Chapter 192: Shining Battle Axe

I looked at the direction Clear Perfume was pointing to and saw a giant wielding two axes deep inside the camp. His face was covered in scars, and his skin looked as rugged as an old mandarin orange peel. Clearly, the beastman had a thick face and extraordinary Defense. Besides that, he was about two people tall, bald-headed and clad in a lustrous black armor. The pair of fangs beneath his lips were literally glinting like gold beneath the sunlight.


Wild Roar Golden Fang (Gold Rank Boss)

Level: 72

Attack: 520~700

Defense: 650

HP: 72000

Skills: ???

Introduction: After the collapse of the Cartier Continent, the beastman clan split into tens of thousands of smaller tribes and scattered to every corner of the Heavenblessed Continent. These tenacious beastmen obeyed different leaders, and they led a life of violence and murder in order to survive. Wild Roar Golden Fang was a powerful beastman warrior who climbed through the ranks and ultimately became the tribal chief. His twin axes reaped the lives of many human warriors.


I clicked my tongue and said, “Would you look at that Attack! I wonder how it feels to be hit by his axes…”

Lin Yixin blinked cutely as she stared at the boss. Suddenly, she asked me, “Do you think his fangs are made of real gold? If we can pull it off and sell it at a store, it should be worth a lot of money, right?”

I nodded. “Yeah, that battle axe looks nice too. If we’re lucky enough to get a drop and sell it to the auction house, I guarantee you it’ll sell for at least 20000 gold!”

“Wow, 20000 gold?” Lin Yixin’s eyes turned dreamy for a second.

Clear Perfume shot us both disdainful looks. “Fuck, you guys are such gold fanatics…”

Shadow Chanel interrupted calmly, “Shall we begin? The boss may be a bit too much for our boss to fight directly, so Broken, go tank that bastard!”

The corner of my mouth twitching, I looked at Lin Yixin and asked, “WTF, come on. Can you please ask your guild member not to call me ‘Broken’...”

Lin Yixin replied helplessly, “It’s her freedom to call you whatever she likes.”


Gripping the Ghost Ice Soul and carrying the Dark Wasp with me, I strode toward the boss while calling out to our healer, “Beauty Scattered Rain, keep an eye on my HP and keep me pumped, yeah?”

Scattered Rain nodded. “No problem. I have enough Magic Consumables to keep pumping until you’re done!”

Lin Yixin: “...”

Clear Perfume: “...”

Shadow Chanel: “...”

Anyway, once I got to about 35 yards away from the boss, I readied my sword and charged the boss!


I zipped toward the boss with lightning speed and stunned it successfully. Then, I threw out my opening combo, Ice Ray and Slayer Slash!



Wonderful, the boss's 650 Defense was like paper before my 755 base Attack. Besides that, my actual Attack after all the boosts from both my equipment and my skills should be around 1000 or so.

The Golden Fang boss immediately rose to his feet and swung his axes. He shouted loudly, “Come at me, you damned invaders! For the honor of our race and for the pride of the beastmen, I will fight to the very end!”

Suddenly, the boss's battle axes became covered in flames. Then, he stared at my shoulder and attacked!

“Lu Chen watch out!”

Lin Yixin shouted from behind me, seemingly sensing the power behind the boss's attack. It was a fact that the difference between a 700-Attack boss and a 700-Attack elite mob was day and night, and their attack moves normally contained stats that were hidden from the player’s view such as increased damage, defense piercing and so on. A 700-Attack elite mob might not be able to break through a good player’s Defense, but a 700-Attack boss might just be strong enough to make them dance like his bitch!

I immediately raised the Ghost Ice Soul, crouched and assumed a defensive stance with lightning speed!


The flame-covered battle axe hit my Ghost Ice Soul with a resounding clang. The fact that blue light was surrounding me meant that I had executed the move properly.


Nice. The fact that the boss only managed to deal this little damage to me was a testament to the power of the skill!

However, using a defensive skill also cost me aggro, so the boss moved away from me and attacked Lin Yixin instead!


Behind me, Lin Yixin suddenly sped up and dodged the attack perfectly. A huge hole appeared when the boss's axe hit the ground with a loud crack. Tsk tsk, this Golden Fang boss sure got some muscles!

Lin Yixin’s snow-colored cape flapped behind her as she ran behind the boss and stared at him with glowing eyes. It had been a long while since I saw Moon Gaze!

A dagger appeared in her hand. The Fruit Knife Goddess is about to show off her power!


The dagger pierced the back of the boss's head as Lin Yixin activated Extreme Break. Then, she followed up the attack with a vicious swing of her sword!


I praised her prowess in my head: Whew, what incredible burst damage!

When I noticed that the boss was chasing after Lin Yixin, I hurriedly ran up to him and executed my own signature combo, Pardon + Desperate Gambit!



Extreme Break already reduced the boss's Defense by a lot, and Pardon only added to his misery. It was only natural that I would be able to deal this much damage.

But Scattered Rain and Clear Perfume weren’t used to this seeing this kind of damage, so their mouths fell open as they gasped. “These two are so amazing…”

Even Shadow Chanel looked astonished before she caught herself and snorted. “Hmph, that show-off!”


