Chapter 158: The Battle of Greedy Wolf Forest

Greedy Wolf Forest was a source of Rank 5 materials—Blaze Greedy Wolf Pelts. The leather armor created by this kind of fur would receive a bonus of 2% Agility and 1.2% critical rate. Therefore, in order to enhance the strength of their archers, the leaders of many guilds set their eyes on Greedy Wolf Forest, their natural habitat.

The forest became a battlefield of major guilds who wanted to progress, eventually leading up to Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls and Mad Dragon crossing blades here. In the end, the former guild was slightly weaker, and He Yi could only leave, her troops defeated.


Whoosh whoosh whoosh...

The leaves of Frost Forest shook. A group of well-equipped players flashed across, heading to the woods behind.

"Boss, we’ll arrive in ten minutes!" Beiming Xue looked at the map and warned.

I nodded. "Send orders to the teams; wait a bit at the valley entrance. We will attack together!"


Not long after, a narrow valley entrance appeared ahead. It was about 20 yards wide, and a few dozen people could block it.


Lin Yixin sent a message: "Lu Chen, my people are already outside. Have you reached your spot?"

I looked into the distance and saw the forest littered with countless dots. Many Snowy Cathaya players were at the perimeters, just five minutes away.

I smiled. Lin Yixin was just too adorable. She wasn’t going to outright help us in the battle but she was going to help us “secure kills”. How unreliable!

I immediately responded. "We’re going in. Guard the entrance. Don't let any Mad Dragon members leave. I dare them to rest in the city!"


The plan was a go. Depart!

We came to the edge of the valley. Shiing. I pulled out my sword, pointed into the valley, and shouted, "Brothers, charge with me. Kill everyone who is related to Mad Dragon! Show no mercy!"

The Bloody Mercenaries players pulled out their weapons and shouted, "Kill!"

I charged into Greedy Wolf Forest first. Behind me, Du Thirteen, Beiming Xue, and Gui Guzi followed. As the leader and the four corps commanders, it was necessary that everyone was on the front lines. If one did not have such bravery, they had no need to stay in Bloody Mercenaries.

The packed players flooded into the forest, the Bloody Mercenaries emblem forming an ocean of blood, as though heralding the inevitable slaughter!

"There are people ahead!" Beiming Xue said cautiously.

Gui Guzi sneered, "Five people, a small leveling team with an average level of 55!"

I raised my sword. "Kill!"

I dashed over, and activated Charge from afar!


I arrived in a flash. My blade sliced across the neck of a Level 57 archer, dealing 1109 damage to him. The moment the archer fell to the ground, I quickly turned around, the Ghost Ice Soul shining brightly. I swung the sword through the air. Thousand Mirage Slash whistled out and covered three people!


Three successive damage numbers jumped out—




The last hit was a crit to boot. I managed to instantly kill the priest, the mage, and the magic knight!

Du Thirteen was shocked. "Fuck, why’re you so fierce, bro...”

Beiming Xue gaped. "Boss is too strong. No wonder he managed to fight several people in Who Will Fight Me and still win...”

Even more importantly, the Bloody Mercenaries players behind me all gaped. A moment later, they roared. "Leader is great! So strong!"

I laughed. I achieved my goal. I used my strength to prove to everyone that joining our guild had been the right decision. The morale of our guild would increase greatly, and with their boosted confidence, so would their strength.

As the troops swept by, eight or so Mad Dragon teams at the perimeter of Greedy Wolf Forest were met with a calamity. They were overwhelmed before they even had a chance to react.


A silver spear stabbed into the chest of a magic knight. Gui Guzi used his Death Combo and killed his enemy in one swoop. His troops cheered on his brilliant display.

Very good. Our guild is very strong!

Finally, after we killed several dozen of Mad Dragon's idle players, we came close to the center of Greedy Wolf Forest. It was an enormous clearing, Mad Dragon’s base of operations. Looking from afar, I could see at least 200 of Mad Dragon’s high-level players farming Greedy Wolves. In reality however, they were guarding the nearby leveling teams. They were waiting for people to challenge them and fight!

I looked over. Almost all the higher-ups of Mad Dragon were present!

Roaming Dragon, Coldmoon Rose, Iron Pardon, Inconstant. The core players of their guild were standing at the side, chatting pleasantly.

Whoosh whoosh...

The leaves shook. The frontline players of the Bloody Mercenaries were all hiding in the bushes. While we had not practiced our formations, everyone here was an experienced player. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have undergone their third promotion so fast ahead of everyone else. They were all elite, and in the future, we would rely on them to conquer the world.

