Chapter 127: He Yi's Sense of Direction


Pa pa pa. Several consecutive shots sounded as Rank 5 Volley unleashed 7 arrows. The hit rate was high, and four arrows accurately struck me.

The damage numbers flew chaotically. Fortunately, each attack only created about 100 points of damage. With my Defense and Ghost Deity Armor, the other could not easily break through.

Once Purple Marquis was killed, the Shadow Clan was in chaos. There were only three people left, one of them Shadow Deep Sea. He relied on his long-distance skills to attack me. One of the other two was a bard and the other, a tactician. Neither of them had formidable offensive power.


I raised my sword and dashed toward Shadow Deep Sea. If I killed this high-level archer, there would be nothing left for me to fear.

But after a few steps, I was stunned by the scene in front of me—

Out of blue, a low-level little skeleton with steel wristguards stumbled over, barely able to keep steady and roared, charging at Shadow Deep Sea. Its bone sword rose. Crack It sliced past the other's greaves and created a laughable damage number—5!

The little skeleton never listened to my orders and always ran around randomly when leveling up. But just now, when Shadow Deep Sea was attacking me, the little skeleton risked its life to attack Shadow Deep Sea...

Suddenly, I had a feeling and instinctively murmured, "Xinran, is this you?"

The little skeleton looked back, its face unspeakably terrifying and snarling. Immediately a thousand and one voices echoed in my mind. This is not Xinran, this is not Xinran.


Shadow Deep Sea shook his bow and crushed the little skeleton into powder with an arrow. Then he jumped backward and shouted, "Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand, you trash. Just wait, the Shadow Clan will get revenge!"

Before he finished speaking, a sword ray flashed!


A sword swirling with snowflakes passed through Shadow Deep Sea's chest, creating over 700 points of damage. He had been instantly killed!

The moment Shadow Deep Sea knelt down, the attacker was revealed. This was a beautiful female warrior. Who else could it be except Lin Yixin? There were only a few people in Floating Ice City who were able to kill an archer like Shadow Deep Sea so easily.

Looking at Shadow Deep Sea's corpse, Lin Yixin pouted. "This guy was speaking so arrogantly just now...”

"I heard nothing...”

"He seemed to have called you trash...”

"Shove it!"


Behind Lin Yixin, the beautiful priest Murong Mingyue appeared along with the powerful Xu Yang. The warrior and the priest were a reasonable choice for a party.

The other two players of the Shadow Clan saw the situation turning grim and immediately took out return scrolls to flee. I did not give chase to avoid increasing my negative karma; it was already high enough. Also, after Lin Yixin killed Shadow Deep Sea, her name turned red as well. She would have to kill monsters to bleach it.

"You came?" I spread my hands and smiled.

"Yes!" Murong Mingyue nodded and said, "Let's start leveling, and then have Xu Yang go mine inside!"


Xu Yang went forward to submit the quest for the trial space. I hurriedly blocked him and said, "Wait first!"

"What is it, Broken Halberd?" Xu Yang said in surprise.

I asked, "Level 70 elite monster, its Defense and Attack power are both above yours. Are you confident you can win? If you cannot, you will drop a level!"

"?" Xu Yang was surprised. "Damn! I am just over Level 50. How can I kill a Level 70 elite monster?"


At the side, Lin Yixin had teleported into the trial space. Before Xu Yang finished speaking, Lin Yixin had been transported back with a paper scroll in hand. She murmured, "So this is the Proof of Trial...”

Immediately, Xu Yang wanted to die. They were both elite players, but why was the disparity so great?

Murong Mingyue smiled, walked forward, and said, "Sinks Into Sand, since you called me and Xu Yang over, I think you must have a way for us to obtain trial certificates, right?"


I nodded seriously, and pointed at the Dark Wasp flying around my shoulder. I said, "This is a boss-tier pet, super high BN, Defense, Attack and HP. I’ll give it to you. With its help, you shouldn't have a problem killing the Green Giant. Xu Yang will just need to help it a bit. Beauty Mingyue, you can just heal it and let it do all the work.”

"Alright!" Murong Mingyue nodded happily and suddenly said, "But we are only second-promotion players and have one pet slot, what to do?"

"No problem. First, give your pets to me. When you get the trial certificate, you can take it back!"

"Yes, alright!"

Murong Mingyue smiled. "Let's do this!"

At this time, Xu Yang showed a hint of wariness and pulled Murong Mingyue's sleeve. He said in a low voice, "Murong, are you crazy? How can you trade your pet to someone else? That’s the pet we worked hard to raise...”

Murong Mingyue rolled her eyes at him and said, "Use your dumb head to think. He’s willing to lend a boss-tier pet like the Dark Wasp to you. What is your Wasp worth compared to it?"


Xu Yang thought for a moment and agreed with Murong Mingyue's statement.


