Chapter 186: The Moonlight Is Pretty

I rushed into the hotel and saw a girl waving at me from the corner of the lobby. It was Clear Perfume—Sun Qingqing.

I walked over immediately, but couldn’t see Lin Yixin anywhere, so I asked, "Qingqing, where’s Lin Yixin?"

"Yiyi said that she had something suddenly come up, and couldn't come...” Sun Qingqing pressed her lips together and said slowly.

My heart immediately sank to the bottom.

"Damn, something suddenly came up...”

I could not disguise my disappointment and sat down dispiritedly.

Sun Qingqing burst into laughter. "Lu Chen, you’re so smart in the game, so why are you so easy to fool in real life?"


I was slightly surprised. I heard footsteps come behind him, and when I looked back, I discovered a beautiful woman holding three milk teas and glaring at me.

Damn, Lin Yixin...

My mood immediately changed to rapture. I hurriedly pulled the chair beside me and said with a smile, "Yiyi, you’re here?"

Lin Yixin snorted and her gaze moved around my body. In the end, she put down the milk teas, and gathered her skirt to sit down next to me.

As a result, Lin Yixin and I were sitting together, with Sun Qingqing sitting alone on the other side.

Sun Qingqing was discontent and muttered, "Yiyi, why are you sitting with him?"

Lin Yixin pouted. "He pulled the chair in invitation. If I ignored his gesture and sat elsewhere, he might be embarrassed and decide to jump through the window.”

"No worries. This is the first floor.”

"That’s true...”


At this time, a waitress came over with the menu and Sun Qingqing went to order happily.

I turned around and faced Lin Yixin. I found she was looking at me with her lively eyes, her beautiful face having a trace of bashfulness and unease.

"Yiyi, have you been well recently?" I asked softly.

Lin Yixin blinked her eyes and turned away, not willing to look at me. She whispered, "Not bad. Long story short, same old same old...”

I said, "A few days ago in Who Will Fight Me, your performance was inconsistent. What happened there? Were you ill?"

Lin Yixin looked down, her eyes full of sorrow. She murmured, "Yeah, I may have been a little uncomfortable…”

I said, "I'm buying dinner today, do you feel better?"

Lin Yixin pouted, murderousness rising on her face. "Hmph, how can my mood be better? I’m so angry. I hadn't expected you to really lead Bloody Mercenaries into Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. You really were willing to do it and gave the empire that Bloody Mercenaries built to someone else!"

"That’s... actually...” I stammered, not knowing how to explain.

Sun Qingqing finished ordering food at this time and helped me out with a smile. "Yiyi, Lu Chen was originally from Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. Leading Bloody Mercenaries to join his former guild is understandable. Are you so angry because you’re jealous of From Water?"

Lin Yixin immediately blushed. "I am not!"

"Then why are you angry?"


Lin Yixin stammered and was unable to speak. She turned to the window. "The moonlight tonight is really pretty...”

I turned to look. "Moonlight? It's cloudy today, and was raining when I came...”


Lin Yixin lightly kicked me. Alright, I’ll keep quiet.


Sun Qingqing took a sip of tea and said with a smile, "Lu Chen, what is your position in Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls?"

"Vice leader.”

"Oh, this is very good~" Sun Qingqing said with a smile, "Since you returned with a core force like the Bloody Mercenaries, it would be unreasonable to not make you the vice leader. Also, your workshop aside, with Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand’s fame in the China server, it would be unreasonable to not grant you the position of vice leader.”

Lin Yixin glanced at me and asked, "Lu Chen, what plans do you have for the future development of Floating Ice City?"

I thought for a moment and said, "The present situation is not very clear. You've also seen it. Gods of Destruction has many members, and will maintain an absolute advantage. Also, Mad Dragon is willing to spend money to recruit many experts. Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls has become a Rank 2 guild. With the entry of the Bloody Mercenaries, they are expanding quickly. Snowy Cathaya has accepted Purple Marquis and the Shadow Clan. Their reputation has increased greatly. Based on the present situation, it would be a quadrumvirate.”

Lin Yixin smiled faintly and said, "Yes, then what are your plans?"

I pointed at myself and then at Lin Yixin, saying, "Since I am sitting here, then it proves that Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls and Snowy Cathaya are allies, right? We should work together, and overthrow Gods of Destruction!"

Lin Yixin's clear eyes looked at me and then at Sun Qingqing. She suddenly smiled and said, "Alright, since we are allies, then what are our future plans?"

"Yes.” I took a sip of tea and said, "Very simple, we will not be active or passive!"

"Not active or passive? What do you mean?" Lin Yixin asked.

