Chapter 182: Envenomed Strike

The Venomous Twin-headed Snakes used Bite while the Ghost Lantern Guards randomly swung at her with Lantern Swing. He Yi’s HP almost hit rock bottom in just 10 seconds. This kind of battering was too intense!

I swiftly retreated several steps back and chugged another health potion from my bag!


Murong Mingyue’s heals had also arrived—



I was healed to full in the blink of an eye. Now that I’m safe, it’s time to move out!

I raised my sword and executed the ranged Thousand Mirage Slash. My sword hummed, then unleashed six resplendent sword beams that came down, like judgement from the skies above. All 8 elite monsters were suddenly hit and a string of damage numbers flew up—





I had to admit that Thousand Mirage Slash was super strong. A single move allowed me my DPS to reach almost ten thousand!

Beiming Xue pulled her longbow, her gaze sharp. Eight Evil Spirit Volley arrows were consecutively shot out, each revealing an especially terrifying image of a ghost wrapped around their arrowheads. They exploded into the group of monsters, causing a chain of countless damage numbers to fly up.

Evil Spirit Volley was by no means weak. Each attack was strengthened severalfold and every arrow had splash damage. Based on my observations, it dealt at least 20% in splash damage. This meant that if the volley hit its target and dealt 1000 damage, the mobs around it would get hit for 200. In this case, since the target area was densely packed with monsters, some of them weren’t even hit but lost more HP than they would have, had they been shot directly!

Evil Spirit Volley was no doubt the king of multitarget attacks at the current stage of the game, comparable to my Thousand Mirage Slash even!

Moonlight Stone waved her staff, casting Arctic Rain. The movement speeds of all 8 monsters had been reduced to the point where He Yi was able to escape. Her pretty face was filled with shock. “Whew, I almost died there…”

I came forward and smiled. “Don’t worry, you won’t die with us here!”

“Mn, mn!”

He Yi turned around and drank a health potion and then relied on Murong Mingyue’s heals to quickly recover her HP. I aggroed the monsters and ran around in circles, making sure to attack any monsters that I had lost aggro on so that they wouldn’t trouble with Murong Mingyue and Beiming Xue.

Those at the scene could be considered excellent players as they flawlessly cooperated with each other. We chipped away at the eight monsters’ hit points, eventually killing them all within five minutes!

Pop pop!

Several Big Magic Stones dropped to the ground. This was disappointing. Like the two mini bosses before them, these 8 elite monsters didn’t drop anything good. The Poison Beautifly boss of the second floor had at least dropped a Dark Steel–grade shortbow, but these Venomous Twin-headed Snakes and Ghost Lantern Guards were stingy. They only dropped some stones.

These stones didn’t sell for much gold. They weren’t even enough to cover my potion expenditures. Everyone here mostly used Rank 5 Health Potions or Magic Consumables that were expensive as hell. Dammit!


“Heh, only the final boss is left…” He Yi exhaled, her face breaking out into an enchanting smile.

I nodded. “This is a Level 75 Dark Gold Rank boss. It has a ton of Attack and I bet even I wouldn’t be able to block a blow. In a bit, bring out all the damage you can do. May god bless us in these trying times and help us kill the boss or else we’ll be in a lot of trouble!

Murong Mingyue said, “Lu Chen go first. Everyone ready your pets, they’ll block at least two hits for us. Moonlight Stone, don’t use Ice Dragon Howl anymore, focus on slowing it with Arctic Rain. Though it only reduces speed by 25%, it still will lower the boss’s overall strength, so Lu Chen and Eve will take less damage. If our tanks die, we are certain to wipe!”

The girls nodded. During the days when He Yi wasn’t there, Murong Mingyue had always been the commander of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. They all trusted her orders and though He Yi had returned, she was still stiff and couldn’t compare to Murong Mingyue when it came to games.

This was why I wholeheartedly wanted to make He Yi a beautiful super knight. This plan was a bit wild and in fact, it was against natural order itself.

But I took pleasure in going against natural order. Doing something that would naturally succeed wasn’t all that interesting.


“Ready, go!”

I calmly held the Ghost Ice Soul in my grasp and coldly gazed at the lone Poison Ghost King sitting on his throne. He was the only one remaining. This was our chance!



My figure swept over and instantly arrived before the boss. As soon as I successfully stunned him, I unleashed Pardon + Desperate Gambit.



Hm, almost 3000 damage. That wasn’t too shabby but if Lin Yixin was here, her Moon Gaze + Extreme Break would weaken the boss’s Defense even further. I bet I could deal over 4000 damage then!

Forget it, what am I thinking about her for. She was the beautiful guild leader of the mighty Snowy Cathaya and we were just ordinary friends. Asking her to come over to do some quests was not a problem but thinking about her all day was a huge one!

