Chapter 150: Fighting Gods of Destruction


I drew my sword and laughed out loud. “Dominating Heaven Blade, prepare to die!”

Dominating Heaven Blade endured my arrogance with venomous eyes. It was clear that his anger had not reached the point of making him lose all reason because he knew that I had the power to provoke Gods of Destruction. Although the current Gods of Destruction line-up was strong, they only had a 50% chance of winning against the Bloody Mercenaries!

Gui Guzi smiled while holding his spear. “Alright, time for payback!”

Beiming Xue smiled provocatively at the few players that weren’t too far from us. “Dominating Archer God, want to learn archery from me?”

Dominating Archer God was shaken. “Fuck…”

It was obvious that Dominating Archer God had lost yet again when it came to momentum. Beiming Xue was a dark archer, a prime long-range attacker, and a hotshot in Floating Ice City. If someone were to mention the number one archer of Gods of Destruction, people may not even know who they were talking about. However, everyone knew the dark archer from Bloody Mercenaries. Who told her to be a girl, and a pretty girl with strength and good looks to boot.

Lin Yixin walked up and patted me on the shoulder, smiling. “Hey, good luck. Go avenge your old family!”

I nodded. “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna let Gods of Destruction have it easy!”

Lin Yixin giggled with expectant eyes. “Go, then!”

In the distance, Murong Mingyue clenched her fists and nodded at me. The meaning was apparent. Regain the spotlight. We were going to become members of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls sooner or later. If we snatched the win, it would mean that Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls hadn’t truly lost.


System Notice: Entering the arena!

Several streaks of white light later, our two parties of five appeared in the arena. The greatly-awaited semifinals were about to start!

Below the competition interface was the audience messaging system. It was crazily flooded right now. There were several hundred, if not thousands of messages being refreshed every second. It was simply too hard to get through all of them!

I stopped the rampant stream of words and noticed with a glance that most of the messages were more or less the similar to these messages—

“Interesting, the Silver Moon Devil actually encountered his old enemy, the Domination Clan, in the semifinals. Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand solo killed so many of their main force back then, I wonder what will happen now?”

“Go, Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand, go! Destroy those Gods of Destruction bastards!”

“Go, Beiming Xue, go! I love you! If you win the championship, I’ll marry you~~”

“Good luck Gui Guzi! Go win honor for undead-type magic knights! Go eliminate that shameless Dominating Knight God! That despicable bastard hit on my little sister yesterday in Frost Forest, but I’m too scared to beat him, fuck!”


As the number two of the China server’s Guild Ranking, Gods of Destruction really were strong, strong to the point that everyone knew about them.

Dominating Heaven Blade was unconcerned. He looked at me coldly and suddenly said, “The time for revenge has come! Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand, aren’t you very strong? I want to see just how strong you are now!”

I smiled faintly. “I’m not that strong, but I alone am enough to kill those four little brothers of yours. I have four teammates with me now too, so getting rid of you all is a piece of cake!”

“Heh, braggart!” Dominating Knight God waved his spear. “Watch how I get rid of you all!”


Beiming Xue spoke in the team channel. “Seems like they’ve made some preparations. What do you think they’ll do first, boss?”

I thought about it, then answered, “If I’m not wrong, Dominating Heaven Blade wouldn’t target Gui Guzi first. He has almost 3000 HP and his Undying Shield is at Rank 6, while they only have one mage that deals magic damage. Trying to kill Gui Guzi like that is seeking death so they must be aiming at the player among us that deals the highest damage but has the lowest survivability!”

Beiming Xue stuck out her tongue and smiled. “Wouldn’t that be troublesome to me?”

I nodded. “Mn, you know how to kite, right? Let’s use Dominating Heaven Blade’s previous strat. You kite, and the rest of us intercept them in the middle. Lay them to waste!”


“Mamate, pay attention to when you swap heal targets. Give Lil Beiming a slow HoT spell first!”



By the time we determined our gameplan, the system had already begun its countdown.




Let’s go, revenge time!

Dominating Heaven Blade wildly swung his sharp blade and shouted, “Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand, I’m coming!”

Mn, how mighty!

Unfortunately, even though Dominating Heaven Blade shouted his challenge at me, he summoned his pet and lunged at Beiming Xue!

I couldn’t help but smile. Just as I had expected!

Beiming Xue’s longbow trembled. Its bowstring glowed with blood-red undead energy, Volley let loose!

Bang bang bang bang...

Each arrow struck their target as Dominating Warrior God, Dominating Knight God, and their posse were all affected.

I summoned my Dark Wasp and commanded it to chase after Dominating Mage God. Since it was a boss-tier pet, ordinary pets couldn’t compare to it so a single Dark Wasp was enough to keep that powerful mage in check. It alone was enough to weaken him by at least 75%. The moment his shield broke, he’d die!

I locked on Dominating Heaven Blade and used Charge!


I dashed over and Dominating Heaven Blade was immediately stunned in place. His face was brimming with shock. It was obvious that he’d never imagined that I’d already learned Charge!

