Chapter 191: Keeping A Dog

There were three damaged beastmen camps amid the peaks. The camps were crude, about a dozen huts, with a large pot hung in the middle. The fire under it had been extinguished long ago. The soup in the pot was cold, and revealed a row of white ribs with flesh. I couldn’t tell whether they originally belonged to an animal or human. Both were possible.

I was slightly excited and rubbed my hands. "I've never seen what beastmen in Heavenblessed looked like. I am very excited...”

Clear Perfume said, "Green skin, thick and crude with fangs, like a barbarian!"

I nodded and smiled, saying, "Qingqing, do you know? The barbarians are actually the product of reproduction between beastmen and humans. Mutations across generations caused beastmen traits to fade away, eventually letting them live among humans. However, each barbarian has a hidden instinct. If they encounter danger, it will stimulate their hidden beastly nature. Then, their Attack, Defense, and HP will multiply and become unstoppable!"

Lin Yixin glanced at me, the corners of her mouth rising. She said with a smile, "Don't speak nonsense. I've only seen your beastly nature...”

"When did I show my beastly nature?"

"You killed your trainer. Isn’t that beastly?"

"WTF. But you helped that time...”

"I was just helping the tyrant. I didn’t eat or sleep well in the days after.”


Just as we were discussing when the barbarian players in Floating Ice City would expose their beastly nature, we reached the fourth beastman camp.

In the distance, smoke rose into the sky as beastly howls sounded in the valley.

Everyone hid in the bushes and looked closely into the distance, preparing our attack strategy.

"Fuck, they keep dogs?"

I turned and asked. I found Lin Yixin's face clearly in front of me. She was looking behind me. When I turned around, our faces were closer than 10 centimeters apart!

I’d never observed this bright-eyed beauty at such a close distance so I couldn't help but take another look. I swallowed my saliva.

Lin Yixin was both amused and exasperated. She kicked me and said, "You’re still looking?"

"Yes, they keep dogs. Everyone, prepare to throw meat buns...” I was speaking nonsense.

Lin Yixin gritted her teeth. "What dogs? Those are the werewolves among the beastmen. Look closely. Do your eyes see anything clearly except women?"

I looked and indeed, it was a werewolf!

Covered in fur all over, he had a wolf's head and a human's body. He wore crude armor, and held an enormous black blade. It looked like a chopping saber. The wolf head was snarling, and the fangs dripped with saliva. Its brown eyes betrayed its hunger for flesh.

I sighed in shock. "These werewolves are so handsome...”

Lin Yixin giggled. "Yes, if you put on their armor and take up their blades, you can become one of them without needing to put on makeup...”


Ignoring my ranting, Lin Yixin pointed at the other side and said with a smile, "Lu Chen, look, werewolves are nothing. There are porcupine beastmen there!"


I looked over and found several human-porcupine hybrids in the grass, using tree branches to pick their teeth. Their heads looked like pig’s, but with many spikes protruding outward. It must have been really hard to live with such a head. A sin to live really!

Clear Perfume laughed. "There’s more over there! Snake people in the east!"

Accompanied by hissing sounds, several slender figures appeared. These were snakemen. They all had four limbs, two hands holding a spear, as they slithered to move. They were covered in scales. Their heads were scary, neither that of human, nor snake. They were constantly flicking their tongues.

Lin Yixin pressed her lips together and thought for a moment. "They are all Level 72 elite monsters. Everyone, be careful. Werewolves have high attack speed but low Defense. Porcupines have strong Attack and Defense, but are slow all across the board. Snakemen have high miss rate.”

I looked at her. "You seem to know a lot about beastmen."

The beauty puffed out her chest like a proud little princess. "Of course, one has to know their enemy to win!"


Lin Yixin pulled out her sword and said with a smile, "Prepare to attack. We’ll first take care of the werewolves from the flank and then take care of the porcupines, leaving snakemen for the end. In short, divide and conquer!"


Lin Yixin was a natural leader. Other than the motivation of being a beauty, she had her unique strategic understanding that was enviable.


I went forward with my longsword and said, "Lure ten monsters at a time. We can deal with them faster then!"

"You tired of living or something?" Lin Yixin asked.

I smiled faintly. "Scattered Rain will pocket heal me. When I lure the monster horde over, Qingqing will use Volley. Chanel will use Arctic Rain for an AoE attack. The slowing CC will guarantee my safety.”

