Chapter 143: Cornfield Love


The Ghost Ice Soul suddenly gave a sharp hum. In the next moment, the blade turned into five sword energies that cut into the enemy formation. The three people, Straying Apart, Heaven Rend, and Heaven Rebel, were all within the six-yard range and were struck!


Dust flew. Thousand Mirage Slash fell like lightning without giving them any chance to react. The three screamed. Among the sword beams, three damage numbers flew up—




The assassin Heaven Rebel didn't even have time to react. He turned into a white light and flew out of the arena with a shout, dead. Straying Apart and Heaven Rend had lost at least 75% of HP. They hurriedly stumbled back and plopped on their butts.

Beiming Xue pulled the string of her bow, another Volley unleashed. Her beautiful face was murderous. "What’s wrong? Didn’t you want a girl like me?"

Pa pa!

The rain of arrows landed. The two melee fighters didn’t even have to let out screams before they became hedgehogs and were ejected in two streams of white light.

On the other side, Gui Guzi was fighting the warrior June Yellow Springs. His spear was shot out like a ferocious dragon, and his Flame Thrusts tormented the other person. The two of them both used Blaze at the same time. This was the Level 50 trump-card common skill for melee classes! Its damage potential was great!




I had to say that Gui Guzi's Rank 6 Undying Shield was very powerful, absorbing 30% of the damage taken. June Yellow Springs took 453 of his HP but the shield recovered 136 of that. In reality, the attack did only 317 damage, and couldn’t even be mentioned in the same breath as Gui Guzi’s almost-four-digit damage.

Beiming Xue followed up and impaled June Yellow Springs with a Devil Piercing Arrow of her own, eliciting a painful growl from the ejected player.

After this, there was only the archer, Serene Moon, left. As the last player standing, the enemy was not our match and was soon hunted down by our pets. The archer’s pet didn’t even have a chance to attack once. After its master died, it returned to their pet space on its own. Sometimes, it didn’t matter how strong the pet was, as long as the master wasn’t up to par.

1:0. We successfully killed this hoodlum team called Hall of Justice.

Soon, we went into the second round and everyone was sent into the arena.

Whoosh whoosh...

White light flashed. The five enemies appeared.

Heaven Rend and Straying Apart looked very eager at Beiming Xue from a distance and said, "If our team had such a beautiful girl, how amazing that would be...”

As they spoke, the two looked together toward June Yellow Springs. Immediately, June Yellow Springs shuddered, "Damn! I... I only like women. You two, get out!"

Serene Moon said, "Let's see how to fight. The enemy has a super burst attacker Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand, an immortal meatshield like Gui Guzi, and also one of the top long-range players, Beiming Xue. Which one should we kill first?"

Heaven Rend raised his eyebrows and said, "We need to kill their damage dealers first. I and Straying will deal with Broken Halberd, while the three of you will surround Beiming Xue. I don’t believe we will be stopped in Top 64. We are a super seeded team...”

Straying Apart said, "What’s the use in giving ourselves a title... let's not be killed together by Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand's AoE attack...”

June Yellow Springs gripped his sword hard and said, "Follow me and attack. Let's first kill Beiming Xue and Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand. We can’t give them any opportunities. Also, Rend, Straying, pay attention to that Thousand Mirage Slash. If you get instantly killed, go die!"


After they finished discussing, we had not made any noise at all. In reality, while their armor and levels were good, they were just second-class experts. They were inferior to players like Dominating Knight God and Dominating Warrior God. They could not pose much of a threat to the Bloody Mercenaries.

In the blink of an eye, the second round began!


Straying Apart and Heaven Rend charged toward me, waving their weapons. June Yellow Springs led the other two people to charge toward Beiming Xue, their objectives obvious.

Beiming Xue smiled. She moved back quickly in small steps as she said with a smile, "Boss, let's do a pincer attack~"

I instantly understood and suddenly moved, merging with Beiming Xue's path. Immediately, the enemy five were in chaos because their paths were going to collide!

Beiming Xue raised her longbow, and two arrows landed on Heaven Rend and Straying Apart. I raised the Ghost Ice Soul, Thousand Mirage Slash descended, and covered June Yellow Springs and the other two people! This was not a very high-level tactic. Beiming Xue and I just exchanged enemies. The enemies had not expected their targets to change and were caught off-guard!


