Chapter 159: Little Brat

Beiming Xue smiled and said, "Gui Guzi, kill Inconstant, 1, 2, 3!"

The Devil Piercing Arrow + Penetrating Arrow came at almost the same time. In but a moment, Inconstant was pinned in place, sky above him changing color. Two third-promotion mages of Bloody Mercenaries released Ice Dragon Howl in unison!

The opportunity has come!

Gui Guzi thrust with his spear. Death Combo!

Boom boom boom...

Under the barrage, a dozen priests were unable to save Inconstant. The strongest meatshield of Mad Dragon was killed by Bloody Mercenaries like this!

Iron Pardon gritted his teeth. "Fuck!"

Iron Pardon drove away the warrior in front of him with a sweep of his sword and charged toward Beiming Xue. In a melee battle like this, making a decision to charge through despite the risk to take out the other party’s main DPS meant that his calm and judgement were top-notch!

Pity, I had seen through him!


Immediately, I turned into a shadow and lunged forward, appearing before him in a flash. A large “stun” symbol appeared on his forehead. I had one second!

Ice Ray + Desperate Gambit!



My two trump skills were almost instant, with only about 0.15 seconds between them, which was also my present delay time. Of course, this timeframe wasn’t enough for even Candlelight Shadow to cast an instant heal, let alone the newbie priests of Mad Dragon.

With a grunt, he fell to the ground. The Gemini Stars of Mad Dragon had been killed, just like this!

Roaming Dragon immediately stomped his feet. He hadn't expected his formation to collapse immediately. He would never have dreamt of this result. All of his ambitions went up in smoke. Despite the reality check, he was still unable to give up. He shouted, "Hold on, hold on! Our brothers on the perimeter are coming over to help!"

I pointed with my sword and said, "Brothers, kill them in ten minutes!"

Of course, this was not just a threat. Bloody Mercenaries did possess such strength.

Mad Dragon guild was a clan guild. The Mad Dragon Clan’s players were not very strong. About 95% of players had not reached the third promotion. Third-promotion players in the Mad Dragon guild were rare treasures. In Bloody Mercenaries however, all players were such treasures! The gulf between us was great and unfathomable!

The ocean could hold a hundred rivers!

I always knew that while a clan could be strong, they couldn’t win against those who recruited the best of the best. The Mad Dragon guild was proud and unwilling to recruit unrelated players. Eventually it held their potential back. Bloody Mercenaries were different. We took on all strong and reliable players!

The ancient tales did not lie. In the time of the three kingdoms, Wei's Cao Cao had the widest breadth of mind, and thousands of good generals. But the Kingdom of Chu was nepotistic. While Guan Xin and Zhang Bao were brave, they were not willing to use the warriors from the common people. This caused the tragedy of "With no general of Shu, Liao had to become the vanguard.”


Boom boom boom...

Eight consecutive arrows exploded in the crowd. Ghosts lingered around. Beiming Xue's Evil Spirit Volley became the brightest star of the battle today. Its extraordinary power and its splash property tormented Mad Dragon.

Gui Guzi was brave and charged at the front. Weirdly enough, his HP was always full.

Of course, this was not the end of his terror. Bloody Mercenaries had two third-promotions bards that didn’t forget to apply Divine Valor and Death Match buffs to him. With his Attack and Defense increased by a huge margin, he was capable of fighting against entire armies.

I was jealous upon seeing this. "Water, can I get a buff too?"

Excellent Water, a female Level 61 bard. I found her on the forums. She was about twenty years old, warm and gentle, and became the target of many male players when she entered the guild. The brothers that spoke words of love in the guild chat were getting more and more shameless.

Seeing me say this, Excellent Water said with a smile, "Leader, I gave my buff to Amazing Expert~"

I looked at Du Thirteen who was busy flirting and gritted my teeth. "To him? What for? Just transfer the buff to me...”

"Yes, alright!"

The bard's buff skill could only be given to one player at a time. This was the difference between Bard and Tactician classes. The former could buff one person with many buffs, the latter could buff crowds. However, Bard’s buffs were stronger, they were literally double that of Tactician!

Soon, I received Divine Valor and Death Match as well. My Defense and Attack were increased by 20%. I felt invincible. Even if I fought Gui Guzi, I felt that I could kill him in two rounds. First, I would use Ice Ray + Slayer Slash. This would take at least 2000 HP from Gui Guzi. He would absorb 35% and recover 700 HP. There would be 2000 HP left. Then I would use a Pardon + Desperate Gambit. As long as I killed him in one hit, Undying Shield’s absorption wouldn’t help him.

