Chapter 142: Hall of Justice

The researchers confirmed my body seemed to have recovered and after a night of sleep I could finally leave.

I got in the car around 6 am. It would take me about five hours to get from Nanjing to Suzhou. If I left early, I would be able to catch the tournament in the afternoon.

After sitting down, I swung my fist. My punch was still strong. Even though the virus seemed to have been eliminated, my body’s strengthening hadn’t faded. If nothing happened, my brain delay would be very small, and my reaction time would be in line with normal people.

In other words, when PvPing, my brain was no longer a disadvantage. With my current strength, I had returned to my peak from back when I was Falling Dust. My next step—reach levels Falling Dust has never reached and cross the gap between me and Candlelight Shadow.

At noon, I finally reached the workshop. I sent the driver back. Beiming Xue was already waiting downstairs. She pounced at me, spread her arms and jumped into my embrace, her eyes misty. With a smile she said, "Boss, you finally returned...”

I was slightly embarrassed. I softly patted Beiming Xue's back. "Beiming, don’t cry. Haven’t I returned? Let's go. I don’t feel any pain, I’m as healthy as a bull. This afternoon, I can join you all in the tournament!”

"Mn, alright!"

Beiming Xue wiped her tears. Mamate and Du Thirteen also came downstairs and were very jealous.

Mamate said, "Brother B, if the two of us returned from a great illness, do you think Lil Beiming would give us an excited hug?"

Du Thirteen shook his head and said sincerely, "People are different. Look at your lecherous smile. You should be grateful if Lil Beiming didn’t throw a brick at you!"

Mamate immediately started to cry.

Gui Guzi came downstairs with a spoon and said, "Come up. I’m making authentic West Lake Fish in Vinegar Gravy. Beiming, help Boss upstairs and taste my cooking!"

I glared. "Dammit Little Gui. You came down while cooking? We’re on the fifth floor!”

Beiming Xue sniffed hard. "No wonder I can smell something burning. Brother Gui, do you want to invite us to eat fish tender on the inside and burnt on the outside?"


Gui Guzi charged back upstairs with his spoon. Everyone laughed.

Returning to the workshop felt like a dream. I felt reborn. I looked down at my healthy arms and clenched my fist. I rejoiced surviving such a close brush with death. It was all thanks to the person who donated me their blood. However, I would probably never learn their identity. The research center kept it under tight lockdown.

I sighed and leaned back onto the sofa, saying softly, "Whoever you are, thank you...”


Our lunch awakened us to reality. Shut-in men couldn’t make anything other than instant noodles. All of the dishes Gui Guzi had made were terrible. His West Lake Fish in Vinegar Gravy didn’t have innards removed. What was supposed to be chicken and potatoes was burnt beyond recognition. It was hard to imagine someone turning potatoes into charcoal, but our undead knight managed to do just that!

In the end, we bought food from a restaurant downstairs. We quickly finished our meal and checked the time. 12:51. Time to go online to join the finals of Who Will Fight Me!

I rubbed my palms and said with a grin, "Fuck, Lu Chen’s back, Who Will Fight Me!"

Beiming Xue smiled and pushed me into the room. "Quick, get online or we won’t make it...”

"Oh oh!"

I quickly entered my room, connected the gaming equipment and got online!


I appeared in the Man-eater Flower Graveyard near Eternal Song Forest, the place I did my quest last time. Damn!

My EXP had grown a small bit, clearly the reward from the quest last time. I had managed to guard the sentry tower for three hours.

I looked at the Heavenly Ranking of Floating Ice City. Damn, I had dropped from 1st place all the way down to 4th! These people are maniacs! They have been probably grinding non stop even after the tournament yesterday! Their diligence is to be admired!

Dominating Heaven Blade
Wind Fantasy
Light Wanderer
Purple Marquis
Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand
Undead Swordsman
Gui Guzi
Undead Knight
Beiming Xue
Dark Archer
Clear Perfume
Dominating Warrior God
Shadow Chanel
Dominating Mage God


Dominating Heaven Blade had quickly leveled up and reached the top. Lin Yixin seemed to be slacking and dropped to 2nd place. Purple Marquis was catching up in 3rd place. With my two days of absence, I dropped to 4th. Gui Guzi, Beiming Xue, Clear Perfume and the others had all caught up.

Shadow Chanel, this old enemy of mine, also appeared on the ranking. However, she had joined Snowy Cathaya and become Lin Yixin’s subordinate. She probably wouldn’t fight me if we met again.

The Heavenly Ranking of Floating Ice City was basically monopolized by Snowy Cathaya, Bloody Mercenaries and Gods of Destruction. Of the Top 10, Lin Yixin’s guild had 4 spots, my workshop had 3 and Dominating Heaven Blade also had 3. The situation was relatively balanced.

I didn't think for too long and took out a return scroll. I have to return to Floating Ice City!


