Chapter 149: Humiliation

The two sides faced each other on the big screen—


Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls:

Spring Mud LV-60 Warrior

Night Sorrow LV-61 Archer

Moon Shadow LV-60 Warrior

Hot Sun LV-60 Warrior

Murong Mingyue LV-60 Priest


Gods of Destruction:

Dominating Heaven Blade LV-65 Warrior

Dominating Warrior God LV-63 Warrior

Dominating Knight God LV-61 Magic Knight

Dominating Archer God LV-61 Archer

Dominating Mage God LV-62 Mage


It was clear that the core members of Gods of Destruction were not easy pickings. I had killed them so many times at Silver Moon Valley that they fell off the Top 10 ranking, but it only took them a short period of time to shoot back up. They’d even undergone their third class promotion!

In contrast, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls’ five-man team was lacking in level. In front of Dominating Heaven Blade who was currently the highest-leveled player at 65, anyone present would feel the difference in levels when fighting against him. On top of that, these people had decent mechanics and skill. This was a bad sign for Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. It all depended on how much of a presence the Ego workshop had!

Spring Mud’s expression was gloomy. He said indifferently holding his longsword, “Brothers, our opponent this time is more problematic than before. Fuck, this Dominating Heaven Blade guy’s not easy to deal with!”

Night Sorrow couldn’t help but smile. “It’s easy, concentrate our firepower and kill Dominating Heaven Blade first to destroy their morale. We’ll settle the rest after!”

Moon Shadow nodded. “Okay, Gods of Destruction is only a paper tiger. They’re not worthy of our Ego workshop’s attention! Hmph, we’ll destroy Gods of Destruction this round, get rid of Bloody Mercenaries next round, and defeat Snowy Cathaya in the finals! We’re the champions!”


Spring Mud smiled ambitiously. “We’ll let Boss He Yi see that our Ego workshop’s way stronger than that Falling Dust she still hasn’t forgotten about! Our Ego workshop will complete the quest that Falling Dust couldn’t!”

Murong Mingyue’s icy voice came from behind them. “Be quiet! If you guys dare slander Falling Dust again, I promise that Eve will immediately kick you out of the guild. Don’t think that Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls can’t go on without you!”

Spring Mud was stunned and his face became a little ugly but he still squeezed out a smile. “Beauty Murong, don’t be mad. We were just joking, don’t be offended, haha~”

Murong Mingyue was expressionless. “You can joke around but don’t touch Eve’s reverse scale. In fact, you guys are nothing compared to Falling Dust.”


Spring Mud, Night Sorrow, and Moon Shadow were shocked. They then said, “Then we’ll change Boss He Yi’s opinion of us and prove our strength and worth in this tournament!”

Murong Mingyue nodded. “Good!”


The system began its countdown. Dominating Heaven Blade and his underlings finished discussing their strategy and prepared to battle!




Battle start!

Dominating Heaven Blade raised his sharp sword and hollered, “Die, you rats!”

Although overbearing, he wasn’t bluffing at all. In the next second, Dominating Heaven Blade suddenly charged straight at Murong Mingyue!

It was obvious that his first kill target was Murong Mingyue!

Spring Mud yelled, “Not good, protect the priest!”

Archer Night Sorrow repeatedly nocked his bow and icy arrows swiftly flew out. This was his signature skill—Ice Volley!

Ice Volley was stronger than the average variation. Not only did it deal nice damage, it had a movement speed debuff. With its range and area of effect, it was absolutely an ace CC skill!

Unfortunately, Dominating Heaven Blade saw through it. He quickly changed directions twice, consciously dodging two ice arrows. His speed and mechanics were superb!

Dominating Heaven Blade made an abrupt turn and a raging flame billowed on his blade—melee trump card—Blaze!

“Oh no, Night Sorrow’s their target!”

By the time Xu Yang shouted, it was already too late. Night Sorrow was focused on releasing a Devil Piercing Arrow and ate a direct Blaze from Dominating Heaven Blade. He was on the brink of death!

Sha sha...

Night Sorrow’s own reaction speed was just as great. He retreated two steps back on the limestone floor and dodged Dominating Heaven Blade’s incoming blow. Too bad that he didn’t notice the opponent’s follow-up.

The sky suddenly went dark and the power of a giant ice dragon plunged down from above—Ice Dragon Howl!

The sound waves brought about from a dragon caused Night Sorrow to slowly kneel to the ground. His HP was completely gone. He had been wiped by Dominating Mage God’s Ice Dragon Howl!

Spring Mud was angered. He rapidly charged forward, longsword raised and similarly enveloped in thick flames—Blazing Sword!



Dominating Heaven Blade’s HP plummeted. He released his pet and used it to obstruct Spring Mud’s pursuit, dodging in a zigzag, then disengaged entirely and downed a health potion.

Spring Mud and Moon Shadow quickly chased after him with a few pets right behind them.

At this time, Dominating Archer God who had yet to make a move this whole time suddenly exploded. Rank 6 Volley rained from the sky, boring holes through Spring Mud, Moon Shadow, and Xu Yang.


Dominating Knight God dashed over. His spear shook as he unleashed Flame Thrust with Blaze. Moon Shadow didn’t react fast enough and died!

Dominating Archer God calmly nocked an arrow and shot out an Ice Arrow. Ice Arrow’s movement speed reduction was even stronger than Night Sorrow’s Ice Volley!


Tail feathers swayed but the arrow itself did not go through Spring Mud’s chestplate.

With his movement speed greatly lowered, Dominating Mage God’s second Ice Dragon Howl descended. Not wanting to be one-shot, Spring Mud looked up with an unreconciled expression, but was powerless to change his fate.

