Chapter 189: The Battle of Wild Pheasant Ridge

The Ghost Ice Soul turned and then shone with light. After the 6-second cooldown finished, I immediately used Thousand Mirage Slash. Six 6-yard streaks of sword energy came out of the blade and covered the area in front of me. Coincidentally, Flower Room’s players were standing right there! Over a dozen mages, priests and archer closely knit together were hit by the attack!


A lot of dust was blown into the air, but I could still see many four-digit numbers floating up. They were almost all instant kills. Only a Level 62 archer was retreating with a thread of HP. His Defense must have been good to tank Thousand Mirage Slash, but he only had a drop of HP left. I could brush past him and he’d keel over and die.

Suddenly, a rain of arrows came from behind me. The third-promotion archers of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls finally attacked with their Volley.

Murong Mingyue charged forward. She raised her staff and a holy light shield covered my head. I felt warm all over, and my HP went up a large chunk!


Tsk tsk, healing above a thousand. Murong Mingyue was one of the top priests of Floating Ice City!

The scene grew almost comical.

The leader of the Flower Room was killed in one round, and the two vice leaders of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, I and Murong Mingyue, were in the fight. Behind us, the beautiful leader, He Yi, charged into the crowd with her Abyssal Sword and killed two archers consecutively. The enemy arrows clinked off He Yi's shield, unable to break through. Her equipment could be considered very good now.

"Concentrate your attacks, kill the priest first!"

Spring Mud's gaze turned cold as he charged toward Murong Mingyue!

Murong Mingyue looked across and laughed. "Traitor, you want to kill me?!"

Spring Mud stilled. I was already charging out with Ghost Ice Soul in a basic attack!


Spring Mud reacted quickly. As he moved back, he held his sword horizontally in a posture for a defensive skill. Tsk tsk, I hadn't expected this guy to also get a defensive skill book too. Were the rumors on the forums true? Had Li Le really spent tens of thousands of RMB to buy a defensive book? And he gave it to Spring Mud instead of learning it himself?

Geez, he was placing way too much importance on this guy!


The Ghost Ice Soul's blade collided with the enemy sword, creating a burst of sparks. Guard succeeded!


This damage number was something that the enemy could withstand!

Spring Mud's eyes were full of dismissal. "Ha, you are only this capable?"

As he spoke, he suddenly moved forward, his sword rising in the trump card of all melee classes—Blaze!

In a flash, my feet moved back and I raised my blade horizontally!



Also a defensive skill that greatly decreased the other's attack power.

The surrounding players were dumbstruck at the show of skill. Fighting before them were two top players who could smoothly switch between offense and defense. This level of fluidity was not something ordinary people could achieve.

Contempt in Spring Mud’s eyes grew stronger. After he finished his attack, he immediately moved back, his sword held in front of him once again in a defensive skill stance.

Guard had a cooldown of three seconds. In other words, he could use it as he pleased every three seconds. This was the power of this skill.

He Yi's eyes moved and she snorted. "Lu Chen, slaughter him!"


I leapt forward, my sword flashing with the light of Pardon. Immediately, Spring Mud's dismissive gaze faded. My Pardon move had made me famous in Floating Ice City. This was my trademark move that no one dared to look down on!

In midair, I suddenly changed my skill. The blood color on Ghost Ice Soul's blade faded and turned gold. My attack was swift and sharp!

“Crushing Blow!”

Spring Mud couldn’t react in time. His eyes filled with shock, he could not withdraw his Guard. He could only watch as the Ghost Ice Soul broke through his defensive skill and dealt almost double the normal damage!


In a moment, Spring Mud's HP disappeared, his eyes disbelieving and unreconciled. He had not expected to be so easily killed while using a defensive skill!

Pa pa pa...




Three ice flowers exploded on my chest. Three arrows hit the Purgatory War Armor and caused Ghost Deity Armor to hum as well. In the distance, there was an archer shooting repeatedly. This was the former member of Ancient Sword, one of the three heads of Ego workshop, Night Sorrow. This person's Volley skill had leveled up into an Ice Volley which could greatly decrease movement of the target. He was originally a strategic genius, but pity that he followed the wrong person and went to Flower Room with Spring Mud!

If I couldn’t use a person like him, then he could only be killed!

The Dark Wasp gave chase under my command. I could temporarily ignore Night Sorrow. The boss-tier pet would be enough of a headache to take him out of the picture for now. In the meantime, I had to quickly kill the other players of Flower Room. The faster I killed, the less Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls members we would lose!

"Vice leader, behind you!" an Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls warrior shouted.

At the same time, my body shook. Flame erupted on my shoulder. Someone had used Blaze behind my back. So cool!


