Chapter 206: Dog Eat Dog

Dominating Heaven Blade smiled sinisterly. “Heh, die!”

He pulled his blade out of Blue Sky Scar’s body and sped up the latter’s death. The poor dude probably never thought that he would die to Dominating Heaven Blade one day.

Dominating Heaven Blade was the leader of the second strongest guild in China’s Guild Ranking, but his real expertise lay in his ability to win people over to his side. Gaming skill–wise, he wasn’t even close to a top-class pro like Blue Sky Scar, so you could just imagine how frustrating it was for the latter to die by Dominating Heaven Blade’s hand.

“Roar roar!”

Suddenly, a giant wolf covered in flames pounced toward me. It was Tempest Shadow’s pet, a Wildfire Greedy Wolf with incredibly high BN value and a top-class pet during the early stages of the game.

Pu pu!

The Wildfire Greedy Wolf bit and tore into my flesh, hitting me twice and dealing 234 and 272 damage!

That was depressing, for Tempest Shadow that was. I had so much Defense that most pets wouldn’t have enough attack to pierce it completely, so all things considered, it was still pretty amazing that his Wildfire Greedy Wolf could reach triple digits with each attack.

Meanwhile, Lin Yixin finally appeared at the entrance of the fifth floor. Wielding a sword that was bathed in moonlight, she pounced straight for the enemy’s sniper and divine archer, Transient Smoke and Clouds!

“Tempest Shadow, kite formation!”

Transient Smoke and Clouds shouted and started moving consciously toward the back. At the same time, he fired two arrows at my chest and deleted a sizable amount of HP!



Holy shit, I was positive that his bow ignored a certain percentage of Defense. Otherwise, there was no explaining the amount of damage he had done to me. I had almost a thousand Defense, and I still lost over a thousand HP in just two basic attacks. No wonder he was able to one-shot Dominating Mage God through his Magic Shield.

I moved to the forefront and ran toward Transient Smoke and Clouds with all I got. If we didn’t kill him as quickly as possible, if he was allowed to kite us all over the place, he might just be able to turn this fight around single-handedly, or at least make life hell for all of us!

But Tempest Shadow caught me first like a ferocious blaze. Eyes burning with fury, he slashed me twice with a Blaze + Flame Thrust combo! His attack was so fast that I wasn’t able to dodge any of them!



Unbelievable, he was nothing like the time I dueled against him. One misstep, and I might just die to the two war gods!

Lin Yixin called out to me, “Careful, Lu Chen! Don’t you die on me…”

She was still trying to catch up to Transient Smoke and Clouds. To a degree she was decreasing the amount of pressure I was facing, but our opponent was the so-called number one archer in China!

Transient Smoke and Clouds was as slippery as a loach. Lin Yixin stuck to him like a gum on his shoe, but she was never able to catch him with her sword. Not only was he leading Lin Yixin by the nose, he was also running in a circle around me. Every time he found an opening, he immediately fired a shot and made my life hell.

Dominating Heaven Blade shot us a glance before skidding to a sudden stop. While chugging a health potion, he called out to Murong Mingyue behind him. “Beauty Murong, what are you waiting for? Heal me up so I can help them!”

Murong Mingyue gritted her teeth but didn’t obey his order. Instead, she ran forward and gathered silver energy around the tip of her staff. It was impossible to tell if she was planning to heal me or Lin Yixin.

A ruthless gleam peeked out of Dominating Heaven Blade’s eyes. The man looked like he was about to kill someone!

I immediately said inside the party channel, “Sis, watch out! Dominating Heaven Blade is probably planning to kill you!”

“Mn, I know!”

Murong Mingyue was a smart woman. She was running along the walls to put some distance between herself and Dominating Heaven Blade. However, she never strayed too far that she was completely out of range of me and Lin Yixin.

Thud thud!

I took another two arrow shots, and when I checked my HP bar I felt cold sweat pouring down my back. I only had 34 HP left!

Murong Mingyue shouted anxiously, “Lu Chen, stop running forward, dammit! I can’t heal you from here!”

I looked behind me where Tempest Shadow was chasing. As I thought, my HP was so low that the bastard had dropped all pretense of caution and was running toward me at full speed. In fact, he was less than 10 yards away from me. As a top-class long-range attacker, Transient Smoke and Clouds’ ability to control the distance between himself and his target was as natural as breathing. He was able to maintain a 35 to 40-yard distance between me and himself as he ran from Lin Yixin, the best range for an archer to rain hell on his target!

However, this also meant that I could break free of his control anytime I felt like it!

Suddenly, I changed direction and charged toward Tempest Shadow!


I hit the warrior like a lightning bolt and caused a stun icon to appear above his head. His eyes were full of killing intent, however. I had almost run out of HP, and one strike was all it took to kill me!

Unfortunately, I would have to disappoint him. I drank the HP potion I had readied a while ago, and a green number that shattered his heart appeared above my head.


It was another Rank 6 Health Potion. High-level potions were absolutely critical in a PvP battle like this!

At the same time, I swung my Ghost Ice Soul and executed my signature combo, Pardon + Desperate Gambit!



I wasn’t able to one-shot Tempest Shadow. He was a high-level warrior, and he still had over 1200 HP even after the combo. His max HP was even higher than He Yi’s!


I naturally followed up with a basic attack and deleted 744 HP from Tempest Shadow’s health bar. At the same time, I swiftly positioned myself right behind him. The moment he broke out of his stun and turned around, I followed his rotation and circled almost perfectly to his back again! He wasn’t able to see me!


