Chapter 203: Battle of the Gods

“Wh… what the heck?”

Dominating Heaven Blade stared at the newcomers in astonishment and gulped. “Why are they here? How did Candle Dragon hear about this this quickly?”

Dominating Heaven Blade wasn’t the only one who was surprised. Roaming Dragon, Indigo Collar and everyone else were staring at the uninvited guests with gaping mouths as well.


Besides the Level 72 god-tier archer Transient Smoke and Clouds, the other three players had revealed their IDs as well.

Tempest Shadow LV-71 Silver Knight

Blue Sky Scar LV-72 Silver Warrior

God’s Dance LV-71 Silver Mage


“Fuck!” Dominating Heaven Blade clenched his teeth tightly. “Did I miss an important day on the calendar or something? Why are the Top 4 pros of Candle Dragon here?”

That’s right, these four players were none other than the divine generals of Candlelight Shadow. The reason everyone was stunned wasn’t just because they were famous, but because they had the strength to support their reputation. Candle Dragon was the most formidable guild to ever exist in games made by Eternal Moon Corporation because they were led by five active CGL Hall of Famers, four of whom were standing right in front of us. As of now, there was no one in the entire China server who had this many CGL Hall of Famers in their guild!

As the saying goes, “beware of Greeks bearing gifts”, and it didn’t take a genius to figure out that the four war gods of Candle Dragon had come for the Divine Martial Token. Maybe it was because Floating Ice City was the only one that spawned a Divine Martial Token, but it was so delicious that even Candle Dragon smelled it all the way from Dawn City. The fact was the whole party except Candlelight Shadow had made the trip to a completely different city and dealt Gods of Destruction a humiliating blow, killing Dominating Mage God in one strike.


Dominating Heaven Blade swallowed again and forced himself to calm down. “What is the meaning of this… Candle Dragon? Did Gods of Destruction accidentally offend you somehow?”

Tempest Shadow stepped out and pointed his blade at Dominating Heaven Blade. The armored magic knight sneered contemptuously, “Save the bullshit, old man! You had fun taunting us on the China forums, hadn’t you? Well, we’re giving you the opportunity to realize those taunts right now! The four of us are the only ones who came to Floating Ice City today. Come fight us if you dare!”

Dominating Warrior God stepped out and shouted angrily, “Fuck you, you think you can challenge all of Floating Ice City with just the four of you? Just how much more arrogant can you get?”

Tempest Shadow raised his head and laughed. Sweeping his sword across the air and pretending that he was cutting down the sea of Floating Ice City players in front of him, he said, “Floating Ice City? Sure, Candlelight Shadow did tell us to be careful before we came here. But personally? I think you small fries are worth nothing before the Four Gods of Candle Dragon at all.”

Suddenly, Tempest Shadow froze when his sword pointed toward a girl. The sweet smiling girl was none other than Lin Yixin herself!

“Hmm? It’s you!”

Tempest Shadow exclaimed in shock before lowering his sword in a hurry.

Lin Yixin gave him a small smile before sighing. “What a world we live in these days. Even a loser can act like he owns the world…”

Tempest Shadow’s face turned red. “Quit… quit spreading your lies!”

The rather beautiful mage standing behind Tempest Shadow, God’s Dance took half a step forward and sneered disdainfully at Lin Yixin. “Tempest Shadow, is she that Wind Fantasy who killed you some time ago? She doesn’t look like all that special, except her looks. Did you fall for her honey trap? Is that the real reason you lost to her?”

Transient Smoke and Clouds laughed loudly. “Dude, what is wrong with you? How could you even think to kill such a beautiful girl? Oh well, as your brother it’s my responsibility to take revenge for you. I promise I’ll make her wish she never lived!”

This time, it was Blue Sky Scar who spoke arrogantly, “Cut the nonsense and focus. There are only two minutes left before the Devil Spirit Hall opens, and don’t forget that we’re here for the Divine Martial Token, not her!”

“We know. Ready when you are!”


But before the four war gods of Candle Dragon could act, a beautiful figure dashed toward them first. Holy shit, it’s Lin Yixin! Is she planning to fight all of them herself?

“Heh! Keep her busy and be ready for the one-shot!” Tempest Shadow backed away and allowed Blue Sky Scar to take his place.

When Lin Yixin reached Blue Sky Scar, she swung her sword at his head and dealt 1194 damage immediately, deleting half of the arrogant warrior’s health pool in an instant and giving him quite the fright. “Holy shit, her attack power is crazy. Watch out, everyone!”

In retaliation, Transient Smoke and Clouds drew his purple bow and fired an Freezing Arrow at her.


Despite Lin Yixin’s attempt to dodge the shot, it still hit her in the arm and encased her entire shoulder in ice.


At the same time, God’s Dance fired an Ice Dragon Howl at Lin Yixin. The girl was caught dead-center in the blast.


That wasn’t even the end of it. After taking a few steps back, Tempest Shadow lowered his center of gravity and dashed toward her like a lightning bolt. It was the Charge skill!

Shit! Lin Yixin might be one-shot if I don’t do something to help her!


I was the only one among the stunned crowd who pulled out my weapon and ran to Lin Yixin’s aid without hesitation.

However, it turned out that my aid wasn’t really all that necessary. When the storm of ice dissipated and revealed Lin Yixin again, she calmly took half a step backward—just enough to dodge Tempest Shadow’s Charge—lowered her center of gravity and transformed into a lightning bolt herself!

