Chapter 144: Song of Cloud and Water

I took a deep breath, and activated the Charge skill. I locked onto the only mage that had yet to cast his Magic Shield!


I immediately arrived, my sword already in motion. A basic attack was enough to kill him!

I turned around, and Thousand Mirage Slash roared out!


Three mages were immediately engulfed by the AoE attack, but three MISS messages appeared over their heads. While the skill didn’t do any damage to them, it was far from useless. After all, it had completely worn down their Magic Shields.

I quickly chased the retreating mages, their faces full of shock. Before they could recover their posture, my Ghost Ice Soul flashed before their eyes, covering their vision with its intimidating sheen!

Slayer Slash! Ice Ray!



Another critical hit! Peachy!

I had dealt with three mages. On the other side, Beiming Xue's Devil Piercing Arrow flew out, and pinned the fourth mage to the walls of the arena.

Du Thirteen and Mamate's eyes were red as they shouted revenge for Gui Guzi and tore apart the fifth mage!

1:0. We were ahead!

Gui Guzi was once again transferred into the arena. He wiped away cold sweat from his forehead and said with a smile, "That gave me a fright. This group of corn has strong magic attack. That Ice Dragon Howl is so fucking scary. They instantly took almost three thousand HP from me, terrifying!"

I smiled. "It's alright, we won!"

Gui Guzi nodded. "Ugh, Boss Broken Halberd's attacks and movement are so extraordinary. If you weren’t there, the four of us would have undoubtedly been defeated!"

I shook my head and smiled. "Everyone has to work together in a battle like this. One or two people are basically useless. But Little Gui, what is your Magic Resist? Why did the Ice Dragon Howl take so much of your HP?"

Gui Guzi was slightly embarrassed. "It’s a bit shameful. I only have 90 Magic Resist. What about you, Boss Broken Halberd?"

I looked and said, "228 Magic Resist. Ghost Deity Armor improves both physical and magic defenses, so my overall stat should be at about 269.04 points.”

"Whoa~~" Beiming Xue gaped. "Boss, your mental calculation is so amazing~~"

I moved the system calculator back into the interface and said with a smile, "No kidding, I was a merit student in elementary school!"

Beiming Xue's eyes were dazzled, and her reverence reached even greater heights. Mamate and Du Thirteen drooled at the sight. This girl looked so adorable and innocent...

At this time, white light flashed and the five mages appeared again. The second round was about to start!

I gripped my longsword and said, "If we win this, we’ll enter the Top 16!"

"Yes!" They all nodded. Gui Guzi asked, "How should we fight this? If there are no accidents, they will adjust their strategy. Your Charge may not work at all. CC won’t apply if they get their Magic Shield up. They will be on guard against you, so it’ll be hard to kill even one at the beginning.”

I looked in praise at him. The kid had learned to think. He might really grow into a tactical genius in the future.

"This time, I will be the bait. Gui Guzi will charge. Beiming Xue, take the opportunity and use Volley to break one or two of their Magic Shields. Once they’re down, Gui Guzi will rush in and kill them!"

"How will you be the bait?" Beiming Xue looked at me.

I rubbed my chin and said with a smile, "Just watch, mountain men have their own tricks!"

Du Thirteen glared at me. "Old man Zhuge?"

"Get lost!"


In the blink of an eye, the system started the countdown. The second round was about to start.

I quickly pulled out the local map from the system tools and locked onto the five mages’ positions. I put in the distance of 40 yards. A red circle was highlighted on the map. It was their attack range.


I suddenly pulled out my sword and charged, directing the Dark Wasp to attack as well. The other people in the team also released their various pets. There was a Pheasant, a Green Praying Mantis, a Wasp, a Purple Butterfly. So colorful, like a circus!

Looking at me charging over, One Corn had a smile on his face. "Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand, you are courting death!"

Ice Dragon Howl!

The five mages casted the spell together. The skill of a third-promotion mage was extremely domineering and even the sky overhead changed color!

Yet just as I moved a few yards forward, I made a beautiful turn and accelerated. I neared the borders of the highlighted area on my map and successfully left their effective attack range. Theoretically, when a mage’s target left their range without breaking line of sight, their spell’s accuracy would be greatly reduced!

Five ice dragons slammed down from the sky!

Boom boom boom!






Three Ice Dragon Howls missed altogether, and my Magic Resist was higher than Gui Guzi’s to begin with. The five enemy mages gaped. "Damn, you could do that?"

Beiming Xue was mouth was agape as well. "Boss, so... so strong~~"

I smiled. "You have to use the system tools well...”


