Chapter 157: Greedy Wolf Forest Military Mobilization

"Wait, wait for our boss to get here!" Beiming Xue explained with a smile. Gui Guzi pulled out his spear and said, "Damn, if anyone else dares to randomly touch me, I will kill him...”

I walked forward, extremely amused, and said, "Everyone, quiet down!"

"Boss is here!" Beiming Xue said.

I nodded and said, "A Rank 1 guild can only accept 200 people so they must be the best of the best. In the future, they will be the core players of the Bloody Mercenaries. We must carefully select these 200 people. Today, I won't level up and pick from everyone here, how about that?"

The players nodded. Those not involved all left.

I pointed and said, “You there, Level 61 mage, do you want to join Bloody Mercenaries?"

"Yes!" The mage came forward, holding a staff and said, "Two days ago, I killed Coldmoon Rose of Mad Dragon, and that woman has put out a bounty for me!"

"You have a recording?"


I watched the recording. This guy had killed Coldmoon Rose once, and it did not look fake. Coldmoon Rose didn’t look out of sorts either.

I nodded. "Welcome to the guild. We are one family now!"

The mage was overjoyed. The guild emblem of the Bloody Mercenaries appeared on his shoulder. He immediately caressed the light of the emblem with joy in his eyes like it was his son.

Then the second player, a Level 60 magic knight, came forward and said, "Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand, you are my hero. I always thought that Gods of Destruction would dominate Floating Ice City, but you changed my thoughts. Therefore, I want to join Bloody Mercenaries!"

I glanced at his equipment. Three Silver-grade items, two Dark Steel–grade. Not bad. Accepted!


The guild channel gradually became busy, filled with purely third-promotion players! At the same time, I contacted nearly a hundred people from my personal messages. I had verified and selected them personally and it was their time to join the guild!

Mamate was an experienced gamer and said with a frown, "Boss, there may be spies from Mad Dragon or Gods of Destruction among them. If we rashly accept them, wouldn't they cause trouble?"

I smiled and patted Mamate's shoulder. "People's hearts are made of flesh. If we treat people sincerely, I don't believe those 007s will continue to work for Mad Dragon and Gods of Destruction!"

"Ha, treat people sincerely!"

Mamate smiled and said, "I finally understood how Lonely Grave called Falling Dust ‘worthy of the Heavenly King title’. Just your presence is something that people like Candlelight Shadow and Seven-Star Lamp cannot compare to!"

I smiled. "Alright. Once we finish our recruitment, let’s gather everyone up and go grind. When players from the same guild grind together, the guild will obtain experience. We need to get our guild to Rank 5 as soon as possible. Then. we’ll have spots for ten thousand people, much better than the current quota of 200!"

"Yes yes!"

I was busy the entire evening until 11 before finally getting 200 people. The guild was filled with talented people, all third-promotion players. When I told the news to Lin Yixin, she gaped in shock. Even Snowy Cathaya did not have such forces!

Right, this was a prime example of “the later ones come ahead”. I wouldn’t just recruit seconds that other guilds had left behind!

Throughout the night, I, Gui Guzi, Beiming Xue and the others did not rest. We started our first guild activity. The players in the guild did not go to sleep either. We swept through a corner of Frost Forest, got to know each other and deepened our relationships as guildmates.


I drowsily got out of bed. It was already 2 pm.

Doo doo...

My cell phone rang. It was Lin Yixin's number. After connecting, I answered with a laugh, "Yiyi, what’s gotten you anxious enough to call me?"

Lin Yixin said, "You’re still laughing? Your old family, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, is in danger!"

"What's the situation?" I suddenly sat up.

Lin Yixin said. "Do you know Greedy Wolf Forest?"

"Yes, I do. What is it?"

"Oh, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls set up a hundred-man team to level up in there, but this morning, they were attacked and many died. They fought until noon. Murong Mingyue, Hot Sun and the others were killed once or twice. From Water was not willing to keep on fighting and ordered her guild to leave, giving up Greedy Wolf Forest.”

Lin Yixin’s explanation was short and simple, but it didn’t stop my blood from boiling in anger. "Damn, which short-sighted guild dares to offend Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls? Fuck, they’re courting death!"

Lin Yixin laughed softly. "Don't be so excited. How many factions in Floating Ice City dare to challenge Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls and come out on top?"

"Yiyi, who are they? Who has the gall...”

"Mad Dragon, haha~~"

I clenched my fists. "Fuck, it's Roaming Dragon. No wonder!"

Roaming Dragon had bought a Hero's Token at a high price and established his guild. While the guild could only hold 200 people, Mad Dragon itself had at least a thousand members still outside the guild. They had necessary strength for He Yi to order retreat. If they were any weaker, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls would not have chosen to leave.

