Chapter 169: Cleaning House

"You want to leave Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls?" He Yi said authoritatively.

Spring Mud said coldly, holding his sword, "Yes, Eve, we have decided to leave!"

"Therefore, you are taking the original members of our guild, backstab us, and will join another guild?" He Yi's tone was murderous.

Spring Mud frowned and then shouted, "Backstab? Eve, your words are so disappointing! The Ego workshop joined Ancient Sword with grand ambitions. What did we get in the end? Constant contempt and suspicions? Your guild is too small, so small it cannot contain us!"

He Yi suddenly smiled. "It's not my guild that is small, just your minds. From the day you joined Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, you were at odds with Xu Yang. You think I did not see it? The Ego workshop, you three are pretty egotistical to publicly headhunt people from Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls!"

Spring Mud had nothing to say and said, "In conclusion, our departure from Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls is settled. Also, we have contacted Chaos Moon, Moonlight Stone, Singing To Wine, and others. They’ll be here soon too. Hmph, let's see their attitude and if your Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls really has people's hearts.”

"What?" He Yi was shocked, her eyes angry. "You dare dig at my corners?!"

Spring Mud raised his eyebrows. "Once Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand returned, you never gave us another look. If so, why can't we dig at Ancient Sword's members? Hmph, let me tell you, we brothers have packed up our luggage and will leave the workshop tomorrow. You can go recruit whoever you want!"

He Yi bit her lips in anger, her shoulders trembling slightly.

I walked forward and said slowly, "Boss, don't worry. The soldiers may flow like water, but the base is made from steel. Even if they leave, we can recruit new experts. Also, I believe in Chaos Moon, Moonlight Stone, and the others!"

I asked loudly, "Spring Mud, you are going to take these people and leave Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. What's the next step? Build your own guild or join another?"

Moon Shadow said, "We’ve received an invitation from another guild!"

"Oh?" I smiled. "Then let me guess, the guild that invited you must be either Mad Dragon or Flower Room. They must have promised you a yearly salary, at least above two hundred thousand a year, correct?"

Moon Shadow was shocked. "You! How’d you know?"

I was disdainful. "Their usual tactics. I can only wish you good luck then!"

Spring Mud snorted. "Save your pretenses. If you hadn’t forced us, we wouldn’t have left Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. Just wait and see. After we join Flower Room, we will slaughter Bloody Mercenaries!"

My gaze turned cold. "Flower Room? Slaughter Bloody Mercenaries? Haha, this is the best joke I’ve heard this year. Ego, huh? Yeah you really are egotistical, to the point of stupidity!"


At this time, another group of people came from Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. They were also players of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. Chaos Moon, Moonlight Stone, Moon Dew, Singing To Wine, and other third-promotion experts, a group of around thirty people.

Chaos Moon walked at the front and said, "Spring Mud, why did you call us here?"

Spring Mud smiled and said, "Chaos Moon, we are planning to leave Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. It’s no longer a place for us. I admit that Eve is a good leader, but her subordinates are jealous of capable people. Our Ego workshop will not be used by Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, so I plan to take everyone and join Flower Room. They are also a major guild of Floating Ice City. Young Master Le has promised at least a 100000 RMB salary if we join Flower Room. We can become professional players!" Chaos Moon, Moon Dew, and the others stilled slightly. "Join... Flower Room?"

Chaos Moon looked at me and He Yi, asking, "Leader, Brother Broken Halberd, is there really such a thing? You agree to us going to Flower Room?"

He Yi smiled beautifully. "You think I’d agree?"

"I don’t think so...”

Chaos Moon smiled and turned back to ask, "Moon Dew, Moonlight Stone, are you two willing to follow Spring Mud, or follow our beautiful boss and Brother Broken Halberd?"

Moon Dew pouted and said, "I just want to have fun with everyone. Also, I am very happy in Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. Didn’t we kill these newbies like an hour ago? I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls and I’m really happy and fulfilled here. People are concerned for me and I can heal them in return!"

I thought to myself. Good speech!

At this time, Spring Mud, Night Sorrow, and Moon Shadow's expressions grew ugly.

Spring Mud said lowly, "Chaos Moon, what are you saying? Did you forget that three days ago we hunted a boss together? I even took a blow for you!"

Chaos Moon's expression turned cold. "Spring Mud! You leaving Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls is your matter, and has nothing to do with me. There is the ancient saying that one should die for ones that put trust in them. Ever since Eve personally invited me to join, I swore to never betray her. This is my principle. It has nothing to do with self-interest and the situation. Even if one day, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls only has myself left, I have one thing you don’t—a sense of honor!"

