Chapter 151: Bloodbath

Covered in ice and slowed by my Ice Ray, Dominating Knight God moved as slow as a snail. Ghost Ice Soul’s attack speed was around one basic attack per 2 seconds, and every hit deleted at least 600 to 700 from his HP bar. He couldn’t escape me, let alone withstand the damage he was taking!


Dominating Knight God downed an HP pot and tried launching a counterattack. He swung his spear horizontally and stepped into a Flame Thrust!



Words couldn’t describe how ugly Dominating Knight God’s expression was when he saw how little damage he had dealt to me, and I couldn’t help but chuckle in my mind: Fuck, you thought I was easy because I’m a warrior, didn’t you? But noooo, I’m not just any warrior. I’m an undead swordsman, a hidden class whose strength is nothing like anything you’ve ever seen before!

Six seconds passed in the blink of an eye. I swung my blade across Dominating Knight God’s body and unleashed Desperate Gambit!


I didn’t use Pardon because Dominating Knight God had less than 30% HP. Desperate Gambit alone was enough to kill him.


Dominating Knight God collapsed to his knees, but he wasn’t even looking at me. He was smiling at something behind me.

Feeling a skip in my heartbeat, I turned around and was shocked by what I saw!

Fuck! Where the hell did Gui Guzi, Mamate and Du Thirteen go?

It was a stupid question. The trio managed to one-shot the enemy’s archer, Dominating Archer God, but the price was their own lives. Dominating Heaven Blade and Dominating Warrior God had killed all of them without mercy.

That wasn’t all. The enemy had decided to change tactics mid-way and focused down my Dark Wasp instead of chasing Beiming Xue, and my poor pet was focused down in no time after taking an Ice Dragon Howl to the face. It meant that Bloody Mercenaries were the one at a number disadvantage now. It was Beiming Xue and I versus Dominating Heaven Blade, Dominating Warrior God, and Dominating Mage God. Because I wasn’t around to keep Dominating Heaven Blade at bay, the man actually popped off and took down two and half of our teammates almost single-handedly! He had undoubtedly proven himself to be a first-rate pro with excellent control and power in this battle!

“Boss, save me…”

Beiming Xue’s kiting was starting to grow a bit disoriented, and to be honest I was feeling a bit disoriented myself. I knew we were underestimating our enemy from the start, and I allowed it because it was a good opportunity to teach those conceited bums a lesson...

“Beiming, this way!”

I opened up a path while yelling, “Shoot Dominating Mage God while I cover for you!”

“Got it!”

Beiming Xue stopped in her tracks while I charged toward Dominating Heaven Blade murderously. The man instantly lost his momentum and turned cowardly, but he didn’t have to face me alone. Dominating Warrior God licked his lips lustfully and charged toward me. It was clear that he was planning to kidnap Beiming Xue to his “fort” one way or another.

Of course, I wasn’t going to let that happen.


Dominating Warrior God suddenly altered his movement speed and direction and zigzagged toward me. He… he’s employing a maneuver?

Is he trying to outplay me? Me?

Haha, I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome!

As the Stormy War Boots hit the ground like a thunder wave and sent bits of stones flying, I vanished from where I was and appeared at an empty spot 4 yards ahead. Then, I swung my blade horizontally toward Dominating Warrior God!


Sparks flew everywhere as metal clashed against metal. My attack had cut off Dominating Warrior God’s premeditated strike before he even managed to draw his blade!

“Fuck! How’s this possible!”

Full of astonishment, Dominating Warrior God tried to back away from me.

I smiled at his reaction. Dominating Warrior God was ten years too early to be challenging me in terms of positioning and prediction!

I caught up to him and used Pardon this time. Then, I followed up with a basic attack.



Dominating Warrior God wasn’t at full health in the first place, so he collapsed in defeat after taking the hit.

Suddenly, I felt a burning pain from behind my shoulder. Dominating Heaven Blade had ambushed me! My back was literally on fire as he slashed me again, rattling my Ghost Deity Armor!



I lost more than half my HP in just an instant. I hurriedly dashed to the right while downing a health potion to recover 800 HP.

“Heh, prepare to die, Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand!”

Dominating Heaven Blade’s eyes were full of anger. It was an understandable reaction. Back at Silver Moon Valley, I slaughtered his generals again and again. At the Ancient Thunder Temple, Lin Yixin and I wiped him and his party’s ass, smearing his name with shame. It was the kind of humiliation no leader of a guild as big as Gods of Destruction could endure.

He attacked me again, and this time Ice Dragon Howl was falling toward my head as well! There was absolutely nowhere I could dodge to!


I felt as cold as ice as the Ice Dragon Howl deleted 894 HP from my HP bar. Shit, Dominating Mage God’s Attack is too high!

Dominating Heaven Blade let out a roar and cut my chest open at the same time!


Oh no. There was nothing worse in a PvP battle than allowing the enemy’s ace to recover!

But a streak of icy light appeared just at the right moment and sank into Dominating Heaven Blade’s chest. Beiming Xue’s assistance couldn’t be any more well-timed!

I seized the opportunity to regain my balance and twist my body. I stepped a half-arc across the floor and appeared behind Dominating Heaven Blade almost instantly!

