Chapter 190: Ten Times The Fee

Seeing the message, I felt an unspeakable anger. I quickly responded: "Fuck! What do you mean ‘selling yourself’?"

Lin Yixin sent over a smiley face. "What? Bloody Mercenaries have always accepted commissions. Isn't that selling yourself?"

I was speechless. I opened the voice system and said, "Speak, what is it?"

Lin Yixin laughed and said, "What kind of attitude is this? Don't worry, I won't have you rob people, and I don’t have any malicious intent toward you. Any more problems?"

I nodded and said, "Our workshop has three don'ts. One, no business with Mad Dragon and Gods and Destruction. Two, no bullying of the old and sick. Three, no exploiting or cheating. Beauty Lin, please respect our professionalism. Don't say that we are selling ourselves, okay?"

Lin Yixin laughed softly. "Alright, definitely not breaking any don’ts here. Why would I need you to bully the old and sick anyway? I can do that myself, right?"

"Damn. So what’s up?"

"Well, Qingqing and the others have received a quest to clear out a cave. It’s a hard quest, and there’s a final boss there that they couldn’t kill. They called me for help, but my Defense and HP are not enough, so I called you instead. What’s your Defense right now?"

"Over 700.”

"WTF. Come here!"

"Let's first discuss the price...”

"Kill that boss for us and I’ll give you 1 gold!"



Lin Yixin was slightly surprised. Subconsciously, I had a feeling I owed her. I just didn’t know what I owed her for. In any case, I’d help her kill this boss and make up for it.

Soon, Lin Yixin sent a party invitation. With a beep, I entered the party. There were eight people: Clear Perfume, Shadow Chanel, and other higher-ups of Snowy Cathaya. However, warriors like Purple Marquis and Zi Chuanyu were not present. Only Lin Yixin, a light wanderer, was an armored class. No wonder she had to call another warrior for help.

When I entered the team, Clear Perfume said with a laugh, "Brother Broken Halberd is here. Everyone, welcome him~~"

The other players flooded me with their respects. Only Shadow Chanel snorted. Clearly, she still remembered the “misunderstandings” between me and the Shadow Clan. Women always held grudges.

I looked at the map. Their dots were in the middle of Frost Forest so I went straight through and met up with them in the forest.

It was morning in the game, and the mist spread through the green forest. A thin cloudy layer hung in the air, dressing the forest in a white gauze dress.

My war boots stepped on the wet grass as I raced along the way, startling many birds.


When I dashed out of the forest, I found a beautiful woman in battle robes walking out of the dense forest. She had a hanging pendant in her hair. Green leaves had tangled into her hair. Two green vines were wrapped around her shoulders, not very thick but extremely resilient.

“Mmmm mmmm…”

The beauty struggled but could not break free of the vines. She looked adorable. In the next moment, she swung her sword and cut all the vines in her anger.

I gaped at the sight. "Yiyi, what are you doing?"

Lin Yixin glanced up at me, and blushed. She said, "Nothing, why did you also come this way?"

"Isn’t it because I saw you here?"

"I’m only gathering herbs, the quest location is in the east...”


Lin Yixin looked at me with an amused gaze. "Alright, then follow me. We’ll go after I finish collecting these herbs.”


Lin Yixin couldn't help but look at me a few times. She made a sound of surprise. "Lu Chen, you changed your helmet and chest armor?"

"Yes, how observant of you!"

"What grade?"

"Dark Steel, trash, let's go~~"

Lin Yixin tilted her head and couldn't help laugh. "The light from these items doesn’t look like Dark Steel grade. You think I’m so easily fooled?"

"Alright, Dark Gold...”


Lin Yixin"s mouth dropped. "Wait, both of them are Dark Gold–grade? With your Flame Dragon Gauntlets from the tournament, wouldn’t that mean you have three Dark Gold–grade armor pieces?"

I nodded. "Right, what about it? Consider joining Bloody Mercenaries. You will be well fed. I can make a position of leader’s wife for you...”

Lin Yixin looked amusedly at me and said, "But the present leader of Bloody Mercenaries is some Amazing Expert. Are you willing to give me up to him?"

My heart throbbed. Of course I wasn’t. Fuck. As expected, I wasn’t a match for Lin Yixin in a verbal spar. I originally planned to tease her, but I was teased in response and my heart surged. I had been utterly defeated.

Du Thirteen was my brother. However, giving this beauty to him... this... definitely not, over my dead body!


