Chapter 201: Unaware of The Oriole Behind


The Dark Wasp appeared in a flash of magical light. At Level 71, it looked like an oversized soccer ball that floated in the air. It was pitch black in color, and it had a venomous sting that looked like it might puncture an opponent’s vitals at any moment.

Right now I needed both manpower and petpower. The more, the better!

So, I tried summoning the little skeleton next, Xinran! However...


System Notice: Your pet “Xinran” has refused your summon!



I stared at my skill button with a flabbergasted expression. What an unorthodox pet she was! I never thought that a contracted pet had the ability to refuse its master’s summon. What was keeping her anyway?

I tried again!


System Notice: Your pet “Xinran” has refused your summon!


Again! Failed. Again! Failed. Again! Failed again!

At this point I was getting anxious, so I tapped the summon button 12 times in a row. Finally there was a whoosh of magical energy, and a hexagram formation appeared on the ground in front of me. At the center of the magic formation was a black hole that led to the Netherworld, and it was there my little skeleton appeared. She was Level 45, but she was clad in armor from head to toe. She wore a glowing purple armor and held a shining spear in her hand!


I could hardly believe that the little skeleton was my own pet. If anything, she looked more like a high-level undead warrior. It was such a bizarre sight that I couldn’t help but call out her name.

The little skeleton turned around and watched me with her empty eye sockets. Then, dragging her spear across the ground, she walked up to me and stared at me as if she wanted to know why I had summoned her. At this distance, I could see a pair of soul flames dancing inside her eye sockets.

I returned the look she gave me and said, “What are you staring at? Come over to me. There are a lot of people who are trying to kill me…”

The little skeleton let out a tiny snort before throwing her spear next to my feet. It was as if she was expressing her disdain to my conundrum through her attitude. I could almost hear her talking in my head: “You threw 12 golden medals slash imperial edicts in my face, summoned me all the way from the Netherworld, and you tell me that my opponents are a bunch of little shits who haven’t left their mother’s wombs? Are you fucking kidding me? Who do you think I am, Yue Fei of your Emperor Gaozong of Song?”

Fuck, what should I even say to this kind of attitude? Is this how modern pets act these days?

But I looked at my Dark Wasp and dismissed the idea immediately. Look at this obedient little fellow. If I ordered it to zig, it wouldn’t dare to zag. If I ordered it to beat the dog, it wouldn’t dare to chase away the chickens blocking its way. Moreover, the Dark Wasp and I shared a master-servant contract that allowed me to control it anytime I wished. On the other hand, the contract between me and Xinran was almost nonexistent. Forget commanding it, I couldn’t even sense her thoughts at all. This pet was just too mysterious.

I looked down and picked up the iron spear. Another disdainful snort later, the little skeleton fell in line as well. Finally, she was acting more like a proper pet.

At the distance, a bunch of players were glaring at me like they could drill holes in my body. So far though, they hadn’t made a move probably because me and my pets made a bizarre combination. A man, a Dark Wasp and a disobedient skeleton that was somehow clad in full armor? No one knew exactly how powerful I was just by looking at me.

Whatever they might think of me, I was feeling pretty insecure myself. If these people suddenly grew balls and fired their Ice Dragon Howls at me, there was literally nothing I could do about it except to accept my fate and die. After all, Thousand Mirage Slash’s cooldown was short, but it was there nonetheless. For a second, I pretended that my Thousand Mirage Slash had no cooldown and imagined what would have happened… hmph! What could these people possibly do to me? I could’ve fought my way out of here and escorted He Yi and Murong Mingyue from the back myself!

I hid at a corner, relaxed my body into a nonchalant posture and kept my expression purposefully cool and blank. As I thought, none of the players felt the desire to challenge my authority, especially since I wasn’t participating in the battle for the Spirit Hall plaza. And why would they, when we didn’t even share a conflict of interest?

Moreover, everyone knew that I was the vice leader of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls and the leader of Bloody Mercenaries. Who would be stupid enough to challenge the leader of a guild with real skill and power?


It was at this moment the outside turned noisy. A group of people were fighting their way into the plaza, and their shotcaller’s voice was very familiar to me. It was none other than the hundred-man party of Mad Dragon, led personally by Roaming Dragon, Iron Pardon, Inconstant, Coldmoon Rose and more. They slaughtered almost all the players blocking the passageway, and almost no one was able to put up any notable resistance whatsoever. They made it all the way to the plaza.

Leading at the front of the group, Roaming Dragon raised his spear and shouted, “Mad Dragon is aiming to take 5 spots in the Devil Spirit Hall, no more, no less! Open up the way and let us through, or we will cut you down without mercy!”

At the same time, Iron Pardon and Inconstant raised their weapons and took out the players standing in their way in two hits. Their arrogance was laid bare for all to see.

Coldmoon Rose on the other hand, was smarter than those two. She only ever used her powerful Devil Piercing Arrow to kill isolated assassins or archers, and she never used her Volley. Volley was an AoE skill, and it took effort to control the direction the attack landed in. In a setting like this, it was practically impossible to not hit a random target. One Volley from Coldmoon Rose, and I guarantee that the bachelors unlucky enough to be caught in the attack would rise up like an unstoppable storm and end Mad Dragon’s hundred-man party in just an instant!

It was at this moment a Level 65 warrior clad in imposing armor stepped out of the group of bachelors and stared defiantly at Mad Dragon. He looked to be about 40 to 50 years old. “Is this a joke? Only 10 people can enter Devil Spirit Hall per day, and your guild wants to take 5 spots for yourself? Do you think we’re invisible or something? Plus, why should we give you 5 spots in the first place? We all have a right to enter the Devil Spirit Hall!”