In that instant, Tempest Shadow readied himself for death. He knew that I was right behind him!

I wasn’t going to wait 6 seconds for my cooldown to finish, so I thrust my sword forward and stabbed him in the back! The blade of my sword and a copious amount of blood immediately burst out of his chest!


Just like that, Tempest Shadow was dead before he even had a chance to drink his health potion!

I watched Tempest Shadow calmly as he slowly collapsed to the ground. With his death, three out of four of Candlelight Shadow’s War Gods had been killed. Hmph hmph, the legendary “Martial God” must be dreaming when he thought that he could rob Floating Ice City’s fortune for himself!




Meanwhile, Murong Mingyue finally reached me and restored more than half of my HP. Thank the heavens! I guess I’m not going to die in this dastard spirit hall after all.

However, the crisis wasn’t over yet. A Tiger Head Hornet suddenly appeared out of nowhere and attacked Murong Mingyue four times in a row! It was the Flurry skill!

Thud thud thud thud!

Although the Tiger Head Hornet failed to do any damage, the attack popped Murong Mingyue’s priest shield!

“Hah!” Dominating Heaven Blade shouted and swung his sword at Murong Mingyue. In the end, the vicious leader of Gods of Destruction had revealed his true nature and tried to assassinate our only priest.


I rushed toward Mingyue without any regard for myself, but I could do nothing but watch as the blade entered her body!


A huge damage number popped above his head, but what happened next completely caught me off-guard. Somehow, Murong Mingyue wasn’t dead despite taking that amount of damage, and with a sliver of health left she was able to retreat just in time and pull herself back to 700 HP!

WTF? How did a priest manage to survive a direct attack from Dominating Heaven Blade?

Despite my surprise, I decided that the why could come later. I swung my sword and unleashed Thousand Mirage Slash!


A rain of aura blades enveloped both Dominating Heaven Blade and his pet. The Tiger Head Hornet screeched and died instantly, and the guild leader himself had lost over 1200 HP. He retreated non-stop even though his eyes were burning with anger.

I grabbed Murong Mingyue’s hand and put myself in front of her. Then, I pointed my sword at Dominating Heaven Blade and sneered at him. “Is this what you call a ‘cooperation’? A person can only sink so low, especially when you’re the guild leader of Gods of Destruction, Dominating Heaven Blade. How are you not ashamed of yourself?”

Dominating Heaven Blade simply sneered back and chugged a health potion to heal himself. While retreating, he said, “You are the victor of this fight, so I’ll leave this Devil Spirit Hall to you!”

After that, he retreated out of sight and actually ran all the way back to the first floor.


I frowned. To be honest, I couldn’t rest easy until Dominating Heaven Blade was well and truly dead!

“Hey, have you seen Beauty Lin?” Murong Mingyue asked me suddenly.

I shook my head and replied, “I don’t know…”

I called out to Lin Yixin inside the party channel. “Hey Yiyi, how’s the situation? Did you kill Transient Smoke and Clouds yet?”

“He kited me to death…” Lin Yixin said sadly.

Shocked, I immediately pulled out my sword again and shouted, “Fuck! How dare that bastard kill our Yiyi! What are his coordinates? Let see how much that so-called divine archer really weighs!”

“Hehe. Am I that important to you?”

A voice suddenly reached us from the distance, prompting Murong Mingyue and I to turn around. It was Lin Yixin holding the Moonlight Sword and walking leisurely toward us. As usual, her body was downright amazing, and the way her snow-colored cape fluttered behind her back only accentuated her beauty even more.

I exclaimed in pleasant surprise, “You’re alive? That’s great. Where’s Transient Smoke and Clouds? Did you kill him after all?”

But Lin Yixin shook her head and said, “No, he managed to escape. The mobs on this floor are pretty high-level, and his movement speed is pretty high. He managed to teleport back to the city before I caught him.”

I checked the map and saw that “Transient Smoke and Clouds” had turned gray. Right now, there were only four players left in the entire Devil Spirit Hall, namely the three of us and the lone representative of Gods of Destruction, Dominating Heaven Blade. I didn’t need a brain to know that the fucker was planning to ambush us while we were busy dealing with the boss!

“What should we do?” Lin Yixin asked.

I pondered for a moment before deciding, “Let’s head to the ninth floor, kill the boss and grab the Divine Martial Token first!”

“But what about Dominating Heaven Blade?” Lin Yixin pursed her lips worriedly. “It’ll be annoying if he causes trouble while we’re busy engaging the boss.”

I smiled confidently. “Don’t worry, I have a plan!”

“Oh?” Lin Yixin smiled at me before nodding. “Alright, if you say so. Let’s go!”


Just like before, the three of us circled around the mobs and went all the way down to the eighth floor. It was at the center of the map where we found the entrance to the ninth floor.

I walked down the stairs with Lin Yixin and Murong Mingyue behind me. When we reached the bottom, I shouted.

“Wait, don’t go just yet!”

I pointed at the area around the entrance and said, “Yiyi, follow me. You and I are going to run back and forth around this area. Don’t stop until I tell you to.”

“Ah?” Lin Yixin sounded confused. “But why?”

“We’re going to lure Dominating Heaven Blade over and kill him here!”

“Oh?” Lin Yixin’s eyes flashed intelligently when she got my meaning. She couldn’t help but tease me a little. “Geez, you’re the only one who can come up with such a devious plan…”

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