Spring Mud had a pale expression and was in despair.


I pulled out my sword, pointing it toward Spring Mud. There were twenty people there, all from our guild. "Okay now. We won’t blame you for being persuaded by Spring Mud. If you still consider yourself a member of our guild, move away. Otherwise, don’t blame us for killing you!"

He Yi followed me and said with a laugh, "Young students that have made mistakes can come back to be lectured. Otherwise, you will be punished with our blades!"

It had to be said that He Yi was a smart woman. My words were like a sharp blade, but her words were like a gentle wind. We had a nice ‘good cop bad cop’ synergy.

A few seconds later, many players moved away from behind Spring Mud, leaving behind only the three leaders of Ego workshop and nine others!

Murong Mingyue moved next to my ear, "The rest of them are hopeless. They were also in the Ego workshop, and are very loyal to Spring Mud!"

I nodded and quickly kicked these twelve out of the guild, including Spring Mud who was a corps commander. Hmph hmph, who let me be Vice Leader? With my position I could do whatever I wanted!

In a flash, these people all left Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. I raised my sword and shouted, "Kill, don't leave anyone alive. From now on, they are enemies!"

In the face of self-interest, friends could become enemies, and enemies could become friends. But a person that had betrayed you once, regardless of self-interest, could no longer be worked with. Once Spring Mud and the others left Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, they could never turn back...

Clang clang clang...

The group all pulled out their blades. I was faster, already in Charge animation!


I stunned Spring Mud, and then unleashed my combo attack—Pardon + Desperate Gambit!



Spring Mud shook. Before he could even react, he was instantly killed!

Gui Guzi went forward with his spear, and used Death Combo to break through Moon Shadow's shield. The latter immediately lost over half of his HP. Then came the real punisher. Beiming Xue unleashed Evil Spirit Volley!

Whoosh whoosh whoosh...

The arrows enshrouded in ghostly images flew toward the enemy. Moon Shadow and Night Sorrow were within range. While the Volley skill’s arrows were extremely chaotic, the skill became extremely accurate under Beiming Xue’s control.

Boom boom boom!

The arrows exploded in the crowd. Moon Shadow was already low on HP, and died with a grunt after being struck with an arrow. Night Sorrow was left with just a sliver of HP, and hurriedly drank a health potion. He returned an Ice Volley of his own!

But Ice Volley’s damage was too low to be of any relevance. Gui Guzi and I just ran forward and took three arrows each like they were nothing. With a swing of my sword, Night Sorrow fell to his knees.

Xu Yang was furious and leapt forward with his sword, his Blaze killing one enemy. He didn’t even have a chance to vent before Spring Mud and his group of traitors were slaughtered to the last!

A dozen corpses were laid out on the ground, I stabbed Ghost Ice Soul into the soil and sat down next to a tilted tree, grinning at everyone. "It's late. Go back to sleep. I’ll spawn camp them. Don't call me up to eat until it's twelve tomorrow!"

Everyone laughed. Xu Yang walked forward and said, "Lu Chen, let me accompany you. These bastards are too arrogant!"

I nodded. I couldn’t not let Xu Yang spawn camp . Before Bloody Mercenaries joined, Xu Yang was alone supporting the founding elder faction. The Ego workshop caused great pain to him. Now that his frustration turned into anger, he was willing to spawn camp them for 24 hours if possible.

Players couldn’t stay in their soul state for long. I’ve heard two hours was the limit, after which they’d be automatically revived in the city. If they logged out instead of reviving, they would drop three levels. If they revived in the city, same. This was a difficult choice, especially to third-promotion players like Spring Mud, Night Sorrow, and Moon Shadow. The cost of dropping three levels was terrible.

I was very stubborn about spawn camping. Since they dared to betray us, then they had to suffer the consequences.

Beiming Xue and Gui Guzi also remained. With the four of us here, we’d have no problems taking care of Spring Mud and the others.


He Yi and Murong Mingyue yawned and went offline to sleep.

The night was long, and this was a painful and joyful process.


A message came, the name of its sender was moving. Wind Fantasy!

After several days, Lin Yixin finally proactively sent a message to me. I opened the message and was flabbergasted—

The message from Wind Fantasy: "Little Cheat, you finally gave up and became a sugarbaby?"

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I immediately requested a voice call. "Yiyi, what sugarbaby?"

Lin Yixin laughed softly. "Ha, you don't admit it. You've returned to Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls! Also, I went to your original workshop's address to find you but no one’s there!"

I was a bit startled. "Oh? Why were you searching for me?"

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