Consequently, Murong Mingyue traded her Wasp to me and then I handed the Dark Wasp to her. Heavenblessed's rules allowed for trade of pets, but only ones that were within 10 levels of the owner. Otherwise, they could not be summoned. Now, Murong Mingyue, a Level 55 priest, had a Level 62 Dark Wasp. Both of them wouldn’t have any problems challenging the Green Giant.

As expected, a minute later, Murong Mingyue came back with a Proof of Trial. The Dark Wasp had about 75% HP, and recovered to full HP with two healing spells. Mingyue was so strong!

Then, the Dark Wasp was traded to Xu Yang. Murong Mingyue added a healing spell to the Dark Wasp. It would recover a certain amount of HP over 30 seconds. While not much, it was some help nonetheless.

Xu Yang was a violent warrior with full focus on Strength. His Attack was extraordinary. With the Dark Wasp as a meatshield and cooperating with his own attacks, he could just brute force his way through. I believed he would have no problems.

However, a minute later, Xu Yang came out, but not the Dark Wasp!

"You got the Proof of Trial?" I asked.

Xu Yang had an ashamed expression. "I did. But... Broken Halberd, your Dark Wasp died...”

I smiled. "No problem. Pets level up quickly, I don't care!"

"Yes, thank you!"

He traded the Dark Wasp back to me. Xu Yang and Murong Mingyue went into the Chaos Ice Cave together.

I looked around and found Lin Yixin had disappeared. I inspected the party information and found that she was already on the second floor of the Chaos Ice Cave. What kind of speed was this? She probably didn't fight monsters on the way and just forced her way through!

"I will leave the party first. Qingqing wants to add me!" Lin Yixin said.

"Yes, go ahead!"


After a beep, a party notice came: Player “Wind Fantasy” has left the party!


I remained outside. Just as I was planning whether I should get another trial certificate, I received a notice, I couldn’t obtain a trial certificate within 24 hours!

Damn, there was nothing for me to do today!

In the party channel, I said helplessly, "Beauty Mingyue, you level up in there. Players can only enter once per day. I can’t go in anymore.”

Murong Mingyue laughed and said, "Oh, alright. Xu Yang has already started to mine!"

"Then I’ll take my leave."

"Oh. No, wait!”

Murong Mingyue smiled and said, "Eve just told me she’s come. She is in Silver Moon Forest but seems to be lost. I will add her to the party. Bring her here, please?"

I stilled. He Yi also came?

"Add her then...”


A few seconds later…

Party Notice: Player “From Water” has joined the party!


I looked. He Yi had been working hard recently and reached Level 48. At the current stage of the game, Level 48 magic knight could be considered to be an intermediate or even high-level player. Of course it was mostly due to the hard work of Xu Yang and Murong Mingyue. To gain others’ respect, He Yi had to have a high level.

I opened the big map. There was a small orange dot in Silver Moon Forest. She wasn't far from here, just about fifteen minutes.

I summoned the Dark Wasp. The little skeleton silently stayed in the pet space and the interface showed that it temporarily could not be summoned. Who knew what that little skeleton was doing in the Netherworld.

I sprinted my way through. The flora of Silver Moon Forest was beautiful, as though each plant was competing in beauty with the flora nearby. The scene was accentuated by purple sparrows flying amid the trees.

After more than ten minutes, my location almost merged with He Yi's orange dot. We were very close!

I pushed aside the dense branches and suddenly saw a beautiful knight standing in a forest clearing. She held a sharp sword, her long hair swaying in the wind. She wore elegant silver armor which delineated her beautiful figure. Her chest was almost bursting through her clothes. Her cloak swayed behind her, stretching over half of her long legs.

He Yi. It really is He Yi! In Floating Ice City, the only female player that could rival Lin Yixin in beauty was probably He Yi!

In the forest, He Yi looked around in confusion as she muttered, "Mingyue said it was here. The coordinates are so close, why is this not right? Which way is south... Oh, what kind of map is this? Heavenblessed is terrible. I will go back and talk to Ling Xue and Ling Yue. What kind of map did they design? Shouldn't a game's map have a path that goes all the way???"

He Yi raged against the system, her beautiful eyes full of anger.

I found this amusing and suddenly thought of something Murong Mingyue had once said. He Yi was famed for her terrible sense of direction. Once, a president of the main company came to Shanghai, and He Yi drove the car to the airport to get him. But she made thirteen circles around the center and couldn't find the exit of the elevated road. In the end, she received the beautiful moniker of "Miss Central Thirteen".

In the game, He Yi's lack of direction was on full display, and frequently would make people vomit blood.


Holding the Ghost Ice Soul, I walked out of the forest behind He Yi. I smiled faintly and said, "Hi, Eve!"

He Yi suddenly turned around. Finding it was me, her beautiful eyes filled with hope.

"What are you doing here?"

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