Chapter 197: Make An Example

Dominating Mage God's eyes widened. He slowly looked back and said, "It's you...”


With a crisp sound, the sword turned and tore into Dominating Mage God's body. An incomplete corpse gradually fell down and turned cold.

The moment that Dominating Mage God fell down, it revealed the person behind him. This was a warrior dressed in shining armor and of high level. The name above his head told me who he was—

Indigo Collar LV-68 Silver Warrior

Guild Position: Leader of Peach Garden (Rank 1 Guild)


I raised my arm. "Stop!"

Beiming Xue, Gui Guzi and the others stopped giving chase. Lin Yixin also raised her arm. After her order, Shadow Chanel and the others stopped their pursuit.

The situation had changed. Gods of Destruction had wolves behind them and tigers in front. They had been slaughtered by Bloody Mercenaries and their retreat was blocked by Indigo Collar's Peach Garden.

Two days ago, Indigo Collar had gotten his first Hero’s Token and successfully created the Peach Garden guild. He had made a major recruitment at the western gates of Floating Ice City, and developed quickly, but encountering him here was something that none of us had imagined.

Lin Yixin and I stared at each other, puzzled about the situation. It was hard to say whether Peach Garden was a friend or foe.


Indigo Collar slaughtering Dominating Mage God with a single blow was undoubtedly a show of force for Gods of Destruction. Their best mage wasn’t even worth a single blow. He was clearly showing Dominating Heaven Blade that their strength ran much deeper than the cherry boy had predicted.


Blood dripped off the blade. Indigo Collar smiled with a hint of dismissiveness. He waved his hand, and a group of people appeared behind him, including the assassin Moon Scar, the archer Wheel Shadow, the mage Painted Skin and the bard Soft Nocturne among them. These people were all top players, and could fight one against ten!

Dominating Heaven Blade took two steps back in shock. He pointed at the other, looking with a cold gaze and saying angrily, "Indigo Collar, what the fuck is the meaning of this?"

Indigo Collar smiled coolly. "Beating a drowning dog, what else?"

Dominating Heaven Blade looked behind him. Bloody Mercenaries and Snowy Cathaya were clearly on the side of wanting to kill him. Right now, enemies ahead and behind him was not the result Dominating Heaven Blade wanted.

Dominating Heaven Blade took a deep breath and looked at Indigo Collar. He said, "Gods of Destruction have always remained neutral toward Peach Garden, yet you have attacked me today. What do you mean by this? Is this the standard conduct of Peach Garden?"

"I have my own principles and standards.”

Indigo Collar smiled faintly. "There is the saying that a tree taller than the forest will be the first to be cut. You, Dominating Heaven Blade, say that Gods of Destruction is the top guild of Floating Ice City. I don’t agree with this. So today, since Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls' Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand and Snowy Cathaya's Wind Fantasy are both present, how about we fight here and determine who is the top guild of Floating Ice City?"

I raised my eyebrows and said, "What, Indigo Collar, you want to fight Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls?"

Lin Yixin didn’t give up an inch and said with a smile, "It is very lively now. Peach Garden, so low-key in the past, is coming out of the shadows with a bang. The competition in Floating Ice City is growing more spectacular~~"

Indigo Collar looked at us and didn't say anything. However, he did not disguise the pride in his eyes. This guy finally showed his colors. Once Peach Garden created their guild, they dismissed me and Lin Yixin, their attitudes clearly showing “I am the only one in the world”.

"Kill, don't leave any Gods of Destruction members behind!"

Indigo Collar waved his arm. Almost a hundred elite players charged out from behind him and swept toward Gods of Destruction.

Dominating Knight God charged with his spear. He was covered in arrows and gave an angry shout, "Fuck, Peach Garden, you are vicious. Just wait and see. I’m gonna gather everyone from Gods of Destruction and kill you bastards!"

Before he finished speaking, Indigo Collar moved forward, and briskly swung his sword toward Dominating Knight God's neck. He slashed out, Blaze sparkled, and a high damage number rose—1540!

Tsk tsk, a few days no see, and Indigo Collar's attack power had increased greatly!

Once Dominating Knight God died, the strongest barrier of Gods of Destruction disappeared, and their defense formation was torn apart.

The Ice Dragon Howls constantly crashed on them from above. Dominating Archer God fell immediately. Dominating Warrior God tried to use Charge but was killed by the numerous archers.

Gods of Destruction had elite members but they did not have powerful stats, and couldn’t charge into the enemy camp in a large battle like this. They were unable to create any momentum against Peach Garden's force of nearly three hundred people.