The truth of the matter was obvious. Charge was a powerful interception CC skill, a trump card for melee fighters, especially in the early stages of the game. Heaven Rend writing on forums that Charge was a trash skill was just ignorant rubbish.

Ice Ray! Slayer Slash!

Pff pff.

Ghost Ice Soul’s attacks were so sharp that they instantly stabbed two open holes in Dominating Heaven Blade’s breastplate. Two high damage numbers also flew up with their appearance—



Oh? Still not dead? A high-level warrior’s HP and Defense were nothing to scoff at!

If it was my former self, the enemy would’ve had time to get a heal in or drink a potion thanks to my brain delay. It was impossible now though. The 6-second skill cooldown was not yet over so I directly struck out with a basic attack, accurately slicing through Dominating Heaven Blade’s neck!


Unable to endure my three-hit combo, Dominating Heaven Blade crumpled to the floor with a groan. He finally fell because Warrior didn’t have as much HP and Defense as Magic Knight.


I smiled and swiftly ran toward Dominating Knight God. He was currently chasing Beiming Xue but he was pretty much running in circles. It was like he was trying to touch a slippery mermaid and continuously failed to grasp it.


I quickly arrived. Dominating Knight God’s HP had already been whittled down to half by Du Thirteen and Gui Guzi. He got scared stiff when he saw me. “Fuck, the situation’s grave!”

I smirked. “It is grave indeed!”

Once my 6-second cooldowns were up, I hit him with my combo—Pardon + Desperate Gambit!

The light from Undead Energy and Desperate Gambit overlapped, turning the Ghost Ice Soul into a bloody streak that pierced Dominating Knight God’s body with great momentum!



This was no doubt an instant kill. If Dominating Knight God was at full health, he totally had a chance to survive my Pardon-empowered Desperate Gambit. Too bad for him, he wasn’t!


I continued my hunt with a smile still plastered on my face. Gui Guzi sent a Blaze at Dominating Warrior God’s head while Beiming Xue turned around and nocked an arrow, shooting it at the tearful Dominating Warrior God.

I came at just the right time. I raised my sword and accurately slashed through his throat with the tip of my sword!


Blood splattered everywhere, bringing along a huge damage number—1001!

Got another one!

“Three!” My smile intensified.

Beiming Xue said with laughter in her voice. “Wah, boss, aren’t you too shameless? We were busy fighting for almost half the day but you just came over to steal our kills…”

“So what, bite me…”

I turned and picked up my speed. I charged at Dominating Archer God and swung down my sword!


Dominating Mage God screamed from the distance. He had actually been stung to death by my Dark Wasp!


I was a bit speechless. In this match, all five members of the enemy team had died by my hands? Ace!

Beiming Xue stopped moving and looked around. “Eh? Where’s Brother Thirteen and Mamate?”

Gui Guzi answered, “They were killed by Dominating Archer God and Dominating Mage God…”

“I actually didn’t notice…”

“You must’ve flown too high when you were kiting…”


Du Thirteen and Mamate were sent outside the arena with tear-stained faces.

“We did good this match, let’s keep this rhythm going into the next round…”

Gui Guzi spoke somewhat helplessly, “Boss, take it easy. If you go into your ‘unrivaled’ mode, none of us will have room to show off…”

Du Thirteen agreed, “Right, don’t start out with Charge or else it’ll be too easy for us to kill them!”

I raised an eyebrow. “You’re talking about killing difficulty when you got killed yourself?”


Gui Guzi said, “Right, at least keep their leader Dominating Heaven Blade alive. We’ve never experienced how powerful Dominating Heaven Blade is…”

“Really? Alright then, I’ll leave Dominating Heaven Blade alone in the next match. If you guys get slaughtered, fuck… I’ll kill myself!”


The second match soon began. Everyone was once again sent into the arena.

Dominating Heaven Blade had a frosty expression on his face while the Dominating Warrior God and Dominating Knight God also exuded dense killing intent.

“It looks like we have to take this seriously!” Dominating Warrior God licked his lips. “Beiming Xue, you’re mine. Don’t even think about running…”

Beiming Xue gave him the finger. “Get lost, you’re not Wang Leehom or a rich second-generation young master!”

Dominating Warrior God: “...”

The system began to count down. Gotta get ready to move out!




The instant the countdown finished, Dominating Heaven Blade hollered, “Come at me if you got the guts!”

I ignored him, locked onto Dominating Knight God, and used Charge!


I instantly moved 31 yards and successfully stunned Dominating Knight God. Since my level was higher, my stun chance against him neared 100%. I wasn’t worried about missing.

Ice Ray + Slayer Slash + basic attack!




Dammit. Dominating Knight God still had around 20% HP left after my three-hit combo. This guy’s HP hardly loses to Gui Guzi’s. Moreover, the moment he got hit, Dominating Knight God activated the skill Health Recovery!

It was Magic Knight’s unique skill, restored 25% HP over 10 seconds. This was the reason why magic knights were the kings of tanks; they were just too damn hard to kill!

Fortunately, I had picked Ice Ray for my Level 50 skill. His movement speed had been drastically lowered!

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