Chapter 195: Settling Scores

Coming to a stop, Dominating Heaven Blade checked the surroundings and found a bunch of tauren corpses on the ground. He swore coldly, “Fuck! Why aren’t they here? Was the intel bad after all?”

Dominating Warrior God shook his head. “Impossible. They wouldn’t run unless they knew we were coming! But that doesn’t make sense either. Our assassin had been tailing them from beyond their field of view, so how could they possibly know that we’re coming?”


Dominating Heaven Blade pulled out his blade and split a nearby rock into two. He declared angrily, “Listen up! Snowy Cathaya took Moonlight Forest from us, and they’re not getting away with the slight for free! Keep your guard up and search the area! Wind Fantasy and her goons must still be around here somewhere!”

Dominating Warrior God nodded in response. “Boss, are you sure you want to officially declare war against Snowy Cathaya?”

Dominating Heaven Blade replied with eyes that were overflowing with killing intent. “Hmph! Snowy Cathaya’s the one who took Moonlight Forest from us first, so we’re only returning the ‘favor’. Starting today, Snowy Cathaya is the enemy of Gods of Destruction! Only one of us will be left standing in the end!”

The corners of Dominating Warrior God’s mouth turned upward. “In that case, can I make a request, boss?”

A sneer spread across Dominating Heaven Blade’s face. “You want Wind Fantasy? Hmph, I heard that she’s currently living in Suzhou. Once Snowy Cathaya is destroyed, feel free to seek her out there. Of course, it’s up to you whether you can get her or not.”

Dominating Warrior God’s smile grew even more vulgar than it already was.


Inside the forest, Lin Yixin gripped her sword tightly and glared at our enemies like she could burn them alive with her gaze. “Dominating Heaven Blade! Dominating Warrior God! If there’s one thing they’re right about, it’s that only one of us will be left standing in the end! The bastard wants to look for me in Suzhou? Let him try! Someone will be carrying him out on a stretcher when I’m done with him!”

I stared at her. “Just to be sure, but how are you going to deal with him exactly? The violent way or the non-violent way?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I wouldn’t want you to ‘suck’ the life out of him, if you get what I mean…”

“OMG! You’re making fun of me at a time like this?”

Lin Yixin glared at me for a moment before sighing. “Anyway, what should we do next?”

My eyes turned serious as I shot the party a question. “How many people know that you’re leveling here?”

Clear Perfume answered, “We spoke about it one time in the guild channel.”

I sucked in a deep breath and declared, “Well, it’s confirmed then. Snowy Cathaya has been infiltrated by enemy spies!”

Shadow Chanel exclaimed in shock, “But… but how can that be?”

“There’s nothing to be surprised about. There will always be spies in big guilds like ours,” Lin Yixin replied with a calm smile.

I nodded. “Yeah. What are you planning to do, Yiyi? Do you want to root out the spies?”

“No, leave them. I have a use for them when the time is right.” Lin Yixin faced toward the Gods of Destruction team again and said, “Right now, they are our biggest, most immediate problem. How do you suggest we take them out?”

I replied, “We jump out of our hiding spot and kill them, duh…”


Lin Yixin rolled her eyes at me. “I know you’re strong, but what do you think your chances of winning are if you have to fight against Dominating Heaven Blade, Dominating Knight God, Dominating Arrow God, Dominating Mage God and Dominating Warrior God alone?”

I ran the thought in my head before answering, “0%...”

“Good to know that your self-awareness is still working properly…”

Lin Yixin gave me an exasperated smile before saying, “I’ll ask around in the guild and check if I can mobilize the closest forces we have!”



A few minutes later, Lin Yixin’s beautiful face slowly turned chilly. “Fuck… the leveling squad closest to us is at Wild Boar Forest. That’s at least an entire hour away from here!”

I couldn’t help but smile. “I guess there’s no way we’re beating them then. You won’t blame me if I tell Dominating Heaven Blade I’m just a cheerleader, will you? Maybe he’ll overlook me and let me live…”

Lin Yixin gritted her teeth and swung her fist threateningly at me. “And you call yourself a friend?”

“We still have time to teleport back to the city.”


Lin Yixin hesitated for a moment before glancing at Gods of Destruction and the commander’s camp. The boss was right there. They were one step away from claiming the quest reward. She just couldn’t find it in herself to give up after coming this far.

“No, Snowy Cathaya and Gods of Destruction are eternal enemies…” Lin Yixin declared and glared angrily at Gods of Destruction.

I smiled. “Very good. If you don’t clash against one another, there won’t be a conflict for Bloody Mercenaries to profit from…”


Lin Yixin rolled her eyes at me again before saying, “Anyway, can you cut the bullcrap already and tell us what to do? Dominating Heaven Blade only brought 30 players with him. They’re all elites, but their low player count is still something we can exploit!”

I hid a chuckle before lowering my voice. “Excluding you and me, Qingqing and Shadow Chanel are the only ones in our party who can deal some damage. You know that, right?”


Completely out of ideas, Lin Yixin got so anxious that she was stomping her feet. However, she couldn’t come up with any usable plan at all. It was so funny that I rubbed my palms together and chuckled.

Lin Yixin stared at me. “You’re laughing at a time like this? Wait, does that mean you have a plan?”

I nodded. “Yep!”

After speaking to my own guild, I learned that Beiming Xue and Gui Gizi were leading a hundred-man party and leveling at a forest just a couple of kilometers away from here. It would only take them around ten minutes to reach us!

So I pulled up my friend list and sent a message to Beiming Xue: “Lil Beiming, tell your hundred-man party to stop leveling and lead them to these coordinates (23409,11670) right away. Dominating Heaven Blade and his elite goons are about to attack Snowy Cathaya here. Catch them from behind and annihilate all of them!”

