Chapter 181: Knight’s Outrage

Whoosh whoosh...

A cold wind whistled by, and faint, ghastly wails could be heard within.

Goosebumps quickly surfaced all over my body. I turned around. “Sister Mingyue, you go in first!”

Murong Mingyue’s foot flew out. “Cut the bullshit, go in!”


Being forced to enter really wasn't a good feeling!

The moment I stepped into the Ghost King’s hall, I only felt that the surroundings were eerie. The space around me was devoid of light. I could only see things within 5 yards, and that was when I relied on the illumination of my Ghost Ice Soul.

Behind me, the girls followed me in and the inside of the hall instantly brightened!


Everyone was startled when they saw the scene in the hall!

A person clad in pure black armor sat above a gleaming golden throne. His hands were poised at its center holding a sword, his expression gloomy. Venom-corroded pus littered his face and even his sword hand was not spared from the noxious wounds as fishy smelling blood followed his sword hilt and flowed down. Anyone seeing this would lose their appetite.

This person was the legendary Poison Ghost King!

Beside the Poison Ghost King danced two Poison Beautiflies that slowly sat on each one of his legs. Graceful and lithe, they hugged the Poison Ghost King’s arm and twisted their bodies until they resembled the S letter.

He Yi gaped, stupefied. “H-how debauched…”

I nodded in agreement.

These two Poison Beautiflies were not ordinary monsters, they both were Level 75 minibosses!

In front of them were four Venomous Twin-headed Snakes and four Ghost Lantern Guards, bringing the total monster count to 11. I was certain that they would all attack the moment we made our move. What’s scary was the fact that there were two minibosses in the mix and I couldn’t even read the boss’s information. His introduction was vague too—


Poison Ghost King (Dark Gold Rank Boss)

Level: 75

Attack: ???

Defense: ???

HP: ???

Skills: ???

Introduction: Originally a human empire's corps commander, his body suffered the corrosion of disease and evil spirits brought about by a battle against the Night Creatures. After falling from grace, he became a devil. With a body brimming with noxious fluids, he brought fierce poisonous creatures into submission, becoming the king of Myriad Poison Cave.


Beiming Xue couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath of air, her eyes filled with doubt. “How… how do we handle a line-up like this?”

I gazed at the 11 faraway monsters. “The boss is too strong and has too much HP. Killing him first is not very realistic but choosing to kill those elite monsters feels like a waste of firepower. I think we should aim for the two minibosses first!”

Murong Mingyue pursed her lips. “That’s easy to say, but… how do we isolate and kill those two minibosses?”

He Yi also blankly stared at me, her beautiful eyes overflowing with curiosity.

I thought about it, then answered, “Let’s do this. Everyone go summon your pets. We’ll let a few Wasps fly to the front and make them leave the moment they aggro the boss. In the meantime, I’ll send my Dark Wasp out to attack a Poison Beautifly and lure it here. Then we do it again. We’ll sacrifice levels of our pets twice to eliminate the minibosses!


He Yi drew the Abyssal Sword, her exquisite face filled with decisiveness. “Then we’ll do that. Everyone get ready!”


The party began to summon their pets. They were all Wasps, and only mine was a Dark Wasp.

“Once I finish counting down from 3, make your pets fly over and immediately go south the moment you aggro the boss!”


The air was a field of buzzing noises as the Wasps flew out. They were still 5 yards away from the boss and had already attracted its aggro. The Poison Ghost King immediately stood up with his sword in hand and roared in anger, “Damnable creatures, you dare trespass in my territory? You are courting death!”

As he said that, the Poison Ghost King’s minions and mistresses madly rushed at the Wasps. By the time the mobs moved, our pets had already made their way south.


The Dark Wasp arrived at the speed of lightning and stung the slower Poison Beautifly on the shoulder four times with its stinger, instantly stealing aggro!

This miniboss Poison Beautifly let out a shrill shriek. “Grovel beneath my feet, damnable intruder!


One strike tore out a large chunk of my Dark Wasp’s HP but it didn’t continue fighting anymore and instead flew back. I immediately used Charge when it neared our party.


In the blink of an eye, the Poison Beautifly appeared in front of me. I was so close that I could clearly see the greenery of her jiggling meaty peaks but I had no time for compassion as my trademark Ice Ray + Slayer Slash combo descended upon her head.



Even though it was a miniboss, the Poison Beautifly’s HP and Defense were still really low. Killing it would be as easy as chopping vegetables.

At the back, Beiming Xue and Moonlight Stone fired their skills. Evil Spirit Volley and Ice Dragon Howl revealed their divine might!

Another beautiful figure soon arrived. He Yi came and lifted her sword. The Abyssal Sword struck the Poison Beautifly on the shoulder with a blazing power!


Tsk tsk, He Yi’s attack power really was amazing. For a magic knight to deal close to a thousand points of damage, her Attack was probably higher than Gui Guzi’s now.

The Poison Beautifly’s HP sharply fell under the barrage of attacks. She had about 40k HP total, so there was no way that she could handle this kind of torment. As a result, she flew into a rage and hacked out twice. I and He Yi each took a strike!