As I spoke, I sprinted forward. After making a circle, eleven werewolves charged with their enormous black blades, screaming, "Those damnable humans are coming again!"

I deliberately gathered the monster horde, and suddenly turned around for a Thousand Mirage Slash!


The six sword streaks fell into the monster horde. All of the werewolves shook. Damage numbers between 1000 and 2000 popped up above their heads. There were even two critical attacks that reached nearly 3000 damage!

Clear Perfume, Shadow Chanel and the other women gaped. No one had imagined my attack power and attack range to be so strong.

I immediately pulled all the aggro. The blades of the werewolves fell down and surrounded me. Clang clang clang. Numerous attack numbers flew up—






The women were shocked by these kinds of damage numbers. Lin Yixin couldn't help but pout. "But these werewolves have over 600 Attack. How can… how can they not even break through Lu Chen’s Defense?"

I was pleased inside. They definitely had never thought that my Defense was 780 on paper, but 1000 with all the passives I had. 600 Attack VS 1000 Defense. The result was obvious, it would be a wonder if they could break through!

Scattered Rain constantly fed me. Adding on my own recovery and potions, I could afford to be extremely arrogant, fighting in the very middle of the horde.

Clear Perfume and the other archer started to use Volley, and Lin Yixin quickly joined me, quickly melting monsters’ HP with Killer Wind Swordplay.

The fight was quick, we killed the eleven werewolves in under three minutes!

Clear Perfume was shocked. "Damn, so you can grind like this...”

Scattered Rain smiled. "Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand's Defense is too high. If it was anyone else, they would’ve been killed in the monster horde. I’ve seen many warriors that were killed because they underestimated their enemies...”

Lin Yixin looked at the experience bar, poked her tongue out, and said, "It’s rising so fast. Lu Chen, you are so beastly, like an animal. This leveling up efficiency far surpasses me on my own!"

I glanced at her. "Hurry up, and go to sleep early!"


Just like this, the eight-person party swept the beastmen camp. The agile werewolves were easy to kill as their attack power was not high. Those porcupines with their high attack power were really a headache. They would swing their heavy hammers, and just one blow would take at least 200 of my HP. With the women behind me, I didn't dare to use the defensive skill. If my aggro reset in the defensive stance and transferred to them, they would suffer.

Luckily, Scattered Rain's healing abilities were good enough, even if her heals were slightly inferior to Murong Mingyue’s. Right now, my equipment and defensive prowess were really impressive. With the addition of Ghost Deity Armor, I was like a small metal fortress. Monsters of similar levels to me, even though they were elite, could not decisively break my defenses.

After our battle, there were many Big Magic Stones that were dropped, as well as some Steel and Bronze–grade equipment. I didn’t take any of them, and just let myself be beaten by monsters and beat them as well.

Lin Yixin waved a Steel-grade shield in her hand and asked, "Lu Chen, a Level 60 Steel-grade shield, do you want it? You could take it back to your master to gain merit~~"

My face convulsed. "No need, my master has a stronger shield...”


Lin Yixin glanced at me and said, "You came over to help on this quest and don't want anything? You took neither equipment nor magic stones. Your fee was also pitifully low. Do you really have no ulterior motives?"

I glanced at her and said, "You are my motive. Is this answer satisfactory?"


Lin Yixin drew out her sword. "You want to duel?"


I rubbed my nose and said, "Forget it. I’m just a side character today, only here to get experience. This quest should reward a lot of experience. I won't take anything from the boss either. You can split it among yourselves.”

I deliberately swept over Lin Yixin's equipment. It couldn't keep up in terms of grade anymore. She still used her Silver-grade Snow Shadow Sword which was even worse than He Yi’s Abyssal Sword. She still had three Gold-grade armor pieces. That’s all she relied on. Compared to other players, this was good, but compared to my Purgatory set, it was greatly inferior. That couldn’t be allowed to continue. The legendary Fruit Knife Goddess should have strong weapons and armor!

Once we completed this A- rank quest, maybe the boss would drop some useful armor and melee weapon. I would happily give them to her.

These were my true thoughts. However, in the eyes of the women, I seemed to have come for Lin Yixin, and just for her beauty.


Clear Perfume suddenly pointed forward. "Take care, everyone. The boss of the fourth camp is here!"

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