Chapter 15: Fighting Gui Guzi Again

Flame Thrust!

It was Magic Knight’s first common skill unlocked at Level 10 that dealt additional 15% fire damage at rank 1, and 25% at rank 2. It was a PK trump card in the early stages of the game!

Not able to defend myself in time, a sudden jolt of pain shot through my shoulder. It felt like a viper had taken a bite of me.


The damage number was shocking, at least compared to my max HP that is.

I slid out of my opponent’s attack range. Tightly holding onto my green blade, I fixed my gaze at the other party. It was an undead skeleton player wielding a spear. It wasn’t any random player, but precisely Level 17 Gui Guzi, someone who could absolutely rank in Floating Ice City’s Top 10.


With an evil chuckle, Gui Guzi lunged his spear at me, clearly wanting to avenge himself.


The spear transformed into a piercing cold light, like a snarling angry dragon breaking out of the sea. Even though it was a basic attack, the fundamentals behind it were solid. This Gui Guzi was absolutely skilled!

I took half a step back with my left foot as my hand quickly took out a health potion, which I promptly downed. This allowed my shoulder to take in the least amount of damage from this unavoidable strike. At the same time, I blocked the head of Gui Guzi’s spear using my sword’s hilt, and with a turn of my wrist sent my own sword over. “Bugger off!”


Sparks flew everywhere as Gui Guzi’s spear was completely jolted away. Shock appeared on his face as my green blade streamed toward his chest like a cold beam.


Black blood splattered in the air as a huge damage number appeared above Gui Guzi’s head—228!

I didn’t bother to give him time to catch his breath and unleashed a flurry of attacks, stabbing my longsword into his chest again and again. Then, I swiftly switched positions, lifted my right leg and kicked the handle of his spear. The heavy force knocked his weapon away, his defense disarmed!

An opportunity!

Swoosh swoosh!

My longsword dove at Gui Guzi’s neck with a stab and swipe. I even activated an additional skill on my second attack. Slayer Slash wrapped my sword in a bundle of light, cutting across Gui Guzi’s neck.


Gui Guzi’s eyes went wide. He could only watch on as I destroyed him. As I sliced his neck with Slayer Slash, I growled, “It’s your own fault you died. If you want to avenge yourself, come at me anytime!”


Gui Guzi fell to his knees, dying with unwilling eyes. He was an Undead Knight, derivative of Magic Knight, just like I was a subtype of Warrior. His class gave him a ton of HP at the cost of rather low attack power. Once his initial assault failed, I completely took over the momentum and could easily kill him. This, I can say with full confidence.

I couldn’t hold back a smile as I watched Gui Guzi’s body softly slump to the ground. I sat on top of his back and chugged another health potion to restore my HP.

By the time I was done, Gui Guzi’s soul had already scattered.


System Notice: Player "Gui Guzi" has sent you a friend request. Do you accept?

Slightly startled, I pressed “Accept”, and Gui Guzi immediately appeared in my friend list. He was even my first friend in Heavenblessed.

A few seconds later, Gui Guzi sent a message: “Got a question for you.”

“Ask away,” I replied.

“The way you PK resembles someone. Are you... Martial God Candlelight Shadow?” read Gui Guzi’s yet another message.

I was stunned. Candlelight Shadow? The way I PK is similar to the currently illustrious Candlelight Shadow?

After thinking about it for a while, I responded, “No.”

A few seconds later, Gui Guzi answered again. “Then that’s great. Since you’re not Candlelight Shadow, then you’re not invincible. I’ll definitely kill you one day!”

Speechless, I closed the chat window. I stood up and looked at the night sky of this virtual world, with all the stars filling the darkness above. I couldn’t help but give a quiet laugh. “Is Candlelight Shadow that strong? If my delay wasn’t there, even if it was reduced to three tenths of a second, Candlelight Shadow would be nothing!”

I sighed and lamented for a while. Dammit. I too used to be a master of a generation, a gaming king. I defeated Candlelight Shadow multiple times in the past, the whole world was in my grasp, but now I’m but a cripple with a delay of 0.7 seconds. Yes, encountering Candlelight Shadow in this state would mean certain death.

At this time, another ding sounded.

System Notice: Player "Amazing Expert" has sent you a friend request. Do you accept?

I laughed in spite of myself. Thirteen had finally left the starting village.

After I pressed accept, Du Thirteen immediately opened the voice chat. “Lu Chen, I’m here! Haha, there’s only about three thousand people in Floating Ice City. I should be ranked pretty high, right?

“Really? I’ve been here for an entire day…” I poured cold water on him with a languid laugh.


