Chapter 148: Lover’s Place

Quarterfinals Round 1, Lover’s Place VS Snowy Cathaya!

Lover’s Palace was unimpeded on their way up to that point. They had an extremely strong bard and the rest of their members were similarly strong. Their chances of winning were high.

Snowy Cathaya on the other hand, was a super guild led by the Fruit Knife Goddess. Snowy Cathaya’s momentum had already overshadowed Gods of Destruction. Even though the two large-scale guilds had yet to directly battle, Gods of Destruction looked slightly worse after a few small comparisons.

After all, Fruit Knife Goddess Lin Yixin’s fame had already surpassed Dominating Heaven Blade’s. There were many people in Floating Ice City who didn’t even know who he was, but there was no one who hasn’t heard of the name “Wind Fantasy”.

Lin Yixin slowly walked over and rolled her eyes. “I’m fighting in the quarterfinals soon and you don’t have anything to say to me?”

I nodded. “Hope you win immediately...”



Lin Yixin rolled her eyes and took her team into the arena.

The greatly anticipated quarterfinals had officially begun!

Lin Yixin was clearly much more serious this time. She had even devised a strategic plan before the battle which was totally not in line with her random slashing around.

I nodded. “Mn, good. Lover’s Place has given Lin Yixin some pressure…”

As a man, a completely straight man, I actually hoped that the strong and domineering girl would lose. But on the other hand, I wouldn’t be able to bear her defeated expression if she really did lose. Women really were natural enemies of men. They would either conquer you or be conquered.


On the stage, snowflakes fluttered from the Snow Shadow Sword Lin Yixin held across her chest. Purple Marquis and Zi Chuanyu stood guard on either side of her while the long range attackers Clear Perfume and Shadow Chanel stood behind them at the ready.

The system began its countdown and the match instantly began!

Level 60 bard December Youth elegantly unleashed two buffs, Divine Valor to his leader, Yellow Springs, and Death Match to the warrior Monster.

Yellow Springs was a Level 61 warrior. He lunged over with a yell but his sword remained in place. He had been stunned by a quick Charge from Purple Marquis. I couldn’t help but acknowledge that Lin Yixin had good eyes. This Purple Marquis truly was a rare expert!

Lin Yixin swept forth, her eyes glowing with a layer of moonlight and she swung her dagger out. Moon Gaze followed up with Extreme Break!


When the blade flashed past, Yellow Springs let out a groan and a terrifying damage number floated above his head—1745!

A one-hit kill that simply gave the opponent no chance to recover their HP!

But in the next second, a cold arrow came in response. Lin Yixin’s body shook as a Devil Piercing Arrow inserted itself on her shoulder, taking out a chunk of her HP. This was the power of the enemy team’s archer, Flower Pinching Finger.


Bard December Youth gave out another buff, Nichang, and this time it was to the archer, increasing his critical rate by 25%!

Four consecutive shots from Flower Pinching Finger’s Volley were surprisingly critical hits. That was some dumb luck!

It was one Volley yet it had disrupted Snowy Cathaya’s battle formation. Purple Marquis and Zi Chuanyu had been pushed back by the arrows and were left with half their HP. They had to rely on drinking pots and healing to recover it.

Lin Yixin’s pretty face turned cold. She lifted her sword and charged into enemy lines with Killer Wind Swordplay, forcing Flower Pinching Finger and the mage Duanmu Xuan to fall back.

I looked at the intense battle happening on the stage and let out an involuntary sigh. Lin Yixin really was a genius. At a disadvantage, she took the matters into her own hands. The opponent used a Nichang-buffed Volley to disrupt her square formation but she relied on her own abilities to break their defense and slaughter her way into the enemy team.

Zi Chuanyu and Purple Marquis regrouped and charged forward. Clear Perfume also unleashed a Volley to support them and Shadow Chanel used Ice Dragon Howl to send Flower Pinching Finger off the stage.

However, the other team’s warrior Monster and mage Duanmu Xuan launched a joint attack of Blaze and Ice Dragon Howl on Lin Yixin!

Lin Yixin was sent off the stage amid her shock!

The Fruit Knife Goddess had been killed? This scene immediately left many stunned. Nobody dared to believe that Wind Fantasy had been killed in the quarterfinals. How was that possible?

I too was left in disbelief. My mouth fell open. I mumbled, “How’s that possible? T-the speed of that attack, Yiyi should’ve been able to dodge that…”

Gui Guzi nodded. “I’ve experienced Lin Yixin’s skills. With her advanced judgment and reaction speed, dodging those two attacks shouldn’t have been a problem…”

Beiming Xue blinked. “Then how’d she get hit?”

Du Thirteen tightened his fist. “Beauty Lin probably sacrificed herself for the win. Didn’t you see how aggressive her charge was?”

I frowned and thought to myself. This makes no sense. With Lin Yixin’s personality, even if she charged more aggressively, she still would’ve saved herself some leeway to fall back on. Something must have happened.