Thousand Mirage Slash landed. Two white lights flashed. The enemy archer and assassin were instantly killed. June Yellow Springs only had a thread of HP left. He took his pet Wasp and downed a potion, prepared to fight for his life.

I welcomed him, the Ghost Ice Soul moving swiftly. June Yellow Springs slowly fell down, his expression reluctant. Straying Apart and Heaven Rend were being played with by Beiming Xue and her long-range attacks. Gui Guzi and Du Thirteen did what they should, using Blaze to dispatch the pair to the afterlife.


System Notice: Congratulations, your team [Bloody Mercenaries] has successfully reached the Top 32!


"Haha, we won!" Du Thirteen was extremely excited. He raised his longsword and laughed. "Hahaha, we won. Our Bloody Mercenaries reached the Top 32!"

As a result, the rest of us looked coolly at him. We did not understand why he was so excited. It was just Top 32.

Thirteen touched his nose and started to compose himself. We also waited calmly for the arrival of our next opponent.

Gui Guzi felt some anticipation and said with a smile, "If we win the next match, we’ll enter the Top 16. The Top 16 fights will be held in the big arena, one battle at a time. We have to make a show there. It would be best if we became champions. That way, Bloody Mercenaries can recruit many first-class experts once we establish our guild!”

I nodded. "Little Gui is correct. This is a great chance for us. If the Bloody Mercenaries want to rise quickly in Floating Ice City, Who Will Fight Me is the key to success!

Yamete rubbed his hands and licked his lips. "You make me feel excited...”



I opened the Who Will Fight Me interface. The battles for the Top 64 were ongoing. Seventeen teams had already reached the Top 32. Snowy Cathaya led by Lin Yixin, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls led by Murong Mingyue, Gods of Destruction led by Dominating Heaven Blade, and Mad Dragon led by Roaming Dragon were among them.

In the Top 16, it would likely be a fight between titans and the truly spectacular parts of this Floating Ice City tournament will start!

Soon, the system notified me our next opponents had been set. In the sky above me, there were lines of words—


Cornfield Love:

One Corn LV-60 Mage

Two Corn LV-60 Mage

Three Corn LV-61 Mage

Four Corn LV-61 Mage

Moan LV-60 Mage


Du Thirteen shuddered. "Damn! A team of five mages? This... is so strong?"

Gui Guzi had a cautious expression and said, "A freakish team! This is a super-freakish team. Five mages, all of them third-promotion players...”

I thought for a moment. "Third-promotion players possess a super strong single-target attack skill—Ice Dragon Howl. It can increase magic damage by 75%. Once the five of them cast together, they can instantly kill one of us.”

Beiming Xue blinked her eyes and said, "In other words, we will definitely suffer losses in this match?"

"Yes!" I nodded. "Little Gui and I will be cannon fodder and attempt to kill 2–3 mages. The rest will be up to Lil Beiming and the rest of you!"

"No problem, don't worry!"

Everyone exchanged looks, our gaze full of agreement and trust. A workshop could not lack trust in each other's strength in the long run.

I had absolute confidence in Beiming Xue's long-range attacks, Gui Guzi's close combat power and Defense, and Mamate's healing abilities. Similarly, the three of them respected my strength, and even revered it. My strength was above the three of them. As for Du Thirteen's strength, everyone ignored it. In reality, in this tournament, we’ve been prepared to fight 4v5 since the very beginning.

A few seconds later, accompanied by white light, the five-person team appeared!

The four corns were male mages about twenty or so. They should be students. The other was a female mage called "Moan”. She looked alright, but did she not know the meaning of her name? Thinking of the cornfields, then moan, I suddenly blushed...

Beiming Xue tilted her head and looked at me. "Boss, why are you blushing?"

"Cough cough, you must be seeing things... prepare for battle!"

"Oh oh!"

The system started the countdown and we also held our breaths. Our opponents this time were not weak. Mages were natural killers of warriors, and warriors were natural killers of mages. This battle would completely depend on bravery and strength, and who was more decisive.





Gui Guzi immediately charged out first. The five mages started chanting together. In the next moment, their magic power surged, turning the sky blue. Five magic vibrations from their respective ice dragons plunged down from the skies and smashed into Gui Guzi’s head, immediately causing five damage numbers to float up!






At the same time, there was a string of green damage absorbing numbers—






After the damage ended, Gui Guzi shook slightly and turned into dots of light. He had been instantly killed!


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