Chapter 138: Labor Pains

"Lu Chen...”

Du Thirteen squeezed out an ugly smile. If he went with this appearance to pick up girls, he would definitely fail.

My voice was extremely weak. "Thirteen, how long do I have left?"

At these words, Du Thirteen almost burst into tears. He held my hand, his eyes red. "Don't worry, you will live long, enough to get both Lin Yixin and He Yi...”

I didn't know if I should laugh or cry. I murmured and said, "Don't speak nonsense...”

Du Thirteen looked at the tubes on my body, his eyes full of sadness, "Bro, where’d you bury your feelings? Can you still find them?"

I sighed. So what if I found them? In my current state, what could I promise them?


At this time, Du Thirteen's father, or Daddy Thirteen, came over with a stack of folders. He said, "Actually, Little Lu's poison can be resolved!"

"Oh? How, dad, why didn't you tell me?" Du Thirteen's eyes shone.

Daddy Thirteen shook his head. "But it's too difficult!"


Daddy Thirteen looked at me and Thirteen and said, "Lu Chen's blood has merged with the virus, and worsened. In order to resolve this, we have to find the antibodies. Through a month of analysis, we finally got detailed information on the virus. Antibodies should exist, but the probability of them appearing in someone’s blood are miniscule. Probably only one person in two hundred million has the needed antibodies!"

"Then we will go find...” Du Thirteen said urgently.

Daddy Thirteen shook his head. "Son, is this so simple? Should I go find two hundred million people, get their blood to test, and then find the antibodies?"

Du Thirteen's expression dimmed. He stood there dazed. But less than a minute later, he suddenly jumped up and shouted, "Dad, there is a way!"


Du Thirteen was radiant. "Heavenblessed! Heavenblessed! I remember that when picking our characters in Heavenblessed, they took a bit of blood for verification. The blood information is recorded in the Chinese headquarters of the Eternal Moon Corporation. China has millions of players, maybe someone will have the antibodies. If we contact the Eternal Moon Corporation, we can make the antidote, correct?"

Daddy Thirteen shook his head depressedly. "No, I already thought of it and contacted the Eternal Moon Corporation. But they firmly refused. That information is private customer information. With the Eternal Moon Corporation's reputation at stake, they will not divulge any information. Give up, they have their principles!"

"Principles? What nonsense principles?!"

Du Thirteen was furious. "I don't believe it. I’ll go to Shanghai tomorrow afternoon and ask for the data from the Eternal Moon Corporation's people!"


Daddy Thirteen shouted to stop his impulsive son. His eyes were sad. "Don’t go. In an hour, the vice president of the Chinese branch of the Eternal Moon Corporation will come to our research center. She will talk with us.”


"Help Lu Chen dress. If we isolate the antibodies from serum and make an antidote within 72 hours, he will be fine.”


Du Thirteen was very excited. He helped the other workers pull out all kinds of tubes from me and dress.

When I walked off the operating table, I felt dizzy but fine otherwise.

This research center was very advanced. Thirteen had not lied. His father was a great expert.


In the conference room, when I and Du Thirteen arrived, Beiming Xue, Gui Guzi and Mamate were already present. There were also some leaders of the research center present. The atmosphere was serious.

Daddy Thirteen made a phone call and time passed quickly.

"Here, the vice president of the Eternal Moon Corporation is already outside the research center! Should we go together to welcome them?"


I adjusted my clothes and did my best to not look so disheveled. Beiming Xue carefully held my arm and looked worriedly at me.

In the hall, a group of people were pushing open the door and entering.

Immediately, me, Du Thirteen, Mamate and Gui Guzi were stunned. No one had expected the vice president to be a young woman, and a beautiful one at that. While she was not as stunning as He Yi, she was enchanting, a smile on her face, and she looked very approachable.

"How are you!"

This beautiful vice president went forward and shook hands with the leader of the research center. She said with a smile "I am the vice president of the Chinese branch of Eternal Moon, Qin Yun. Everyone can call me Qin Yun.”

The research center leader nodded. "President Qin, please come in to sit and talk!"

"Yes, alright!"

Qin Yun had a strong presence as she led her subordinates into the guest hall first. This was how a successful woman should look. Previously, I’ve only ever seen He Yi exude such a noble presence.

Entering the hall, Qin Yun sat down, and looked over us. She said with a smile, "About the blood serum, actually, I can make the decision.”

Beiming Xue's eyes lit up and she begged, "Sister Qin Yun, save Lu Chen...”

Qin Yun grinned. "I know. I wouldn’t have come otherwise.”