The attack power was exceptional. Another main fighter of Flower Room!

I turned around and moved away from the other's blade. I looked. As expected, it was Moon Shadow, the third head of the Ego workshop. He had also been a member of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. Pity, he also joined my enemy. I didn’t know what benefits they were promised, maybe the place was full of good food and beauties like Li Le had advertised.

Moon Shadow's movements were elegant and he quickly changed paths. He immediately blocked my way, and raised his sword for a strike!


The blade cut at my shoulder armor and dealt more than 300 damage. His attack power is good!

However, after one attack, Moon Shadow lost his momentum. As he spun around, he discovered that I had changed direction, and moved to his flank. The Ghost Ice Soul gathered power and attacked!

Desperate Gambit!


One strike left him with only a sliver of HP. I pulled my sword back in a reverse strike!



Securing another kill, I dispatched two of the three heads of the Ego workshop.

In the distance, Night Sorrow only had half of his HP left. He was helpless against the Dark Wasp. He shouted, "Quick, let's kill the pet together, fuc-”

Before he could finish the sentence, he suddenly let out a terrified scream, seemingly horrified by the mark that had appeared on his shoulder. A beautiful figure flashed past. It was He Yi.


Blood sprayed, and Night Sorrow fell to the ground.

He Yi's hair flew in the wind, her cloak flapping behind her, and her face unblemished by dust as she looked coolly at the remaining Flower Room players. She laughed softly. "Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls is no longer the same as it used to be. If you want to bully us, go ahead. Flower Room may have three heads of the Ego workshop, but Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls have Falling Dust and Bloody Mercenaries. We are not afraid of you!"

Flower Room's members were stunned. Maybe they had been conquered by the beautiful leader's charisma or by Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls' ferocious counterattack that they all gave up on fighting back. Some of them took out return scrolls and left, and others just fled.

The hill was a mess. Some Pheasants were slowly respawning in the distance. The ground was covered in potions and equipment. Due to my appearance, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls possessed a sharp blade that tore apart the enemy defense, and completely defeated Flower Room!

In reality, Flower Room, while it had been created early, had not been managed well. Li Le was willing to spend money, but wasn't tolerant of people. He was not as good as Roaming Dragon. Also, Li Le found the wrong target to pursue in Lin Yixin. His future could be imagined. The Fruit Knife Goddess would frequently take the elites of Snowy Cathaya and slaughter grinding parties of Flower Room, making it very hard for them to develop.

It could be said that among the large guilds of Floating Ice City, Flower Room’s fate was the most tragic. They tried to find the easy targets but found Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls instead. Weren't they just seeking their own death?

After the battle, we cleaned our spoils and counted our people. We had killed 27 enemy players in battle, including the leader Li Le, Life of Luxury, and the three heads of the Ego workshop. The core strength of their guild had been flattened.

On Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls' side, there were no great losses. But three assassins had overextended. Moon Shadow had killed one. Life of Luxury's Ice Dragon Howl had killed another. The last one had been shot to death by Night Sorrow. In conclusion, this was a battle of the few winning against the many. The enemy attacks had almost been all concentrated on me from the start, but with my three Dark Gold–grade items, my Defense was like stone. On top of that, I had a powerful healer like Murong Mingyue behind me. With potions to drink, it would be hard for me to even die.

Looking at the mess around me, Murong Mingyue couldn't help but smile. "Eve, why do I have a feeling that this is the first victory of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls?"

He Yi laughed softly, her enchanting dimples appearing. "Yeah, that seems to be the case. In the past, we were evenly matched. Now that Lu Chen has come, the situation has completely turned...”

Murong Mingyue held her staff and smiled. "Yes, Lu Chen is a Top 3 pro on the Heavenly Ranking, and his equipment is so good. Don’t forget: top experts have an enormous impact in group battles!"


He Yi nodded and said, "I’m so tired. You level up, I'm going to bed...”

"? Didn't you sleep for a long time during the day?"

"Sleep what? Just when I fell asleep in the morning, the head office called. Those idiots made me talk to them for three whole hours before they finally understood the project...”

Murong Mingyue was speechless. "Alright, go to sleep! Never mind, I’m also going offline, let's sleep together...”

He Yi glared at her. "What do you want?"

"Hee hee...”

Murong Mingyue laughed. "Keep you company...”

He Yi glanced at her. "No need. I can’t afford to offend someone like you who rolls the blankets away at night!"



As a result, the two beauties both went to the city to rest after bidding me goodbye.

As I was planning to see which map to go grinding to, a message came. The sender was Fruit Knife Goddess Lin Yixin—

"Lu Chen, are you still selling yourself?"

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