Chapter 154: Unkillable War God

Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh...

After the round was over, everyone was teleported out of the stage temporarily. Peach Garden seemed to be very close with the teams Lover’s Place and Thunder and Wind. The reason I said this was because they were talking with Indigo Collar and his teammates about something I couldn’t hear.

Bloody Mercenaries weren’t lonely either. The players of Snowy Cathaya walked up to us to have a chat. Of course, Purple Marquis and Zi Chuanyu might not necessarily be on good terms with us, but what could they do? I was good friends with their beautiful leader. All they could to do was protect her and guarantee her safety!

I shot Lin Yixin a glance before asking, “What do you think about our fight?”

“You know how to give it your all” was Lin Yixin’s evaluation of me.

I smiled. Of course I was giving it my all, it was the only way to compensate for our lack of buffers. Without a Level 60 third-promotion tactician with Encourage or Iron Wall, prolonging the battle was practically suicide.

Gui Guzi said, “We were lucky that boss managed to halt Indigo Collar in his tracks. Otherwise, he would’ve smashed through our formation and killed Lil Beiming and Mamate. The consequences would’ve been unimaginable!”

Beiming Xue nodded. “They’re probably going to change their tactics though. If we don’t plan the next fight carefully, they’ll probably even the score and push this to a third round.”

“Yeah…” I agreed with Beiming Xue. “We hold the advantage now, so the best case scenario here is winning the next round and ending the match on a high note. If we lose to Peach Garden, we won’t be able to face the third round with the right mindset.”

Gui Guzi clenched his fists and declared, “Then let’s win the next round and take out Peach Garden. We’ll show them who’s the real king of Floating Ice City!”

“Haha, that’s right. Anyway, it’s almost time!” I raised my sword and summoned a rousing speech. “There’s a handsome reward and a great dinner waiting for everyone if we win this competition, so do your best!”


Lin Yixin had just enough time to shoot me a disdainful look before we were teleported onto the stage once more. It was the last and final round. If we win, our workshop’s name will be etched onto the flags of Floating Ice City forever!

Swhoosh swhoosh…

The enemy team was teleported onto the stage as well. Indigo Collar still looked calm and collected despite losing the first round. He was a great opponent for sure, a player whose individual PvP skills were probably on par with Dominating Heaven Blade. He was in between Lin Yixin and the likes of Gui Guzi and Purple Marquis.

“Who will the bard buff this time?” Beiming Xue said with a smile.

I stared at the enemy and said, “Just be careful. It’s really looking like they’re switching up their tactics! Our own tactic hasn’t changed; prioritize killing whoever gets the buff first!”


The countdown toward the heart-throbbing final round began.





Gui Guzi and I immediately rushed to the left and right side of the stage respectively, ready to assault the enemy’s ranged players at a moment’s notice. It was a defensive formation that also gave us the flexibility to go on the offensive if needed.

Indigo Collar let out a chuckle before shouting without warning. After he applied War Cry to himself, he ran straight toward Beiming Xue!

“Fuck! That’s a bit rash, isn’t it?” Du Thirteen stood in front of Beiming Xue and raised his sword protectively. Gui Guzi and I also withdrew our formation consciously to surround and kill Indigo Collar.

However, Indigo Collar suddenly activated Charge and sped up toward his target! This time, he wasn’t aiming for me!

Shit, Mamate’s in danger!

I turned around in haste, but it was already too late. Indigo Collar stunned our only healer and ended his life in a single strike.

Du Thirteen was the next closest person to Mamate, and he panicked almost immediately when he saw Indigo Collar up close and personal. Before I could fix his mistake, Indigo Collar turned around decisively and attacked Du Thirteen with a Blaze and a basic attack. The poor guy was killed before he could move a muscle!


I finally reached Indigo Collar after Du Thirteen fell. The moment he got stunned by my Charge, I immediately punctured his back with Ice Ray and Slayer Slash!



Indigo Collar wasn’t buffed this time, so he was dead by the end of my combo. However, I couldn’t feel the slightest joy because we had fallen for Peach Garden’s trap. Indigo Collar was just a bait, not the enemy’s main strength!


I heard a soft cry from behind me. It was Beiming Xue. I more or less guessed what happened before I even looked back.

That’s right, the main threat right now was their archer, Wheel Shadow! Wheel Shadow’s stats had skyrocketed after he received Divine Valor and Death Match, and his Volley gave Beiming Xue a lot of trouble. Worse, the enemy mage, Painted Skin had already locked onto her with Ice Dragon Howl!


Beiming Xue was devoured by ice and snow instantly. Thankfully, she managed to fire one last Volley for the team before she was killed!

The situation was rapidly deteriorating as Gui Guzi and I became the only players left on the battlefield. The enemy had sacrificed only one player to kill three of us, so we were the one who were at a great disadvantage right now. Gui Guzi was currently being attacked by four Wasps at once, and without a healer to help him, he was getting dangerously low on health.


I sent the Dark Wasp after the enemy mage, Painted Skin. Even if it couldn’t kill him, my hope was that it could keep his DPS down to a minimum. I myself charged toward the enemy archer, Wheel Shadow!

“Little Gui, don’t die! Wait for me to clean up the rest!” I shouted.