I passed through the forest with Lin Yixin and killed my way through an area with Level 75 monsters. These parts were unpopulated. There were bright red herbs growing all over the small hill here. Lin Yixin plucked one and said with a smile, "Look, this is the Rank 6 herb—Bloody Flower. If we gather some more, there are enough ingredients to make several hundred Rank 6 Health Potions. One hundred of them are yours.”

I nodded. "Work hard on gathering then.”

Lin Yixin glanced and said with a smile, "I will, but you have to kill the surrounding monsters and clear the way. You’ll get some experience too...”

I was speechless. "Fuck. I’m the vice leader of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls and you make me do such dirty work...”

Lin Yixin giggled and puffed up her chest. She said proudly, "I’m the leader of Snowy Cathaya. What, is a vice leader serving the leader not the natural law?"

I blurted out, "Isn't serving laying down part of the duties...”

"You want to die?!"

Lin Yixin looked murderously at me, her eyes exasperated and amused.

"Hurry up and gather, there's not much time. Girls should sleep early. See, your sleep schedule has been hectic these last few days. Don’t be surprised if your next period is slightly delayed...”


Lin Yixin shook her head helplessly. "Alright, o’ Ally of Girls, I’ll listen to you this time, and go to sleep after this quest.”


I was given another grand nickname. Ally of Girls. Truly a dazzling moniker.


Soon after, I and the Dark Wasp swept the hill clear of monsters. Lin Yixin cleaned the hill out of herbs. Her mood visibly brightened. She said, holding her sword, "Lu Chen, let's go to this A- quest’s location!"


The two of us moved shoulder to shoulder rapidly through the forest. We reached a hilly area. In the distance, Clear Perfume, Scattered Rain, Shadow Chanel and other women were present. This team had eight members, all of them female and all of them top-tier beauties. Obviously, Lin Yixin was the best.

Other than me, there was a male archer about twenty or so who looked directly at Clear Perfume as though he had ulterior motives.

I saw this and didn't say anything. Clear Perfume glared angrily at me and sent a message: "Hey, Lu Chen, what's with your gaze?"

"Nothing? What...”

"Hmph, you think I can’t see it? Your smile’s so perverted. Why would Yiyi be together with a guy like you... Tell me, what are you smiling about? Otherwise, I will tell Yiyi you are flirting with Chanel...”

"WTF! Alright, fine. I just feel that little archer bro seems to like you?"

Clear Perfume looked speechlessly at me and waved a hand. "He’s not to my taste...”

Lin Yixin looked back. "What taste?"

"No, nothing...” Clear Perfume and I said together.

Lin Yixin: "...”

I hurriedly changed the topic and asked, "Could we share the quest?"

"Of course!"

In the next moment, the quest sharing interface appeared. I confirmed and received the quest rank. This was a quest sent by a patrol team from Floating Ice City. The quest rank was A-. We were to head to Hundred Peak Mountain to kill a group of rebel beastmen. This should be a very profitable quest.

"How much of the quest have you completed?" I asked.

Clear Perfume said, "About 60%. There’s five camps. We went through three but the last two are too hard. The six of us couldn’t do it so we called you and Yiyi to help.”

I immediately turned and glared at Lin Yixin. "Didn't you tell me that only the final boss was left?"

Lin Yixin had a calm expression as she looked up at the sky and said, infatuated, "The clouds in the sky sure are beautiful...”


I couldn’t get off the pirate ship once I got on board so I could only kill along with them. However, this quest's rank was very high, so its rewards could only be generous upon completion.

Therefore, I said, "If this is the case, then the commission fee for this task will be tenfold!"

Lin Yixin nodded with a smile. "As you wish.”

Clear Perfume was shocked. "Yiyi, really? Tenfold... it… isn’t it too unreasonable? Bloody Mercenaries' fee is notoriously high...”

Lin Yixin giggled. "No problem. ‘Tenfold fee’ is just 10 gold...”

Clear Perfume was even more shocked. "Wow, that’s even more unreasonable...”

As she spoke, she turned to me, her beautiful eyes wide. "Lu Chen, be honest. You only wanted 1 gold? This isn’t normal! Do you have some unspoken intentions toward our Yiyi? Are you using this quest to take her as yours?”

Immediately, I sweated. "Fuck, your imagination’s quite vivid, huh?"

Lin Yixin was even more speechless. "Alright, go to the zone, don’t speak nonsense!"


We moved into the mountain valley. This Hundred Peak Mountain, just like its name suggested, consisted of a hundred peaks, all of them gathered up in one place; truly a spectacular sight to behold.

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