Chapter 167: Destruction

I’d never thought the first battle after returning to Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls would come so quickly!

I couldn't suppress my excitement, especially when facing a person like Li Le. He would be even more pleasing to kill. Also, this would increase morale and strengthen the bonds between the core players of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls.

The people of Flower Room were slightly flabbergasted. No one had noticed me in the party and thought they could act domineering. Now that they mounted a tiger, there was no way to get off.

In the next moment, Li Le's eyebrows rose. He said, "Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand, we once worked together. What do you mean by this?"

I put my hand on the sword hilt and said in a low voice, "Repeat what you just said. You are going to steal the leader of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls to be the mistress of your fort?"

Li Le's expression was grave as he said coldly, "Don’t act so overbearing!"

"So what if I am?"

I raised a hand, and summoned the Dark Wasp. Then I pointed forward with my sword and shouted, "Brothers of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, kill. Show these bastards the true meaning of power!"

I recklessly charged ahead. I had confidence I could last through several rounds of their attacks. My Ghost Deity Armor was not a decoration!


The Charge skill locked onto Life of Luxury and instantly stunned him. My sword moved and a basic attack sliced across Life of Luxury's neck!


Mages were too weak!

Accompanied by a scream, Life of Luxury's eyes went wide and he died. He couldn’t even survive a single one of my attacks! Also, his intelligence was too lacking. He was so frugal with his MP that he didn’t even put up a Magic Shield after the battle started. He wouldn’t have died so quickly otherwise.

After the third-promotion mage was dead, there were no major threats on the other side!

Li Le was furious. "Kill him, archers, Volley! Mages, Fireballs!"

Seven or so melee fighters flooded over, including Li Le.

I laughed softly, pivoting to my right and running in a straight line. I cleverly moved to the side of the other's camp and suddenly accelerated. I then reached the mages and the archers. My sword exploded with light!

Thousand Mirage Slash!


Among the crisp sound, the Ghost Ice Soul turned into six blinding sword energies that dove into the crowd. There was an earth-shaking roar and six large gullies were created in the ground. Sand and earth flew everywhere. Nine archers and mages fell to the ground, with different damage numbers flying up—





They were almost all instant kills. Flower Room didn’t have many people that had reached third promotion, and couldn’t endure a single blow under Ghost Ice Soul!


Li Le's eyes were wide as he looked in disbelief at everything. The elite soldiers he was so proud of had been defeated with a single blow?

At this time, Chaos Moon lunged with a horizontal slash of her own. Blaze!


Li Le was thrown back. Before he could react, he was struck with another Devil Piercing Arrow and his HP fell below half!

A beautiful figure arrived. He Yi held a sharp sword and said with a smile, "Leave this cripple to me!"

Her sword rose. Before Li Le could react, He Yi's powerful Blaze fell directly on his head. Flames charged into the sky accompanied by a scream. Li Le fell beneath He Yi's Blaze, turning into a cold corpse waiting for revival.

Tsk tsk, while He Yi's mechanics and battle sense were so bad it bordered madness, her attack power was quite good. She was the leader of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, and her equipment was either entirely composed of Dark Steel and Silver–grade items. Her overall strength was still above average.

The only shortcoming was that He Yi's level was low. After third promotion, her combat prowess would be pretty good.

Behind me, there was the roar of the dragons. Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls' mages were continuously using Ice Dragon Howls to defeat their enemies while I acted as the MT on the side. Ghost Deity Armor hummed under the arrows and the blades but no attack was of much threat. My 502 Defense was so strong that the enemy warrior’s Blaze could only deal 200 damage. This kind of Defense was enough to be a torture for these people.

As a result, after losing the initiative and without the advantage of top players and the halo of the CGL Hall of Famer, Flower Room was defeated in three minutes. More than twenty people were killed, all of their corpses littering the ground. Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls suffered no casualties. The greatest loss was that my HP was below 50%, and He Yi's HP 45%. After drinking a health potion and getting heals from a priest, we would be basically fine.

He Yi held her sword as her gaze moved around the corpses. She asked with a smile, "Lu Chen, are we going to camp them?"

I thought and said, "Forget it. Let's move toward the shore on the left and go grind. I’m worried about them mass-reviving in a moment of distraction and ambushing us. We will lose the initiative, and while we would win anyway, we may suffer some losses. We wouldn’t want that.”

He Yi nodded. "Yes, then we will strategically move?"