"Leader, what to do?" a magic knight holding a spear asked.

I looked into the distance and said, "All of you, release your pets. Let the pets charge ahead and act as a cover. We will charge afterward. Mad Dragon has several thousand people, but only 200 here. The others are nearby, grinding. If we can destroy their entire core, we can make Mad Dragon crumble!"


In the next moment, magic flashed. Everyone summoned their pets.

I stopped breathing in the guild. Then I shouted. "Now, lock onto any person ahead and order your pets to attack!"

Immediately, the pets moved together. 176 pets, all of different sizes, shapes and colors. Wasps, Purple Butterflies, Greedy Wolves, Skeletons, Pheasants, Lightning Mice, Mammoths even. The colorful display resembled a circus that moved with astounding momentum!

I pulled out my sword and shouted, "Now, charge!"

I suddenly stood up, cutting through the branches with my sword. I charged out with a group of Bloody Mercenaries players. At the side of the forest, an entire column of red players moved up. Finally, the slaughter started!


"What is the situation?"

In the distance, Roaming Dragon paled. "Fuck, where’d so many pets come from? Quick, prepare to defend!"

A group of Mad Dragon magic knights raised their shields. The defensive formation quickly took form. This proved that Mad Dragon wasn’t as garbage as Li Le’s Flower Room!

I was at the forefront and charged straight at Roaming Dragon. Coldmoon Rose gritted her teeth and shot a Volley at me from afar!

Pa pa!

Two arrows struck home and met a humming Ghost Deity Armor. But it was pointless, I had 20 priests behind me healing. It was hard for me to die, even if I wanted to!


When I got close, I raised the Ghost Ice Soul and immediately used Thousand Mirage Slash!


The sharp blow almost created a bloody hole in the other's camp. Ghost Ice Soul's attack power was so strong, adding on my Undead Energy skill, it almost halved the HP of the knights on the front lines. The mages and archers behind them were immediately killed, however!


Screams arose. Just a single Thousand Mirage Slash killed at least 10 cloth or leather armor players, but it failed to break their defense line!

I pressed my sword, turning it horizontally and swung again!

Clang clang clang...

The Ghost Ice Soul swept across the row of shields, creating bright sparks. Five magic knights grunted and their HP dropped again!

At this time, Beiming Xue shouted, "Boss, bend down!"

I immediately understood and bent down. I used this chance to sweep past the opponents’ ankles. Obviously, it was not fatal. The fatal attack was about to come!

Beiming Xue pulled the string of her longbow. The beautiful dark archer gathered undead energy at the arrowheads and immediately shot eight arrows. This was the Evil Spirit Volley she had just learned!

Whoosh whoosh whoosh...

The arrows sliced across the sky and fell into the enemy camp like meteors. The first few magic knights grunted and their HP dropped!

Boom boom boom...

Evil Spirit Volley was of the explosive type and had some splash damage. It could also ignore a little bit of Defense. It was no wonder that a string of large damage numbers soon floated up—






I was slightly speechless upon seeing this. After Beiming Xue learned Evil Spirit Volley, she could be called the queen of long range! If Beiming Xue had known this move in the Who Will Fight Me tournament, I wouldn’t have had to risk my life in the last battle. I could just have her use Evil Spirit Volley and charge in with Gui Guzi to collect the heads!

The astounding AoE properties of the attack shocked everyone. In a flash, the players of Mad Dragon experienced the power of Beiming Xue. All five of the high-level magic knights at the front were dead. The priest's healing couldn’t keep up because they died so quickly!

Now, the frontlines were lost, and the mages, archers, bards, and tacticians were exposed to the weapons of the Bloody Mercenaries!

Gui Guzi waved his spear and laughed. "Lil Beiming is so strong. Brothers, kill them all!"

At this time, Roaming Dragon's expression finally changed. He hadn't expected the first wave of Bloody Mercenaries to be so strong. The "Iron Wall" formation he had worked hard to devise was not even worth a blow from the Bloody Mercenaries, it was torn to shreds in seconds!

Whoosh whoosh...

Two figures flashed by. The Gemini Stars of Mad Dragon moved out.

Iron Pardon's blade stabbed into the chest of a Bloody Mercenaries assassin. He shouted, "Die!"

Blaze exploded, it was an instant kill!

Inconstant shouted as he grappled with Gui Guzi. His Flame Thrust forced Gui Guzi back a few steps, but it didn’t deal any significant damage. Gui Guzi’s Rank 6 Undying Shield was just shameless, and severely overpowered!

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