However, this round was still a win. Purple Marquis and Zi Chuanyu fought with all their strength while the long-range attackers controlled the field with their suppression. They didn’t bring out their priest, opting for a brute-force strategy. It wouldn’t make sense if they didn’t win!


Once she returned back on the stage, Lin Yixin was silent and didn’t look so well.

The second match soon began!

The second battle was surprisingly similar to the first. Lin Yixin charged into enemy lines and was blasted out by another Ice Dragon Howl and Blaze combo but still won in the end. Snowy Cathaya became the first team to enter the semifinals!

However, this was even stranger than before. What’s with Lin Yixin? Why was her reaction speed so bad? She was even slower than me in the past. She was at least 1.5 seconds late to move, else she would’ve easily escaped the range of Ice Dragon Howl, it had a very long cast time!


I walked to Lin Yixin and smiled. “Yiyi, what’s wrong with you today? Why are you so desperate?”

Lin Yixin breathed out, then smiled back. “Nothing, I just… don’t feel well today…”

I leaned forward with a grin. “Yiyi, is it… that time of the month for you?”

Lin Yixin immediately flushed red and glared at me. “None of your business! You seriously can imagine anything…”

As she said that, Lin Yixin raised her first and punched me in the chest hard. “You bastard!”

I was stunned, and my chest ached. Lin Yixin’s too heavy-handed!

Still somewhat dazed, I wondered why she sounded kind of bitter. Did it have something to do with me hugging Beiming Xue earlier? Could Lin Yixin...

I found it laughable. “Yiyi, you’re so petty!”

Lin Yixin deeply stared at me. A hint of grievance flashed past her beautiful purple eyes as she said faintly, “Actually, I’m not petty…”

I froze, bewildered.

Lin Yixin smiled. She stretched out a snow-white finger and poked at my chestplate. “Go, your people are waiting for you to stabilize their morale. You are in the quarterfinals already, you’d better not get eliminated!”


I nodded. When I went back, I felt somewhat unsettled. In fact, my heart’s been a mess lately. It would act up every time I saw He Yi or Lin Yixin. Some call it nerves, some call it the emergence of spring, and some may also call it the ripplings of love. Who knows!


Beiming Xue laughed lightly. “Boss, you’re just going over to Beauty Lin’s place and accept her teasing?”

I was a tad embarrassed. “What do you mean?”

“Look over there!” Beiming Xue pointed at the spectator stands north. She smiled with pursed lips. Sis Murong Mingyue looks murderous!”

I took a glance and saw Murong Mingyue and He Yi looking our way. He Yi was calm but Murong Mingyue fiercely glared at me with clenched fists, as if what I and Lin Yixin had done was a bit too intimate. Sigh, I’m in trouble again!

It was good that the second round of the quarterfinals was about to start. Peach Garden VS VVS!

This matchup had no suspense. Peach Garden displayed their strength and mightily slaughtered their opponent two times. Even though VVS was by no means weak, they couldn’t resist at all!

Du Thirteen was speechless after he saw the results. “Isn’t VVS too weak? They got 2:0’d so easily.”

Beiming Xue shook her head. “It’s not VVS that’s too weak, but Peach Garden that’s too strong! Didn’t you notice that Peach Garden’s team coordination was really good? Every member on their team has smooth mechanics and they’ve been controlling the rhythm of the battle since the start. That’s why VVS appeared so weak…”

I stared deeply at Peach Garden’s five-man team. Floating Ice City’s hidden dragons had appeared. This Peach Garden had already become a popular contender for the championship. They would meet Snowy Cathaya next, and this made me worry for Lin Yixin. Could she win against the powerful Peach Garden in her current state?

I’m afraid her chances aren’t that high!


Quarterfinals Round 3, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls VS Gods of Destruction.

Yet another strong vs strong showdown!

Off-stage, He Yi tightened her fists. Her beautiful eyes closely watched the battle on the stage. She was obviously worried about this competition because Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls had never reached this far before. The furthest we made it in Spirit of Grief’s WSL a year ago was Top 128.

Before I joined Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, I created my own team for the WSL and placed in the Top 16. I had even destroyed Candlelight Shadow’s team in the Top 32. But that glory only belonged to the ID Falling Dust, not Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. I always felt guilty about that. After joining Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, I didn’t bring any honor whatsoever to the guild.

This was my chance. If Bloody Mercenaries were able to become the champions in Who Will Fight Me, then I’d take my strong team along with me and valiantly return to Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, bringing it glory!


At this time, the two teams had already teleported into the arena.

Spring Mud stood at the frontmost position in the Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls team. He raised his sword and coldly snorted at Dominating Heaven Blade. “Gods of Destruction? If you guys are gods, then I’m killing some gods today!”

Dominating Heaven Blade smirked. “Ignorant fool!”

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