Chapter 199: Devil Spirit Hall


After many uneasy and brutal scenes—-

In the mountain valley, the warrior dressed in heroic red armor was on the ground. A beautiful young woman was stepping on his abdomen, holding a longsword shining with moonlight. She looked down on the bruised little warrior with a blood cloak and smiled sweetly. She asked happily, "Lu Chen, are you really giving me the Moonlight Sword?"

"I'll listen to you in everything, just release me!"

The little warrior on the ground wailed, without any of an Asura's authority and air. He hugged the beauty's leg. "The Moonlight Sword is yours, and I am also yours. Sign here if you accept this! Just spare me, o’ great hero!"



Lin Yixin smiled and lifted me up from the ground. As I was brushing off the dust, she suddenly came forward and hugged me, laughing softly. "Thank you, Little Cheat...”

I stilled, and seemed to turn to stone.

When I was able to react, Lin Yixin had already released me, turning back to her normal state if you discount the tinge of red on her face.

Clear Perfume murmured, "Wow, adultery in broad daylight. How can you guys ignore us like that?"

Shadow Chanel said, "What do you mean by adultery? I only see a shameless undead being beaten up. Leader, I support you. Beat him with more force next time. If you need my help, don't be embarrassed and tell me. My friends, Purple Marquis, Shadow Maple and the others really want to beat up Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand...”

Clear Perfume glanced at Chanel. "You really don’t see it?"

"See what?" Chanel blinked and asked.

Clear Perfume sighed. "So pure. If I were a man, I would definitely marry you...”



I rubbed off the footprint on my abdomen and said anxiously, "Fuck, so dangerous. I thought I’d be forced to delete my account... Yiyi, you’re too brutal. You won’t find a husband that way!"

Lin Yixin glared at me. "So what if I can’t marry. I’m happy this way~~"

I smiled bashfully. "Actually... if you and I aren't married after ten years, I can help you and sign my name as your spouse. Really, it's nothing...”

Clear Perfume was shocked. "Damn, he dares to even joke about this. Lu Chen is going to die!"

Chanel nodded.

Lin Yixin turned to look at me. Her purple eyes were complicated. She sighed and said helplessly, "If you dare to tease me again in front of my guild, I will carve your name onto the tombstone...”


I nodded, joyous inside. The hidden meaning was that Lin Yixin didn’t mind me teasing her in private. This was good. It would be a fortunate thing to be together with a stunning beauty like her all the time, whether it was me teasing her or her teasing me.

I took out the other items from the bag. I gave the golden leather wristguards to Clear Perfume and the cloth armor legguards to Shadow Chanel. There was also a necklace with an added 15% healing effect. This naturally went to the only priest of the team.

I looked at the time. It was deep into the night.

I said, "Let’s head back to the city and go sleep. Try to fix your schedule!"

Lin Yixin nodded, and took out the return scroll to crush. She disappeared in front of me.


When I returned to Floating Ice City, I heard a string of system notifications in the sky above the city—


System Announcement: Attention all players. The fifth Level 70 player of Floating Ice City has appeared, officially activating the map "Devil Spirit Hall". The Devil Spirit Hall is located below the Holy Temple of Floating Ice City. There is a daily entry limit of 10 players. Players need to be Level 60 and pay 1000 gold per entry. Inside, experience gained and drop rate will be increased by 10%. Also, the boss of Devil Spirit Hall’s ninth floor has a 100% chance to drop a Divine Martial Token. Upon use, a Divine Martial Token unconditionally increases guild’s rank by 1. Devil Spirit Hall will officially open tomorrow at 14:00!


Lin Yixin was not far ahead of me and had also stopped walking.

I went forward, and muttered, "A Divine Martial Token unconditionally increases guild’s rank by 1. Damn, this is really good. If you get three Divine Martial Tokens, the guild will reach Rank 5, you can enroll 10000 soldiers and sweep through the China server...”

Lin Yixin smiled. "The gaming company is shameless to have such an idea. Only ten people can enter the Devil Spirit Hall. Everyone will be competing. I bet there’ll be rivers of blood at the entrance before it even opens...”

I nodded. "Yiyi, what do you think?"

"Haha...” Lin Yixin looked at me and laughed dumbly. She said, "What else? I’m taking my Moonlight Sword and killing my way in tomorrow. I’ll cut whoever stops me into pizza slices!"