Beiming Xue replied almost immediately after she got the message. “Okay, Gui Guzi and I will be coming immediately. Don’t die until we get there, boss!”



“Reinforcements?” Lin Yixin smiled.

“That’s right!” I nodded. “Gui Guzi and Beiming Xue are rushing over with a hundred-man party, and they’ll be arriving in around ten minutes!”


Lin Yixin smiled and gripped her sword happily. “Then let’s attack them when the reinforcements are about to show up. We’ll catch them in a pincer and annihilate them all!”



Not far away, the party led by Dominating Heaven Blade was on the move again.

Dominating Arrow God was firing at a couple of Tauren Warriors and drawing their attention when he said, “Boss, why don’t we kill all these taurens first? It also looks like there’s a boss inside that stone fort. Seeing that Wind Fantasy isn’t here, I’m sure she caught wind of us somehow and ran away before we arrived. But it’s not all bad, right? This’ll be the first time we steal a boss from under Snowy Cathaya’s nose, hahaha!”

Dominating Knight God nodded in agreement. “He’s right, boss. Let’s just wipe out the mobs outside so we can lure out the boss!”

Dominating Heaven Blade smiled, but his eyes were stone cold. “Don’t be childish. Do you really think Wind Fantasy’s the type to give up this easily? Do you really think she could build Snowy Cathaya into a super guild if she was really all breast and no brains?”


The fact that Dominating Heaven Blade was treating Lin Yixin this seriously was proof of her strength.

I let out a light cough and sneaked a glance at Lin Yixin. Her perfect slopes looked like they were threatening to spill out of her armor piece, not to mention her thin waist and long legs. The gods must really love her to bless her with such an amazing body.

“What are you looking at?”

Lin Yixin glared at me, but she couldn’t hide the embarrassment in her purple pupils. “Bastard, don’t tell me you thought that I’m all breast and no brains?”

I shook my head and said in a small voice, “Of course not, our Yiyi is as smart as they come. Besides, you’re not big—”


Quick as lightning, Lin Yixin threw a heavy punch at me before puffing up her chest in anger and shame. “You bastard, you Little Cheat! Say another word and I’ll light a sky lantern under you! What do you mean I’m not big…”

My heart was racing, and my face was red. She’s so cute I’m not sure where to start.

It was at this moment a shout came from the distance, “Boss, I see them! They’re hiding—”


Before he could finish his sentence, an iron arrow cut through the air and punctured the mage’s throat. It was a one-shot!

Clear Perfume withdrew her bow and commented calmly, “Oh mother. They’ve found us…”


Lin Yixin pulled out her sword and walked out of her hiding place resolutely. The way her hair swayed to her movement and her milky white cape fluttered behind her back, she really looked like a war goddess in every sense of the word.

Lin Yixin then pointed her sword at Dominating Heaven Blade and declared defiantly, “I heard Gods of Destruction is going to declare war on Snowy Cathaya. I hope you won’t come to regret your decision, Dominating Heaven Blade!”

Everyone looked surprised. They didn’t expect her to be hiding this close to them and remain undetected for so long. It was part of the game’s design, however. A player hiding in a complicated terrain wouldn’t be shown on the minimap.

Dominating Warrior God smiled vulgarly at her before licking his lips. “Tsk tsk, you’re looking more and more beautiful each day, pretty. It’s not everyday the high-level members of two big guilds get to meet each other in a god-forsaken beastman camp like this, so it must be fate that has brought us together!”

The temperature in Lin Yixin’s expression dropped several degrees lower. “Get out of my sight. You think you’re worthy to speak to me? Tell Dominating Heaven Blade to show his face already!”

Dominating Warrior God turned red with anger. Clearly, he couldn’t stand being looked down upon by the goddess he admired. Most men were like that.

Dominating Heaven Blade stepped out with his giant blade in tow. Watching Lin Yixin coldly, he said, “I guess we may as well spill it all out today. That’s right! There can only be one king in Floating Ice City, and it was always a matter of time before Gods of Destruction and Snowy Cathaya clashed against each other! Let’s settle our score right here and now, Wind Fantasy!”

Lin Yixin sneered at him. “You want to settle the scores? Okay! You can start by taking your own life…”


Dominating Heaven Blade nearly choked on the retort. He said indignantly, “I didn’t want to do this, but Snowy Cathaya just wouldn’t back down! Hmph! You’re not going to cry injustice when we wipe you out with our superior numbers, will you?”

Lin Yixin smiled lightly and planted her sword on the ground. “Well, what are you waiting for? Show me what the ‘gods’ of the Domination Clan are made of! You understand that it takes a special kind of stupid to call yourself the second strongest guild in China without anything to back it up, right?”

Her merciless remark pierced right through Dominating Heaven Blade’s heart. While it was true that Gods of Destruction was the second strongest guild in China during the end game of Spirit of Grief, their achievements in Heavenblessed weren’t nearly as boastworthy. Although they were still a force to be reckoned with, their best players had already fallen behind their competitors in terms of pure skill and power. Today, they couldn’t even call themselves the strongest guild in Floating Ice City.

Snowy Cathaya, Bloody Mercenaries, Mad Dragon, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls and more. Everyone was trying to carve a spot for themselves in Heavenblessed, and in this world Gods of Destruction needed great reputation and an even greater strength to come out ahead of all their competitors. Unfortunately for them, they had proven themselves to be inferior again and again every time they clashed against Snowy Cathaya or Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls.


I could see Dominating Heaven Blade’s facial muscles twitching visibly even from where I was standing. He then said coldly, “Brothers, get ready to kill the Fruit Knife Goddess!”

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