Chapter 155: Flame Dragon Gauntlets


While it was only a Rank 6 skill and had a 6% chance of proccing, Immortality could truly turn the situation around at a time of life and death like this. I was able to write the Bloody Mercenaries onto the victor's flag!


System Announcement: Player “Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand”, and their team [Bloody Mercenaries] have become champions of the “Who Will Fight Me” tournament!

System Announcement: Player “Indigo Collar”, and their team [Peach Garden] have become runners-up of the “Who Will Fight Me” tournament!

System Announcement: All players that reached the Top 16 will receive system rewards within 30 seconds!



I was sent outside the arena. Beiming Xue, Gui Guzi and the others leapt toward me, grabbing my shoulders and laughing. "Lu Chen, you’re too cool! You won 1v4, so cool!"


I inhaled deeply and said, "Damn, my revival skill procced. Am I really that lucky?”

Lin Yixin walked forward and said, "Your turn to treat us?"

"No problem!"

A joyful matter like this was truly refreshing. Thirty seconds had almost passed. I wonder what kind of reward the system would give. The richer the better!

I watched the countdown. Finally, it came—


System Announcement: Player “Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand” led their team [Bloody Mercenaries] to become champions and was the most valuable player in the tournament. Rewards obtained: Level +3, Reputation +5000, Luck +3, Hero’s Token!


A reward window popped up and the orange screen flashed in front of me. Countless characters quickly changed and waited for me to make a draw!

I reached out and pressed the confirm button. Instantly, there was another pleasing ring—


System Announcement: Player “Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand” has obtained “Flame Dragon Gauntlets” (Dark Gold–grade)!

Then there was a string of rings—

System Announcement: Player “Beiming Xue” has obtained “Heavenly Cry Bow” (Gold-grade)!

System Announcement: Player “Indigo Collar” has obtained “Boundless Helmet” (Gold-grade)!

System Announcement: Player “Moon Scar” has obtained “Demon Killing Dagger” (Gold-grade)!

System Announcement: Player “Wind Fantasy” has obtained the “Forbidden Wind War Boots” (Gold-grade)!


Due to the rules of the tournament, items of the Gold-grade and above would be announced by the system to the public. Silver and Dark Steel–grade items would be skipped!

As the person who did the most damage in the tournament, and the champions’ leader, I managed to get a Dark Gold–grade item. Undoubtedly, I was definitely the greatest beneficiary of this tournament!

Mad with joy, I opened my bag. As expected, a crimson gauntlet was in the corner of the bag. I took it out for a look, and it didn’t disappoint me—

Flame Dragon Gauntlets (Dark Gold–grade)

Defense: 125

Magic Resist: 85

Strength: +35

Stamina: +40

Passive: Increases the user's Defense by 5%

Passive: Increases the user's critical rate by 4%

Level Requirement: 65


Such a strong item! It was truly worthy of being a Dark Gold–grade item. 125 Defense, 35 Strength and astounding 40 points of Stamina. On top of that, 5% Defense and 4% crit rate passives. Each of these stats would be impressive on its own. Combined together in one item, they were more than amazing. Under Level 100, this gauntlet would undoubtedly be divine!

I looked at my current arm slot item. Blood Shadow Bracers. 35 Defense, 9 Strength. The difference between them was like night and day!

The system rewarded me with three levels, so I was Level 67 now. I quickly took off the Blood Shadow Bracers and put on my new gauntlets. Dark Gold–grade! Also, this might be the first Dark Gold–grade item in Floating Ice City!

In a flash, my hands and forearms were completely covered by the crimson red armor that flashed with dark golden light. Fire sprouted out. These Flame Dragon Gauntlets were so amazing. I opened my individual stats. Just one Dark Gold–grade item was enough to completely transform me—


Class: Undead Swordsman (Silver Swordsman)

Level: 67

HP: 2350

Attack: 413~675

Defense: 502

Magic Resist: 313

Reputation: 25895

Luck: 3


My HP had reached 2350, even better than most magic knights. My attack power was a powerful 675. Adding on the different effects, my actual attack power should be above 800, and I would be able to kill any mage of similar level instantly with a basic attack. My Defense reached 502. Adding on the Ghost Deity Armor, and Enhanced Bones, it probably wasn't any lower than 700. I would be tankier than magic knights. Most importantly, my Magic Resist was now above 300. Just these gauntlets added 85 points. It would appear that the importance of high-grade defensive equipment has become way higher at this stage of the game!

In Heavenblessed, only equipment of Gold-grade and above could boost Magic Resist. In late-game large-scale battles, AoE attacks of the mages were the main tool of carnage. Without high Magic Resist, melee fighters would be destroyed by the time they reached the casters’ base.

