, let’s check them out!”

I glanced at both of them. What the hell?!

We all walked out together. The spacious ninth floor’s core area didn’t actually have any naked succubi girls. There was an armored undead warrior instead. Though maybe I shouldn’t say undead because “he” didn’t even have a body. It was only a shade floating in the air. There was nothing inside but something was wearing that armor. Two bloody lights that shone from the helmet were clearly the boss’s eyes.

Death Shade Sagelight (Dark Gold Rank Boss)

Level: 80

Attack: 650~870

Defense: 700

HP: 180000

Skills: ???

Introduction: Death Shade Sagelight was originally an honorable human knight on a mission. When the Night Creatures invaded, this human hero lost his life. An evil undead shaman took his body and refined it, turning him into an enslaved shade. Once his former relatives and lover turned to dust, the Death Shade’s soul finally stopped resisting and thereby became a part of the Night Creatures. He guards the depths of the Devil Spirit Hall while secretly plotting to topple the human regime.


“Fuck! A Level 80 Dark Gold Rank boss…” I complained with a hint of bitterness, “Upper limit of 870 Attack, that’s stronger than any other boss I’ve ever gone up against. How are we going to fight this?”

Lin Yixin raised the Moonlight Sword. “What are you afraid of? With me and Sister Mingyue here, you think we can’t kill this Level 80 boss? Get ready, we’ll finish this in 10 minutes!”


I let out a low roar and Wild Roar’s effect covered us, giving everyone 15% more attack power. After that, I unhesitantly charged at the boss!


I arrived at the speed of lightning and successfully stunned it. I was Level 71 so this Level 80 couldn’t yet ignore my attacks. A bit lower than that and my hit rate would plummet, and this fight would be a world of suffering!

I raised the Ghost Ice Soul and suddenly pushed. “Ice Ray!”


The longsword pushed aside the boss’s armor and focused all of its frost power on the “body” underneath. Death Shade’s movement speed would naturally decrease upon hit!

A pair of bloody eyes glared at me and Lin Yixin. Death Shade raised its longsword that was brimming with undead energy and shouted, “Damned humans. You’ve actually made it here. You’re asking for it!”


A violent strike landed on my shoulder. I felt a tearing pain and saw my HP plummet!


Murong Mingyue was shocked. “Fuck, it took a huge chunk of HP from Lu Chen in one attack? W-what kind of boss is this? Isn’t it too OP…”

I said hurriedly, “Stop talking already, feed me!”

Lin Yixin took this chance to approach. A layer of moonlight covered her purple eyes and executed Moon Gaze with Extreme Break on the boss right after!


Tsk tsk, our Little Lin here has some superb attack power!

Hitching a ride on the Defense debuff from Extreme Break, I turned around and pounced back with my sword. Pardon + Desperate Gambit landed, shaving off a good amount of the boss’s HP.



In the next instant, the boss’s HP plunged again. Extreme Break lowered a target’s Defense by 80% and max HP by 25%. This meant that I dealt 3457 damage to its lowered HP. When the effect wore off, the remaining HP would be scaled back to 100% HP, so technically, my attack did more than 3457 damage there!

This was the Fruit Knife Goddess’s unique skill. Suppress the enemy’s HP first and then deal a flurry of attacks. This kind of drastic, rapidfire attack style was very original. Even pros at the level of Blue Sky Scar and Tempest Shadow couldn’t withstand that kind of beating!

“Alright Lu Chen, you are back at full HP, hurry and aggro the boss!”


Our pets also began to attack at the same time, as per usual. Lin Yixin came over and spread her hands, revealing a bunch of HP pots. “Here, 20 Rank 6 Health Potions. Drink them at will, don’t die now!”

“Do they come with a price tag?”

“No, this is a donation!”

Nice, free pots!

After receiving the encouragement of a beauty, the Ghost Ice Soul continuously attacked without end. Three powerful players ganging up to kill the Level 80 Death Shade made it pretty easy!

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