Sure enough, my Defense was comparatively higher. Ghost Deity Armor hummed when it was hit and lowered received damage by a significant margin.

Murong Mingyue healed us and everyone dished out all their damage.

The Poison Beautifly then suddenly stopped attacking and began to swing its body charmingly. Its eyes glowed with golden light as it looked at us with ill intent!


Combat Log: Poison Beautifly used the skill “Beauty’s Charm.” You have been charmed! Attack speed, movement speed, and max HP reduced by 50%!


Fuck, it even lowered my max HP by 50%? I was the only person in the party afflicted with Charm. He Yi who was next to me wasn’t affected at all. The hell was this, was it only effective on male players?

“Hoho, Lu Chen’s self-control sucks!” Murong Mingyue said with a giggle.

Killing intent spread across He Yi’s face. She ruthlessly struck the Poison Beautifly on the head. “You dare charm my people… die!”

A series of random blows later, we safely dispatched this Poison Beautifly with the support from Murong Mingyue’s heals!

This took a total of around three minutes. I looked into the distance again. The Poison Ghost King still had another little mistress left but none of his little brothers were missing. Up next was an execution of the same strategy we used.

Seven minutes later, everyone’s pets were resummoned. One more time!

We did nearly the same thing as before and got rid of the Poison Ghost King’s other mistress without any mishaps. Only the super boss and his 8 elite henchmen remained.

“What do we do now?” He Yi asked.

I answered after some thought, “Do our best and kill all the monsters near the Poison Ghost King with our AoE skills. I’ll take aggro and lure the main boss away with my Dark Wasp. Sister Mingyue, make sure to not go all out on your healing or else the aggro will shift to you. Remember to wait at least 6 seconds after using your instant heal and AoE heal before you heal me again. I’ll drink health potions in the meantime!”

Murong Mingyue nodded. “Got it!”

When it came to my battle plans, no one had a voice of dissent in our party. He Yi used to say that there weren’t many people who were my match when it came to strategy. Back when I had my brain delay, I was pretty much an armchair strategist, but things have changed now. Whether it was my strategies or my mechanical skills, both had become phenomenal.

In fact, humans always had room for growth. I was still struggling with my brain delay in the later stages of Spirit of Grief. From then on, my tactical comprehension and mechanics had already reached a higher level. I was no longer that genius youth who only relied on my innate game talent to laugh at the world.


In the back, the girls were arranged into a line while He Yi followed me to the front. I suddenly turned around with a smile after we walked a few steps and placed my hand on He Yi’s shoulder. “Boss, you will be the secondary meatshield. Just stay in place here. I’ll lure some mobs over in a bit and once I can’t handle it anymore, you use Knight’s Outrage to help me out…”


He Yi’s little mouth dropped open. She looked at me, then at the hand on her shoulder as her beautiful face instantly flushed red. She nodded with a smile. “Alright, you be careful now!”

“Got it!”

I strode over with my sword in hand. Once I was around 10 yards from the boss, I decisively activated Charge!


I shot out and stunned the Poison Ghost King before immediately running away. I only had 1 second to escape!

The Poison Ghost King’s 8 little brothers trailed behind me.

Under my command, my Dark Wasp swiftly flew over and unleashed Flurry. It left four marks on the Poison Ghost King’s head but it didn’t steal aggro. The Poison Ghost King instantly recovered and chased after me. It was fast and it struck a blow from afar.


My back chilled when I saw a damage number floating above my head—1024!

Good lord, this guy’s too overpowered!

My soul almost scattered in fright. The Venomous Twin-headed Snakes and Ghost Lantern Guards behind me were randomly pounding and biting. In just a few seconds, my HP had plummeted to one-third!


The Dark Wasp fierce stung again, finally drawing the Poison Ghost King’s aggro this time. It turned around and slashed at the Dark Wasp. Despite the Dark Wasp’s Defense, it had lost more than 1100 HP! Fortunately, it was already Level 69 with 2450 HP so it could still endure a second hit.

The Dark Wasp’s weak Defense and HP were now exposed. With a Dark Gold–grade weapon and a few Gold-grade pieces of equipment, my HP reached 2640. In comparison, my Dark Wasp only had 2450 HP. It leveled alongside my equipment upgrades but aside from its strong attack power, everything else had fallen behind.

But I had no other choice. Quality pets in Heavenblessed had always been rare. They were random encounters. I could only take it slow. Maybe one day lady luck would one day bestow a true god-tier pet upon me!

As I swapped camera angles, I controlled the Dark Wasp to run in a different direction while I myself headed toward He Yi!


A Venomous Twin-headed Snake bit me again, chomping off more than 300 of my HP. Worse than that was the fact that I got poisoned. My HP began to wildly drop!

I lifted my head and saw a beautiful knight with a gorgeous face and an enchanting figure coming at me. Her sharp longsword raised, she dashed into the horde of monsters and shouted, gathering aggro!

Knight’s Outrage!

A Level 40 Magic Knight general skill. Classified as a self-sacrifice skill, it could instantly aggro monsters within a 5 yard radius.

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