Dominating Warrior God and Xu Yang fought each other and Murong Mingyue continuously healed as support. In fact, even when Murong Mingyue used her instant heals, she wasn’t able to reverse the situation. The opponent’s coordination and mechanics were in fact extraordinary. The Ego workshop’s mentality simply wasn’t on the same level as them. This especially applied to Dominating Heaven Blade. His commands were shrewd and experienced. It wasn’t something this young Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls team could deal with.

Two streaks of white light scattered as both Xu Yang and Murong Mingyue were both sent off the stage.

Dominating Heaven Blade nabbed the first victory with a dominant lead!


Hugging his blade in hand, Dominating Heaven Blade said a bunch of nonsense and laughed, “Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls? A third-rate guild dares to participate in the struggle for Floating Ice City? Forget it. Ego workshop? In my opinion, it should be called Pussy workshop. You guys are too lousy. Don’t bother coming out to make fools of yourselves with your shabby skills. Hahaha!”

Spring Mud was angered. “Motherfucker!”

He looked like he was about to fly back on the stage when a dignified female voice came over. “Spring Mud, shut up! We can lose the battle but we can’t lose our composure!”

“Ugh. Yes, boss…”

The only person who could control an enraged Spring Mud was He Yi.

From afar, He Yi’s face was expressionless, but it appeared helpless and weak. Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls’ dream had once again been shattered in Who Will Fight Me.

My heart ached slightly when I saw this. Right when I was about to go there to comfort her, Beiming Xue unexpectedly held my arm in place and shook her head. Her meaning was obvious.


I looked at Dominating Heaven Blade with gritted teeth. “If Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls lose this round, I’m gonna humiliate this bastard Dominating Heaven Blade in the semifinals!”

Beiming Xue and Gui Guzu both nodded. “Agreed!”


Not long after, the second match between Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls and Gods of Destruction began.

Spring Mud revised their strategy and swapped targets to Dominating Mage God. Dominating Mage God’s attack power was super impressive in the last match. He practically reaped a life every time he made a move. He was like a long-range nuke. If he wasn’t dealt with fast, the Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls team could only wait to get swallowed up by his Ice Dragon Howl one by one.

As soon as the match started, Xu Yang yelled and pounced in from the right, bypassing Dominating Heaven Blade who stood at the forefront, his weapon aimed at Dominating Mage God!

Dominating Heaven Blade’s gaze swept over and he chuckled. Dominating Knight God blocked the assault.

As Xu Yang accordingly attracted the enemy’s attention, Spring Mud and Moon Shadow attacked the opponent’s mage from the opposite direction. The archer Night Sorrow was this entire competition’s crux!

Ice Volley!


Eight arrows were randomly unleashed, but three of them flew toward Dominating Mage God as if they were conscious. The accuracy of this Night Sorrow was praiseworthy!

But who would’ve thought that Dominating Mage God had long anticipated this. He slid backward, past the 5 yard area of effect of Volley. Out of the three arrows, two missed and the last struck Dominating Mage God’s Magic Shield. It couldn’t break the shield so the mage naturally did not take any damage whatsoever.

Dominating Heaven Blade laughed loudly, then intercepted Moon Shadow and Spring Mud with Dominating Warrior God!

Clang clang!

After a couple of sword strikes, Moon Shadow was swiftly disposed of by Dominating Heaven Blade and Dominating Warrior God’s dual Blaze combo. Meanwhile, Spring Mud had been sniped by Dominating Archer God’s Ice Arrow. His movement speed had been lowered by at least 40%. Ice attacks were just too overpowered in PvP. This was also why I had picked Ice Ray instead of Blaze.


Without even needing the other team’s three warriors to move out, one Dominating Archer God alone was enough to kill Spring Mud.

Spring Mud wasn’t weak, it was just that he had been completely toyed with. When he chased, Dominating Archer God retreated, then continued to attack! He had actually been one-upped by his opponent’s kiting skills in the quarterfinals!

Too humiliating!

My face felt unbearably hot. Xu Yang died under the joint attack of several people. Murong Mingyue directly forfeited right after. Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls’ entire strategy had been completely overthrown by their opponent. Moreover, it was clear that Xu Yang had been pushed aside in Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. For a warrior, getting forced out of the attacking team was an even bigger humiliation.

The big screen showed the score—2:0. This was how Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls bade farewell to Who Will Fight Me.

Murong Mingyue’s eyes were red when she left the battlefield, like she wanted to cry. He Yi patted her shoulder and consoled her with a few words.

Next match, Bloody Mercenaries VS Mad Dragon!

Mad Dragon was an old enemy. Roaming Dragon and his groupies were decently strong but it was a pity that they just had to go up against our Bloody Mercenaries!

Once we were all on the stage, Beiming Xue used Volley and I made my move. Pardon + Desperate Gambit instantly killed Iron Pardon while Gui Guzi killed Inconstant with the assistance from Yamete. We took the win with barely any suspense at all. Roaming Dragon angrily yelled off-stage, “I’ll pay you back in the next Who Will Fight Me!”[1]

Next up were the semifinals!

The matches of the semifinals were displayed on the big screen. The system had automatically adjusted the matches. The first round of the semifinals was Bloody Mercenaries VS Gods of Destruction!


1. Author’s Note: Alright, why was Bloody Mercenaries VS Mad Dragon so short and simple I hear you asking? Because a certain lost leaf was high when writing this and completely forgot about this match. This paragraph was actually patched in afterward. I didn’t have the enthusiasm I had when I first wrote the chapter so I couldn’t write it in detail. Make do with this for now, everyone. If you want to see Mad Dragon get smacked, there’ll be more chances later on~~~)

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