Gui Guzi drank an HP pot and shouted back, “Don’t worry, just leave it to me!”

In reality, Gui Guzi had endured nearly all of the enemy attacks since the start of the battle. Heck, he was lucky his face hadn’t swollen up like a pig’s head. One more Ice Dragon Howl from Painted Skin, and he would probably drop dead on his knees.

Wheel Shadow was surprisingly calm and decisive even though his opponent was me. He actually started zigzagging away from me while firing shot after shot at my torso, chipping away at my HP as much as he could before I reached him!

I felt a chill in my heart as my HP dropped again and again without me being able to do anything at all. Wheel Shadow had Ice Arrow and Devil Piercing Arrow, and currently there was no warrior in the world who could take this much beating for long!

I checked my skill CD. There were still 12 seconds before Charge was ready!

I quickly realized I couldn’t allow this to continue. If I continued to allow the enemy to lead me around by the nose, it was only a matter of time before I followed in Lin Yixin’s footsteps!

Eyes sharpening with focus, I changed targets and went back the way I had come from. I sped up and reached Painted Skin in the blink of an eye!




Not expecting me to show up this quickly at all, Painted Skin took a sword to the chest and lost his Magic Shield immediately. I immediately followed up with the most explosive skill I currently had in my repertoire—Desperate Gambit!

Painted Skin slowly collapsed to his knees. His life ended in a flash of red.

On the other side, Gui Guzi was charging the enemy bard with barely any HP left. However, the latter kept firing Magic Missile after Magic Missile to reduce his HP as much as possible before he could reach her! Moreover...


The enemy assassin appeared in a flash of red and unleashed Ambush and Shadow Strike! Gui Guzi was stunned for 2 whole seconds, and three hits later he was murdered into oblivion!

I groaned at the unfortunate timing and charged Moon Scar even though Wheel Shadow was still taking potshots at me. This fight was as good as sealed if I allowed the enemy to land a stun on me!

Noticing my movement, Moon Scar smiled disdainfully at me before flinging out a pack of fluorescent powder and vanishing into nothing.

“Get over here!”

I shouted angrily and swung my sword horizontally. It was a gamble. I was gambling on the chance that Moon Scar would charge me instead of backing away. It wasn’t a baseless gamble because I could sense their desperation to take me out of commission since the start of the fight!


My gamble proved to be true when a shower of blood gushed from where my sword should’ve struck thin air. Moon Scar had decided to run at me in a moment of recklessness, and he was rewarded with a basic attack that knocked him out of his stealth and a Slayer Slash that ended his life!

Now, the enemy team only had two players left. Unfortunately, I was completely alone—even my pet had died under enemy fire—and my opponent was sending their two remaining Wasps after me.

I swung my sword twice and deleted the little buggers from existence. Hmph hmph, as if pets with lousy growth could threaten me!

I ignored the bard even though she was applying all of her remaining buffs—Forge, Valor, Bloody Battle, and so on—onto Wheel Shadow and attacking me afterward. Once Wheel Shadow was dead, my chances of turning this around would be much bigger.

However, my HP was less than a thousand right now. This was after I used an HP pot to heal myself!


An Ice Arrow hit me and covered me in ice, dealing 342 damage and slowing me. Fuck, Wheel Shadow was practically a god now that he had been given all the possible buffs!

Without even bothering to kite me this time, Wheel Shadow fired another Devil Piercing Arrow at me. The skill was a huge counter to metal armor players because it ignored 50% of that particular type of Defense!

Feeling as if a beast had taken a bite off my chest, my HP dropped drastically again!


Shit, I’m just about ready to scrape the bottom of the barrel!

I watched my skill list closely as the icon representing Charge finally lit up. About motherfucking time, dammit!


I blitzed through the stage like lightning and knocked Wheel Shadow into a stun. The Ghost Ice Soul glowing red with power, I swung my sword downward and unleashed Pardon and Ice Ray!



The Ghost Ice Soul turned into a huge icicle that penetrated Wheel Shadow’s chest and came out from the back. The archer could do nothing but watch the icicle protruding from his chest with helplessness and frustration.

Awesome! The main threat is finally dead!

However, I turned around only to find a Magic Missile flying toward me. The enemy bard, Soft Nocturne, hadn’t given up yet because she noticed how close to death I was. Even she could kill me if she kept attacking!

She was right. I only had 34 HP right now!


And now I only had 3 HP…

I had given up in that moment. There was still some time before my potion finished refreshing, and my enemy was 20 full yards away from me. There was no point rushing her or backing away either since they achieved pretty much the exact same results—death.


The final Magic Missile flew toward me. No matter how low her Attack was, she had to be able to delete 3 HP, right?

The Magic Missile tickled my chest like a mosquito bite. Mn, it was still 31 points of damage...

But I didn’t die. Light flooded my senses for a moment, and the system rang melodiously beside my ears—


Combat Log: Player “Soft Nocturne” damages you for 31. You have died!


System Notice: Congratulations, the skill “Immortality” activated and revived you with full HP and MP!


I was stunned. Soft Nocturne was equally stunned, if not more. A while later, the O-shape that took over her mouth morphed into a helpless smile. “It is as the rumors say. Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand truly is the Unkillable War God…”

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