Beauty Chaos Moon said with a smile, "In support of leader and Brother Broken Halberd's decision, we will move slightly. That way, if this group decides to come, we will know and just wipe them!"

I gazed at He Yi and said, "Boss, your name is red. Let's go, we need to at least wash your name...”

"Yes.” He Yi bent down to pick up a pair of metal wristguards from Li Le's corpse. She said with a smile, "Not bad, Dark Steel–grade. Who needs this?"

The warrior Wolf Fang scratched his head and said, "Boss, mine are just Iron-grade right now...”

"Damn...” I sucked in a breath. So strong. He used Iron-grade equipment all the way to Level 60. Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls was full of talents! However, this was not a rare thing. After all, I also reached my third promotion with some shitty items. I could also be considered a talent~

He Yi smiled as she threw the wristguards to Wolf Fang and said, "There’s a staff there. Can someone go take it and see what grade it is?"

The priest Moon Dew walked forward, picked it up and smiled, "A Level 48 Dark Steel–grade. Boosts magic attacks by 2% and adds 50 points to healing.”

He Yi nodded. "Mn, then it’s yours. You’re our only priest.”


Very good. Flower Room's visit allowed some of our members to grow in strength.

As expected of a proletariat team. We had no guns or cannons, so the enemies brought them to us.


Our entire team moved about 500 meters away and then continued to level up on the beach, killing Crystal Crabs and Spearfishes. I made sure to forage Fish Meat. Once we returned I would make Rank 6 Steamed Fish Soup and make some extra money at the side!

On the side, taking advantage of a second of breather, I looked at He Yi standing on a small dune, her hand resting on her blade as she directed the battle in a beautiful and authoritative manner. "Magic knights, don’t just stand around. Charge! Mages, heal. Oh, no, wanderers heal! Wait that’s not right.You there, just heal! If the team wipes it’ll be your fault!"

Everyone continued to fight after throwing up blood!

The warrior Wolf Fang said, "Dear Boss, we should have the magic knights tanking, mages in the back and priests healing. You can’t just randomly give orders...”

He Yi glared. "Are you doubting my command abilities?"

Wolf Fang shook. "We all listen to you! Boss is wise!"

The magic knight Alexander laughed mercilessly, pointing at Wolf Fang and saying, "Boy, you are too cowardly. You are so afraid of women. Boss is a woman in the end, have some manly backbone! Hahaha...”


Silver light flashed by. With a bang, a silver shield slammed into Alexander's face and slowly slid off. Alexander's face was flattened, and his nose was bleeding.

The shield, yes, seemed to be He Yi's.

"What, you also want to taste the power of the Holy Shield?" He Yi said with a smile.

Alexander was full of regret and asked for mercy on one knee. "Boss, I was wrong, I will listen to you!"

I gaped on seeing this and murmured, "Ah, is this one of those Empress Simulators?"

He Yi glanced at me and I immediately shut my trap. I gathered Fish Meat and sprinted toward another pile of dead Spearfishes. Chaos Moon poked out her tongue at me as she swung her sword. "Whoa, boss is vicious. Lu Chen, was she like this back in Spirit of Grief?"

I nodded and smiled. "Get used to it. Boss is the classic example of ‘goddess tongue and sharp heart’. Wait, no, ‘sharp tongue and goddess heart’...”

Clearly, He Yi was a very strong woman. She would never change what she thought. The only time she had changed was when I told her that Treasure Hunter had not been made well. Then she gathered the capital to invite Teacher Bi to film "Treasure Hunter 2" and received the best picture award at the Golden Rooster Film Festival.

In the IT world, He Yi was a legend, an beautiful and moving legend. At a young age, she used her talents to squeeze into the higher levels of GGS, and became the vice president of the Asia region. Under her command, their GNS software usage in India, Japan, China and other countries surpassed Microsoft. This was why He Yi had such power in GGS.

When I thought of this, I looked back and found He Yi had come to my side and was bending down to see me gather Fish Meat. She asked with a smile, "Lu Chen, is this the Foraging skill?"


He Yi pouted. "Pity that my MP is so low. Otherwise, I’d have needed you to supply me with food...”

"No problem~"

"Right, I’m two rooms away from you. Are you going for a night snack? My skill at boiling frozen dumplings is the best in Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls!"

I shuddered. "Alright, honestly, my skill at making instant noodles is the best in Blood Mercenaries...”

He Yi smiled. "Then I’ll have a taste tonight when I log out~"

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