“Ah? What?!”

My blade had sunk into his back before he even managed to turn around to face me!



Then, I twisted my sword again and unleashed Slayer Slash. The green glow ate away at Dominating Heaven Blade’s HP and dealt 1109 damage!

It was absolutely lethal. The guild leader of Gods of Destruction collapsed to his knees just like that.

I planted my foot on Dominating Heaven Blade’s back and pushed him all the way to the ground. Then, I zigzagged toward Dominating Mage God like a lightning bolt with my blade at the ready, never staying at one place for more than an instant, preventing him from ever getting a lock-on for Ice Dragon Howl!

Ice Dragon Howl took a long time to cast, and it wasn’t laser-guided. Naturally, it couldn’t be used on a fast-moving target.

I arrived in front of the mage and brought my blade down like the hammer of Thor!


I wasn’t able to deal any damage to him, but the attack was enough to shatter his Magic Shield into smithereens!

Not one to let a chance slip through her fingers, Beiming Xue landed on one foot, drew her bow to full and fired a Penetrating Arrow straight at Dominating Mage God!


Dominating Mage God’s eyes widened as the attack blew him away like a kite with its string cut. A bloody hole appeared where his chest used to be. It was clear that the attack had taken his life!


System Notice: Congratulations, your team has entered the final!

2:0, Bloody Mercenaries bathed Gods of Destruction in blood!

Haha, what a perfect description for the occasion. Gods of Destruction had been calling themselves the kings of Floating Ice City for the longest time, but today, the Bloody Mercenaries workshop served them a rude awakening, and with a harsh slap to the face too! Times are changing, and the birth of a new king is nigh. But whoever that might be, it will never be Gods of Destruction!

Swhoosh swhoosh!

When Beiming Xue and I reappeared at the edge, Du Thirteen, Gui Guzi and Mamate ran up to us in tears. “You guys are amazing, we thought for sure that we’re going to lose…”

Beiming Xue stroked her hair while smiling. “You guys are useless. How did you even die this quickly…”

Gui Guzi shrugged helplessly. “It’s not like I wanted to die. I had to take two Blazes, one Ice Dragon Howl, one Devil Piercing Arrow and seven or eight basic attacks nearly at the same time. Poor me, Mamate’s healing couldn’t keep up at all…”

I shot them a stern look and asked, “Do you still think that leaving Dominating Heaven Blade alone was a wise decision?”

Du Thirteen shook his head. “Absolutely not. We should’ve just let Lu Chen kick his ass from the start. Damn that bastard, I can’t believe he killed me with just two basic attacks. Mamate was even worse, he and his shield got rekt in one hit…”

Mamate growled angrily at him. “Fuck, would you shut up about that already? It was so embarrassing…”

I nodded. “It’s fine Mamate. Tens of millions of players in all of Floating Ice City got to see how you got one-shot along with your shield, but it’s totally fine Mamate.”

Mamate immediately burst into tears once again.


It was at this moment Snowy Cathaya walked up to us. Lin Yixin gave me a smile and said, “Congratulations on entering the final, Bloody Mercenaries. Do kindly wait for us to meet you there!”

I nodded. “Do your best, Beauty Yi. Try not to miss our date in the final and kick Peach Garden’s ass!”

I purposely emphasized the word “date” and was rewarded with a pair of red cheeks. Lin Yixin shot me a glare before leaving the stage with her subordinates.

At the distance, Murong Mingyue gave me a nod and sent me a message: “Well fought, Lu Chen~~”

I smiled and replied, “You praise me too much, sis…”

Murong Mingyue asked, “Anyway, when are you returning to Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls? Eve still can’t forget about you, you know. She even said that we wouldn’t have lost to Dominating Heaven Blade if you were here… She also said that Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand’s fighting style is extremely similar to yours…”

“That’s because I am Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand, duh…”

“Hehe. Anyway, please consider how you would like to announce your return. Once your mind is made up, don’t forget to give me a call!”

“Mn. Got it…”

I hung up and looked toward the distance. He Yi was sitting at a corner with a lonely look on her face. Hair dancing to the wind, she stared at the players on the stage and pursed her lips for a moment. Then, to my shock, she actually leaned down on her knees and started sobbing quietly. It was to the point where her delicate shoulders were shivering slightly.

Murong Mingyue walked over to her and patted her comfortingly. Then, she wrapped her arms around her.

Feeling like a knife was twisting inside my heart, I chose to walk up to He Yi. Beiming Xue didn’t stop me this time, although she followed behind me closely with Gui Guzi and Du Thirteen not far away as well.

I stopped in front of He Yi. My voice was actually shaking a bit from the anxiety. “Hey…”

He Yi abruptly looked up and stared at me in shock. Her pale face was covered in tear streaks.

Words actually failed me for a moment.

It was at this moment Spring Mud and Moon Shadow walked up to me and growled, “What are you doing, Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand? This is our territory, not yours! Get out of our face!”

It was clear that the trio was full of hostility toward me. I didn’t even know why they were acting like this.

Shivering, I stared at He Yi and murmured, “Eve, I…”

He Yi’s mouth fell open. The astonishment in her eyes was quickly turning into joy.

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