I said, "Snowy Cathaya and Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls need to work on our development and quickly increase our guild ranks to recruit more expert players. This way, we may face Gods of Destruction head-on. In this regard, we will not be passive. But on the other hand, we will not provoke enemy guilds and will maintain a low profile. This way, we will not be active.”

"Yes, there’s some merit to your words...”

Lin Yixin held her milk tea, and looked at me with her beautiful eyes. She said, "Lu Chen, you look like you have concerns?"

I stilled and nodded. "Yes!"

"What are you concerned about?"

"Peach Garden!"


I said gravely, "In the Who Will Fight Me tournament, we saw only the corner of this faction. Peach Garden is definitely hidden. I fear that they have a deeply established player base in Floating Ice City, but they haven’t come out yet. Right now, Snowy Cathaya and Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls together can fight against Gods of Destruction and Mad Dragon. Our strengths are about equal. At this time, Peach Garden's attitude will determine everything. Which side they will join will mean the other side loses!"

Lin Yixin pressed her lips together and sighed. She said with a smile, "Alright, it appears that we need to test Peach Garden's attitude.”

"Yes, I also have such thoughts.”

Lin Yixin thought for a moment and then looked at me. "How about this? I will try to make an appointment with the leader of Peach Garden, Indigo Collar. He’s from Shanghai. If possible, the two of us will meet with him in person. Otherwise, we won’t show our sincerity.”

I said, "If you want sincerity, we have to go to Shanghai in person.”

Lin Yixin smiled. "No need, Indigo Collar is only a potential threat. In reality, I do not think too highly of him. If he comes to Suzhou and I am willing to meet him, then I have given him face!"


I was speechless. I looked at this beautiful woman next to me, this legendary Fruit Knife Goddess. Her presence was really tremendous!

After a while, the food was brought over. Because it was my treat today, Sun Qingqing had been ruthless. There was food from the sky, from the water, and from the wilderness.

I tsked. "Damn, there’s even wild chicken?"

"Yes!" Sun Qingqing nodded and said, "I originally wanted to order a wild silkie but there aren't any. Eat this for Yiyi to get more nutrients...”

I looked at Lin Yixin and smiled maliciously. "More nutrients... Beauty Lin is pregnant?"

Lin Yixin turned to stone and then she flushed. She hit me hard. "Little Cheat, you’re the one pregnant, you’re pregnant everyday!"

The couple at the neighboring table laughed. The man said, "Wife, do you see. Technology is so developed now even a man can get pregnant, and everyday. We should go to the fertility department at the city hospital...”

The woman nodded. "Yes, you have to work hard tonight ..”


Hearing them talk, Lin Yixin blushed even more and glared angrily at me.

I said seriously, "Yiyi, you are so beautiful. If you have a baby, it’s bound to be just as beautiful!"

Lin Yixin was speechless and looked at me.

Sun Qingqing asked, "Lu Chen, what is your blood type?"


"Oh, Yiyi is B as well...” Sun Qingqing was very excited. "Then, then... since you are both type B, will your child’s blood be 2-B[1] type?"

"Screw you!" Lin Yixin and I shouted at the same time.


Our food and drinks ultimately amassed to 700 RMB. It really hurt me. There was no place to get this bill reimbursed, and I could not shamelessly go find He Yi and say, "Boss, I went to meet a girl, this is our bill totaling 700 RMB, could you pay it for me?"

Our dinner finished at 8 pm and we headed out.

Lin Yixin looked at the sky and said, "Qingqing, shall we shop? I want to buy a new pair of shoes...”

Sun Qingqing nodded. "Yes, let's go to S-M Mall, it's about two kilometers from here, should we walk?"

Lin Yixin opened her mouth. "But it’s so far… how about we drive?"

The two beauties turned to me, their gazes drilling holes in my lowered head, trying to find a crack in the ground.

"Alright, I drove here, I will take you there...”

"Good, so you are self-conscious~"

When the two women saw my borrowed A8, they were shocked. Lin Yixin looked at me with a smile. "Nice, Lu Chen. After becoming a sugarbaby you got your own car...”

My teeth grit, I forced out, "Fuck, I borrowed it, I haven't bought my own car yet!"

"Haha, let's go!"


Lin Yixin sat next to me while Sun Qingqing sat in the back and listened to music.

The car slowly moved onto the road.

Lin Yixin leaned against the seat. She did not put on her seatbelt and looked at me with her head tilted. She said with a smile, "Lu Chen, are you Level 70?"

"Yes. I’m awesome, right?"

"So what, I’m also Level 70!"


I stepped on the gas. "Damn, how did you level up?"

"Simple, I spent an entire day sweeping through Immortal Trail Forest’s Demon Rebel Tower...”


Looking at this woman next to me, I felt stunned. How could a girl have such astounding talent in the game?

1. 2B = Chinese slang for idiot

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