When I appeared at Floating Ice City, I immediately went to repair my equipment. I threw all the items in my bag into the warehouse and prepared my bag for the battle. I had to make room, haha, for all the system rewards for my championship!

At this time, a burst of bell sounds came by my ear—


System Notice: Your tournament fight is about to begin. Do you confirm your attendance? You will be transported to the battle arena.


White light flashed by. My body was transferred by mysterious magic power into another space, and I appeared in a 100x100 yard arena!

White light flashed around me. Beiming Xue, Du Thirteen, Gui Guzi, and Yamete all appeared!

"Haha, Lu Chen is here! I sense it, my body is filled with power...” Du Thirteen laughed.

Mamate teased. "You are just too green. With a super expert like Boss Lu leading the way, of course you’d be filled with power!”

Beiming Xue covered her mouth and laughed softly. ”Let's go see who our first opponent is today!"


As the team leader, I pulled out the tournament UI.[1] Our next opponent's information appeared on the screen—

Hall of Justice:

June Yellow Springs LV-60 Warrior

Serene Moon LV-60 Archer

Heaven Rebel LV-59 Assassin

Straying Apart LV-60 Magic Knight

Heaven Rend LV-60 Warrior


"Wow, another brute-force team with no priest!" Beiming Xue poked out her tongue and said with a laugh.

Gui Guzi asked, "Boss Broken Halberd, what do you think of these people?"

Accompanied by countless lights, the players of Hall of Justice arrived. Three melee fighters, one long-range archer and an assassin. Average level of 60. Four of them have undergone third class promotion. They couldn’t be easily dismissed.

I shook my head and said, "Not that great. Two of them have lecherous gazes. Look, they are looking at Lil Beiming...”


Du Thirteen pulled out his sword and said, "Fuck, that Heaven Rend and Straying Apart are too perverted. They dare to look at Lil Beiming. Everyone, don't stop me. I’m gonna go at ‘em!"

I spread my hand. "Go. We won’t forget to put two chrysanthemums on your grave next year...”


Du Thirteen shuddered all over. "Never mind. Let’s kill them once the battle starts...”

Mamate said, "Fuck, don’t waste the idle time to chat and laugh. Think about how you’ll kill them. They’ve gone through their third promotions, they can’t be dismissed. Just a few Blazes or Ice Rays and we will be killed.”

Beiming Xue laughed softly. "It can kill you, Mamate, but Boss Lu does not fear attack power of that degree...”

Mamate continued to cry. As a healer, he had a duty to heal others, and also a profound understanding of all the ways he could be killed by others. Priests’ HP and Defense scaling was the same as mages’, but they didn’t have skills like Magic Shield, and they were pretty much dead once anyone got close.

Gui Guzi looked over inquiringly and said, "Boss, how will we fight?"

I was the team leader, and the most skilled strategist in the team. I had participated in all kinds of competitions, including Eternal Moon's last game Spirit of Grief's final competition, WSL. It was in that great battle that I defeated Candlelight Shadow of the Candle Dragon team and stopped their legend in the Top 32. They’ve always hated me for that.

Unfortunately, I got injured in a traffic accident before the tournament’s finals. I missed a great chance to reach the peak of my life, and had to forfeit the tournament.

Compared to WSL, this Who will Fight Me was naturally not much.

I smiled and said, "After the countdown finishes, Mamate will throw a HoT skill on Gui Guzi and flee for his life.[2] Beiming will halt their advance with ranged attacks. Gui Guzi will spearhead through the middle, and Thirteen will attack from the right side. I will break through the left flank!"


Everyone gripped their weapons and prepared to attack. The system started the countdown—





Gui Guzi shouted, and activated Undying Shield before charging at the front. He was like a god of death, exuding an intimidating presence that subconsciously startled the opponents for half a second without them even realizing.

Straying Apart charged with his sword and said with a laugh, "That dark archer is mine. No one will steal her from me, or I will fight them!"

Heaven Rend held a spear and shouted, "No, the girl is mine, you wanna die?"

At this time, Beiming Xue pulled her longbow, her expression frosty. A Volley came down. She used the Bow Spin technique to change the trajectory of the arrows. Seven arrows were headed for the bickering duo.

Pop pop pop...

Beiming’s aim was true, and the arrows hit their mark. Heaven Rend and Straying Apart lost huge chunks of their HP. Their faces turned pale and they immediately stopped bringing up the topic of girls. A strong girl like Beiming Xue was not someone that they could win over!

"Rend, Straying, careful! Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand is coming!"

June Yellow Springs warned in a loud voice but it was too late. I slid through the stone tiles of the arena, having gotten close enough for attack maneuvers. The Ghost Ice Soul rose high, ready to reap the lives of the enemies!

Thousand Mirage Slash!

1. User Interface

2. Heal over time

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