In conclusion, the stats of these Flame Dragon Gauntlets were enough to be top in Floating Ice City, much better than Beiming Xue's Heavenly Cry Bow.

However, that Heavenly Cry Bow had a very high Attack. I could imagine that just this bow would allow Beiming Xue to completely transform!

"Thirteen, Little Gui, what did you get?" I asked around after calming my emotions.

Du Thirteen said, "I got a pair of Silver-grade legguards, not bad, much better than my original ones~"

Gui Guzi waved a pair of boots in his hand and grinned, "High-level Silver-grade war boots. Great. I was missing high-level equipment like this. Now my Defense is strengthened!"

Mamate opened his hands. This was a light purple skill book. He had a grimace. "Damn, what is this? I’m a priest but they rewarded me with a book for archers...”


We were all shocked and crowded over to look. Then we instantly laughed.

Evil Spirit Volley: Gather dead souls on the arrow and then shoot them out in a volley, dealing great damage to the target. Cooldown: 10 seconds. Level Requirement: 60. Class Requirement: Archer. Race Requirement: Undead.


Mamate was speechless. Everyone had gotten good rewards, but only he was so unlucky to get a skill book!

Evil Spirit Volley could shoot out arrows containing soul power. This was no doubt a powerful skill, but its requirements were stupid. It required archers, and also undead ones? Who knew how many undead players this Heavenblessed Continent had? So far, I had not seen many. If I met any, I would’ve recruited them into Bloody Mercenaries.

Evil Spirit Volley was a powerful move, as though it had been created just for Beiming Xue, except it had been given to the wrong person.

Beiming Xue gazed at the skill book, her gaze hopeful. She whispered, "Mamate, could you give me the skill book? I'll... I'll trade you the Heavenly Cry Bow, ok?"

Mamate cried. "If I take your Heavenly Cry Bow, boss will throw me off the building...”

Gui Guzi and Du Thirteen laughed heartlessly at the side.

I coughed and patted Mamate's shoulder. I said, "We are one family, why the pretenses? How about this. Mamate, you give Evil Spirit Volley to Lil Beiming, then... oh, then you take 20000 RMB from the workshop's operational funds. Does anyone have any objections?"

Gui Guzi and Du Thirteen shook their heads. "No problem, this decision is very wise!"

Mamate cried silent tears, and held Beiming Xue's hand. "Lil Beiming, you are the best to me...”

Beiming Xue slapped Mamate's hand away. "Ha, boss is giving 20000 to you, not me... Mamate, you dare take this opportunity, I look down on you!"

Mamate continued to cry.

In the next moment, Evil Spirit Volley appeared in Beiming Xue's hands. It turned into a light that streamed into her body. She had clearly learned it.

She decisively nocked an arrow. Beiming Xue faced the unpopulated stands, and fiercely unleashed Evil Spirit Volley. The arrows flew through the air, each of them giving off the images of ghosts at the arrowheads and hit the spectator stands!

Boom boom boom!

Stone shards flew everywhere, this attack was immensely powerful!

Gui Guzi laughed in shock. "Damn, such great destructive power. Does it replace Volley in the slot?"


Beiming Xue nodded. "It replaces Volley. Evil Spirit Volley is a Rank 6 skill, eight arrows, hoho. Its only drawback is MP usage. One Evil Spirit Volley uses 60 MP. In the future, I will have to rely on boss...”

Beiming Xue walked over and grabbed my arm. She said with a smile, "Boss, you have to support me in the future...”

I shuddered. I felt Lin Yixin's gaze from nearby. I turned around, and saw her eyes filled with murderous intent. She held the Snow Shadow Sword, and was looking angrily at me as though she would draw her sword at any moment and kill me!

On the other side, Murong Mingyue looked over casually, the disdain in her eyes growing.

"Cough cough...”

I pushed aside the excited Beiming Xue and said, "Alright, leave all your consumables to me!"

"Okay, okay...”

At this time, the system notified that all players would be sent out of the arena in 60 seconds!

Gui Guzi looked at the time and said, "It's 7 pm. How about we go offline and eat now?"

I thought and said, "Yes, but wait a bit. We need to go to the royal palace and register our guild, then I’ll make a post on the forums. We can go eat after all that!"


We flew out of the arena. The five of us were still in a party as we headed toward the Floating Ice City palace in the distance. If we wanted to create a guild, we had to take a Hero’s Token to the NPC king and request it. That way, our organization would be sanctioned by the law and would be recognized by NPCs when we met them in the wild’s temporary camps, saving us their scornful gazes.


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