Gui Guzi charged out. The mages’ Ice Dragon Howl was a high-CD skill, they would need at least 10 more seconds. This timeframe would be hell for them. They couldn’t do anything to Gui Guzi and his Undying Shield with their fireballs and fire dragons!

"Mamate, heal Little Gui, don't mind me!"

I took out a health potion and charged again. In reality, Mamate knew the healing priority and didn’t even plan on healing me in the first place.


A large health potion downed, my HP almost recovered to full!

Beiming Xue's Volley with Bow Spin’s mechanics managed to break through two enemy mages’ Magic Shields. Gui Guzi charged forward, and used Death Combo to kill one person instantly. My Dark Wasp, also flew over and stung the other unshielded mage to death with Flurry.


I dashed in front of the third mage, and started with Pardon and Desperate Gambit!



Very good. Not only did my Desperate Gambit eat through the entire hit point pool of the Magic Shield, it also dealt 1209 damage to mage on top of it. His HP couldn’t be over 1000, so I was sure it was an instant kill!

Pa pa pa...

The remaining duo’s pets were attacking Gui Guzi, but his defensive equipment was not weak by any means. Holy light flashed, Mamate healing their damage. Gui Guzi could deal with the pets on his own.

Crack crack!

I lashed out with two strokes of my sword and finished the picture of slaughter!


System Notice: Congratulations, your team [Bloody Mercenaries] has successfully reached the Top 16!



System Announcement: Congratulations [Bloody Mercenaries] team for successfully reaching the Top 16 of Floating Ice City’s Who Will Fight Me!


Nice, there was a system announcement. Our workshop was also the first team to reach Top 16. This was free advertisement for us. How considerate of them!

A few seconds later, successive system announcements popped up. The popular guilds all reached the Top 16—

System Announcement: Congratulations [Peach Garden] team for successfully reaching the Top 16 of Floating Ice City’s Who Will Fight Me!

System Announcement: Congratulations [Gods of Destruction] team for successfully reaching the Top 16 of Floating Ice City’s Who Will Fight Me!

System Announcement: Congratulations [Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls] team for successfully reaching the Top 16 of Floating Ice City’s Who Will Fight Me!

System Announcement: Congratulations [Snowy Cathaya] team for successfully reaching the Top 16 of Floating Ice City’s Who Will Fight Me!


I murmured. "Beauty Lin is out of form. They were fifth to reach the Top 16 phase. Did they encounter some super-strong team?"

I looked at the tournament recordings. Lin Yixin's last opponent was not that strong, yet they took so long. Really...


System Notice: Your team has reached the Top 16. Will you immediately enter the main arena and wait for the Top 16 tournament to begin?


With a flash of magic light, I was transported into another arena, the largest arena of Floating Ice City. There was a dignified stage in the center, and spectator stands were all around. No one was in the audience yet, but the place would be filled once all Top 16 teams joined the arena.

When everyone appeared, they could talk with each other. Then teams would go onto the stage to fight, and get eliminated until the champions of Floating Ice City was chosen!

Swoosh swoosh!

Beiming Xue and Gui Guzi appeared nearby and immediately ran toward me.

On the other side, there was a female priest. That was Murong Mingyue. She had a beautiful knight with her, and it was none other than He Yi!

As a participating team, once they reached the Top 16, they could appoint 1–3 players to act as part of their team. In reality, it was more like three free tickets. That was most likely how He Yi had entered. But shouldn’t He Yi be in India right now? Being online at this time, considering time zones… Not easy.

I looked in the direction of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls and thought.

At this time, a sweet voice came from behind me. "Hello, Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand!"

I turned and found a female knight behind me. She was pretty, had good equipment and an exquisite long blade. She looked at me with a smile. "Hello, I am the leader of Soul Combat Robes, Song of Cloud and Water. May I ask if you'd be willing to join Soul Combat Robes? I promise to raise Soul Combat Robes to become a Top 10 guild in China!"

Was she here to recruit? What a pity for her beautiful face.

I turned to the other side and found Lin Yixin's beautiful figure. I walked over with a smile. "Beauty Lin, you’ve also made it through?"

Behind me, Song of Cloud and Water almost turned to stone. She murmured in shock, "Damn, ig-ignoring me?"

I wasn’t ignoring her, I just didn’t want to interact with her. I’d heard of Soul Combat Robes before. The leader was originally Seven-Star Lamp, a member of the CGL Hall of Fame. However, he had retired. Their reputation was not good and they’ve often clashed against Snow Moon. Their guild could be said to be infamous. It was a pipedream for them to think I would join Soul Combat Robes!

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