Chapter 187: Together with Dreaming Souls

At a woman's shoe store.

I stood there like a pillar that Lin Yixin could cling onto as she put on new shoes.

"How is it?" she asked with a smile.

I said, "Too expensive...”

"You’re not paying for them!"

At this time, the salesperson walked forward and said with a smile, "Miss, your shoes are very beautiful but... the heel is too tall. How about we change for a similar style with a lower heel. This way, your boyfriend won’t be under too much pressure...”

My heart shook. Alright, a misunderstanding!

Lin Yixin didn’t correct the salesperson and said with a chuckle, "It’s okay!"

She smiled at me. "He is in adolescence, and will have his second puberty. Maybe he will grow as tall as Yao Ming...”

Tears streamed down my face.

Then Lin Yixin bought this pair of shoes with a 10-centimeter heel, turning this tall beauty even more extraordinary. The tragedy was that Lin Yixin was tall to begin with. After putting on the heels, she was about shoulder to shoulder with me. The salesperson looked at me sympathetically.

Sun Qingqing walked over from another shoe store and smiled. "Yiyi, are you done?"


Lin Yixin nodded. "Let Lu Chen drive us back to uni. This way, we can save our cab fare. Haha, see how frugal we are...”

I was expressionless. "A person who spent 9000 RMB on shoes cannot speak of frugality!"

The two women giggled.

The three of us walked out of the door. The moment we walked out of the mall, a middle-aged man with a steady walk came out, dressed in a formal suit. There were two young men behind him.

The middle-aged man's eyes immediately filled with shock. He looked at Lin Yixin. "Xin'er, why are you here?"

Lin Yixin was shocked and then her gaze filled with anger. She snorted. "Why can't I be here?"

The middle-aged man's gaze turned cold. He looked at me. "Hm? Who is this boy?"

"Any of your business?"

Lin Yixin walked forward and wrapped a hand around my arm. She said intimately, "Little Cheat, let's go back to campus.”

I shuddered, and felt a ball of flesh push on my arm. The girl really had a good figure and the softness almost made me faint.

Lin Yixin gave me a murderous gaze and said lowly, "Go, you wuss!"


I nodded, and brushed past this middle-aged man with Lin Yixin.

Sun Qingqing nodded at the middle-aged man. "Uncle...”

"Mn, Qingqing...”


After we went far, Sun Qingqing followed.

Lin Yixin released my hand in relief which disappointed me slightly.

"So tell me, who is that uncle?" I asked.

Lin Yixin pouted. "Don't ask. That's better for you...”


Seeing me and Lin Yixin about to fight, Sun Qingqing hurriedly said, "Lu Chen, that uncle is Yiyi's old man...”


I hurriedly pulled away but Lin Yixin grabbed my collar. "Where are you going?"

"To greet Uncle...”

The beauty gritted her teeth .”Ooooh… you’re such a wuss. I’m gonna kill you. Why greet him, people like him are not worth your time!"


Clearly, Lin Yixin and her father were at odds.

Forget it. This isn’t something I should know. The less I know, the better.


On the way back, I had been frightened when I started to drive and occasionally glanced at Lin Yixin. Lin Yixin tilted her head toward me and was amused. "You look like a quail. What is it? Just ask what you want. Don't hold it in or it’ll burst inside...”

As if given amnesty, I quickly asked, "Your old man let you down? Why do you have such an attitude?"

Lin Yixin leaned back and inhaled deeply. Her chest rose and fell dramatically.

"Other than this, you can ask anything else,” Lin Yixin said.

I pursed my mouth. "Your mother's surname...”


Clear Perfume: "...”

When I returned the two girls to their university, it was already ten in the evening. The campus was silent, and only some students were walking along the paths reading their books.

The car moved slowly. Lin Yixin tilted her head to look up at the stars, pouting and silent.

Clear Perfume held her phone and pressed wildly. I didn't know if she was texting her boyfriend.

I asked, "Yiyi, are you going to be online tonight?"

Lin Yixin nodded. "Tomorrow’s the weekend so I’m going to stay up all night grinding. Why?

"Oh, let's meet at the plaza by the eastern gate. Sell me some more Rank 6 potions. I've used up what I bought last time...”


Clear Perfume's eyes widened. "Didn’t you buy potions from her just yesterday? You used 20 Rank 6 Health Potions in a single day?"


"You drink them like water..." Clear Perfume was shocked.

Lin Yixin smiled. "Qingqing, business coming to our door is a good thing! Lu Chen~ We don't have any in stock right now. Let me gather some more herbs and craft them. You can make a reservation. How much?"

I thought, and said, "100!"

"Oh? That is 1000 RMB, a big order. Boss, you’re so generous!"


After stopping the car, Lin Yixin got out and smiled at me. "We can get 100 Rank 6 potions by tomorrow, at the latest. See you tomorrow, boss!"