I laughed inwardly at the thought. Lin Yixin’s sweet smile floated in my head. It was impossible to get rid of and it wasn’t something that could be erased with willpower alone.


A layer of green light suddenly enveloped the sword in the boss’s hand and my heart chilled. Shit, is it going to kill me with poison?

The sword fell straight down, dropping down with a great force!


I used the Ghost Ice Soul to parry the blow, but it was ignored due to the enormous difference in strength between us. The boss’s sword still landed on my shoulder and I instantly felt a burning numbness as my HP sharply declined!


Combat Log: Poison Ghost King used "Envenomed Strike", dealing 1452 damage. You have been poisoned, and will lose 1500 HP over 15 seconds.


Fuck, 100 HP per second! Isn’t this too severe?

I grabbed a Rank 6 Health Potion without any hesitation. My life and death depended on this potion!



My HP immediately recovered to full and I then relied on Murong Mingyue to heal the rest. This was all we could do. If I couldn’t resist a blow, then this boss really was unstoppable!

Who knew that the Poison Ghost King would all of a sudden shout. Golden lines soon appeared on its longsword. This intro was all too familiar!

Not good, that’s Death Combo!

The Poison Ghost King’s target wasn’t me, but He Yi who was right next to me. The sword swung out four times. If they all hit, He Yi would definitely die!

I moved hastily and knocked my shoulder against He Yi’s chest. By the time I heard He Yi’s surprised exclamation, she had already been sent flying. Before I had yet to indulge in the feeling of my shoulder touching her breasts, I was hit from behind by the boss!

I helplessly looked on as my HP fell in huge chunks and practically disappeared!






A red light shot upward into the air and my near-depleted health bar suddenly filled to full!


At this moment, wild Ultraman, iodized salt merchants, Mianyang’s super sound wave; all these amazing existences possessed my body. [1] I was reborn at this critical moment and revived to full!

Beiming Xue and Murong Mingyue’s hearts were in their throats when they originally saw me die. They shrieked, but stopped halfway and instantly flushed red when they realized that I hadn’t died. “Wah, the Unkillable War God revived…”

With wide eyes and an upright posture, I looked toward Murong Mingyue’s excited face and trembling breasts, clearly enunciating every word. “Feed me, quick!”

Fucking hell, if I don’t get healed in time, the boss is gonna kill me again!


Clang clang clang…”

After a few clashes against the boss, he dealt as much damage to me as I did to him and I could only watch on as the durability of my equipment continuously fell. Good thing there was a little priest like Murong Mingyue behind me giving me lots of milk or else I wouldn’t have the slightest chance of winning.

He Yi closed in but I quickly voiced my dissent. “Don’t come, Eve. Someone will definitely die once the boss unleashes Death Combo!”

“Oh…” He Yi stood in place and began spectating the battle in a relaxed manner. The corner of her lips curled into a bewitching smile, looking like a weak, prideful princess.

He Yi asked, “Lu Chen, are you sure you can take on the boss’s next Death Combo? That skill’s cooldown doesn’t seem too long.”

I nodded. “Yes!”

After I said that, it really did come again!


Gold runes appeared all around the boss’s sharpsword. It slowly lifted its sword. What was sure to follow after was a storm of attacks!

I calmly fixed my gaze on the boss’s movements. If I dodged now, the boss might not use Death Combo and I wouldn’t be able to cheat this skill. But if I dodged too late, I would eat all four strikes. I could only dodge right when the boss finished locking on its animation.

Mn, there should be around a 0.2 second window of opportunity, which was around the limit of a human body’s reaction time.

Swish swish...

I shifted two steps back and the boss’s sword nearly sliced my nose when it descended.






“Haha, too cool!” He Yi was so happy that she was stamping her feet. “Our Lu Chen truly is an unrivaled expert to have been able to dodge even that!”

I raised my sword and continued fighting the boss. I answered with a smile without turning my head around, “Boss, don’t lie… There are at least ten active players in China who can dodge like that!”

“Oh? Go on…”

“First off, Candlelight Shadow and his four subordinates—Tempest Shadow, Blue Sky Scar, God’s Dance, and Transient Smoke and Clouds. All five of them are experts in the CGL Hall of Fame and are top-class when it comes to mechanics. Dodging this kind of attack wouldn’t be a problem for them.”


“Floating Ice City has two other people who can make this boss miss its Death Combo!”


“Wind Fantasy and Dominating Heaven Blade…”


1. Fake sightings of Ultraman, fake rumors that the iodine in sale can ward off radiation, 4.3 magnitude light earthquake in 2011 vs 8 magnitude earthquake in 2008.

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