Chapter 141: For Bravery

I found Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls and switched arenas to see how skillful their team was. Other than Sister Mingyue and Xu Yang, the other three people seemed to have been headhunted by He Yi using high salaries from other places. At this time, they were the core force of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls!

Before the Bloody Mercenaries returned, I had to judge these new recruits. At least, I had to have my Bloody Mercenaries workshop’s people maintain an advantage. Otherwise, our group would have no standing in Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls.


My eyes lit up and then I entered the spectator mode for Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. There were 970000 people watching. Terrifying!

However, it could be seen that these animals were not here because of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls and their performance. They were there because of the most beautiful priest of Floating Ice City, Murong Mingyue. This pretty priest had always been the dream lover for male players.

Contrary to these animals, I did not pay attention to Murong Mingyue's beauty. In reality, it was because I had seen her too much before. Also, I hugged her the last time we met in Silver Fir Teahouse. I didn’t have the need to look at the other's chest like those animals and drool. That was in poor taste.

I paid attention to the other three people in Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. Spring Mud, Level 60 warrior. Night Sorrow, Level 61 archer. Moon Shadow, Level 60 warrior. This time, He Yi had worked hard to recruit talent. These three were all third-promotion high-level players. Adding on Xu Yang and Murong Mingyue, this team lineup could stun Floating Ice City!

Spring Mud looked about twenty eight or so. He was dressed in armor, had a longsword, and his gaze was deep. There was a faint smile at the corners of his lips. He was not a simple person!

Night Sorrow, like Spring Mud, was also about 28 or so. He held his longbow and his gaze was cold and calm.

Moon Shadow was different from the other two people. He had a frivolous smile on his lips. He looked at a female priest on the opposing team and laughed from afar. "Hi, Beauty, will you leave me your Q number after we finish the battle?"

The priest flushed red, stomping her foot and cursing, "Disgusting...”

I was speechless. Spring Mud and Night Sorrow could be considered talents, but my first impression of Moon Shadow was very bad. I felt this person did not come to play games, but was a playboy who took joy in getting girls. I looked down on a person like this.

In the next moment, the system countdown started, and the battle was about to begin—

Spring Mud was extremely aggressive and held the sword at the front. He squeezed Xu Yang to the side and said with a smile, "Brother Xu, how about staying behind me. The frontline is the territory of warriors!"

Xu Yang said in shock, "Are you blind? I am also a warrior!"

"Ha, really?"

Spring Mud laughed and said, "Right now, your DPS is not even 40% of mine. Tsk tsk, as expected, you are a brave warrior...”

Xu Yang had a fiery personality and could not withstand such scorn. His face gloomed and he angrily retorted, "Spring Mud, damn you! Do not think you are so great because you have a little skill. I don't know where you were when I founded Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls!"

Spring Mud sneered. "What, still thinking of relying on your old accomplishments? Let me tell you, us three of the Ego workshop joined Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls together. Boss He Yi personally invited us into the guild. What, you have a problem with her decision? If not, how about you come with me outside the eastern gates after the tournament ends?"

Facing the other's challenging words, Xu Yang was about to explode and cause an internal conflict.

Murong Mingyue frowned slightly, coughed and said, "Xu Yang, stop fighting! Also, Spring Mud, stop talking as well. We are all members of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, there’s no point comparing DPS. That doesn't mean anything. Eve dislikes discord in the guild. If she didn’t have to fly to India you’d both get a lashing as well!"


Spring Mud showed a smile that he thought was very cool and said, "Mingyue, I know!"

Murong Mingyue frowned and an expression of disgust flashed across her face.

The battle immediately started.

Spring Mud held his sword and charged at the front. He suddenly attacked a warrior with his sword wrapped in burning flame. But this was not the Blaze skill. It was some kind of swordplay skill. The blade cut at an angle into the other's body. The warrior howled, his HP dropping significantly!


Such great attack power! This Spring Mud clearly had some skill. No wonder Xu Yang was so miserable. It appeared that Spring Mud belonged to the type that had talent but no virtue. There were many people like him in virtual games. Candlelight Shadow was the same, full of talent, but extremely arrogant.

Spring Mud followed up with another blow. In just one engage, the Level 58 enemy warrior was instantly killed by the new addition to Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls.

Xu Yang charged over and was about to kill the archer, but before he could get the job done, cold light flashed by. It was Charge!

Its user was no one else but the Level 60 warrior Moon Shadow. The charge stunned the enemy archer. He raised his sword and two quick blows later, the archer was dead!

The archer Night Sorrow pulled his bow and shouted, "Ice Volley!"

Pa pa pa...