I nodded. I found several female students coming across. When they heard Lin Yixin call me "boss”, their faces turned green. "Heavens, even the school flower is finding a man outside. What kind of world is this...”

Lin Yixin gashed softly but she couldn’t wash herself clean. She glared at me, flushing red. "It’s all your fault!"

I spread my hands and said, "That had nothing to do with me...”

"Dang it!"

Lin Yixin walked lightly and waved her fist to punch the window. She said angrily, "Stupid Lu Chen!"

I put down the window and looked at her with a smile. "Yiyi, go upstairs. Don't worry, I’ll be thinking of you...”

Lin Yixin was in chaos, her face red. She raised her foot and kicked the A8. Shit! This was Murong Mingyue's car. If it was damaged, I had to pay.

I pressed on the gas and dashed forward. In the rearview mirror, Lin Yixin looked at the back of the car, and her beautiful face showed a spectacular smile.


When I returned to Ancient Sword's base, it was around 10 pm. My biological clock was in chaos. I didn't know whether it was because of this or teasing Lin Yixin that I was extremely excited and not drowsy at all. It seemed like I had no choice but to go online and level up.

The hallways were completely silent.

I slipped into my room and went online!


I appeared in Floating Ice City's inn. When I walked out, I repaired my equipment and inspected my bag. I replenished some of the slow recovery health potions and organized some of the equipment in my bag. Once I arrived at the auction house, I put them all up for sale.

I saw my gold amount out of the corner of my eye. Good. I have more than fifty thousand, and He Yi was happy to get a strong item. She finally released the relief fund. For disaster victims like me whose allowances didn’t exceed 1000 RMB, a donation of 50000 RMB was like charcoal gifted in snow!

Without hesitation, I transferred money to my account through the official website. I immediately felt like I was a rich person. Very good. Starting today, I can order two bowls of soymilk every morning, drink one and pour one out!


A message came from Beiming Xue: "Boss, you’re online?"

"Yes, what is it?"

"Bloody Mercenaries have reached Rank 2 and are gathering at the eastern gate of Floating Ice City. Do you want to come for an inspection?"

"Sure, I’ll be right there!"

It was a good thing that our guild had reached Rank 2. With additional slots for 800 fighters, we could help Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls gain a foothold in Floating Ice City!

I dashed out of the city and saw a patch of red in the distance. It was the color of Bloody Mercenaries' emblem.

There was a large group of people uniformly standing there by the forest.

Gui Guzi held a spear, and stood at the front of the troops. The current leader of Bloody Mercenaries, Amazing Expert Du Thirteen, was looking down coldly at everyone, a hand on his sword. I never knew that this boy could look quite authoritative when he pretended!


"Boss Broken Halberd is here!" Gui Guzi laughed and said.

I strode forward and smiled at everyone. "Brothers, good evening!"

The Bloody Mercenaries members all had smiles and reverent expression. "Good evening, boss!"

Beiming Xue saw this and laughed lowly to Gui Guzi. "How is it? Brother Lu Chen hasn't returned to the guild for a long time, but his reputation and trust surpasses the acting leader...”

Du Thirteen's facial muscles twitched. "Lil Beiming, will removing the word ‘acting’ make you lose a piece of flesh?"

Beiming Xue puffed up her chest and said, "Yes, I will lose a piece of flesh. Look at how balanced my figure is. Where can I lose some flesh?"

I glanced at her chest and laughed softly. "Anywhere but here...”

Beiming Xue had an amused look, "Stupid boss, even you are laughing at me!"

"Cough cough, be serious, we’re making an inspection!"

I walked forward and pulled out my sword with a clang. I looked at the hundreds of Bloody Mercenaries players in front of me and said loudly, "Brothers, right now, Floating Ice City has many factions. Gods of Destruction, Mad Dragon, Flower Room, Peach Garden, Snowy Cathaya, and our Bloody Mercenaries. We do not know who our allies and enemies are. In a situation like this, we must strengthen ourselves and wait for changes. So, as everyone is working to improve themselves, you must think of ways to increase our place in the Guild Ranking. Whether Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls will be famed throughout the world will depend on whether our Bloody Mercenaries are strong enough!"

Basically, everyone in the world knew that Bloody Mercenaries was an internal organization of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, so everyone pulled out their weapons and shouted, "Together with Dreaming Souls, our Ancient Swords paving the way!"


Du Thirteen went forward and laughed lowly. "How’s the slogan? He Yi told me it during dinner...”

I nodded. "Mn, not bad. Let's dismiss them and go level up!"


Soon, everyone split up into small teams and disappeared into Frost Forest. After Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls and Bloody Mercenaries reached Rank 2, we had 2000 active players. We finally possessed the force to fight for our own corner of Floating Ice City!

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