Damn, Lin Yixin had her own Charge now!


Her target was the great mage, God’s Dance. It was clear what Lin Yixin was planning: kill the mage first and disengage her attackers later!

The corner of God’s Dance’s lips turned up. “Heh, the little girl wants to kill me?”

In response to the Charge, God’s Dance swung her staff in one practiced motion and fired an icicle. “Ice Blast!”

Everyone was expecting Lin Yixin to break her Charge and dodge out of the way, but she did the opposite and held steady. When God’s Dance acted to dodge to the right, Lin Yixin dashed past her and performed a beautiful mid-turn, anticipating God’s Dance retreat path and slashing her when they were just one yard away from each other!


The Moonlight Sword split the air in half and shattered God’s Dance’s Magic Shield like an egg shell!

Stunned by Lin Yixin’s unexpected movement and attack power, God’s Dance drank an HP potion and continued to retreat. However...


God Dance exclaimed in surprise when Lin Yixin gave her a confident smile and summoned a dagger to her hand. The next second, she blew past God’s Dance like a cannonball, and the dagger vanished.


Lin Yixin’s last dash was so powerful that she skidded several meters across the stone floor. However, she managed to remain standing, and blood was dripping down the hand she used to hold the dagger earlier. God’s Dance’s blood. The mage was standing at the staircase and channeling the energy for her next Ice Blast, but she would never complete her spell because there was a dagger sticking out of her chest. The dagger was plunged so deep that only the hilt was visible, and blood was gushing wildly out of her chest. A late but inevitable damage number popped above her head—1704!


God’s Dance slowly collapsed to the ground as she stared at Lin Yixin in front of her. Her eyes were filled with disbelief and resistance. How did she get one-shot? Since when did Floating Ice City have a miraculous female fighter like her?

“Little Wu!”

By the time Tempest Shadow and Blue Sky Scar recovered from their shock, God’s Dance had already turned into a cold, lifeless body.


Meanwhile, Transient Smoke and Clouds fired his fifth shot at Lin Yixin. Transient Smoke and Clouds was a top-tier archer, and his accuracy was almost perfect. His fighting style was ruthless and thorough, which was why Lin Yixin didn’t bother dodging his attacks after the first shot. She knew she wouldn’t be able to do it. Transient Smoke and Clouds’ battle rhythm was even better than Beiming Xue’s, and it was nearly impossible to dodge his attacks!

By now, Lin Yixin had almost run out of HP. She was just a fragile wanderer after all. One Ice Dragon Howl and a couple of Freezing Arrows were all it took to bring her low even after she had chugged an HP pot.

A smile of resignation spread across Lin Yixin’s lips. “Is this it?”

It wasn’t. Her body suddenly flashed twice with holy light, and she regained half her health pool in just an instant. Two of Floating Ice City’s best priests, Murong Mingyue and Scattered Rain had finally joined the battle as well.


While all this was happening, I set my sights on Tempest Shadow and activated Charge!


Tempest Shadow let out a cry of astonishment when I stunned him. “It’s you?”

Without a word, I swung my Ghost Ice Soul and launched my strongest combo at him! Pardon + Desperate Gambit, go!



To my surprise, I failed to one-shot the bastard. It looked like Tempest Shadow had grown a thicker skin since he was unceremoniously sent back to Dawn City!

Still, it would only take me one more basic attack at most to kill him!

But before I could do just that, Blue Sky Scar charged my flank while he was glowing with red light. He shouted angrily at me, “You’re back, Falling Dust?!!”


I shook from the impact when Blue Sky Scar knocked me back a couple of steps. The bastard even managed to stun me for 1 second! It was the Assault skill, a skill that had a high chance to stun a lower-leveled player for 1 second. Unfortunately, the guy was one level higher than me, so I was at a severe disadvantage!

Blue Sky Scar attacked me with a Blaze and a basic attack while I was stunned. Not only did he choose the most efficient method to dish out his damage, his movement was as smooth as water. He definitely deserved to be called a CGL Hall of Famer!



Unfortunately for him, I still had over half my HP even after he got two free strikes on me. Once Moon Dew cast two heals on me, I was almost at full health again!

Blue Sky Scar exclaimed in astonishment, “Shit, his Defense is really high!”

That’s right. The black halo surrounding my metal armor, the Ghost Deity Armor, increased my Defense by so much that the damage taken was overall about 30% lower. As a result, Blue Sky Scar’s Blaze failed to dish out even four digits of damage!

It was at this moment a beautiful figure appeared behind Blue Sky Scar and hit him on the shoulder!



The new challenger was none other than He Yi herself. I supposed she just couldn’t hold herself back any longer. It took an incredible amount of courage to get involved in a battle of top experts like this, and even Gui Guzi, Beiming Xue and Xu Yang were so entranced by the battle that they had forgotten to move. Not He Yi though. Fearless and determined, she joined the front lines and brought the Abyssal Sword to bear once more!

Blue Sky Scar sneered at her as he retreated, “From Water? It’s you again. Hehe, did you switch classes to Magic Knight because you got slaughtered one too many times in Spirit of Grief?”

He took two steps backward, chugged an HP pot and charged right back at her. He raised his sword high into the air and shouted, “Die!”


He Yi couldn’t dodge out of the strike’s way. His sword hit her squarely on the shoulder.

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