He shot eight arrows in a row. Astoundingly, all the arrows were ice arrows. This skill variation was bound to be very strong. The ice arrows had a passive ability to reduce speed. After the round of arrows, the remaining three players were all slowed, their HP greatly reduced. Spring Mud and Moon Shadow were like wolves charging into the sheep herd. In less than half a minute, they killed all the opponents!

Strong, very strong!

My brows furrowed. I looked at the three people on screen. Spring Mud, Moon Shadow, Night Sorrow. These three were astoundingly strong. With these three people, Bloody Mercenaries would be met with some resistance if they returned to Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. Right now, what I was thinking wasn't when I would return to Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, but how should I protect Beiming Xue, Du Thirteen, and the others after returning. They weren’t cunning. Their naive selves would be defenseless. As the honorary boss of the Bloody Mercenaries, I had to think of some things ahead of others.


System Announcement: Congratulations [Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls] team for officially reaching the Top 64 of Who Will Fight Me!


The system started to give notices, each team that entered the top 64 being commended once—

System Announcement: Congratulations [Snowy Cathaya] team for officially reaching the Top 64 of Who Will Fight Me!

System Announcement: Congratulations [Peach Garden] team for officially reaching the Top 64 of Who Will Fight Me!

System Announcement: Congratulations [Bloody Mercenaries] team for officially reaching the Top 64 of Who Will Fight Me!

System Announcement: Congratulations [Gods of Destruction] team for officially reaching the Top 64 of Who Will Fight Me!

System Announcement: Congratulations [Flower Room] team for officially reaching the Top 64 of Who Will Fight Me!

System Announcement: Congratulations [Mad Dragon] team for officially reaching the Top 64 of Who Will Fight Me!


All of the popular teams had advanced to the Top 64, and today's tournament finally ended after a day of fighting. Tomorrow, Floating Ice City would have a great battle!

I looked at the official forums. The tournament for the Top 64 would start at 1 in the afternoon!

"Lu Chen, go rest!"

A beautiful researcher appeared. She had been taking care of me these days so we had become familiar with each other.

"Tonight at 8, the doctors will come inspect you. If there are no abnormalities, we will send you off to Suzhou tomorrow!"

“Oh, thank you!" I nodded and smiled.

She took the computer from my hand and said with a smile, "You gaming experts can't live without a computer. I think you shouldn't bother getting a girlfriend, just marry a computer!"

I laughed softly. "Fine. But it has to have a good setup. At least eight-core CPU, 64 GB RAM, huge NVMe drive...”

"Oh my~"

She lowered the bed and tucked in my blankets. She said, "How about you sleep for a while. Even two IV tubes can’t stop your mouth...”

I laughed and lay down. After she left, I couldn't sleep.

I took out my phone and sent a message to Murong Mingyue: "Are you free now? Can I call you?"

A few seconds later, Murong Mingyue called. After accepting, a pleasing voice came over—

"Lu Chen, what is it? Right, I didn't see you attend the Bloody Mercenaries matches this afternoon. What happened, hmm?"

"Cough cough, nothing. Something came up and I decided to let them gain some battle experience. Sister Mingyue, I called to chat about the main forces of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls.”

"Oh...” Murong Mingyue seemed to have guessed that I would say these things and laughed. "Spring Mud, Moon Shadow, and Night Sorrow were originally the main force of a workshop called the Ego workshop. They were a group of people based in Floating Ice City. They’ve garnered some fame and Eve thought they were pretty good so she invited them to join Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls.”

I nodded. "So that's how it is. But when I watched your battle, I found that Spring Mud seems to be in conflict with Xu Yang...”


Murong Mingyue said helplessly, "I don’t get you men. You seem to be born to fight. Yesterday, in the work area, Xu Yang almost fought Spring Mud and the others...”

I was silent for a few seconds and said, "Sister Mingyue, what does boss think about this?"

"Eve doesn’t know about it at the moment. She flew to India for a regional meeting, and will return in about three days. If she knew the situation, the world would be in chaos. I plan to quench the fire by the time she gets back. Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls lack talent so much right now, and my hands are tied. Lu Chen, if only you were here~~"

I looked at my healing body and said with a smile, "Don't worry. I’ll return soon. It won’t be long. Work hard, Sister, Mingyue!"

"Yes yes! Right, are you attending the Top 64 tournament tomorrow?"

"Yes, of course, definitely!"

"Okay, see you then!"

"Alright, see you tomorrow!"


After hanging up, it was like I expected. Murong Mingyue's attitude toward Spring Mud, Moon Shadow, and Night Sorrow was not great. Just like how Zhuge Liang was reluctant to kill the rebellious Wei Yan because of his "love for bravery!"

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