Qin Yun looked at me and smiled faintly. "Falling Dust, do you remember me?"

I was slightly puzzled. Suddenly, light flashed and I said in shock, "You... you are WSL's Zhi Yun'er, the captain of Snow Moon?"

"Haha, yes, it's me!"

Qin Yun laughed softly. "It's been more than two years, and Spirit of Grief has formally left the stage of history. The WSL event that time was spectacular. As a beginner, you were able to stop Candlelight Shadow from reaching the Top 16. You were famous in the China server.”

Beiming Xue's mouth was wide in shock. "??? Boss Lu Chen once defeated Candlelight Shadow?"

Du Thirteen laughed. "Not once. When Candlelight Shadow was in his peak, Lu Chen could step on him as he wished. But then an accident happened, and Lu Chen was crippled...”

Qin Yun smiled and said, "Let's talk about business!"


The research center leader said, "President Qin, are you willing to give the blood information of the China server players to us?"

"Yes.” Qin Yun nodded seriously and said with a smile, "However, we can only do this, and give the blood data of the registered 270 million players to you. If you find a suitable candidate, you must go contact them yourself. None of this will have anything to do with the Eternal Moon Corporation.”

"Yes, thank you, this is great!"

The research center leader excitedly went to hold the beautiful president's hand but Qin Yun dodged with a smile. She said, "Us workers will transfer the information to you. I will leave, I have a lunch appointment with someone~"

"Oh, thank you, we are very grateful!"

We sent Qin Yun out the door. She got into a black car and disappeared onto Nanjing Street.


The staff from Eternal Moon held a computer and checked with the machine of the research center. They quickly found an appropriate serum sample.

About two in the afternoon, shouts came from the research center. "Found it, found it. Haha, there definitely is a suitable serum!"

Yet the staff of Eternal Moon demanded confidentiality and would contact them privately. As a result, even I don't know who had provided blood to me.

After a call, Daddy Thirteen came over and said, "Found them, but they asked us to keep it a secret. We will go get the serum this afternoon...”

"Oh? No reward?" I asked.

"No!" Daddy Thirteen shook his head. "Their only requests are secrecy and your information.”

"My information?"


I was slightly puzzled. Who was it that had the serum?

Daddy Thirteen sighed and said, "Taking 500cc of blood at once is something most people will not agree to, especially when they do not ask for any reward. I suspect that this person knows Lu Chen.”

"Who would it be...”

I was very bewildered, and sat silently on the chair.


There was a helicopter delivery. About six in the evening, 500cc of blood was delivered. I started a blood transfusion in the research center. Based on the analysis, after the blood was transferred, my virus would be basically defeated. This made me happy and worried. Happy because I could live like ordinary people, worried because if the virus disappeared, would my terrifying three-second delay return?

Lying on the hospital bed, I watched the bright red blood flow into my body. I was filled with emotion. This torturous virus was finally going to disappear?

Daddy Thirteen stood at the side with a notebook and said, "Lu Chen, you will stay three days in the center for observation. If there are no side effects, you can return to your normal life~"

I nodded and smiled. "Thank you, uncle!"

"Haha, it should be me thanking you!"

Daddy Thirteen looked deeply at me and said, "I rarely am with Thirteen and don't have much control over him. Fortunately, you are there. In Thirteen's mind, you are a brother and an idol. You have many good traits Thirteen doesn't have so I feel safe that Thirteen is with you, and can conduct my research with peace of mind.”

I laughed. "Uncle, you are giving me too much credit.”

"Haha, you...”

Daddy Thirteen shook his head and smiled, walking away.


Beiming Xue came in with a cup of milk tea and sat down next to me. She asked with a smile, "Boss, are you in pain?"

I nodded. "Labor pains...”

Beiming Xue was speechless. "Labor pains are what pregnant women have during labor...”


"Boss, can you guess who gave you the serum? Why would they give you 500cc for free, without asking for even a cent?"

I thought for a moment. "Either they are my friend, or they don't lack money. I'm not sure who it is, but this person must have type B blood just like me.”

"Oh oh~"

Yamete walked in and said, "Tomorrow noon there will be prelims for the Who Will Fight Me Tournament, and finals the day after. Two days total. Lu Chen, what should the Bloody Mercenaries workshop do?"

I thought and said, "I still have to remain under observation. You four return and form a four-person team. I believe with Lil Beiming and Gui Guzi's strength, in addition to Mamate, you can definitely enter the Top 64. I will do my best to return to Suzhou the day after tomorrow to attend the finals.”

"Mn, alright!"

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