My face convulsed. Thinking of being cut into angled slices like pizza, that would be terrible. I hurriedly said, "I’ll be online at about one or so tomorrow. Let's cooperate. At the very least, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls and Snowy Cathaya's members should not kill each other.”


Lin Yixin smiled. "Then I am going to sleep.”


Lin Yixin suddenly turned around and said, "Right, there is something else I need to tell you.”

"Yes, what is it?"

"The two assassins that ambushed us planning to steal the boss's spoils have been identified!"

"Oh, let me see!"

Lin Yixin nodded and opened her right hand. With a whoosh, a bunch of letters floated above her palm. The information about the two assassins floated in front of me.

Life of Prosperity, professional assassin. Entered the game on the first day. From Jiangsu's Yan City. Once worked for Peach Garden and left two days ago without joining any faction.

Life of Protection, professional assassin. Entered the game on the first day. From Jiangsu's Yangzhou. Left Peach Garden a day ago, and didn't join any other faction.


I frowned. "Both of them were originally from Peach Garden? Hmm, Life of Protection is from Yangzhou. We come from the same place, such karma...”

Lin Yixin laughed softly. "Your hometown is in Yangzhou?"

"Yes, what about it. Guys from Yangzhou aren't bad!" I showed off the muscles on my arm.

Lin Yixin burst into laughter. "Be serious! These two people were originally from Peach Garden. Don't you find it suspicious?"

"Of course!" I smiled faintly. "It is clear that Indigo Collar had planned to attack our two guilds a long time ago. However, the temporary situation is that Gods of Destruction are stronger than Snowy Cathaya and Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. Therefore, Indigo Collar planned for us to work together and then defeat both of us to dominate Floating Ice City.”

Lin Yixin smiled and asked, "Is Snowy Cathaya and Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls' alliance strong enough?"

I shook my head. "Not at the moment.”

"Then how can we strengthen our alliance?"

"Marry me.”

"Go die, you want another beating!"

Lin Yixin waved her fist, wanting to punch me, but I grabbed her hand in time. I laughed. "Yiyi, go sleep early. Peach Garden ambushing our boss is only due to conflict of interest. Don't mind it too much. In the end, we need to establish ourselves in Floating Ice City. Fighting against other factions was inevitable anyway, so let’s take it slow. Now go sleep!"


Lin Yixin nodded, and turned around, leaving behind a beautiful figure. Her name quickly faded and she went offline.

I replenished my potions and repaired my equipment before preparing to go offline. I had to get up early tomorrow. The Devil Spirit Hall would open in the afternoon. No matter what, I had to get in, and then reach the ninth floor to kill the boss and get a Divine Martial Token to have Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls reach Rank 3. A Rank 3 guild could hold two thousand people at maximum, multiplying its power. In the early stages of the game, it was easy to recruit unaffiliated experts. Current recruitment would have a huge effect on our future development!


Smartly, I took my tent and headed for the Holy Temple on my own. I walked along the passageway of the Holy Temple until a plaza appeared in front of me. It was about the size of a soccer field. At the end of the plaza were two guards. I talked with the guards. There was a grayed out option to pay 1000 gold to enter Devil Spirit Hall.

And so, I threw the tent next to the guard, and shamelessly planned to go offline. When I got online, I would be right next to him. Even if there were many players nearby, how could I not squeeze my way through?

I was overjoyed. Nice. I entered the tent and went offline!


I took down the helmet and inhaled deeply. The time in the game was enjoyable but it couldn’t replace reality. I opened the window and greedily inhaled fresh air. The game had become a part of my life. I need to take advantage of my youth and enjoy life!

The hallway was quiet. Everyone was either online or asleep. The dorms were full of snores, but the security booth's light was on.

I looked back. Murong Mingyue and He Yi's rooms were dark. They should be asleep.

I went back to my room and made instant noodles. I sweated in the process, so I took a shower and went to bed. It was already 3 am.

But I couldn’t fall asleep. After more than an hour, I had a wild thought. Is Lin Yixin asleep?

I smiled at the thought. I took out my phone and sent a message to her: "Your posture isn't right. Get up and lay down properly!"

After a few minutes, Lin Yixin sent me a message: "I’m gonna kill you!"

I felt even more pleased seeing this message. I imagined the Fruit Knife Goddess on her bed, touching her phone and fuming with anger enough to kill. Wouldn’t that be the most beautiful scene in the world?

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