Lin Yixin said slowly, "Greedy Wolf Forest has been found to have Greedy Wolves whose pelts add stat bonuses. Thus, Mad Dragon started taking over the forest a few days ago. Later, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls came over and the two had friction and a battle occurred. While Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls have left, some of them are being spawn camped...”

I thought for a moment. "There’s still people being spawn camped?”

"Yes.” Lin Yixin smiled. "From Water made a public post on the forums and stated that since Mad Dragon had taken over Greedy Wolf Forest, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls going in were in the wrong and broke the unspoken agreement. They could only swallow their pride...”

I nodded. He Yi's actions were correct. A large guild had to maintain a good image to recruit different talents. But if it was me, I definitely would not have forgiven Mad Dragon so easily!

"Mn, got it...” I said.

"Oh? Your tone is not very friendly. What do you want to do?" Lin Yixin asked with a smile.

I said, "Since He Yi’s not willing to fall out and fight with Mad Dragon, Bloody Mercenaries will take this task upon themselves! That Roaming Dragon fucking dares to touch Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls? I will uproot his guild from Floating Ice City. Bloody Mercenaries will do what Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls is not willing to do!"

Lin Yixin gave a bell-like laugh.

I also laughed. "Yiyi, why are you so happy?"

"I was just waiting for your words!"

"What do you mean...”

Lin Yixin stopped laughing and said, "Let's work together? Greedy Wolf Forest is surrounded by valleys and only has one entrance. You lead the Bloody Mercenaries players in, and I’ll lead Snowy Cathaya to guard the entrance. If necessary, we can work together and take care of Mad Dragon's players in one swoop. How about that?"

I was shocked. "You hate Roaming Dragon this much?"

"Of course!"

Lin Yixin's tone was murderous. "This bastard said that I was someone's mistress and the only reason I had a high level was because my man hired people to level me up. This shameless and despicable person has stained my good name. I want to dig up his ancestor's graves!"

I shuddered upon hearing this. Damn, a beauty like Lin Yixin really cannot be offended. She’s terrifying!

"Alright, wait for me online. In an hour, I’ll gather people and go get revenge for Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls!"



I hung up, put on my clothes and charged into the hall. I tapped out the beat for "General's Command" on the table, shouting, "Bloody Mercenaries, gather your troops, quick. Everyone wake up!" [1]

The guys slowly came out of the dreamland. Beiming Xue wore a short T-shirt, the shirt barely covering her shoulders, revealing the white skin underneath her neck. "Boss, what is it?"

I glanced at her and said, "Put your clothes on, your bra is showing...”


Beiming Xue frantically covered herself, immediately flushing beet-red. "What is it?"

I nodded. "This morning, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls players were spawn camped by Mad Dragon in Greedy Wolf Forest and were forced to retreat. We can’t let this slide. Let’s quickly grab a bite before we go online. We’ll go to Greedy Wolf Forest and uproot Mad Dragon after we’ve gathered our forces!"

Gui Guzi clenched his fists and laughed. "No problem. We have two hundred high-level players. We do not fear Mad Dragon's rabble!"


We ran downstairs to get some Lanzhou Noodles and charged back upstairs. We didn’t even wipe our mouths before going online!


I appeared in the inn. Gui Guzi walked over and said, "Boss Broken Halberd, I just texted some people, and everyone has gathered outside the city by Frost Forest. Should we go over now?"


I unsheathed the Ghost Ice Soul, summoned the Dark Wasp, and charged out of the city with Gui Guzi. At the same time, I sent a message in our guild chat: "Is everyone here?"

Immediately, the guild boiled over—

"Haha, finally saw Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand alive!"

"Boss, you are here!"

"Boss, quick, tell us who we are going to kill? My axe is thirsting for blood...”


I gaped. What kind of group was this? Bloody Mercenaries looked like a gang.

I sprinted toward the forest. In the distance, there was a group of people.

Du Thirteen held his longsword and said, "Lu Chen, there are 187 people in the guild, but 11 couldn’t come. We have 176 people at the ready. Should we go?"

I nodded, raised my sword and shouted, "Brothers, our friends were attacked by Mad Dragon. They’ve always thought themselves to be the strongest guild in Floating Ice City. Today, we shall slaughter them and show these bastards who the real overlord of Floating Ice City is!"

Everyone burst into cheers. "We pledge to follow our guild leader and slaughter Mad Dragon down to the last!"


"Such a group of hot-blooded youths...” Beiming Xue giggled.

Mamate nodded. "We need this ignorant and fearless courage...”

Gui Guzi: "...”

I held my sword and raised it toward the north. I said loudly, "Greedy Wolf Forest. Charge!"

Shiing shiing shiiing!

Everyone unsheathed their weapons, gleaming with silver murderous sheen. Following my orders, the group headed toward Greedy Wolf Forest.

1. The General's Command is a traditional tune from the Sichuan region of southern China that dramatizes the heroic actions of soldiers locked in combat on the battlefield. Yangqin solo version:

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