After Lin Yixin fell to half health, and the Dark Wasp and I did a considerable number to the boss, I was finally able to pull aggro back to myself. In all seriousness, Lin Yixin really needed to upgrade her Defense considering that the boss was able to delete almost 2000 HP with just two basic attacks.

Of course, this was only because Lin Yixin’s opponent was a Level 72 boss. The fact was that not even a top-tier player like Dominating Heaven Blade or Gui Guzi would’ve fared much better than her in this case. During the early game, a boss was usually defeated by bodythrowing a shitton of players at it. For example, Mad Dragon, Gods of Destruction and Flower Room all used the renowned “human wave” tactic to throw their melee fighters at the boss to keep its attention while the long-range attackers shot at it until it was dead. The loot was then distributed to a certain melee fighter to create an ace tank. Finally, the ace tank would replace the cannon fodders and participate in future boss fights. In general, every guild used the same tactic during the beginning of the game.

As for me, my trip to Myriad Poison Cave gave me just enough loot to “graduate”the Main Tank Academy so to speak. From now on, I could face any boss below Level 80 without fear as long as I was supported by a couple of priests!


The battle went smoothly besides a couple of hitches here and there. The boss's deadliest skill was no trouble to me, and I suffered no stat penalty due to level suppression because I was only two levels below the boss. Besides that, my stats were high enough that I could facetank Golden Fang without any problem, not to mention that it simply lacked the power to delete 3300 HP in one go.

While Scattered Rain was healing me, she said, “I never thought you can fight a boss like this. In the past, every boss fight was like a scene from the Great Escape where meatshields are used and discarded like toilet papers. I guess the legendary Unkillable War God’s the real deal after all!”

Lin Yixin deleted a huge chunk of the boss's HP before replying, “Little Rain, you wanna try not healing our Unkillable War God and witness his immortality in action?”

“That sounds like a great idea!”

I yelled at them, “Fuck, quit playing around! The boss is about to die!”

I doubled the ferocity of my attack. I might have forfeited the loot, but I never said I would forfeit the kill experience. If I could get the last hit on the boss, the experience I would get would be several times higher than otherwise.

I let out a laugh as the Ghost Ice Soul glowed brightly. “Yiyi, you ready for the final blow? Let’s see who gets the last hit of the boss!”

Lin Yixin nodded and stared at the boss's health bar, calculating. “Hmm, how much is 15% of 70000 HP? 20k? If I use Moon Gaze and Extreme Break, I could probably hit for 6000 HP. That should be enough, right? Right!”

My eyes turned as wide as saucers. “Your math is amazing…”

“You’re welcome~~”

Lin Yixin executed her combo as promised, but unfortunately for her, the boss still had a small shred of HP left!

I followed through and executed my own Pardon + Desperate Gambit!

“Roar roar…”

Wild Roar Golden Fang let out a cry and perished. At the same time, it exploded into a shower of items and increased my experience by a lot; around 25% or so. Amazing!

“Eh? It actually dropped an axe?” Lin Yixin exclaimed in surprise before lifting one with her arms. “Wow, it’s so heavy…”

I gave the weapon a look. The long axe was almost longer than Lin Yixin herself, so of course she wasn’t going to use this in battle. It was more suitable for a barbarian, which Floating Ice City had no shortage of. Every day, these barbarian warriors hogged a corner of the gates and bounced their pecs in an attempt to seduce female passersby.

In fact, I was planning to pick a barbarian race myself, but not because I wanted to flex my powerful pecs, but because I wanted their sexy chest hair!

“Lu Chen, do you want it? It’s a Gold-grade axe…” Lin Yixin asked with a smile and shared the stat screen with me.


Shining Battle Axe (Gold-grade)

Attack: 125~170

Strength: +25

Stamina: +20

Passive: Increases user’s Strength by 40

Level Requirement: 65


Damn, another weapon with a higher Attack than the Ghost Ice Soul, one that adds 40 points of Strength no less! It was an excellent item for sure!

I stared at the Shining Battle Axe pressing up against Lin Yixin’s chest and gulped visibly. What or who exactly was I gulping to? Who cares? It wasn’t like I could have either of them. I gave my word earlier that I wouldn’t take any loot for myself, and I wasn’t a man who broke a promise, especially in front of six beautiful girls. I had no need for a lifetime of scorn.

“Thanks, but I don’t need it… axes are too heavy and unwieldy for me. This is best left to those brawny players who only know how to swing at the general direction of the enemy…” I said.

Lin Yixin nodded with a smile. “Very well, I’ll sell this cheap to Zi Chuanyu. His skill is breathtakingly bad, and this is the perfect weapon for him!”


I nodded. A leader who took good care of their subordinates was a good leader. I wasn’t surprised that Lin Yixin would give the axe to Zi Chuanyu.

After she put away the battle axe, she moved on to the next equipment and pulled out metal armor wristguards from beneath Golden Fang’s leg. She was positively beaming when she saw its stats.

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