Dominating Heaven Blade had a serious expression. Arrows stuck out from all over his chest. He felt down, kneeling on the ground on one knee. His sword stuck into the ground. He held his head high, unwilling, his HP nearly empty.

Indigo Collar took a step forward and swung his sword!


A tragic line of blood appeared on Dominating Heaven Blade's neck. His HP completely disappeared and he finally fell to the ground.

The remaining players of Gods of Destruction lost all their morale after their leader died and decided to calmly accept death.


In a battle less than five minutes long, thirty-something Gods of Destruction members were all dead.

Indigo Collar held his sword and sneered. "The top guild? They’re nothing special...”

As he said this, Indigo Collar looked toward me and Lin Yixin. He smiled slightly. "How about Snowy Cathaya, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls and Peach Garden work together to erase Gods of Destruction from Floating Ice City?"

Lin Yixin remained silent and just looked coolly at Indigo Collar.

I pointed at Dominating Heaven Blade's corpse and said, "We wanted to kill this person. You clearly stole our kill and spoils.”

Indigo Collar laughed. "No problem, Dominating Heaven Blade's drops are on the ground, yes? Peach Garden won't take any one of them. You can take them all!"

Indigo Collar shouted, "Brothers, let's go level up. We will kill Dominating Heaven Blade and the others after they revive!"

As sudden as a spring wind, Peach Garden strutted away majestically.


Gazing at the backs of these people, I said lowly, "It appears that trying to be on good terms with Indigo Collar and recruiting them to be allies is not plausible.”

Beiming Xue blinked and said, "Boss, didn't that person just say to work together to kill Gods of Destruction? Why is it not possible?"

I smiled. "Lil Beiming, your thoughts are too naive. Just now, why did Peach Garden kill Dominating Heaven Blade in front of us? Their action is not just to impact Gods of Destruction, but also to show Snowy Cathaya and Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. They only have one goal, make an example to intimidate us.”

Lin Yixin nodded, her purple eyes filled with intelligence. She said with a smile, "Yes, Indigo Collar is not a simple person. I have a feeling this person has more ambition than Dominating Heaven Blade, or rather, he is more proud than Dominating Heaven Blade!"

As I spoke, Lin Yixin turned to me and asked with a smile, "Lu Chen, what kind of tactic would you use against someone like this?"

I thought and said, "Punch them until they are crippled and docile!"


Lin Yixin was in great agreement and smiled brightly. "Hmph hmph, Indigo Collar killed Dominating Heaven Blade in front of us today, clearly to make a show for us. This is good. I felt that Gods of Destruction was unable to withstand a single blow. Now that Peach Garden has appeared, the battle for Floating Ice City has finally started!"

I coughed and said, "Let's continue our quest. Kill the boss, and go to sleep. What time is it...”


I sent 50 Bloody Mercenaries players to guard the corpses of Dominating Heaven Blade and the others. We couldn’t let them revive when we were fighting the quest boss. Also, I had Gui Guzi, Beiming Xue and her group of archers and mages come help kill the boss with their long-range damage!

This time, it was completely volunteer work. Even I didn't get much payment. But this was nothing. With Gui Guzi and I as meatshields, and a large group of people attacking together, no boss would be able to withstand it.

We quickly cleaned out the minor monsters around the command tent with our group attacks.

I held the Ghost Ice Soul and went to lure the boss. When I opened the bloody door curtain, a noxious odor came. I saw an enormous table in the tent, with countless kinds of fruits and a half-cooked wild boar. On the side, an enormous black bull-headed monster was eating, a boar leg in his hand and spittle flying everywhere.

Stomper Dirk (Tauren Tribal Chief) (Dark Gold Rank Boss)

Level: 75

Attack: 500~750

Defense: 600

HP: 105000

Skills: ???

Introduction: Ever since Cartier Continent fell, the beastmen split into thousands of branches that filled each corner of the Heavenblessed Continent. These resilient beastmen have different leaders, and kill for their survival. Stomper Dirk, chief of this tauren tribe, possesses great power, and has killed countless human heroes with his axe.


Fuck, a Dark Gold Rank boss. It’s bound to drop great equipment!

The tauren boss suddenly sniffed and said in a rough voice, "I smell the scent of undead souls. What has come to visit my territory?"

As it spoke, it looked up, its dark brown eyes filled with golden light as it looked directly at me. It suddenly grew angry and charged over with its battle axe. It shouted angrily, "Damned undead, you dare to interrupt my lunch, die!"


The battle axe swept toward me. I immediately assumed a defensive stance. After a thunderous thud, I was thrown out of the main tent by the tauren boss's axe swing!

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