Of course, this was just an example. Gui Guzi and I were on the same side so we never got a chance to fight again. But he had been slightly disobedient recently, wanting to challenge me for the title of “the workshop’s strongest”. I needed to find an opportunity to beat some sense into him.


The situation was completely one-sided. Bloody Mercenaries was brutal, cutting and slicing everything they could, including Coldmoon Rose's chest armor.

An assassin sneaked toward Yamete. The moment he attacked, Beiming Xue shot him. He fell to the ground and cursed, "Fuck! I knew you’d have a helper. You trash priest. Do you have balls to fight me 1v1?"

Yamete charged forward with his staff and beat the anemic assassin to death. As he swung, he said, "Little brat, you dare to look down on your grandpa???"

Everyone clapped and laughed.

Roaming Dragon saw the situation was irreversible. Under the protection of some knights, he retreated with a poisonous gaze. He shouted, "Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand, I will remember this. Just wait, Mad Dragon will get revenge!"

I pointed at Roaming Dragon and ordered without changing my expression, "Gui Guzi, lead ten teams of five and chase Roaming Dragon. Everyone else, come with me. We will sweep through Greedy Wolf Forest!"

"Yes, leader!"

Gui Guzi gave chase with 50 people. Roaming Dragon only had a dozen people, without any mages and priests. It was unlikely that they could escape.

The Ghost Ice Soul flashed with bloody light. About half of the people behind me had red names. My name was red to begin with. Regardless of whether I had a red name, as a neutral race, I could enter the cities of the humans and the Night Creatures. This feeling was like those fraudsters that stole the wealth of the people and fled the country. I felt extremely embarrassed.

There was a team of a hundred people grinding near the border of Greedy Wolf Forest. They were working hard killing wolves, planning to get a few dozen pelts to craft top-tier leather armor with critical rate bonus. Unfortunately for them, the core of their guild was already dead, and these people were nothing to write home about.

I charged immediately, and acted as the main focal point. Regardless of the other's archer and mage attacks, Ghost Deity Armor was extraordinary, letting me basically ignore physical attacks of ordinary players!

Then with a clear roar, an Ice Dragon Howl sound!

I hadn't expected a third-promotion mage here. That Ice Dragon Howl descended from the heavens. I didn’t bother to dodge and just endured it!


The damage number flew up. The Ice Dragon Howl hadn't even taken away 10% of my HP!

Haha, my 313 points of Magic Resist were not for naught!

The other mage was stunned. The assassin by his side murmured, "Fuck, seriously? Big brother's Ice Dragon Howl is able to take away 1000 HP from a Level 60 Greedy Wolf, but can’t even chip away 300 from Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand? Is there any order in the world...”

In the next moment, I used the Ghost Ice Soul to tell him what the natural order of the world was!

In this world of sword and magic, the one with the hardest fists was the natural order!


I charged into the crowd, drank a potion, and started a slaughter!

Bang bang bang!

Beiming Xue's Evil Spirit Volley once again caused fear among the enemy ranks. With a single Volley, she could kill 8 people and halve HPs of all the surrounding players. This damage potential was just too domineering!

I wrapped around the side, turned around and used Thousand Mirage Slash, perfectly engulfing all the players with half HP!


Screams arose and a dozen players fell to the ground. This wonderful teamwork caused the Bloody Mercenaries players to gasp, and the Mad Dragon players to lose their souls. They didn't dare to resist, and almost surrendered. The player leading them shouted, "They’re too strong, brothers. Flee!"

The group quickly retreated toward the entrance of the mountain valley.

I smiled. Very good. Wind Fantasy of Snowy Cathaya and her sword were waiting there for them. Good luck to them~~


Soon after, Gui Guzi came back with his group and smiled confidently. "Boss, we did it. Including Roaming Dragon, all 27 of them died at the base of the mountain. Not even one escaped!"

I nodded. "Young man, you have a great future. I admire you and will promote you to Commander of a Hundred Horses...”

Gui Guzi was speechless. "I want a salary...”

"Each month, go to Du Thirteen and get ten pecks of rice~"


Once everyone gathered, we counted our troops. We came with 176 people, and after a series of battles, there were 124 left. Many people had been killed. However, compared to Mad Dragon, our losses were not much. At a cost of 52 people dying once, we completely routed Mad Dragon’s thousand-man army!

This battle was fated to resound throughout the world. We used Mad Dragon to make an example, and cause seeds of fear to blossom in the hearts of Gods of Destruction and Flower Room!

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