The guy got a ton of support, and the horde of bachelors started ridiculing Mad Dragon for their tyrannical behavior from every direction. Some even started “greeting” their women and their family.

“Shut up!” Roaming Dragon gritted his teeth and shouted angrily, “Shut up, you motherfuckers! Open up the way, or die!”

The warrior shouted right back, “You’re the one who should die! You want gangster? I’ll show you gangster! Brothers! Let’s kill this cuckold and teach him his rightful place!”

It was yet another free-for-all. This time, it was Bachelors VS Mad Dragon!

Luckily for Mad Dragon, their warriors were surrounding their priests, mages and archers in a protective circle, and once the tamers summoned two pets at once and attacked the bachelors, the fight quickly devolved into a stalemate. It looked like I had vastly underestimated Roaming Dragon’s ability to command his guild members and create a tactical formation.

For a time, swords and magic danced all over the place. An innumerable amount of players were dying by the second, and the plaza was drenched in blood in just the blink of an eye.

I checked the time and noted that there was still 15 minutes before the Devil Spirit Hall officially opened. Man, these people sure knew how to have fun!

It wasn’t long before Mad Dragon’s players started decreasing drastically. Panicking, Roaming Dragon shouted, “Rose, send a message to the guild and tell them to send over another group of players. These fuckers, I refuse to believe I can’t deal with a bunch of untrained rabble!”

Coldmoon Rose nodded, but her eyes betrayed a hit of exasperation. It looked like she had noticed as well that Mad Dragon’s excessive aggression had resulted in the exact opposite of what he wanted.


Mad Dragon’s reinforcements didn’t arrive in time to help Roaming Dragon out of his pickle. Instead, a Mad Dragon archer suddenly rushed into the scene and shouted in a panic, “Boss, the dozens of brothers we placed outside were all annihilated by the enemy…”

Roaming Dragon exclaimed in shock. “Goddamn sonuvabitch! Who’s the fucker who killed my men?!”

“Flower Room, it’s Flower Room…”

A group of players poured into the entrance as if on cue, and the leader was none other than the rapier-wielding Young Master Le. He was accompanied by his warriors, Spring Mud and Moon Shadow; his archer, Night Sorrow and his mage, Life of Luxury. The elites of Flower Room were all here, and their accompanying members numbered almost a hundred. Their entrance was practically as flashy as Mad Dragon’s just now!

“Hahaha, get ‘em boys! Purge all forces that don’t belong to us from this plaza!” Li Le laughed loudly.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Roaming Dragon was feeling uncomfortable to say the least. He roared angrily at Li Le with bloodshot eyes, “Fuck you, Li Le! How dare you kick a man when he’s down!”

Li Le sneered at him, “Lu Chao, I’ve been wanting to fuck you over since day one! You’re just a Mad Dragon, and you act like you own the world! Even worse, you looked down on us, Flower Room! Hahaha, I dare you to fight me now, Lu Chao! I can’t wait to see you die!”

Roaming Dragon looked like his veins were about to burst.

Mad Dragon was actually stronger than Flower Room, but they came too soon and they were foolish enough to provoke the gathered bachelors. Caught in a pincer, it was only a matter of time before they were wiped out completely.

Li Le continued to laugh loudly. “Here, I’ll give you a free lesson today: the mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind! Get it, you fucking trash? You love telling people that I’m just a rich guy who built his guild with money, don’t you Lu Chao? Today, you’re going to learn with your body that I’m both rich and intelligent!”

“Your grandma has better brains than you!”

Roaming Dragon raised his spear and rushed Li Le. Spring Mud immediately met him midway and stopped him in his tracks!


The impact was so strong that both sword and spear wielder slid away from each other. Li Le raised one hand and ordered, “Spring Mud, there’s no need to engage him by force. Archers, rain arrows on him!”

However, Li Lie’s joy barely lasted for a couple of minutes before a Flower Room player rushed up to him and shouted, “Boss, it’s bad! The enemy has slaughtered every last one of our archers!”

Li Le exclaimed in shock. “Fuck, who is it?”

“It’s Gods of Destruction! Dominating Heaven Blade and his men are here!”


Li Le clenched his fists before pointing at the right corner of the plaza. He shouted, “Keep fighting and occupy that corner! Get ready to turn back and hold off Dominating Heaven Blade once we reach that corner!”

Hah, it looks like the young master claim of intelligence wasn’t completely a hoax. They would die one hundred percent if they stayed at the passageway, but it was a different story if they managed to burrow deeper inside the plaza.

But a sinister smile spread across Roaming Dragon’s lips as he raised his hand. “Brothers, give ‘em everything you got and keep Flower Room from getting through the staircase! I can’t wait to watch him die with my own eyes!”

This time, it was Li Le’s turn to turn as red as a pig’s liver.

Behind Flower Room, a group of brave warriors cut their way to the passageway. Dominating Heaven Blade wielded a huge blade as usual, and he was accompanied by Dominating Knight God, Dominating Warrior God and his usual entourage. He laughed loudly, “Did I hear something talking about stalking mantises and clever orioles just now? How interesting! I wonder who’s the real oriole here, hahahaha…”

My blood was boiling from all the excitement going on around me. How could I not? It didn’t matter how many chunks of meat the guilds bit off each other’s asses because it would only benefit Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls and Snowy Cathaya in the end!

Don’t stop killing! I clenched my fists and chanted inside my head. It was a shame I didn’t have a drum to beat and cheer them on!

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