Du Thirteen laughed again without any anger. “I’ve accepted a bounty quest by the city gates. I need to kill a boss in Frost Forest. Come help me if you’ve got some time on your hands, I couldn’t form a party.”

“Mn, give me the location of your quest. I’ll be there soon.”


Du Thirteen hesitated, then spoke a few seconds later. “I’m only Level 10, the mobs here along the way almost killed me. Can you take me there?”


I was even more speechless as I strode toward Floating Ice City.

Not long after, I saw Du Thirteen. This dumbass was a Level 10 Warrior wearing a set of Common-grade equipment. He was at the city entrance, foolishly looking at the passing female players, drooling at their white thighs. He looked like he couldn’t wait to pounce on their legs and shout, “I’m hungry big sister, feed me, feed me[1]…”


I yelled from a distance. Du Thirteen quickly found me and dashed toward the edge of the forest. He drooled when he saw my equipment. “Shit! You’re so cool! Iron-grade sword with bonus stats, Iron-grade chest armor, Iron-grade boots, and Iron-grade wristguards. Damn…”

Du Thirteen’s expression then changed into one that needed a good beating. His face still dripping with drool, he asked, “Brother Chen, do you have any weapons, metal armor or leather armor that you’re not using? You can toss them at me.”

“No, we’ll talk about it when I do.”


Du Thirteen posed as a little brother in game. He was well-aware of his own abilities and he was in fact a qualified underling. If his boss were to pick up a cigar, he was the type to rush to light it. If his boss were to look displeased, he would immediately grab a brick and yell at the guy across the street, “Don’t be so arrogant, boy. You think I won’t clap you?!”

We charged into the forest together. Fortunately, the mobs along the way weren’t too high-leveled. I easily dealt with monsters lower than Level 20 and Du Thirteen leeched experience as he followed by my side.

The quest target was a Level 17 Wolfman. With Thirteen’s abilities, fighting against it was clearly courting death. I, however, only took ten seconds to wrap it up.

While he was slicing its head off, Du Thirteen praised me without end. “Lu Chen, you’re so strong, so handsome, so sharp! My admiration for you flows like the river…”

“I think it’s best if you talk about how you plan on leveling up,” I interrupted.

“Oh, I’m heading to Wild Boar Forest in a bit to level up. There are Level 11 Wild Boars there. If I have to kill monsters, it’s faster to level there.”

“Mn, then I’ll go level alone. Oh right, have you learned your class skill yet, Warrior’s Level 10 skill, Heavy Slash?

“Ah? Skill…?” Du Thirteen put on a lost expression. “What skill?”

“Fuck!” I almost puked blood. I tossed him 10 silver. “Find it in the Class Hall inside the city. Go grind levels after you’ve learned it. Don’t forget to buy some potions too. I’m going to go level now.”

“Mn, alright!”

After taking my silver, Thirteen left with a beaming face.

I shook my head, and laughed quietly. “Hopeless…”

I came back to Frost Mound and killed a few skeletons around the graveyard. Then, I absorbed their sparks to replenish my undead body.

Undead-type monsters had 15% higher stats than live ones. Their attack power and attack speed were extremely high but their experience and drop rate were also 15% higher than the norm. It was a place where the risks were as high as the gains. In a single night, I gained 11 Small Magic Stones and made a decent sum from selling them.

At around 4 am, Du Thirteen sent me a message: “Too tired. I can’t hold on, I’m heading off to bed.”

Standing inside the Night Creatures’ camp, on Frost Mound, I looked at my level—18. I’ve finally reached Level 18 after an entire night of grinding. This was the first time I’ve entered Floating Ice City’s ranking list. I just happened to be in the 99th place. There’s just too many crazy levelers here!

I haven’t actually started grinding hardcore yet. Instead, I’ve been spending some time looking up information and maps. I didn’t want to stand out too much this time. If I wanted to rush into the Top 10, that wouldn’t even be a problem for me. This was because first place was again occupied by the Level 20 Wind Fantasy. I wasn’t too far off from that.

Then again, my equipment was too good, especially my Iron-grade weapon. I was positive that no more than three people in Floating Ice City stood a chance against me in a duel.

After being immensely satisfied with myself, I logged off to get some rest.

When I took off my helmet, it was already 4:30, and the sky was slowly lighting up.

I went to the bathroom and washed my face. Looking in the mirror, I saw my visage smeared with traces of fatigue. Forget it, I’ll sleep after a shower!

I took off my shirt only to discover frightening patches of purplish red on my arms and back. The hell?!

I was stunned in place. With a cold, sinking feeling, despair and terror filled my thoughts as a thought formed—

Livor mortis!

This was livor mortis, something that could only happen to a corpse!

1. Feed me is a phrase used by some players when they need heals.

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